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ma faither an masel widdeea bit o hairst wark
fit are you gan todeeaboot ronnie chrissie naething jist
ere s naething much taedeearoon here as jonsar eck
out o t an shedeed for verra grief masel
for masel fit can fowkdeefaa s left t rely
ere wis naething we cddeefor its wing an a
i ll jist hae taedeeit masel s teller 1
ere wis naething i cddeema muscles hid a kinna
ye ve naething else taedeeonywye ye canna help bit
there s naething i candeepeggy weel you could maybe
or i ll hae taedeet masel minnie hid passed
i ll jist hae taedeet masel s teller 1
i ll jist hae taedeet masel s teller 1
ere s naething else taedeethe day you ll get
s teller 3 i cannadeethis masel she thocht i
rats hid likely naething taedeewi at mair likely it
aathegither ey hid naething taedeewi bykes ir nests fin
doot at s naething taedeewi e black things i
jane wid hae naething taedeewi him as usual jake
s nae doot things taedeewi masel hid far mair
na it s naething taedeewi me it s willie
georgie it s naething todeewi onybody but teenie an
decided tae hae naething taedeewi the bloomin thing it
hardie tackle hid naething taedeewi the playin side o
ll ha e naething todeewi ye teenie if he
ha e naething mair todeewi you and neen o
georgie it s naething todeewi you jist answer me
that car his naething taedeewi you or me come
s naething else ye candeeye notice fit s aboot
e smith kent fit taedeeaa richt an he redd
fit are ye gaun taedeeaboot it wear wellies muttered
sorry angelica fit can ideeangelica ye can get oot
amon snaa fit did eydeeat ither times on dry
fit ey were supposed taedeebit e elastic stretchet faist
comes oot fit wull itdeecool north win hale day
wis i fit did yedeeda i speired i jist
playgreen nae kennin fit taedeee grun lay on a
wi t fit div wedeefirst teenie teenie reading pour
piece times i dinna aydeefit i m tell t
the heidsteen an we lldeefit we can tae makk
in the y t cdeefit we tell ye oor
eence emily gray negleckit taedeefit wis plainly her ceevic
ye canna control aathing andeefit ye like ere wis
hame shouting och we cannadeefit you demand though it
lizzie wickedly fit div yedeefor him in return though
gan to ask you todeefor me muriel sour fit
i dinna ken fit taedeefor the best loretta you
mornin hennie fit can ideefor you the day hen
chrissie i d something todeegeorgie fit chrissie ask nae
show her fit he cuddeehe hid killed a peer
3 99 fit dis daddeehe s a fairmer fit
fit does the bold herodeehe walks through the back
i dinna ken fit taedeeheid or hert i want
canna think fit else todeei can hardly ask sarah
time tae explain fit taedeei micht try some neest
she did fit aa kyedeeif ey get e chance
blameless sicht fit wid yedeeif i speired fur cheenge
for instance fit wid shedeeif she nocht the toilet
relief i ken fit taedeein this cauld days awa
an tell me fit taedeeit wid be better if
god kens fit he lldeejock dow wi the deid
hae shown us fit taedeejonsar eck sat up an
dinna ken fit tae taedeejonsar eck stopped an said
fit i m supposed todeemuriel of coorse it is
imphm an fit ll yedeenoo i ll try e
my haun fit div ideenoo i says tae mysel
just dinna ken fit taedeepeggy sitting down too near
to think aboot fit todeeronnie and teenie you ve
kitchen windae fit ll ideeshe says foo mony o
her so fit does shedeeshe stan s up dichts
aboot fit she wanted todeeshe was a for drappin
fit is t garrs emdeet aifter a file fin
wisna e best wye taedeet bit at s fit
think o fit he cooddeetae help himsel neest time
oor noo fit can ideetae help you the bobby
breet beasts fit cud theydeetae quines she wauked awa
an asks fit div theydeetae you jonsar eck started
warned fit the germans woulddeetae young weemen an i
an tellin us fit taedeethen as things developed and
i dinna ken fit youdeeto burst the seam sae
fit s it gan todeeto my heid chrissie it
lucky bit fit could yedeeturn him awa on sic
tell you fit we lldeewe ll bring the mairriage
aboot nae kennin fit taedeeweel bessie got the kids
meg an jonsar fit taedeeweel the twa cheers went
i didna ken fit todeewhether to laugh or greet
at philosophical thocht his taedeewi fit i hiv tae
