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all did a they alldida a different job and
you did that [laugh] wedida canoeing thing on a
mmhm m815: mind cause idida i did maths to
m741: right m605: and idida pa- i did this
did it and then wedida ten mile and then
the mill and they alldida they all did a
m815: and that did thatdida world of good for
did like the stuff wedidabout colour semantics erm although
did as a cook ididactually look into this with
f963: mmhm f965: where theydidaerobics and they did games
f1130: it did f1129: itdidand fitt did he bring
so let him in ididand long did i rue
tae f1054: yeah m1017: diddidany o youse ever uise
to smash to thump m1055: didanyone did you ever hear
i don t think ididas a cook i did
at e boddem if eydidat amon snaa fit did
sae did yer guidfaither saedidaw edinburgh ye ll hae
you did still life youdidaw the alphabets [inaudible] and
her hoose f1097: mm m1098: didawa her did awa [inaudible]
mm m1098: did awa herdidawa [inaudible] f1097: is she
did f1117: i think shedidaye right did you help
we have m1002: aye wedidaye we did f1053: cause
[inaudible] f1118: i did ididbigger bigger bigger f1117: mmhm
fitt fitt f1107: did j-did[censored: forename] come in and lift
bowlie f1118: [exhale] f1117: okaydid[censored: forename] did [censored: forename] take you
[exhale] f1117: okay did [censored: forename]did[censored: forename] take you and [censored: forename]
ehm and i did ididclothing for a friend who
have tae f1054: yeah m1017: diddid any o youse ever
to drink [?]i'm done in[/?] m608: butdiddid did you grow up
s house f1107: oh maxdiddid he m1108: aye f1107:
f1111: dinna touch [inaudible] f1112: diddid like that i did
clypit on hir eilidh shediddid she whit she disna
took his highers and ehdiddid very well went to
queen to nanse o yediddid ye ah didna ken
i said no mei minddiddid ye understand that f1054:
drink [?]i'm done in[/?] m608: but diddiddid you grow up in
it at that time ordiddid you have a couple
i did f1107: cause yediddinna take off yer [?]backpack[/?]
you went there and youdiddrawing you did still life
to change them and shedidenglish erm and she did
maniac did everyone see thatdideveryone see him make me
your fault ya fuckin maniacdideveryone see that did everyone
fair enough f940: aye wedidexplain m942: we did try
did at amon snaa fitdidey dee at ither times
aye we did aye wedidf1053: cause that was where
muddled it up m1096: ayedidf1095: did you you must
nicked it m1108: why ididf1107: cause ye did dinna
at [censored: forename] s f1112: ididf1111: why did you not
did did like that ididf1111: you dipped in your
crispies are i think shedidf1117: i think she did
easter bunny came f1130: itdidf1129: it did and fitt
said [censored: forename] didna f1140: hedidf1139: oh he did is
and that s what hedidf637: did worse than that
school f638: no the schooldidf637: the school did m608:
car m1128: me and fittdidfarr did ye leave it
no we did fine wedidfine and ehm as you
f640: [laugh] f639: no wedidfine we did fine and
i know his kind whydidfiona leave me what did
they did aerobics and theydidgames and all that stuff
so i did so ididgeography and history chemistry and
cream aye f1101: did yedidgranny buy you ain fae
did the school garden alldidgym if pupils wanted to
was a period when thatdidhappen and that did was
did english erm and shedidhave friends who were at
f1129: it did and fittdidhe bring f1130: mm an
f1089: he papered m1090: anddidhe did he [sniff] [exhale]
day did he the morndidhe f1103: yesterday you mean
house f1107: oh max diddidhe m1108: aye f1107: right
huh m1090: oh [inhale] [censored: forename]didhe make did he paint
how did he what whatdidhe make it up from
he did he [sniff] [exhale]didhe make my new bed
[inhale] [censored: forename] did he makedidhe paint f1089: he papered
nothing f1097: he did whatdidhe say to you m1098:
papered m1090: and did hedidhe [sniff] [exhale] did he
see him in prison yerseldidhe tell ye i did
take his ain the daydidhe the morn did he
frankenstein robot m804: and howdidhe what what did he
of experience m608: and howdidhow did you find that
m1163: yeah m608: yeah howdidhow did you get involved
re gonna go [inaudible] howdidhow much time did you
f1117: okay [inaudible] f1118: ididi did bigger bigger bigger
few months ehm and ididi did clothing for a
you go wash you- ididi did i f1113: you
games and things f965: mmdidi did i this is
yeah so i went ididi did read them ehm
uh huh well when ididi did the indian head
