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the authoritie of the samedeclaredenacted and established accordingly research
contented and pleased shall bedeclaredenacted and established by authoritie
an organisation that has beendeclareda terrorist organisation the organisation
radical political party have beendeclaredterrorist organisations today the foreign
nature of language chomsky sdeclaredaim in his influential first
year it will probably bedeclaredopen at the helsinki summit
the day that war wasdeclaredin 1939 m608: oh right
murdered no wars have beendeclarednobody s been raped or
verse published in 1989 belldeclaredthat he was not sorry
surely wait or the weekenddeclaredtimmer tam fin the weekend
health board how many candidatesdeclareda political affiliation or indicated
declaration of interest rhona brankindeclaredher interests relevant to the
interests dr richard simpson mspdeclaredhis interests relevant to the
that relevant interests must bedeclaredin any proceedings of the
named ye a creiminal andeclaredye an ootlaw ye ir
injury 24 lord forsyth haddeclaredhis opposition to the relevant
9 34am dr richard simpsondeclaredthat he is director of
ramblers association scotland george lyondeclaredan interest as a member
mr mcgrigor i should havedeclaredan interest i have a
reading mr [censored: surname] was dulydeclareda member president s intimations
third reading and he wasdeclareda member there had been
1st world war had beendeclaredduring the war the games
d heard that war wasdeclaredm636: no because we had
a fortnight before war wasdeclarednow because there was a
it was was was wardeclaredon the sunday and and
w-w- eh the war wasdeclaredon the third of september
of right the act alsodeclaredthat its provisions were to
languages the uk government hasdeclaredwhich provisions of this charter
wis an auld lad theredeclaredhe heard them playin the
to catch an eel ewandeclaredwe would not need a
the executive should fulfil itsdeclaredcommitment to gaelic by giving
brither heard aw this hedeclaredhe wad lyke for ti
by bus drivers and usuallydeclaredopen season on us when
memory be and is herebydeclaredto be the next in
came the twa jeannies andeclaredwe are next jonsar didnae
quarter of the product isdeclaredas having been smuggled but
and irish it has alsodeclaredthat it recognises that scots
individuals in scotland who havedeclaredtheir support for the objectives
when this was achieved theydeclaredthat in future there would
d ye no ken shedeclaredwith all the authority of
thing like yon again hedeclaredwhit wi the noise o
they were awarded is subsequentlydeclaredbankrupt s1w 12156 mr kenneth
were rejected and the pursuerdeclaredhis intention o finding work
delivered wise counsels alleviation theydeclaredlay in homeopathy salvation could
the mccabe committee and theydeclaredthemselves to be satisfied with
say that our ayrshire poetdeclaredthat the happyest nicht that

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