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are always particularised like factualdescriptionshowever they tend to use
creatures or objects unlike factualdescriptionswhich are always particularised like
in the present tense factualdescriptionsare often found in environmental
numberings of steps detailed factualdescriptionsof objects and often adverbs
internalise them for future usedescriptionspersonal imaginative or factual refer
information reports are generalised factualdescriptionsproviding information about a class
remaining genres factual recounts factualdescriptionsreports explanations instructions discussions persuasive
children creating their own genericdescriptionsof other marine creatures of
features with personal and imaginativedescriptionsfor example descriptive statements with
correspondence such as letters containingdescriptionsand opinions and from public
containing clear policy commitments anddescriptionsof the steps to be
tense too as in thedescriptionsof the tunnel in the
use of partial and incompletedescriptionsone can extract little more
elements or paragraphs of descriptiondescriptionstend to use statements with
corpus is it about synchronicdescriptionshistorical developments both something else
investigation given below are historicaldescriptionsof the speech of the
boards to anglicise the nativedescriptionsof scottish topographical features and
the potential ambiguity of suchdescriptionsbeing taken to refer to
writing a number of suchdescriptionsfor an environmental brochure on
be compared with more leisurelydescriptionsin mark twain s tom
of course these are broaddescriptionsonly but they may be
unconsciously coloured all his anthropologicaldescriptionsof primal religion in later
to describe and all thedescriptionsnearly have a middle aged
to use gaelic names anddescriptionsand to ensure the monitoring
concerned about the morass ofdescriptionsof our qualifications system foundation
baps the poem has splendiddescriptionsof the food at the
but many employers find thosedescriptionsconfusing although it is important
but from the many volubledescriptionsit seems to be a
have influenced shakespeare in thedescriptionsof his fair heroines some

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