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north west of corsewall cardeckflooded heavy list to starboard
hours with a flooded cardeckin a vicious gale and
s main deck the cardeckoccupied only part of the
of the ferry s maindeckthe car deck occupied only
in both ships the cardeckwas on the main deck
deck was on the maindeckwith access by two
increasing angle of the cardeckcaused the cargo secured on
and cargo in the cardeckin preparation for a possible
can do that ootside thedeckf1074: yeah f1073: mmhm f1074:
in 1949 when the cardeckof the princess victoria was
photograph of the victoria sdeckofficers he was the only
also carried on the cardeckon the 1946 victoria a
of water invaded the cardeckhad these ships stayed afloat
started to flood the cardecka party of four crewmen
the car m608: [?]i bet[/?] m642: deckand everybody opens up f643:
the fact that her cardeckdid not extend the full
s design weakness that cardeckdoors must be of adequate
the water on the cardeckestimated initially at ten degrees
at first to the cardeckit was 1030 before water
sufficient scuppers on the cardeckto clear the water which
ok up he comes topdeckme and yin other guy
inevitable meanwhile on the boatdeckabove the crew worked to
been helped to the boatdeckand into lifeboats only these
from their boat onto thedeckand then into another one
did make it onto thedeckwere put in the shelter
side of the main passengerdecklines were rigged to help
vent trunk rinnin ablow thedeckheid wi a punka louvre
some americans on the topdeckfeeding seagulls with chips and
back seat of the topdeckwasn t going to save
up and down the topdeckwithout holding on to any
mi doubts stowed awa adeckchair an a picnic basket
ye re mair a draigeltdeckchair than a human being
many sails three sets ofdeckcabins and of course a
class some halloo from thedeckwaving a red silk hanky
clambered out on to thedeckthat way but others were
would be bad form todeckthe groom at his own
face forward fighting on thedeckwe can discern many hints
three herrin on tae thedeckas it gaed the laddies
o bloom fur eve taedeckher livin room the cabbages
having dealt with the lowerdeckto their satisfaction two of
total bike was off thedeckall that happened with me
like ye ve got thedeckor ye ve got a
end a huge stockpile ofdeckbeams weighing it is said
a peerie ben a weetdeckin the teeth o gurly
rubber legged and hit thedeckthe same as you would

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