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ither body jack oh deanadeanaa body here tells me
what do you say deanadeanaaye i ll mairry you
have a thrawn nature deanadeanaaye rowland but why deana
wife is that agreed deanadeanaaye rowland oh thank you
oot for a dander wideanabeaumont huh deana skeerie young
to be with me deanadeanabecause you teach me so
in this fashion martha anddeanaboth wearing outdoor coats deana
ll mairry you jack deanadeanabut first i m ettling
see deana there mrs laingdeanabut what s the matter
deana both wearing outdoor coatsdeanacarrying a small travelling bag
ony ither body jack ohdeanadeana a body here tells
jack what do you saydeanadeana aye i ll mairry
you have a thrawn naturedeanadeana aye rowland but why
my wife is that agreeddeanadeana aye rowland oh thank
like to be with medeanadeana because you teach me
i ll mairry you jackdeanadeana but first i m
old half sister mrs beaumontdeanadeana dow but lilian think
like these fallen women rowlanddeanadeana mother was a fallen
i ll look after youdeanadeana no you re no
about such things to youdeanadeana nobody they never speak
deana there he is jackdeanadeana tak me wi you
martha you will see himdeanadeana there he is jack
worthy rowland you are worthydeanadeana whit s the good
speaks to her quietly rowlanddeanadeana yes rowland why are
half sister mrs beaumont deanadeanadow but lilian think lilian
wife mrs beaumont what beaumontdeanajack deana your wife martha
these fallen women rowland deanadeanamother was a fallen woman
deana your wife martha nodeanano lilian it s a
ll look after you deanadeanano you re no to
such things to you deanadeananobody they never speak about
dander wi deana beaumont huhdeanaskeerie young hizzy making all
there he is jack deanadeanatak me wi you jack
deana aye rowland but whydeanathat s just the way
you will see him deanadeanathere he is jack deana
sake did you not seedeanathere mrs laing deana but
rowland you are worthy deanadeanawhit s the good o
to her quietly rowland deanadeanayes rowland why are you
beaumont what beaumont deana jackdeanayour wife martha no deana
rowland and why s thatdeanabecause i m like these
jack steadyon rowland answer medeanado you really mean to
become his wife lilian loudlydeanadow rowland what mrs beaumont
and shame beaumont dr rowlanddeanahim to jack is this
comprehend mrs boyter mercy medeanahow can you rowland i
far far away rowland hmdeanamy dear i am seriously
hate all this guidwill rowlanddeanamy dear i understand how
to be some other waydeanano rowland and why s
for you mrs beaumont takesdeanaout rowland goes with them
are so rowland so whatdeanaso upstannin and moral rowland
a body no anither worddeanathen it is true rowland
telling the truth a pausedeanayes rowland let us hope
upstannin and moral rowland nowdeanayou don t mean that
folk ken it rowland ohdeanayou ve no idea of
up to lilian betty marthadeanaand harry come in mrs
too miss martha and letdeanacome in too oh you
girl martha that s richtdeanago wi him be his
martha myself she must telldeanai want her promise he
friend martha goodbye jack goodbyedeanalong life and happiness martha
and whispers to her marthadeanamy hinnie gie me a
o the folk is freerdeanaoh aunt martha you maun
lilian because you stood indeanas shadow martha i m
boyter neighbour mrs laing neighbourdeanaadopted daughter of beaumonts andy
mrs boyter mrs laing anddeanaare sitting in a conservatory
laing what did happen withdeanas parents after that mrs
it at all mrs laingdeanawill you pass me that
on me but that poordeanadow i m fair vexed
certain person is daffing wideanadow it gars me nervish
themsels about the streets wideanadow mrs beaumont they canny
to do that beaumont withdeanaas your wife here jack
are here jack high minditdeanaaye i mean are they
plenty folk clyping jack hmdeanabut there was something else
and sanderson exit jack anddeanacome in from the garden
heed harry yeuch jack anddeanaenter through the garden followed
