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whitlike s the king odemonsthe abbeymaister tellt him marischal
whitlike s the king odemonsthrie times the abbeymaister tellt
a bit keek at thaedemonssae ti the abbeymaister quo
lock demons up there fordemonsan bogles o their kind
finnd a wey ti lockdemonsup there for demons an
sand experienced it ghostly formsdemonsapparitions shaking foundations the eighth
jungle again an the twademonsare that ferfochan they faa
fowk tae fleg coorse jungledemonsfae the toun termite mounds
still perform ceremonies to exorcisedemonswith sacrifice and magic i
an sealed the king odemonsin for generations it s
the r a king odemonsin yonder get it strecht
ye ve the king odemonslockit up an it s
m thinkin thon king odemonsmaun be doun ablow the
ye ve the king odemonssneckit up sae s ye
lakes buddhist scorpions buffalo rabiesdemonssweet mango misty bens an
songwriters talk about facing thedemonsof self doubt but then
yi makin hur face yourdemonsor hurs silence bj ok
me an ah wis seeindemonsan faeries an all sorts
sri lanka micht hae hiddemonsbit meikleburgh hid grave robbers
doon bi the twa coorsedemonso trincomalee bit the wee
aboot a quine an twademonsd ye ken the tale
huvin ti face his aindemonsyi saw him yi heard
letters o t sayin dounhaddendemonshaa pyntin at the door
fur syne wad cam twademonsan gweed wad cam oot
a breist back cam thedemonsshakkin aff the sea watter
weel pranny wis terrified odemonsbit the auld bodach seemed
sicht o lan fur yondemonshid cursed her weel an
incan symbols folkloric masks anddemons[censored: forename] again fell prey to
as charms to ward offdemonsin the forests there are

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