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came across the word foldingdefinedas the action of folding
environmental objectives for groundwater asdefinedin section 3 4 of
is underlaid by groundwater asdefinedin section 3 4 of
a peatland is groundwater asdefinedin section 3 4 of
any lobbyist a lobbyist isdefinedas a person or a
professional lobbyist the person isdefinedrather specifically the convener i
certain expressions that are notdefinedare to be defined in
not defined are to bedefinedin regulations made by the
2000 the nice european councildefineda number of broad objectives
objectives for surface water asdefinedin section 3 3 of
a crime against humanity aredefinedand terrorism does not generally
ever needed to be sodefinedgenerally in other cases the
scottish parliament land is generallydefinedin the order as including
to operate in more specificallydefinedcircumstances amendment 25 agreed to
another thus the pint isdefinedas a vessel which contains
one type of unit isdefinedin terms of another thus
against any form of discriminationdefinedin broad terms whether on
their discharge delayed for reasonsdefinedin the census date snapshots
should be included as adefinedlanguage in the census after
consider carefully how the censusdefinedmultiple occupancy so that we
the term minority leids needsdefined37 the maist haill definition
onwards definition allotment is notdefinedby statute other than by
offices face their own difficultiesdefinedas those being in communities
see as obvious and welldefinedcommunities especially those in the
them match the needs ofdefinedcommunities the oft report recommends
initiative because there are nodefineddeprived communities there by targeting
to all rural communities asdefinedin appendix 1 of rural
certain size which would bedefinedby ministers should not be
of sharp increases in thedefinedsize of the measurement terms
the scottish crime squad asdefinedin section whatever of the
a crime against humanity isdefinedin the rome statute and
of the writer is clearlydefinedthe beauty of this hand
use of language in clearlydefinedtopic areas is highlighted in
commission that personal care asdefinedby the commission should be
b personal support as sodefinedc whether or not such
is a personal care asdefinedin section 2 28 of
of fishing rights are commonlydefinedas proprietors in the salmon
added or sporting rights asdefinedby section 65a 9 of
that generality sporting rights asdefinedby subsection 9 of that
that if scottish projects aredefinedas projects that exist in
operative and forthcoming one groupdefinedsquat as a term of
how the term boundary isdefinedwhen determining whether a farm
subsidiarity has to be betterdefinedespecially for countries such as
cabinet and deputy ministers aredefinedbelow in section c 7
ministers in the scottish governmentdefinedin s44 of the act
as the first minister asdefinedin s45 other ministers appointed
scotland s agricultural land isdefinedas less favoured area land
an appropriate voluntary organisation asdefinedby section 1 5 of
an appropriate voluntary organisation asdefinedby section 1 5 of
her majesty s inspectors asdefinedby section 135 1 of
7 and insert prosecutor asdefinedby section 307 1 of
a the postal operator asdefinedin that section of that
arranged by social class asdefinedby the registrar general s
therapy class who have beendefinedlogically as problems by society
that are otherwise less welldefinedand perhaps uncertain the convener
of the child child isdefinedas any person under the
regional or minority language isdefined3 as languages that are
people have spotted in thedefinedareas as craig said although
government services a unit isdefinedas 1 hour of interpretation
scotland s schuils act 2000definedas ablow tae promote equality
in scotland an institution isdefinedas being a higher education
schools act 2000 which isdefinedas follows to promote equality
take on tenants who aredefinedas homeless where there is
be possible if grouse weredefinedas livestock the snh response
standard english it can bedefinedas that dialectal variety of
ehm at the moment scotsdefinedas the language spoken by
now at the moment scotsdefinedas the language spoken by
fage fadge fage fadge isdefinedby dost simply as a
such as those rather vaguelydefinedby phrases such as an
fardel l fardel l isdefinedby snd as a three
relation to public order asdefinedby the authorising agencies he
accident or serious incident asdefinedby the united kingdom air
believe that the threshold isdefinedfor a ship as one
in fact the pint asdefinedin the assizes changed its
words in unusual uses curcuddochdefinedin the csd as sitting
opportunities as equal opportunities isdefinedin the interpretation provision of
sic category as it isdefinedmore by the source of
tales as pittin forrit brichtlydefinedperspectives about soveraynetee in mairriage
the doing of something asdefinedthe relationship is established or
easily by today setting adefinedand clear time scale during
into the two periods nowdefinedby dost and the scottish
a 150m long processional avenuedefinedby parallel earth banks and
means a group of personsdefinedby reference to gender sexual
report of aircraft incidents notdefinedby the united kingdom air
public sector landlords who aredefinedin the relevant act we
undertake an independent and widelydefinedappraisal of whether the whole
whether a route has beendefinedfor that bypass and if
whether maladministration is too narrowlydefinedmany of the representations that
crux of the matter isdefinedin rule 43 8 of
the scottish government it isdefinedin s126 6 8 of
proper that those acts aredefinedin a bill of this
those categories that are alreadydefinedin the code of guidance
scotland had its own welldefinedsystems of weights and measures
interests of the union bedefinedand formulated how should the
believe that scottish texts generouslydefinedhave important advantages which should
the oft report was strictlydefinedand considered the issue from
it to work towards adefinedgoal over the next 10
references in the statutes whichdefinedthe new constitutional settlement 10
whose powers and duties aredefinedin the allotments acts local
housing purposes which are broadlydefinedto local authorities that provision
and identification with a welldefinedcommunity what is the scots
and midwives is often illdefinedand ambiguous i concur with
the dimensions of the bolldefinedin the 1426 assize but
council and the parliament havedefinedpowers in making the legislation
wrong side of that illdefinedboundary between sentiment and sentimentality
set of hierarchies has beendefinedbut i cannot tell you
a rare comparison of newlydefinedunits with the earlier units

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