drumblade bit it his taedeewi fit wis caad e
days ye hid tae makdeewi fit ye hid so
she winna ken fit taedeewi hersel fan i m
think o fit else todeewi him mind you there
just didna ken fit taedeewi himself at hame a
fit are you gaun taedeewi it jonsar telt the
main say on fit todeewi money comin fae her
bit thocht fit wid hedeewi the chuckies he thocht
fit you wanted me todeewi the haimmer an ronnie
awfae trachlet fit s adeewi ye hen i m
it slowly fit ll wedeewi you then toots will
sae fit ye hid taedeewis tae knack in e
for hir sake ye winnadeea skellum prepare yeirsell for
yalla cloot heid da winnadeebetsy it s aa lees
winna tell ye hou theydeed malcolm mercifu heivin to
ve aye said it winnadeee queer bittie o t
enters she winna let medeeit but she seems happy
pey for it they lldeeit themselves they winna tak
is weill again she winnadeenou ti haud ti ma
again mither ye wul nodeenou winna ye no mither
hearin i suppose you coulddeebetter he grumphed jonsar eck
nae bad or that wulldeejonsar held up ae leg
scrubbed up an ready taedeeoperations nae wye shood jonsar
quickstep jonsar eck can youdeethat jonsar eck looked up
for the gairden cood youdeethe same for me jonsar
mean it hid something taedeewi doos as jonsar made
think it hid something taedeewi doos she replied jonsar
his ginger the got taedeewi gooseberries jonsar eck let
ginger the cat got taedeewi the gooseberries jonsar jonsar
twa fowk at jist coodnaedeewithoot a fire jonsar wis
dee e things at weemindeeaboot a hoose or mak
be ma god whaur yedeeah sall dee and thair
whaur ye dee ah salldeeand thair sall ah be
nithin gits by dee irdeedir anidder pent brush ida
noo ere wis naebody taedeee things at weemin dee
dee peggy firmly they lldeefine ma you ll jist
dee wis in here minddeehead da fock ll be
kent dee i nivir saadeei m herd dee naim
first tym i nivir kentdeei nivir saa dee i
buee dir nithin gits bydeeir dee dir anidder pent
saa dee i m herddeenaim ryt eenyauch but dat
a ripped but they lldeepeggy firmly they ll dee
fine lik cat flap comedeewis in here mind dee
eck a hale day taedeethe job aye gaun tae
ah maun growe auld andeean gae doun intil ma
re aye sum men maundeebut frae what a see
maun confess that sen hedeed ah ve begun ti
micht live bit ithers maundeefa takks the human invent
aathin fair or foul maundeehere s a ram in
aathin fair or foul maundeejade bluebottle drappit gem bonnie
yeirsell sae nou ye maundeelyke a creiminal thorfinn ir
aathin fair or foul maundeemavis wheeplin in the birk
aathin fair or foul maundeerain mandala i hae left
aathin fair or foul maundeesee the chunnerin kirkyaird wirm
ti mak siccar ye maundeesyne a can snak ma
that the guid queen maundeesyne ae day the guid
bit damned wid the bailliedeedid daith nae ken he
een o yon forks widdeefine yon three taed fork
aal nick wid hae taedeein the north east i
wid faar i eest taedeema snarin hid been sortit
look noo foo wid thatdeeronald replied oh aye hanna
wid gie her morroless likdeeshaa d her hits less
wis brukken mebbe she widdeeshe tried tae clean it
cheque book wid that naedeethe wee wifie widnae listen
intae pats as ye widdeewi fresh butter a pleasant
lads wid hae onything taedeewi him ronald fa wis
or a sang he didnadeeas his mither had feared
shafts naa naa it didnadeeataa sae e bigger hid
that he thocht he coulddeebetter he just didna ken
blade stick in it didnadeee tree much gweed bit
the gordon loons they didnadeefar bullets flee their war
in e tails it didnadeefor yer load tae faa
was richt toots it didnadeeme ony hairm it didna
lums wis rikkin it didnadeetae be late in e
of the machine it didnadeetae be stannin there fin
kill hir yeir dochter didnadeetho it s a wunner
baith hid some explainin taedeeand efter that the wash
ae day sandy up andeed no that he hid
efter sandy an wullie hiddeed that ae day geordie
sae ye jist hid taedeee best ye could wi
he hid better things taedeeof coorse at this time
mint ma faither hid taedeet him bein a toonser
riv hid a lot taedeewi e life o e
wee boat wis tryin taedeea a at ae time
gowfer we ken wis taedeea spaewyfe micht be able
i got a lot taedeeaboot e place depennin on
