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former chair angus youth congressdialogueyouth councillor glennis middleton chair
councillor glennis middleton chair ofdialogueyouth management group 3 public
executive is engaging in constructivedialogueon that issue with the
and to enter into constructivedialoguewith all the partnership agencies
executive continues to have constructivedialoguewith local government because our
enter into regular and constructivedialoguewith the fish processing industry
be prepared in her constructivedialoguewith the westminster government to
we all welcome the constructivedialoguewith westminster i am glad
executive should enter into urgentdialoguewith visitscotland to review their
executive should enter into urgentdialoguewith visitscotland to review their
regime there has been continuousdialoguesince the directive was introduced
testing regime involves all thedialoguethat is currently taking place
military regime to open adialoguewith the national league for
and support the young scotdialogueyouth card pilot to restrict
the card such as thedialogueyouth card that alan fraser
the result of a continuingdialoguebetween a multiplicity of authors
is a need for continuingdialoguebetween the scottish parliament and
one illustration of the continuingdialoguethat we want to maintain
executive to enter into adialoguewith the industry with a
this book with its livelydialogueand imagistic prose offers an
and prose as a bakhtiniandialoguebetween scottish writers and scottish
more regular and more formaldialoguewould be helpful i am
more of a a adialogueand understanding between eh religions
a crucial role in improvingdialogueand understanding between the executive
be a thorough process ofdialogueand consultation between local and
on social inclusion through socialdialogueand partnership between the commission
two role plays one adialoguebetween an intourist guide and
process is part of adialoguebetween central and local government
or enhance the environment promotedialoguebetween different interest groups gather
you my lad write thedialoguebetween kate and tam on
ministers have spoken about increaseddialoguebetween the industry and scientists
awards and career development greaterdialoguebetween those employed in scottish
ensuring that there is adialoguebetween young people and the
summerland fire in practice adialoguemight take place between verifiers
will we deal with thedialoguethat will inevitably ensue between
scotland and having an effectivedialogueand partnership with our colleagues
but if we could promotedialoguethat would be a step
step the absence of suchdialogueis as much a fault
as to continue the gooddialoguethat we have with the
a forum to allow thatdialogueto continue and information to
continue a full and frankdialoguewith all parties mr john
song of the traditional lovedialogueor courtship type further comparison
welcome this opportunity for earlydialoguewith the rural affairs committee
articulated since all language isdialogueit follows that expression the
the report have you haddialoguewith the oft since the
to that process establish adialoguewith scotland s faith communities
he pours during the followingdialogueeveryone gets a drink and
during the course of thatdialoguethe issue of improvements to
has been central to thedialogueand discussion that has taken
said that he is indialoguewith local authorities and that
we must also engage indialoguewith the authorities on the
are also engaged in adialoguewith the authorities so we
plans we had thereafter adialoguewith local government chief executives
over coffee we rehearsed thedialoguelavishly embellishing it with endearments
parliament are constantly entering intodialoguewith a range of senior
s commitment to build improveddialoguewith asylum seekers and refugees
need to explain in adialoguewith elected members of councils
at christmas there was intensivedialoguewith schools about the data
nests of non stick pansdialoguewith table we have taken
of avenues within the ukdialoguewith the foreign and commonwealth
of social exclusion through continueddialogueand exchanges of information and
in making policy a keydialoguewill take place which perhaps
different member states to encouragedialogueand co operation at all
we might read aloud thedialoguein the passage which is
f606: mm m954: the ehmdialogueehm and in black and
minded as far as suchdialogueis concerned i am pleased
our job the convener nodialogueplease mr mcconnell we have
the loon over the nextdialogueneil is busy fetching a
looks forward to establishing adialogueand a good working relationship
the punctuation and grammar ofdialoguenevertheless whichever way we approach
to improve and increase thatdialoguewe would be happy to
and setting repetition in bothdialogueand action patterns of events
that eh appreciate the thedialogueand f718: mmhm m017: maybe
that confront the convention thisdialoguecould be developed and common
lays down her knife thedialogueis slow and painful georgie
blocked and always badly litdialoguesequences and the worst of
together and to ensure properdialoguethroughout the supply chain from
net while the ball ofdialoguewas volleyed back and forth
transparency openness and opportunities fordialoguewhich is the conclusion that
that have flowed from thatdialogueas for what the ec
rather than indulge in adialogueabout scots pride ah she
pool f963: you get adialoguegoing from one person writing
started the kind of internaldialoguethat belongs in a teenage
shair this wee smatterin odialogueluiks familiar tae maist lallans

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