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litigation by the ministry ofdefenceagainst the manufacturers of the
litigation by the ministry ofdefenceagainst the manufacturers of the
programmer fir the ministry odefencean the ither s a
settlement between the ministry ofdefenceand the manufacturers of the
advised by the ministry ofdefenceas to whether all of
ferries for the ministry ofdefenceat bae systems govan shipyard
negotiations with the ministry ofdefenceconcerning the impact of possible
shortlisted for the ministry ofdefencecontract for royal navy uniforms
recent and forthcoming ministry ofdefencecontracts is confident that the
delay by the ministry ofdefencein giving clearance for the
working with the ministry ofdefencein preparing a plan for
ferries for the ministry ofdefenceis imminent recognises that if
representations to the ministry ofdefencemod concerning the disposal of
clothing to the ministry ofdefencemod whether the proportion of
made to the ministry ofdefenceon this matter s1w 6031
running for major ministry ofdefenceorders welcomes the recent decision
relate to the ministry ofdefencepolice in scotland and that
relate to the ministry ofdefencepolice in scotland and that
it to the ministry ofdefenceregarding any noise pollution caused
devolved responsibilities the ministry ofdefencethe inland revenue or other
for opposition of chief ofdefencestaff to proposed national missile
robison s1m 1947 national missiledefencesystem lodged on 18 may
s1m 1899 american strategic missiledefencesystem lodged on 2 may
staff to proposed national missiledefencesystem lodged on 30 july
violence employed by the israelidefenceforce in the west bank
of force by the israelidefenceforce recognises that in israel
serving soldiers in the israelidefenceforce which is conducting a
the major player in europeandefencedermot scott finally there are
into that realm dermot scottdefencematters have always been left
needs to develop a commondefencepolicy dermot scott the eu
defence what do i meandefenceagainst what i was wishing
raising a defence if thatdefencecreates a reasonable doubt the
himself simply by raising adefenceif that defence creates a
than nothing but no realdefencewhat do i mean defence
every area including foreign policydefenceand taxation that can be
and eu foreign policy anddefenceat the end of june
coherent common foreign policy anddefencepolicy be developed 11 should
either the impact that thedefencediversification agency dda has on
dates of meetings with thedefencediversification agency in scotland since
implications that privatisation of thedefenceevaluation and research agency would
scottish natural heritage and thedefenceevaluation research agency have a
eu action on security anddefenceand respect for national traditions
working groups on external relationsdefenceand security policy simplification of
great questions of security anddefencegiven the present crisis in
seem to be protected asdefenceis not under eu judicial
credibility of the eu sdefencepolicy should provision be made
by eu treaty such asdefenceyou talked about the equality
must be emphasised no europeandefenceor military policy has been
progressive creation of a commondefencepolicy that covers humanitarian and
the development of a commondefencepolicy there are various stages
in time to a commondefencepolicy which may lead to
may lead to a commondefencethe treaty leaves doors open
bed bert was her strongdefenceagainst december draughts chilly sheets
will improve services the maindefenceagainst including the questions on
insight no they were adefenceagainst insight which is worse
is not adopted as adefenceagainst the charge of rape
up to be against selfdefenceif i hit him he
scots descent makes a vigorousdefenceof the black neighbourhood against
running rings round the rangersdefencei don t believe it
vessel scotia by the majordefencecontractor lockheed martin acknowledges that
international level working group 8defenceapart from the petersberg tasks
these issues issues such asdefenceemployment law genetics immigration international
thir issues issues sic asdefenceemployment law genetics immigration international
women are in court ondefencematters because their rights do
for extending enhanced cooperation todefencematters what can be done
whether the rights of thedefenceshould also be protected i
rights i will demand adefencethe privy cooncil will hae
enable the proposed birnam flooddefencescheme to be completed r
land of victory land ofdefenceso teribus is oor main
allowed to conduct their owndefenceand can cross examine victims
allowed to conduct their owndefenceduring trials and therefore cross
like an oak his owndefencehad surged as one to
as regards language was adefenceof his own artistry and
accused person may raise adefenceand nothing more is said
1a it is not adefencefor a person charged with
or 4 it is adefencefor the person charged to
direction was used by thedefenceduring the trial the handlers
to take strike action indefenceof their living standards and
that co ordinated the airdefenceof the loch ryan area
made in the ship sdefencea case which becomes clear
can be made in herdefenceit is indisputable that she
moves towards overlapping even thoughdefencedoes not come into that
even the charitable guys indefencewere throwing him daggers over
scottish literature should require adefencein scotland in this day
wanting with such a passivedefencemy amendments seek to protect
damn good reason from thedefenceif it did not believe
and over the due diligencedefencethat retailers could invoke if
those companies might have adefenceto argue if they do
phil gallie s1m 2938 navaldefencereview and faslane and coulport
as a toll order adefenceis provided by section 3
swayed by the executive sdefencemr quinan first at the
be drawn into a mutualdefenceguarantee and the nato enthusiasts
du bellay had written thedefenceand illustration of the french
gives a clear and explicitdefencein more than one of
it will consider revising flooddefencelegislation to take account of
franco s moorish regulares indefenceof a key road between
thesis and make my oraldefenceof it it s a
i will come to thedefenceof the minister for health
of acid home guard localdefencevolunteers the home guard were
man whose first line ofdefencewas solemnity who did not
or salaried partners in criminaldefencefirms those deputes were a
hope to sit my oraldefenceon aug 25th which means
be dealing with very sharpdefencelawyers that is not in
from the petersberg tasks whatdefenceremit could be envisaged for
prosecutor or work for thedefenceapart from the statutory framework
m952: you ken bar thedefenceor that kind o idea
36 and the draft civildefencescotland order 2000 the motion
vulnerable a victim wi naedefencebj still looks on the
in relation to the publicdefencesolicitors office a the number
oor majestie s secretary odefenceinby forgethert incommunicado the nicht
the english tradition need nodefenceit is important rather to
replied dandy risin tae thedefenceo his favourite pet ye
auld feid and foirthocht felloniedefenceclaims that it was done
they couldnae hae maybe ehdefencean that but ye ken

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