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many summary complaints have beendealtwith at a lochmaddy b
many summary complaints have beendealtwith at peebles sheriff court
b to specify the numberdealtwith by summary complaint fixed
sheriff summary cases could bedealtwith through the district courts
and matters which had beendealtwith 1 matters concerning the
up some matters will bedealtwith at a european level
principle that such matters aredealtwith at a uk level
principle that such matters aredealtwith at a uk level
hardly matters whether it isdealtwith at that meeting at
as reserved matters and aredealtwith by the united kingdom
certain times such matters aredealtwith generally under the contempt
in westminster such matters aredealtwith late at night in
the chancellor of the exchequerdealtwith many of those matters
is better to have mattersdealtwith on the basis of
of how matters are beingdealtwith that is not to
should be consulted if regulationsdealtwith wider conservation matters i
prefer such matters to bedealtwith without there being a
and public health issues aredealtwith as effectively and openly
that their complaints have beendealtwith effectively i assume that
fight against terrorism is beingdealtwith effectively that means that
and that ongoing offending isdealtwith speedily and effectively recognise
on plans of and casesdealtwith by local authorities and
petition cases that have beendealtwith in the various regions
more recent cases are beingdealtwith in this manner will
that those cases will bedealtwith on a fairer and
the total number of casesdealtwith s1w 1739 mr duncan
reckless behaviour which can bedealtwith in a sheriff court
that the case is beingdealtwith properly in the national
from the drug courts aredealtwith properly the deputy minster
ensure that that correspondence isdealtwith properly the tory amendment
as reservit maitters an isdealtwi by the unitit kingdom
our view needs to bedealtwith on a united kingdom
the matter has not beendealtwith and that we have
would like it to bedealtwith as a matter of
perhaps the matter should bedealtwith by a statutory or
the matter has to bedealtwith by correspondence i would
that the subject matter isdealtwith by the lead committee
a matter that has beendealtwith by the legal profession
that the matter should bedealtwith by the ombudsman within
and the legal matter isdealtwith by the subordinate legislation
the matter will be betterdealtwith in the code than
this case the matter wasdealtwith swiftly but can everyone
that this matter should bedealtwith through the sewel motion
identified is unclear we havedealtat some length with the
perhaps that would not havedealtentirely with jamie stone s
with one providing a subjectdealtfrom a pack of safe
with one providing a subjectdealtfrom a pack of safe
and information management it alsodealtin detail with strengthening existing
justice and home affairs committeedealtquickly with the issue of
for annabel goldie who hasdealtwith a number of negative
the past financial year cabxdealtwith about 60 million worth
earlier that would obviously bedealtwith accordingly however that is
questions that were i believedealtwith adequately by the equal
or other issues have beendealtwith an air of disrepute
the complaint is to bedealtwith and insert disclosure of
for conducting marriages should bedealtwith as a pay and
proximity where waste should bedealtwith as close to its
that anti social behaviour isdealtwith at a local authority
business is ready to bedealtwith at any particular meeting
the letters of the alphabetdealtwith at each table aal
contribution to that that isdealtwith at the uk level
about why it has beendealtwith at westminster the convener
takes three months to bedealtwith by a committee is
under the bill will bedealtwith by a tribunal that
ben raised would be betterdealtwith by considering the proposed
of the things that aredealtwith by european policy makers
a marked no proceedings bdealtwith by fiscal warnings and
e any breaches should bedealtwith by politicians rather than
that reserved subject would bedealtwith by scottish law enforcement
understood the second major issuedealtwith by the amsterdam treaty
confident that it will bedealtwith by the appropriate committee
is submitted it must bedealtwith by the appropriate committee
gathering operational work would bedealtwith by wildlife liaison officers
species by species is beingdealtwith does that make the
that might have to bedealtwith during the transitional period
for in regulations which aredealtwith early in the bill
m017: th- these things aredealtwith eh in a very
the voluntary sector must bedealtwith evenly a change in
otherwise such work could bedealtwith exclusively in the modern
