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whether it will give adetailedbreakdown of all the costs
and others that a moredetailedbreakdown of ethnic group would
and will consider a moredetailedbreakdown of ethnicity of course
whether it will publish adetailedbreakdown of the estimated 20
it will give a moredetailedbreakdown of the specialities or
previous century we must havedetailedanalysis and statistics to allow
to provide a full anddetailedanalysis of the echr implications
s college millar gave adetailedanalysis of the sociolinguistic links
in aberdeen we will undertakedetailedanalysis of those data and
the access code reflects thedetailedanalysis that the committee gave
poverty in scotland that adetailedcost benefit analysis of the
his adjacent wharfs in thisdetaileddescription all of the senses
of the bill for adetaileddescription of each section the
lily white skin shakespeare sdetaileddescription of the lady asleep
mention their visit in hisdetaileddescription of the town he
very erm f963: detailed f965: detailedf963: mm f965: maps of
to say very erm f963: detailedf965: detailed f963: mm f965:
committee s long running anddetailedinquiry however our detailed inquiry
and detailed inquiry however ourdetailedinquiry manages only to scratch
scottish executive to publish adetailedconsideration of the impacts and
is published we publish adetailedmemorandum that sets out any
programmes i will announce adetailedimplementation plan in due course
the committee agree that anydetailedplans for implementation within the
of urgency to produce adetailedprogramme for full implementation of
implementation of sutherland and adetailedtimetable for implementation that is
law society to make moredetailedcomments in writing rhoda grant
my comments and in thedetailedcomments of lydia wilkie of
invited comments on a moredetailedconsultation paper 3 to which
bill and comments on thedetailedprovisions of the bill itself
we have not yet produceddetailedguidance for local authorities on
why we have not produceddetailedproposals however some form of
and kinross has produced adetailedreport of some of the
kicking and screaming a moredetailedreport was produced audit scotland
in which one finds enormouslydetailedand completely transparent consideration that
an appeal procedure in whichdetailedconsideration and reasons will be
scotland we look forward todetailedconsideration at stage 2 i
s request on that matterdetailedconsideration because it caused me
the petition to us fordetailedconsideration the public petitions committee
election that committee could givedetailedconsideration to the complex and
of the killing gives adetailedaccount of bruce s recent
gave a very full anddetailedaccount of the early 20th
footsteps with his prosaic butdetailedaccount of the island to
only to god a verydetailedaccount of this traffic is
centuries was limited the onlydetailedcontemporary account of the killing
provide any further information ordetailedbriefing that members require to
information we need is reasonablydetailedbut it is also easily
lacking sufficient information to makedetailedcomment on the budget i
the holyrood project with lessdetailedconstruction information than is desirable
island and calling for moredetailedfinancial information to be made
this time we have quitedetailedinformation about every college in
chip that can hold fairlydetailedinformation about the owner if
as well as recording moredetailedinformation for further use in
provide the member with furtherdetailedinformation on all the grants
approximately 95 miles from colombodetailedinformation on ceylon at that
and commercially sensitive such asdetailedinformation on fees and on
necessary that we have reliabledetailedinformation on income i ask
the census did not gatherdetailedinformation on religion ethnic background
education department does not holddetailedinformation on the circular documents
condition survey 2002 much moredetailedinformation on the hmo sector
to provide you with moredetailedinformation the convener thank you
ancestral research will provide thedetailedlocal information needed for researchers
warming provisions of the billdetailedcommentary on each section of
sections 30 and 31 makedetailedprovisions as to the valuation
not all countries there aredetailedprovisions that allow ireland in
in scotland and has manydetailedtechnical provisions with slightly separate
scottish agricultural college in itsdetailedrisk assessment study of the
scvo org uk research statisticsdetailedindex htm scottish esf objective
scottish enterprise to work updetailedplans for an energy research
scottish enterprise to work updetailedplans for an energy research
scottish enterprise to work updetailedplans for an energy research
reporters to carry out furtherdetailedresearch on the committee s
executive to give us adetailedresponse on what research has
on free nursing care makesdetailedproposals for a move to
second time was when moredetailedproposals for the committee bill
by 10 november on thedetailedproposals in the budget this
when it will bring forwarddetailedproposals to the parliament in
taken on board and thatdetailedproposals would then be drawn
insufficient time to conduct adetailedinquiry to recommend that this
s response shows clearly thedetailedon going monitoring process the
this committee to have adetailedresponse from the executive on
fields the executive s responsedetailedthe current planning system and
the official report and thedetailedwritten response that was made
important we want to providedetailedguidance on how building standards
authorities acting jointly must providedetailedjustification of any proposal to
on census data to providedetailedsocial economic and demographic data
gave its approval to thedetailedsurveys by the middle of
parliament welcomes plans to introducedetailedcriminal record checks on people
luxembourg and portugal are makingdetailedplans the twin slogans are
allowed for the development ofdetailedpublic transport plans and consortia
seeing you there improvements moredetailedagriculture classification under problems picture
performance results gives a moredetailedassessment of the relative performance
and subjected to comment anddetailedcriticism by more than a
