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that will reverse the historicdeclinein key fish stocks and
that will reverse the historicdeclinein key fish stocks and
doing to reverse the populationdeclinein the western isles s1o
urgent action to reverse thatdeclinemembers will see that the
west highlands to reverse thedeclineof salmon and sea trout
on action to reverse thedeclineof the capercaillie in scotland
be taken to reverse thisdeclinesupported by michael russell christine
stocks factors involved in thedeclineimpact of salmon farming production
that there has been adeclinein salmon stocks factors involved
conservation scotland bill salmon stocksdeclinein salmon stocks factors involved
sea trout fishing salmon stocksdeclinein salmon stocks since 1952
stocks factors involved in thedeclinethe economic importance of salmon
there would be a steadydeclinein oas expenditure that is
is significant in the steadydeclinein the use of scots
there has been a steadydeclinein tobacco consumption of something
is significant in the steadydeclineof the use of scots
produce there was a steadydeclineone might even say a
as contributory factors for thedeclinetwo of the most significant
its resources can contemplate thedeclineo scots unmoved mcclure 1988
will not change and itsdeclinewill not be halted mcclure
points to the same conclusiondeclineand fall innermessan s golden
stranraer should expand and innermessandeclinesince the family controlled both
century in fact innermessan sdeclinewas the work of the
context tobacco consumption is indeclinein scotland and elsewhere in
explains the lower rate ofdeclinein tobacco consumption there that
stocking densities professor richards thedeclinein sea trout and salmon
stranraer it is this spectaculardeclinewhich gives the settlement its
be a factor in thisdeclinealthough evidence for this is
a contributing factor to thatdeclinethey are hardly the main
million because of the steepdeclinein timber prices the commission
was possible to manage thedeclinewhich was controlled by prices
the wider problem of thedeclinein the abundance of salmon
package which will manage thedeclineof the scottish fleet the
rather than simply manage theirdeclinethe first minister as i
its own to prevent thedeclinein gaelic language policy memorandum
we need to prevent thedeclinein participation people are relatively
we are tae seriously stapdeclinean upheeze lastin an meaninfu
we are to seriously arrestdeclineand nourish lasting and meaningful
s population is set todeclineby 20 000 over the
from low growth and populationdeclinethat has the unhealthiest people
former seb indicated a significantdeclinein the number of pupils
textiles industry notes the continuingdeclinewith the recent announcement of
textiles industry notes the continuingdeclinewith the recent announcement of
worried by the rate ofdeclineand eager to understand better
to have undergone a substantialdeclinein numbers since the early
to take to address thedeclinein the numbers of tourists
its response is to fabricdeclineand reduction in facilities for
russell colin campbell s1m 1816declinein sports facilities lodged on
end until its fairly recentdeclineand now precipitate collapse lowland
recent years part of thedeclineis due to reductions in
number of foreign students coulddeclinebefore the visit i examined
census results will show adeclinein the number of gaelic
gaelic policy is reversing thedeclinein the number of gaelic
will take to halt thedeclinein the number of growers
executive has presided over adeclinein the number of nursing
to take to combat thedeclinein the number of presentations
that there will be adeclinein the number of small
nancy dorian 1981 identified thedeclineof a gaelic dialect in
of upper deeside traced thedeclineof gaelic in the region
engender more social and economicdeclinein an area already affected
might even say a manageabledeclinesince different principles have come
and fish in a spiraldeclinewhile our governments tell us
a main cause is thedeclineof heavy industry in the
town was well into itsdeclinein the seventeenth century in
man tae write ere oordeclinebegan he kent when we
write that despite the remorselessdeclineof scots and the nation
v set down dowe vdeclinedowf a sad dowie a
its availability is on thedeclinea matter that is slightly
which will end glasgow sdeclineand aid its regeneration supported
are necessary to arrest itsdeclineand improve its status and
he might even explain thedeclinein moneys that will be
is that even if youdeclinethat little bottle of shoe
community fund is set todeclinealthough the lottery is a
the fuel price escalator thedeclineof rural public transport the
and 1999 whether any suchdeclinewas particularly marked in rural
such reforms and reversing thedeclineof scots without the authority
in effect a convener coulddeclineto take a motion of
has been responsible for adeclinein business s1w 14958 irene
berlin which was grim thedeclinein education continues i failed
staking out pools the greatdeclinein poaching and the subsequent
that nuclear power caused adeclinein quality of life and
our classrooms and a furtherdeclinein teachers morale considers that
been a compensation for thisdeclinein the new standards of
domestic and overseas addressing thedeclinein the scottish market improving
kupper s comments about thedeclineof burns s reputation in
jimmy oswald and concerns thedeclineof the capercaillie in scotland
study of the causes ofdeclinereferred to in this paper
they would have to regretfullydeclineto help in this way
went into rapid and irreversibledeclineonly 80 years later andrew
houses has continued to steadilydeclinethere is therefore a clear
15 150 which is adeclineof 1 150 an issue
from english tourists but adeclineof 38 from scottish residents
no mooses lament for thedeclineof belief this modern age
and pollentia now alcudia thedeclineof roman rule coincided with
with shetland pronunciations this gradualdeclineof the characteristic shetland vocabulary
kinrick healin aa fivvers anddeclineamang the fowk the sough
they wad nane o themdeclinea tassie o ma grannie
arrangements were adopted you candeclineto answer if you like
told her i would politelydecline[laugh] f943: [tut] ah m944:

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