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the capital and the giantdecidesto take him down a
the giant and the giantdecidesto take him down a
by the pairlament the pairlamentdecidesgin the bill shud gae
to the procurator fiscal whodecideswhat happens subsequently it is
the procurator fiscal who thendecideswhether action should be taken
22 june 1998 the nationdecidesor does it 16 scottish
22 june 1998 the nationdecidesor does it 5 hc
even the snp which occasionallydecidesto muddy the waters does
annulment if the appropriate committeedecidesthat the instrument should not
agreement if the committee itselfdecidesto object to an instrument
moment however if the commissiondecidesin scientific as opposed to
runs other public bodies anddecideson public spending on devolved
on the doorstep and instantlydecideshe wants him back again
contend that if the parliamentdecidesthat it wants to do
rins ither public bodies andecideson public spendin on devolvit
his to spend anyway hedecidesto buy a poke of
bill as a hail andecidesgin tae pass it gin
gets blunt too so hedecidesthat his letters will be
the chief surveillance commissioner whodecideswhat is appropriate 11 00
the convener if the judgedecidesthat there is a significant
scottish executive of the daydecidesthat this is not value
the whole parliament the parliamentdecideswhether the bill should go
minister when he or shedecideswhether to exempt a whole
the scottish election in maydecidesto hold a consultation on
wrong but if the committeedecidesthat an issue is so
bessie seems almost asleep thisdecidesher once and for all
on the issue before westminsterdecidesto move ahead with it
could they dae if zebdecidesti loose his trap della
the scottish executive if itdecidesto abolish the scottish joint
the committee that if itdecidesto recommend that the bill
or in the second instancedecidesto stop smoking if they
wonder if your name de-decideswhat you go into f122:
policy whether or not onedecidesto join up services at
squinting mother hears him butdecidesto take no notice he
than the convener alone whichdecidesthe agenda of a committee
fried when family the sharkdecidesit should devour new genes
any way which the spcbdecidesis helpful to the member
be written by anybody whodecidesto invent their own orthography
be free and the executivedecidesto ignore the parliament it
them over them hungrily anddecideshe prefers beardie jean s
f606: mmhm m954: and hedecideshe s got to get
he reaches his desk hedecidesto put it in his
street in which ken barlowdecidesto run for the presidency
arrives with the drinks anddecidesthat fiona must be calmed
a quaker fae cumberland whaedecidestae gan tae canada tae

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