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scots and gaelic on upperdeeside1 5 the scots speech
the scots speech of upperdeeside1 6 past records of
past records of speech upperdeeside1 7 attitudes to the
to the speech of upperdeeside1998 2000 extracts from interviews
to the speech of upperdeeside1998 2000 interviews with primary
the place names of upperdeesideaberdeen aberdeen u p withers
history of language on upperdeesideand explored related sociolinguistic research
was that in the upperdeesidearea amongst a target group
children however in the upperdeesidearea and in the pilot
of children from the upperdeesidearea born locally spoke the
his absence in the upperdeesidearea many incomers have joined
seven subjects in the upperdeesidearea of aberdeenshire varies from
seven subjects in the upperdeesidearea of aberdeenshire would vary
seven pupils in the upperdeesidearea of the aberdeenshire highlands
however incomers to the upperdeesidearea set up and organised
assumed that in the upperdeesidearea the influence of church
the speech of the upperdeesidearea the next section will
1997 3 throughout the upperdeesidearea there were close knit
to the study of upperdeesideas aitken remarked the linguistic
to the trend in upperdeesideas scots speech predominated in
amongst primary pupils on upperdeesideby sheena booth middleton bsc
the scots dialect of upperdeesideby the study of phonological
primary seven pupils on upperdeesidecertain phonemes continue to be
questionnaire presented to the upperdeesidechildren however in the upper
use of scots amongst upperdeesidechildren in depth however due
33 the scots speaking upperdeesidechildren in the main were
if the interviews with upperdeesidechildren recorded in 1999 2000
of the subjects on upperdeesideclaimed to speak english in
pupils had relocated to upperdeesidefrom outwith the dialect area
1 the speech of upperdeesidefrom past to present 1
1 the speech of upperdeesidefrom past to present pages
flemish and latin in upperdeesidegaelic survived into the 1930s
in the area of upperdeesidegender had no significant influence
community the vernacular in upperdeesidegenerally seems to have retreated
the county or specifically upperdeesidehas seen the greatest change
by children living on upperdeesidein this piece of research
was adapted in the upperdeesideinvestigation to encourage children to
studies 2 1 introduction upperdeesideis a small part of
motive the study into upperdeesidelanguage use was intended to
eradicate scots but in upperdeesidelocal teachers seem to be
scots speaking area on upperdeesidelogie coldstone can be found
scots and gaelic on upperdeesidemillar in a paper which
schools and yet in upperdeesidemost children state they would
a predominant language on upperdeesidemuch more recently than was
the linguistic situation on upperdeesidenear the end of the
between buchan scots and upperdeesidenorthern scots fewer scots words
by preceding generations of upperdeesidepeople in the target areas
century the records of upperdeesidepronunciation therefore go back over
extracts from interviews with upperdeesidepupils is reasonably representative of
that in this small upperdeesidesample amongst 11 year old
of boys in the upperdeesidesample was 58 compared to
of girls in the upperdeesidesample was 61 gender and
primary seven pupils attending upperdeesideschools and all the children
in post show that upperdeesideschools in general actively encourage
7 of the participating upperdeesideschools the records of aboyne
kincardine o neil the upperdeesideschools were very amenable to
local place names of upperdeesideshowed few definite traces of
closely replicated in the upperdeesidestudy 2 9 pollner 1985
not used in the upperdeesidestudy as most of the
were used in the upperdeesidestudy children read a passage
romaine 1974 154 the upperdeesidestudy did not entirely replicate
1975 225 in the upperdeesidestudy it was difficult to
been replicated in the upperdeesidestudy macaulay s most surprising
the findings of the upperdeesidestudy showed that a major
the purpose of the upperdeesidestudy similarily was to try
64 children in the upperdeesidestudy were asked if their
area children in the upperdeesidestudy were asked therefore if
year then partick the upperdeesidestudy would have benefited from
have been vigorously excluded upperdeesideteachers expose pupils to the
to the area of upperdeesidethe aim of this sociolinguistic
the scots speech of upperdeesidethe earliest study into the
past records of speech upperdeesidethough relatively scarce some historical
had been born on upperdeesideto incomer parents brought to
the north east and upperdeesidetoday made the long historical
the place names of upperdeesidetraced the decline of gaelic
for a study on upperdeesidetrudgill and payne in their
designed to explore the upperdeesideuse of four north east
a study into the upperdeesideuse of four north east
between them children in upperdeesideused both strategies occasionally they
of pupils in some upperdeesidevillages had been born and
of phonology millar 1996 upperdeesidewas a bilingual area for
norman french influence on upperdeesidewas probably stronger than that
investigating the speech of upperdeesidewere relatively limited in their
discussed the region of upperdeesidewhich forms the basis of
be different children in upperdeesidewith the exception of the
languages in use on upperdeesidewould have been far greater