to see franz ferdinand ididi did they were very
did fiona leave me whatdidi do to deserve it
apologised to you for thatdidi ever [audience laughter] did we
got a word for tireddidi f1041: well we did
help you dae that aindidi f1103: yeah i did
wash you- i did ididi f1113: you can do
or a bogie aye sodidi f637: did you go
ain did i which cottagedidi get f1103: the bramble
did pause did i shattereddidi really he goes off
in i did and longdidi rue that decision caught
jim i never did pausedidi shattered did i really
things f965: mm did ididi this is off the
them f1104: yeah fitt aindidi which cottage did i
he did f1139: oh hedidis he going f1140: i
did i f1103: yeah ididit aa by myself you
i m goin aw ididit already did it already
aw i did it alreadydidit already f809: that put
mile run like and wedidit and then we did
f1114: yes did it f1113: didit are you going to
well i did it ididit as a conference paper
absolutely how did it howdidit come about erm you
know oh f718: mm sodidit come ro- sorry did
did it come ro- sorrydidit come round in a
like how broad a rangedidit cover and why did
it mm f637: mmhm itdidit did john f638: oh
a metal [inaudible] [laugh] itdidit did m941: now i
f1009: mmhm m1055: so itdidit did make yeah m1008:
went in my eye f1101: didit did you get f1102:
on the box f1104: ohdidit f1103: mmhm did you
that his crown f1114: yesdidit f1113: did it are
[inaudible] big one what f1118: didit f1117: you did it
did it m1094: yes f1093: didit fall off itself m1094:
symphony the unfeenished symphony fardidit ging did it skip
no m1090: danny hey wheredidit go f1089: where did
did it go f1089: wheredidit go gie the box
did it mak a differencedidit hell e mochs dreeve
language f718: yes absolutely howdidit how did it come
right m605: in well ididit i did it as
f1118: did it f1117: youdidit [inaudible] f1118: chocolate f1117:
you been camping before f814: didit last year f813: did
school look m1094: itself f1093: didit m1094: yes f1093: did
livin beasts wid a smoretdidit mak a difference did
f1053: what did it whatdidit mean when they said
symphony far did it gingdidit skip tae the coort
did it cover and whydidit stop being written the
was it f1122: aye [censored: forename]didit too f1121: did she
mmhm f1001: certainly f1053: whatdidit what did it mean
sair it was sair f1101: didit- aye f1102: did you
think m1108: fitt fitt f1107: didj- did [censored: forename] come in
f637: mmhm it did itdidjohn f638: oh the rationin
o hir spinnin jennie shedidjuist that an whit did
sal see sae the princessdidjuist that an whit did
the way that you alwaysdidjust like burns did wi
you robby pause did shedidkrista tell you this tess
mm f1148: and then shedidlast year she did take
about what [laugh] what shedid[laugh] er what did what
i mean my father whodidlike a drink did only
dinna touch [inaudible] f1112: diddidlike that i did f1111:
f745: yeah i mean ididlike the stuff we did
s ramadan or was ordidm1174: yeah yeah m608: did
religion we did yeah wedidm608: did you take advice
school did f637: the schooldidm608: right f637: but ye
maldon question number eight ididm816: did you m815: what
[inaudible] [laugh] it did itdidm941: now i ve never
m1055: so it did itdidmake yeah m1008: bide a
f746: but so yeah sodidmany people did people speak
cause i did a ididmaths to quite a a
in the past however wedidnot and people did not
were working if the workdidnot come in they did
did not come in theydidnot get paid they had
same as i did shedidnot pluck a percentage out
if he did not shedidnot see how they could
we did not and peopledidnot see it coming board
it did not why itdidnot seek a delay such
of future payment if hedidnot she did not see
of mine did the oftdidnot visit pharmacies in scotland
ferry services and if itdidnot why it did not
done absolutely nothin saturday ididnothin and sunday i did
did nothin and sunday ididnothin [laugh] so i ve
m608: mmhm m194: so theydidoh aye m608: why did
who did like a drinkdidonly f641: mmhm f640: have
shetland to here when youdidor f978: yes i did
letter p jim i neverdidpause did i shattered did
yeah so did many peopledidpeople speak norwegian in shetland
did some printing f1121: youdidprinting that day that was
i went i did ididread them ehm i mean
she did she did shedidsae she hut me on
did i f1041: well wedidsay knackered an that wasnae
see [censored: forename] m1092: yes ididsee [censored: forename] f1091: did you
did he tell ye ididsee him the mornin o
