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for grumfies an whanever anitherdentiedish wes set afore thaim
wis a pernickety kinno cheildentiein his mainners mair eased
a dead delicht n delightdentiea dainty depairt v depart
pouthert face smaw smaw hirdentiehaund aince she wes a
intil the kerr an lowpitdentielik inti the passenger sate
cuidna thole sic douce andentieludgins we twa cuid ken
beddin i the capital andentiethe board a ett aff
hirsell pouin sum o thedentielittil flouers that war growein
wull he wes a raledentiewie limmer lukkie nisbet hed
shouthers she wes siccan adentielittil craitur that the dumfounert

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