open door jack all rightdeanahave it your own way
that drunken crew jack anddeanahave sailed on the palm
fash about that jack youdeanai can work i m
i m no jack whatdeanai d raither no speak
wi you jack yes yesdeanai ll no be a
speir at you jack whatdeanais it as easy as
it s a lie jackdeanais that man telling the
have you really looked atdeanajack i think so lilian
the garden and talk todeanajack i was just thinking
not mean anything to youdeanaoh aye jack you mean
respectability gars me grue jackdeanatell me is that your
evening the haill toun jackdeanayou don t love him
with me jack why notdeanayou re an incomer here
she comes mrs boyter yesdeanas a very able girl
beaumont never come back anddeanaawa wi him lilian yes
up her sewing mrs beaumontdeanaare you not having coffee
to bring in the coffeedeanaexits mrs beaumont if you
did the right thing bringingdeanainto your home beaumont aye
of linen mrs beaumont simultaneouslydeanamy dear run out and
beaumont yes come with medeanaoh how wonderful for you
s gone for good anddeanawith him beaumont never come
care of it mrs beaumontdeanayou are a giddy and
go out into the gardendeanahas taken off her hat
the garden than stay heredeanano i m fine here
here i mak nae doubtdeanatak my wife s shawl
be the manager s wifedeanathat must be the manager
a kiss the last anedeanano the last no dear
we ll no promise medeananever come back she takes
never come back she takesdeanas hands and looks at
you mean by grand exactlydeanagrand is something that is
i didny mean us exactlydeanai should like to see
you don t mean thatdeanaoh but i do ilka
favour come back with usdeanaoh you dinny mean that
a kind of a withdeanas mother it s as
s the other affair aboutdeanas mother you ve got
needn t fear for thatdeanayou dinny tak my meaning
come in from the housedeanai hae to see him
must come back with usdeanano i wouldny gang wi
i must say something nowdeanaalthough the way you have
i must i will marrydeanaso i ll leave tomorrow
she must know the truthdeanathis is the man who
away you can tell medeanaweel if you must ken
you don t love himdeanai never loved him i
you ll make him happydeanai ll no promise onything
convention gang your ain gaitdeanamarry him dae something to
but with him with himdeanawha else here would hae
shouldn t but you promiseddeanaah but now i mind
you because i too ohdeanai m that fond of
you ve taken this decisiondeanai maun win awa frae
you want them to bedeanai want them to be
you giving it serious thoughtdeanai wouldny bide anither day
m very fond of youdeanaif i was hilda or
am seriously concerned about youdeanais that the sum of
you about what s granddeanait s no quite that
to dae without mony thingsdeanakisses her but you will
has made you very hotdeanano it was braw it
walk like this every daydeanano mr thomson you shouldny
are you not having coffeedeanano thank you i don
that you ve heard aboutdeanas mither but i swear
with you on the verandadeanathat s just what i
girl oh are you theredeanawe re just about finished
are you not coming outsidedeanawhen i came in i
raised to a higher leveldeanawill you make a pact
giving you that support earlierdeanayou re not to say
in the morning very oftendeanaoh aye but just wi
ve not done anything wrongdeananot me but no i
wheesht here s someone comingdeanaplease for my sake away
honest and true to yourseldeanai ll dae that aunt
confined in this place butdeanaaye if i could only
the grass wi johnny ayedeanaye mind o the raiveled
speaking with ostentatious friendliness todeanaafter a few moments she
first and live pretty roughdeanai wouldny fash about that
town knows about it theredeanathat s the kind of
of the most solemn truthsdeanabut there are some fine
they re that right enoughdeanathen i think it would
to own up to thatdeanas going to be my
whit i hae to bedeanai canny picture daeing without
have decided to take fordeanas benefit can also be
outside and join the othersdeanagoes out to join the

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