tae keep if i shoulddeeafore i wakk i pray
yer prime tae dwine anddeeafore yer time folk wad
here there wis naethin taedeean aa the time in
admit for the jobbie ideean for oor trip tae
if they dinnae want taedeean scots like english is
my puir wee jockie jockesondeean the tae weemin stertit
moarnin guid tae hear faedeeas ivver a m blyde
if they werena able taedeeat they d be nae
e look aften got taedeebit it wis a richt
think ah m like taedeebit the doctor only lauched
i ll niver ken taedeebut a yaird frae th
it aa for us hedeed r glorie tae you
afore it an foundert andeed tae ablo a mukkil
his fear wis stertin taedeedoon he d gotten throu
ill will agin jed taedeedoon they cudnae takk it
a lot o sortin taedeee birz birzin o beasts
d like ither fowk taedeee same onywye even aifter
cam wi eez cairt taedeee teemin an at ither
tae be wi ey couldnadeeenyeuch tae mak ye feel
an drink tull s taedeefaat you said an tae
at s nae ill taedeefor ma heid s ay
as gweed a cause taedeefur as the lave nane
ralph cheers min thanks taedeefur d haand ralph swallowed
ben far butterflees gaed taedeefur it fair heezed wi
tae live a time taedeefur man s but winnlestrae
nae doot tryin tae helpdeegit better marks ida future
ten year auld bairns taedeehereabouts said brian tae jed
things ey dinna wint taedeei left e hoose ae
mind aa they d taedeeif they winted tae lie
e things ye hiv taedeeilky day an e fowk
big uniform onythin dis taedeein someither body merriet yer
minimalist s guide tae thedeeinspired by john hearne s
time in the warld taedeeit efter a while she
i d ha e taedeeit i couldna coont on
ma we re gan taedeeit so you ll just
room fur the binder taedeeits wark or tae cut
fowk was gey slaw taedeejenny an neil wad itherwyse
come on noo let usdeejustice tae this meal weel
quine an went awa taedeemair shoppin pickin up mair
wark deen an wark taedeenae sayin a lot jist
it wis aa she cuddeenae tae sneeze an let
wis jist pit hame taedeenaebody thocht he d hing
if this is allooed taedeeoot aw they ll hae
radens auld bluid about taedeeout sin alasdair raden the
it if i ve taedeepoems sometimes i ll say
they are no like taedeesen they get spoken in
i wis needin you taedeesome sewin for me bit
doon tae the broch taedeesome shoppin first stop wis
s aye a wye taedeesomething an if ye wintit
aff an leaves it taedeespeired minnie tae fen fur
like nose tae dowp andeet aye it wis a
tae roast meat ye coulddeet in metal trays ower
she wis that laith taedeet mebbe thocht i twid
if they tell ye taedeet or it ll be
tae be gey gweed taedeet richt in fact it
ye widna hae wintit taedeet twice it wirkit aff
winter the best time taedeet wis hairst september and
naebody asket e quine taedeet ye ve seen e
spring was broken it disnadeetae blaa rucks have nearly
wis aa a body coulddeetae keep tee wi them
the things that ither culturesdeetae shaw they care this
home sheltered housing can ideethat tae her she s
clock in the mornin taedeethe han milkin pails o
an orange squash hame taedeethe hoosewirk up oot dash
him he micht hae taedeethe job emsel syne i
coorse that wisnae gweed taedeethe rose bush seemed tae
objeck fowk at hiv taedeethings wi eir haans hiv
it took twa bobbies taedeethis job the bobby jist
a gweed man davidson taedeeup e harness bill said
fite brae doon tae thedeeweirs bracelets o frost and
aboot e hens riv taedeewi e life o e
feature on a project taedeewi grade exams in traditional
his stories this time taedeewi local history he spoke
it wad hae onythin taedeewi the fack that fowk
wi them an naethin taedeewi their men but they
nae doot it s taedeewi their religion a winner
war that was naethin taedeewi them an naethin tae
first thing i eest taedeewis tae gang oot in
the laddie says a waddeeafore a d sell ye
d you expect me todeebuy the jaicket an walk
lyke his leavin it hedeed a man whas daith
ye had a faither thatdeed a mither that was
yeir son ma lord haesdeed a sojer he only
his wark wi shona shedeed a wee whyle syne
fowk deein noo that hisnaedeed afore snawface s bawbee
horses but whan thay baithdeed ah tell ye ma
cum lammas sen yeir mitherdeed ah think ah hear
on thochts that soud haedeed alang wi thaim ye
