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after above insert ii isderivedfrom relevant dividends or iii
relevant dividends or iii isderivedfrom relevant profit sharing agreements
might take the pervasive metaphorsderivedfrom the human body in
whether my visions of springderivedmerely from the nostalgia of
language which had been independentlyderivedfrom a common ancestor ramsay
a shared vocabulary of consistentlyderivedmetaphors in order to communicate
the public perception of herderivedfrom formal photographs and from
of any statistics that werederivedfrom a census question on
the end of sentences similarlyderivedfrom a stylistic tendency in
relies too heavily on statisticsderivedfrom fbri forms completed after
attitudes on forms and rulesderivedfrom latin and on exercises
other forms of that languagederivedfrom the mother tongue never
right or of a rightderivedfrom having charge of care
parental right or a rightderivedfrom having charge or care
in new found prosperity mainlyderivedfrom tourism and they display
closely related scots is notderivedfrom english and it is
in scotland he uses figuresderivedfrom the psg survey to
mounted hunts in scotland figuresderivedfrom other studies give different
mismatch between pupils language capabilitiesderivedfrom their home background or
initiative philosophy because the resourcesderivedfrom the private sector in
chawbacons appears to have beenderivedfrom what milton 1986 has
economic social and cultural impactderivedfrom its activities and spending
of the expenditure of employeesderivedeither directly or indirectly from
a scots word for fortderivedfrom caer mealowther on the
many of the games arederivedfrom current classroom practice others
although the language is notderivedfrom english the vast majority
north in scotland mount isderivedfrom gaelic monadh the white
give their word as beingderivedfrom heller which means a
attendance allowance money that isderivedfrom scottish taxpayers must as
what health benefits will bederivedfrom setting tougher standards for
they were said to havederivedfrom sweden s three crowns
muir russell those outcomes havederivedfrom the central efforts that
spyle jyne and jyle arederivedfrom the old french ui
the song hawaii aloha isderivedfrom the scots hymn i
part of scotland is howeverderivedfrom the speech of the
verions from which they werederivedthe scots language can be
table 3 summarises the estimatesderivedthrough the methodology described above
multi volume dictionaries and theirderivedworks a vigorous effort to
places are said to bederivedtherefrom the second statistical account

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