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golden sun in the woodsdeerdie i the snawie wynd
scott barrie s1m 3954 effectivedeermanagement lodged on 25 february
s1m 3954 murdo fraser effectivedeermanagement that the parliament welcomes
aboot it ye get roedeerin e wid files an
even wat sae the roedeerthat had fleyd us at
back micht be a roedeerthere s a pair o
fit i took tae bedeers drappins on e road
the win blaws clear newdeernew deer the win blaws
fruit in ilkie haun newdeernew deer the win blaws
blaws clear new deer newdeerthe win blaws clear far
ilkie haun new deer newdeerthe win blaws clear the
out of town there aredeerin the woods and hunters
woods and hunters after thedeerit must be about as
is hame again wi itsdeerhound mither this is giein
spiered juist ti keep thedeerhound s whalp an he
a whyle thay saw thedeerhound soumin eftir thaim an
tae the r a mukkildeerhound streikit oot afore the
brace of grouse or adeerfrom the estates of mavor
gang out an stalk adeershoot a brace o grouse
a buik about stalkin adeershootin grouse or fushin saumon
of deer management groups thedeercommission for scotland the forestry
agreement between the association ofdeermanagement groups the deer commission
in the interests of effectivedeermanagement notes the necessity of
necessity of bringing scotland sdeerpopulations into sustainable balance with
gadie rins oh the newdeerbraes are green an fair
an fair oh the newdeerbraes are green an fair
ower the rigs o newdeerlan the braes o ballater
of claw and cream adeeris wearing a coconut s
eck wis up at newdeerae day cuttin a wifies
fa wid wauk tae newdeeran back tae pitsliga jonsar
oor skins o wolf andeercraw on yer claith cuts
phaisants pairtricks an an antrindeerbut nou i spend ower
in the parish of newdeernow cockerty is an interesting
in the parish of newdeerwas once asked if he
help fur een o mydeeris snappered an med himsel
from cousin neil at newdeersweet mauve neeps from uncle
on in the gloamin taigideeri the rain thrie cries
eggies cousin neil at newdeerkept ducks and geese in
we d niver seen reddeerafore but these beasts wernae
welfare and management of scottishdeerthis morning our purpose is
s a buchan ferm newdeertune oh gin i war
syne her faither flitted newdeerwye bit grannie wis ower
by the sacrifice of thedeerpark and bowling green the
bridge lochryan house surrendered itsdeerpark and its gate lodge
sometimes referred to as thedeerpark and sometimes as the
picnic was held in thedeerpark arbuthnott estate it says
the crofters commission or thedeercommission for scotland within the
it wis intae the newdeerbitish legion for a wee
made gweed time tae newdeerthe seven miles hid teen
crisscrossing the cloven imprints ofdeerbecause i need sunlight once
bells an left da hirplindeerbedded noo tak a deep
ere wis eagles buzzards thedeercomin richt doon tae the
o the hairst see andeers gerss tae spreid aa
as a loveseek sang thedeerthat tae the pinewid cam
come across in scotland beforedeerdamage yes chipmunks no now
walled garden surrounded by onedeerof an excitable disposition three
of a later offence thedeerscotland act 1996 is a
or hare b is adeerboar or mink unless it
their own protection such asdeerseals and badgers which gave
your sides fill with thedeers swiftness the bear s
drop first in the falldeerskull twinned horns reeted in
and paintings of bison buffalodeerand elephant in muted earth
committee to note that huntingdeerwith dogs was banned in
livestock compensation allowance payments todeerfarmers s1o 327 12 david

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