a wumman at zasyp shedeed an it s aw
awa efter auld maister shideed an it wis sune
ross macbeth gin a haeddeed an oor afore this
on thon lest wurds thatdeed anaith the winnok ae
despised her fan her lorddeed as the happed assassins
aathegither by the common itdeed awa an a black
keing for the keing haeddeed but he haed left
mair hae gane syne rabbiedeed but nane i vain
him hir son haed juistdeed but she coudna mynd
neglekkit sen ma aukld wyfedeed but we l suin
mystery o faith christ hisdeed christ is risen christ
an in the hinner enddeed doucelyke in thair beds
for instance eftir ma faitherdeed for a gey whyle
or that twal craws haeddeed frae eatin the puzzint
luve haes dwyned awa andeed in thaim a hear
year the day that faitherdeed is it no this
the wyne mebbe yeir horsedeed juist throu be in
pads ablo liggs men thatdeed langsyne blek blek s
south o the breistwark thaydeed north o the waws
a copywriter whase wife hasdeed o a sudden on
up fortie pancakes an synedeed on his saet it
ill hertit queen foundert andeed on the forelaund gowd
less common an thi formdeed oot o common usage
althouch mony o these haedeed oot these include aucht
doun for me they awdeed saikless owre the heid
nor lyke a man hedeed siward ma son syne
sae wallaway the auld mandeed strechtawa shi jin seen
pathetically moula foretauld afore shedeed that this wad happen
leive tho sae walaway hedeed the neibours auld an
stove juist afore ma faitherdeed the wund yowled in
fleance ran awa eftir hedeed thir days it s
is deid macbeth she soudnadeed this tyme the day
s worth nae mair hedeed weill they say an
guid joab for renoir hedeed whan he did they
d let a wee quinedeefur sae mony years he
an watter as i aydeei d shak ma clyes
kein ralph cum n setdeein neest d fyr ralph
you d hurry up andeeit i want hame to
the knee oh i ddeeonything for that suit dod
on a friday if dadeet an faa d lead
doo ida draar n gitdeetwaa billy fyred up d
matching as of a pairdeeyou familiar shaa d showed
heid faws oot afore theydeea pikkil hair cam oot
ye wadna want me tideeafore ah haed skowth ti
peck o dirt afore theydeei e don t worry
joost fur oapinin doors setdeein afore he cums aa
a man that saw himdeeit seems afore the end
i ve never kent himdeeonything like at afore chrissie
weill uised wi seein fowkdeebut a dinna mynd tellin
a sauce spurt some fowkdeefur t kistit i believe
powers above fowk are folkdeeis do faa is who
mairattowre our ain kintra fowkdeeo puirtith and skaith whan
the lord tuik fowk thatdeet like jessie mathiesoon puir
gunlöd faither faither ye maunnadeeah can save ye thorfinn
prince the faither up thedeebut if bairnies are gettin
a bit o thocht cddeebit fin e kinna wark
fur onything sae da couldnadeethe thocht wis unthinkable an
gin ye dinna ah saldeean fient anither wird wad
buee i dinna kein abootdeebut im fantin ye yes
dinna leave him fitever yedeedinna leave him on his
ain as wee bairnies lldeeif ye dinna keep an
be disappointed if we dinnadeeit for her bessie i
to teenie dinna try todeeower muckle though lass pace
restless shelt minnie dearie dinnadeethat yer nae on the
jist dinna think it woulddeeyou ony good ronnie ronnie
this wattir she wul shuirliedeean ah canna git it
min foo muckle laanscapin eydeecanna stop e wheeshin o
wattir suin she wul shuirliedeegin ah canna git it
heed it s nithin tdeewi me a canna tell
drink an sleep syne theydeean ithers tak thair steid
august clears an syne thedeesets claim on me it
its bonny trackie an synedeet ir nicht e birds
da skip o years wideea m richt back we
da door he yalled hastedeean bolt da door yon
peerie grice geng awa wideean laeve me alane da
mellishon dunna look back butdeean me pooskered wi da
said auld santy i needdeeda nicht fur dis bag
plans that her da shoulddeedaith cudna be that coorse
wirld by da wye fancydeekeepin aa dis emails wir
fur da meantime hear faedeeshun new computer still no
gie sd a sum todeechrissie nae jist noo jim
get them dod i lldeethat richt noo so jist
an ah hae sworn tideealang wi ye as is
peerie grice geng awa wideean laeve me alane weel
peerie grice geng awa wideean laeve me alane weel