suggest that we hear moredetailedevidence from folk who must
local government confirm whether moredetailedfigures are to be disclosed
xix 2 for a moredetailedhistory of editorial policy see
areas other members have moredetailedknowledge of such work than
consultation to include a moredetailedquestion on ethnic group we
well placed to answer moredetailedquestions about those matters on
and to procure a moredetailedreport that is what we
we could receive rather moredetailedstatistics about the level of
welsh language schemes are moredetailedthan the glp proposed under
are perhaps more complex anddetailedthan they need to be
similar to if somewhat moredetailedthan those of the council
it to make a moredetailedwritten submission which we could
would develop this into moredetailedzonal policies and programmes of
that there should have beendetailedconsultation before we got to
able to ask the ministerdetailedquestions about the substantive nature
have a number of otherdetailedquestions on the financial memorandum
allow me to answer thedetailedquestions that members have asked
to give him a properdetailedanswer in writing mr john
to which i can givedetailedanswers but i will begin
willing to find out thedetailedanswer to mr gallie s
go through the src sdetailedwritten submission however i will
method of co ordination isdetailedin a report prepared by
action in line with thedetailedrecommendations of the report s1w
the scottish football association adetailedreport confirming the current status
that the parliament welcomes thedetailedreport of the rural affairs
address further some of thedetailedpoints that will have been
the scottish executive when furtherdetailedresults from the 2001 census
the matter for urgent anddetailedexamination by the audit committee
of resources has involved adetailedpackage of work the matter
by european parliament people adetailedpaper has been circulated on
develop a paper on thedetailedscience of asp toxins and
want you to make adetaileddrawing of this creature johnston
is not possible to makedetailedindividual arguments for all the
whether it will make adetailedstatement on the current financial
the european employment strategy isdetailedin spice briefing 02 98
time and again documented anddetailedour influence on european policy
european commission has undertaken adetailedstudy of the regional and
outset the evidence is quitedetailedand i wonder whether the
whether it will initiate adetailedinvestigation into the level and
be completed and whether thedetailedreview will be made public
health commissioner the fsa hasdetailedthe work that is under
of the partnership 10 adetailedwork plan outlining actions that
benefits rather than establish adetailedcatalogue of competences the new
been increased by 10 asdetailedin table 1 of annex
and was the subject ofdetaileddiscussions with many stakeholders we
that there are so manydetailedobjections because the civic government
teachers in much of thedetailedplanning that led to many
is to get considered anddetailedresponses particularly from those areas
designations of lead committee asdetailedin motions s1m 1919 and
and i refute it numerousdetailedpoints have been made about
mr [censored: surname] had made adetailedstudy of the trident overprints
and promotion in some instancesdetailedmeasures will be set out
the administration over time thatdetailedscrutiny will assess all parts
to an annual round ofdetailedand damaging negotiations which is
days in which to considerdetailedand important documents that is
sheets on which duties weredetailedg press ie scotsman evening
or revised form would bedetailedin the plan which would
the next petition which isdetailedon page 11 of the
the local authorities on thedetailedmanner of assessing the contracts
area of jurisdiction snh sdetailedrecommendations on national parks in
course it is important thatdetailedscrutiny is built on a
issue of the lack ofdetailedassistance in planning conversions can
scottish parliamentary corporate body receivesdetailedaudited accounts of the office
development is contained in thedetailedbid for the city of
judge might be disqualified routinelydetaileddraft rules of procedure and
with time numberings of stepsdetailedfactual descriptions of objects and
and approvals of ssis asdetailedin motions s1m 2025 to
early date an exhaustive anddetailedlist of all the schemes
you ve been taking adetailedlook at the language of
with the aim of introducingdetailedmoderation at the school of
transparency in the giving ofdetailedreasons is the kind of
2316 99 ec laying downdetailedrules for the application of
also committed itself to adetailedstatistical examination of the appeals
fully to the substantial anddetailedsubmissions by the convention of
took part in the sessiondetailedtheir personal experience of physical
the parliament future business asdetailedin motions s1m 2607 and
commission is content with thedetailedscience we could expect a
and we have engaged indetailedcorrespondence the problem is that
within devolved competence have beendetailedin the memorandum published by
sea trout have declined sincedetailedrecording keeping began as the
not seen mr sheridan sdetailedconcerns the executive has moved
the summer we were indetaileddiscussions with the eight fire
own story with vitality anddetailedimagery and are a true
bug notes with concern thatdetailedrequests for the required additional
the 6000 square miles asdetailedin the scottish adjacent waters
a proper criminal proceeding thedetailedrules that are set out
draft would be subject todetailedcorrection and the student would
house it can be asdetailedand realistic as the director
and an addition tae thedetailedarguments laid before ye in
or minority languages and isdetailedin paragraph 17 it is
functions and duties can bedetailedin the glp therefore although
is used as opposed todetailedcorrection in other words the
evolving society enhanced categorisation asdetailedtoday is welcome to the
five teams invited to submitdetaileddesign concepts were rafael vinoly
in the laeken declaration aredetailedin the appendix part two
real strength lies in thedetailedsocial record they leave behind
first i apologise that thedetailedbudget documents were not available

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