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at an early age alastairdempstera great deal rests on
the larger question to alastairdempstera number of governing bodies
when they leave school alastairdempsterabsolutely as you will be
to implement their ideas alastairdempsteras you are probably aware
somewhere other than edinburgh alastairdempsteri agree completely with what
be circulated to members alastairdempsteri am happy to do
in the final strategy alastairdempsteri assure michael russell that
of their school life alastairdempsteri assure you that we
to happen on that alastairdempsteri cannot remember any occasion
levels of physical activity alastairdempsteri have not heard of
you are referring to alastairdempsteri thought that it was
ones that you do alastairdempsteri will ask lee cousins
revealed on the matter alastairdempsteri will be blunt the
to participate in sport alastairdempsteri will let lee cousins
because of your strategy alastairdempsteri will pick up the
solution to that problem alastairdempsterpartnership working is the biggest
bit about that subject alastairdempsterperhaps ian robson will talk
in that area as alastairdempstersaid we are anxious to
for capital projects as alastairdempstersaid we want those investments
we proceed to questions alastairdempstersportscotland i thank the committee
witnesses lee cousins sportscotland alastairdempstersportscotland ian robson sportscotland clerk
made about that spending alastairdempsterthe 87 million from that
will conduct the activity alastairdempsterthroughout scotland there are some
to them i invite alastairdempsterto make some introductory remarks
people can aspire to alastairdempsterwe are setting up the
we seek to serve alastairdempsterwe will have to get
have it i welcome alastairdempsterwho is chairman of sportscotland
accessible to the community alastairdempsteryou are right to say
faar a wifie caad nelliedempstereence bade though gweed kens
no gaun ti be thedempsterat tels yeir weird tho

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