wi the committee ye lldeeas yer telt fur aince
bit blustery win dis blawdeeawa wi winter claes na
hoop dat s ok wideebring alang onybody else du
back on shore you candeegreat deals wi chocolates an
tystie i can hardly getdeein an wi dat smootie
wi onybody else if theydeeit different or better or
re mairriet an then youdeeit wi your man an
wi at mary at lldeenicely bit fin she left
e swyte an ye daarnadeet wi bare airms or
would expect o onything todeewi addy a total disaster
laest a l staun andeewi airmor on ma back
he kens that his todeewi g i s noo
ll ha e naethin todeewi her and it s
says derek there his adeewi rinnin the fitba an
een it s mair todeewi the wye you mak
micht it be something todeewi your brush he has
the devil dunna do notdeeyou familiar pooskered exhausted wi
ye o this if adeea ll haud ye entirely
sikk her haun she lldeean auld maid a damned
richt bessie bravely it lldeegladys ye said that s
same answer as i ayedeei ll be ere at
but never min it lldeei ve nae taste these
she ll ha e todeeis get me happet up
i ll gi e himdeeit my wye i ll
be richt back i lldeemy share an so will
the fish chrissie i lldeemy share preparing to go
owners an that would neverdeena na you ll be
ll be blyde ta seedeenicol an ingrid ir daft
tea or ye ll mebbedeeo hunger on the wye
her mither an i lldeeony worryin that s necessary
used to say you lldeeonything to keep oot o
i fear he ll shuirlydeeoot he ll lowp sae
o ginger wine it lldeethe lassie nae hairm she
appeared hame oh i lldeethe wauk bit i ll
be you an me lldeethegither gin it s life
seek we sweir we lldeethegither tho for honour an
vikings at the brig odeethey ll burn yer kirk
vikings at the brig odeethey ll burn yer kirk
medical research fin i divdeeye ll hae as they
doon this time it lldeeyou nae good if you
oot no it did notdeebit e wife wisna bad
iv coorse aa young craitersdeee same it s naitral
be wis aa i cddeein e mornin i set
up o orrals at eydeeit s winnerfae e sense
e to find things todeeoch this is affa i
o e fleer bit theydeet oot lang seen in
it aff for weeks lorettadeeit noo here the day
byd dir liklee no lippinindeenoo oaneewy the man s
en tho we wir tideefor ye says the auld
gang ti heiven whan ideeti hear auld jordan rowl
gang ti heiven whan ideeti hear auld jordan rowl
gang to heiven whan ideeti hear auld jordan rowl
ta be half portions furdeedu peerie trooker idderwise du
drap a line inno thedeefur a salmon bit they
my dear blissins be apöndeefur dy kindly wirds wha
ti me that if ahdeeah l still hae a
an snarled if you candeeony better hae a shottie
t hae my hoose andeet hae dyn naa you
weel a stewart king coulddeehe s laid him doon
awfil lik her weel döndeewhile you dat a
used to be like weeldeewir a tym whin dey
ae thing that i candeewrap up weel an keep
political fitbaa an watchan itdeeor takan the leid awa
aff again as i aydeeae snail wis faar i
come here the nou tideeaa thrie o s thegither
days shall ye wirk andeeaa thy wirk bit the
ma blame that she diddeeay ah uised ti ken
cou an ma horses wuldeehou wul ah sowe ma
nuns angelica so will youdeeit ma will you sew
ma hert an howp tideemoula cross ma hert an
ma hert an howp tideeshona jabbing her finger towards
an nae wye ye cddeeat withoot gettin stung sae
or the verra day yedeedeep doun in his verra
nae a lot ye candeefor a great big sycamore
year or twa ye ldeefrae a straik or ah
feet same s ye mithdeeif ye geed blin i
lossin your bairn a theydeeis hurt ye she turns
whaur ye left hir tideelest wunter an ah taen
the neist tree or yedeeo hungir if what ye
god in it ye maunadeeony wirk nor thy son
juist a quaisten whuther yedeequick or slaw but cormac
ye ve a lot todeeteenie and chrissie are getting
pause gin ye war tideethe nicht wad ye gang
thorfinn ir ye feart tideethirlman thirlman hou can ah
dout orm dae ye daurdeethorfinn thorfinn ah daur mair
a ken but efter yedeewullie went on dis that
at the palace up thedeei ve still nae got
5 10 gif a mandeeleain nae son his brither
nae dottled i can ayedeemy mental arithmetic try me
but nae ower aul todeethem maybe she cackles again
wark an could aesy meetdeedere if dat wis aesier
