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that there is more todescriptivetexts than adjectives the density
out does rabelais using sixdescriptivewords where rabelais only uses
as possible the narrative anddescriptivedetails in the text strategies
a poem too can bedescriptiveor narrative or even feature
on the precise nature ofdescriptiveor narrative or explanatory writing
to the research of moderndescriptivelinguists such as michael halliday
to be distinguished from thedescriptiveor analytical approach to grammar
places and events they incorporatedescriptivepassages and frequently use statements
and imaginative descriptions for exampledescriptivestatements with linking verbs e
he was primarily interested indescriptivelinguistics describing what goes on
is often used for moredescriptivesituations especially if referring potentially
in inches these helpful anddescriptiveassize definitions should form a
iii governs the choice ofdescriptivestrategies they man be proper
speaks for itself a finedescriptiveexpression rosit is resin and
those weather conditions or adescriptivepoem about that kind of
letter of a factual anddescriptivenature intermediate 2 internal writing
ounce type is introduced withdescriptivename of trois or troyis
a set time write adescriptivesentence about as many of
monks at newhall others aredescriptiveof the landscape like black
f1145: that s a reallydescriptiveword dreich m1146: of course
re just they re sodescriptivean they re just they

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