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principal procurator fiscal deputes fiscaldeputesand precognition officers table 2
have a smaller number ofdeputesand precognition officers than regional
number of principal procurator fiscaldeputesfiscal deputes and precognition officers
or manage a team ofdeputesor precognition officers in some
if members are interested principaldeputesalso fill the more specialised
i should mention that principaldeputesfill some of the specialist
teams by principal procurator fiscaldeputesi have referred to the
to the position of principaldeputesin describing the types of
fiscal depute group procurator fiscaldeputescover a wide range of
glasgow we deliberately place newdeputeswho have no previous procurator
in criminal defence firms thosedeputeswere a useful addition to
sheriff and jury court generallydeputesare managed often in teams
experience will increase more juniordeputesare with us now with
heads an office with severaldeputeswho deal with particular fields
need or how many advocatedeputesare required in the prosecution
do you determine how manydeputesyou need or how many
a recruitment exercise for newdeputesfrank crowe we are obviously
successful exercise to recruit newdeputeslast year the committee must
the convener you referred todeputesdo fiscals enter regional or
s members designated sds scottishdeputesthe title msp seems to
structure to assist the newdeputesto learn and to become
remit of one of thedeputesas part of a health

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