mr home robertson i havedealtwith fishermen for the past
some small anomalies are alsodealtwith for example the unacceptable
same charges and has beendealtwith for those charges should
for assistance will now bedealtwith here rather than having
about how their inquiries aredealtwith i ask the minister
of their concerns will bedealtwith i suggest that we
concerning fisheries conservation to bedealtwith i want to ask
with heart transplants are beingdealtwith in check ups at
the problem of rurality isdealtwith in funding arrangements for
the problem of rurality isdealtwith in funding arrangements for
and that concerns were beingdealtwith in june we were
the relevant provisions to bedealtwith in one uk bill
information awareness of genre aredealtwith in position papers 6
committee the draft report isdealtwith in private item 3
private it would have beendealtwith in public the convener
this petition is probably betterdealtwith in questions and answers
of the sign can bedealtwith in regulations it would
that his concerns might bedealtwith in some way the
the philosophical issues will bedealtwith in that context we
of the timetable would bedealtwith in the manner that
the power the issue isdealtwith in the memorandum under
why it needs to bedealtwith in this way stephen
problem has been addressed anddealtwith it is difficult for
how young offenders are beingdealtwith legislate to protect vulnerable
the issue to be bestdealtwith mr gallie will be
malcolm chisholm i have alreadydealtwith my views all of
is the transport scotland billdealtwith national parks scotland bill
the convoy that are beingdealtwith now if small scale
on brand sharing will bedealtwith on a uk basis
that international crime is bestdealtwith on a uk basis
offences provisions should normally bedealtwith on a uk wide
as the uk will bedealtwith on an inter island
at my surgeries i havedealtwith quite a number of
which i think we havedealtwith reasonably in the past
supply chain collapse have beendealtwith recently i read a
erskine s grave is beingdealtwith reunion arrival nr will
8 sign language provision isdealtwith separately under the parliament
crime throughout europe can bedealtwith speedily as and when
arxiduc vyborni s body wasdealtwith swiftly in salvador s
the clay feet are easierdealtwith than the golden head
10 grants and hugh henrydealtwith that adequately she also
elderly pensioner sir stewart sutherlanddealtwith that in his report
and will have to bedealtwith that is the short
setting minimal requirements ken macintoshdealtwith that issue in detail
2 although an executive amendmentdealtwith the 12 week consultation
planning powers have largely beendealtwith the executive has said
the coin slot now havingdealtwith the lower deck to
thinks that we have alwaysdealtwith the petition behind closed
relief until the parliament hasdealtwith the proposed water services
raised with me have beendealtwith the scottish tourism forum
the islands and stewart stevensondealtwith the situation in the
the petition after we havedealtwith the statutory instrument members
and so after he ddealtwith them he quickly waved
legislation that this committee hasdealtwith there is a distinction
the footnote that can bedealtwith through our usual procedure
not one that could bedealtwith through standing orders having
of separated structurally to bedealtwith to be contrasted with
an interesting point that wasdealtwith to some extent in
three days he will havedealtwith two stage 2 debates
parliament but that it isdealtwith under licence by the
for conducting marriages should bedealtwith under pay and conditions
that such offences can bedealtwith under the common law
if such an incident weredealtwith under the common law
of subordinate legislation to bedealtwith under the negative procedure
and the problem is notdealtwith we come down on
case perhaps that should bedealtwith we will canvass the
how such a situation wasdealtwith when i was in
opinion how could that bedealtwith where would it be
predicate games the players isdealta number of cards containing
done sadie i should huvdealtwi it you stealin but
culture can ainly be richtdealtwi throu makkin a inclusive
wi the wye folk havedealtwi me weel i hinna
the strips are shuffled anddealtout between the two teams
dominoes four players are eachdealtten word or punctuation cards
s mainly the reformation hasdealtthe biggest body blow f606:
but no it s nodealtwi and ye know it
capital punishment lesser crimes wardealtwi bi chippin a wife
fur example nane hae satisfactorilydealtwi thi proablems scots orthography
the recent flooding in inverclydedealta blow to the area

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