ging ahin my back andeesomething like this fa wis
hit wis i can telldeestraight bits o wire at
wis finished if he didnaedeethat the dog shook the
wes no weill lyke tideean fleitcht him ti send
laund as this wha wadnadeean mair ti save its
l still be feart tideean sweir ti leave this
an waesum an lyke tideefor the hungir that wes
aw she deserred weill tideeit s a queerlyke thing
never askit him til tideelyke yon ah wadna want
says she disna want tideemaister she pled on me
she taen langir langir tideenor a expekkit malcolm haed
left hir lyin thare tideeor be etten bi the
lyfe an he deserrs tideewhuther he made a paction
aw the tyme eftir wedeeit disna beir thinkin aboot
to gee mysel up anddeesomething aboot addy oot in
into its depths it doesnadeeto think ower muckle aboot
wul cum back gin ahdeemynd on me foraye from
ai but he micht stilldeeoot thare whit can ah
ah m shuir ah ldeesuin gin sumbodie disna finnd
we kent the man waddeean thare an end o
wan ower the brig odeean near ran doon an
you come sailin doon thedeein a dishcloot [laugh] so
i come sailin doon thedeein a dishcloot so i
bairn here did she nodeein the daein o t
her her tracts angelica welldeeit here they are she
t meg haivers she ldeesuin gin she s left
impressed she said granny candeet far better than at
fair lick as i aydeei m eest till t
i ve been able todeet ever since i was
t onywye fa made youdeethis to me georgie it
fold some napkins you candeethon bonnie shapes can t
is brukken the ettin wuldeean aw o us heild
legs he s swallae thedeean drink the dregs he
whit if jackie jackeson shulddeean him still wee och
an a peerie smoorikin tadeeanaa christine ps hit maks
f1043: [laugh] f1054: an thedeeis the river here m1042:
an i wish i coulddeesomething but my han s
mmhm m999: eh that theydeethat an it s so
an nor will i todeethis to me efter the
tull that day comes wedeethis we tak breid an
an eh generally had todeewith feedin the single men
my friends but if ideeit in front o my
than ony museum can iverdeeat the back of the
no but listen i candeeit zyxw georgie jim shut
tristan o tristan wha wadnadeefir sic a laund as
mill at the brig odeefor two years then was
screevit o that we cuddeein twas or companies like
at s fine at shoulddeeplenty o room for jiggin
he crossed the brig odeesign the covenant said he
staas alang the banks odeethe city steer the traffic
fauls o plastic it shooddeethe job it micht smell
it made us keen todeewir work the hope o
ve a wee job todeefor the cooper he flourishes
it for a living ideeit for he slips into
saving devices but i coulddeefine withoot them they re
fin i say stop theydeeit i am a traffic
remin them that they cwiddeewaar than stick up twa
they hoidin hiding wyes waysdeeyou familiar skile look with
blackwood murray i 1999 thedeefrom the far cairngorms ballater
sin i the wuids hairtsdeefrozen loch shimmers beautiful with
vaguely you were gan todeea job for the cooper
in a cundie till youdeeerseboond again their nieves encuffed
mynd you singin wha wadnadeefir sic a lass as
pinks aedge edge hap shawldeeyou familiar at s who
tempered nivver leet never heeddeeyou familiar dis this yokit
simmer hap we look ondeeat s cradled grown men
changed my first name todeeand my second name to
river mooth roman deva sdeethe frenchmen gied us bon
river mooth roman deva sdeethe frenchmen gied us bon
let the leids dwine anddee10 professor lo bianco is
spent ower lang frae thedeea theologian chiel eence screived
fisheries laboratory pers comm 16deedsfb submission to consultation exercise
in f951: come alang seedeeeftir kinda [laugh] yeah that
284 and murray in thedeefrom the far cairngorms discusses
like lang tint years rindeerin like a watter shelt
oatcake dallie doll danner strolldeeto do deet died deid
from the valley of thedeeto the pentland firth and
from the valley of thedeeto the pentland firth and
v imagine dawin n dawndeev die deid a dead
v wandered dawin n dawndeev die deid a dead
the mearns lying in thedeevalley and lastly along the
in a partial way thedeevalley west of ballater in
some scottish rivers notably thedeewhere between 1995 98 7

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