the district of kincardine anddeesideas amongst those prime settlement
stephen won the kincardine anddeesideby election after the announcement
scottish tourist board kincardine anddeesidedistrict council and grampian regional
banff and buchan kincardine anddeesidegordon and moray the old
region in the kincardine anddeesidesample 11 children were in
of difference one kincardine anddeesideteacher commented afterwards i was
aberdeen city and kincardine anddeesidethe major factors he identified
the case of kincardine anddeesidethe participating school was ballater
released by the kincardine anddeesidetourist board on their official
names the norman incomers todeesideas durwards irvines bissets burnetts
been born and raised ondeesidebut their parents were incomers
west of ballater have anydeesidegaelic left and none uses
scattered doon by the aulddeesideline bi ballater i plantit
99 rob bain at crathiedeesideinterviews conducted with primary seven
1972 portrait of aberdeen anddeesidelondon hale gumperz j 1972
have been examined in thedeesidestudy 2 2 labov 1972
study into the peculiarities ofdeesidescots speech was published in
and resources to extend thedeesidestudy beyond the age bands
raised was examined in thedeesidestudy in the form of
another factor lacking in thedeesidestudy quite an important one
outwith the dialect area thedeesidestudy set out to identify
on aboyne primary 1986 thedeesidecommunity centre and aboyne academy
grant 1911 xvi in thedeesidefield club magazine 1925 58
the speech of deeside indeesidefield club magazine vol 2
w 1925 the speech ofdeesidein deeside field club magazine
church on speech in thedeesidecontext was therefore negligible macafee
insights into the features ofdeesidespeech as it he observed
latin as norse words entereddeesidespeech indirectly latin became available
with the county of aberdeendeesidedistrict lumphanan the rev francis
class c pupils published adeesidedictionary the hitch hiker s
tourist attraction goin richt updeesidef606: aye it would [laugh]
pronounce them according to thedeesidedialect of gaelic others became
went on to name thedeesideestate as one area where
came to be connected withdeesidespecifically the area of cromar
place names even in lowerdeesideare of gaelic origin people
was highly influential scots speakingdeesidechildren said that they would
an important one as somedeesidechildren were recent arrivals whilst
macaulay has used all thedeesidechildren will go on to
generosity this certainly applied ondeesidewhere the situation most children
english may become permanent ondeesidelinguistic change has a recent
was born at strathmore coulldeesidein 2000 the scots had
and had always stayed ondeesidespeaking of her childhood in
attached to some of thedeesideprimary schools and staff in
within a few miles ofdeesideclose to the aberdeen falls
saltire society michie j 1872deesidetales aberdeen john adam middleton
of the oldest settlements ondeesidethe remaining eight feeder schools
itself gradually supplanting gaelic ourdeesidefolk are a composite race
the fact that the lastdeesidegaelic speaker jean bain died
appears to be obsolete ondeesideas the scots equivalent was
from that of the southdeesidescots has undoubtedly crept up
indeed diack collecting material ondeesidein the 1930s found this
you found examples of thedeesideuse of the dipthong ei
sixteenth century the whole ofdeesideeast of culblean had been
kent his place aabody ondeesidekent their place ye didna
local community areas such asdeesideand donside are already popular
a community based company ondeesideexpress that concern i attend
which i mentioned and middeesideltd which is a community
had gone but the namedeesideremains with troubled undertones on
of a local guide sodeesidesri lanka remains a name
period than some of thedeesideparishes there was evidence of
d bin nae farrer fraedeesidethan aiberdeen aince a fortnicht
people who had lived ondeesidein the second half of
ootower frae lunnon on bonniedeesidean here in the toon
newly forged social networks ondeesideappeared to promote the diffusion
1881 on the plantation nameddeesideher mother isabella craib was
kindrochit inver inverey invercauld aredeesideinstances and goes on to
in coull educated locally ondeesideshe could speak understand and
champion pooer o neeps ondeesidethe late john morrison of
m999: it s amazi- ondeesidethere s a lot o
describe the origins of thedeesidepeople calling them a composite
craib planters young nephews leftdeesideto enter the world of
in previously isolated communities likedeesidewhich now is composed of
constituency for example in donsidedeesideand the mearns about too
follow up as one littledeesidegirl explained daddy sings in
s peintins roon the waadeesides bunnet lairds in palm
bittie hill fur we indeesidewar fair oot the door
sax fit bi fower odeesidenae as much as the
flees mid wicket we skirteddeesides misty braes nae far
braemar is a particularly interestingdeesideparish which still retained a
loon takk a daunder updeesideawhile tae loch an glen
loon takk a daunder updeesideawhile tae loch an glen
a a railway right updeesideye see but they did
arnold robertson k 1994 adeesidedictionary the hitch hikers guide
a tarland tink efter thedeesidespikk tarlan tinks migvie gents
considerable fortune before retiring todeesideand it is not hard

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