manner that she did whydidshe decide to resign then
she told you robby pausedidshe did krista tell you
did the same as ididshe did not pluck a
broun ogre she did shedidshe did sae she hut
she didna broun ogre shedidshe did she did sae
[laugh] er what did whatdidshe do next m944: what
she saw my one yesterdaydidshe f1103: did she f1104:
one yesterday did she f1103: didshe f1104: yeah because f1103:
[censored: forename] did it too f1121: didshe f1122: aye she f1121:
did juist that an whitdidshe finnd but the braw
been exactly the same f1155: didshe give you did she
f1155: did she give youdidshe give you space after
yes she did yeah f1159: didshe i don t know
[censored: forename] dropped that book f1121: didshe look who did that
wondered about things like thatdidshe really have power did
did juist that an whitdidshe see hunkert on a
on hir eilidh she diddidshe whit she disna ken
or modern studies so ididso i did geography and
a horse yo- f1122: ididsome printing f1121: you did
and you did drawing youdidstill life you did aw
in the pooch f1107: yedidsut m1108: did you see
she did last year shedidtake erm three languages like
white and the prince youdidthat bit did you f1103:
m816: mmhm m815: and thatdidthat did a world of
christmas my mother always alwaysdidthat f639: mm you did
did that f639: mm youdidthat for us we decorated
we used tae tak f643: didthat for years did that
f643: did that for yearsdidthat for years john m642:
of self imposed m964: howdidthat how did that work
dumpin the ammunition m608: howdidthat how did that work
that in first year ididthat in f1150: did you
as well f1149: but youdidthat [laugh] we did a
know who did that whodidthat m1092: [censored: forename] and me
but that s what hedidthat s what he did
did they go or whendidthat stop has it still
f1121: did she look whodidthat to your new balloon
i don t know whodidthat who did that m1092:
m964: how did that howdidthat work exactly f963: mm
m608: how did that howdidthat work i mean whi-
did oh aye m608: whydidthe american why did the
why did the american whydidthe americans come to the
did she really have powerdidthe branch obey her frown
in your in your lifedidthe diff- did the different
your life did the diff-didthe different things that you
there askin fit wye ididthe dusting afore i did
did the dusting afore ididthe hooverin an wantin tae
well when i did ididthe indian head massage they
the oft colleagues of minedidthe oft did not visit
for health and community caredidthe same as i did
taught sewing and knitting boysdidthe school garden all did
out f1103: did they wheredidthey go f1104: they went
i mean how far backdidthey go or when did
f940: [laugh] m942: did youdidthey not have like proper
franz ferdinand i did ididthey were very good but
my sisters went out f1103: didthey where did they go
fabulous and they said f606: didthey yeah f828: why did
i did a pa- ididthis basically the argument s
i need [sob] did thisdidthis beep did this beep
did this did this beepdidthis beep f1141: this little
mummy please i need [sob]didthis did this beep did
back she did what shedidti us aye she wis
and he did whatever hedidto the tooth i don
we did explain m942: wedidtry to explain m941: right
his highers and eh diddidvery well went to university
that did happen and thatdidwas significant you know and
that did i ever [audience laughter]didwe all believe we were
friend next m1020: oh frienddidwe do female partner did
did we do female partnerdidwe f1054: i ve got
no [laugh] you did youdidwe were talking about it
did that s what hedidwee tin o cherry blossom
sae a wad say macbethdidweill an aw he did
did weill an aw hedidwes duin in wycelyke mainner
you m1098: nothing f1097: hedidwhat did he say to
she did [laugh] er whatdidwhat did she do next
just went really f812: whatdidwhat did you do to
an git power back shedidwhat she did ti us
head out again and hedidwhatever he did to the
about [inhale] what where wheredidwhere did you put the
that would be nice wheredidwhere did you stay f010:
f638: uh huh m608: wheredidwhere did you work in
you stealin but i couldnaedidwhit i did wi yer
in the manner that shedidwhy did she decide to
always did just like burnsdidwi his he was bilingual
ye didna see fit ididwi t did you chrissie
i couldnae did whit ididwi yer faither hoped it
s what he did f637: didworse than that and it
to nanse o ye diddidye ah didna ken that
did ye dae pause whatdidye dae carolanne fast the
up and sits sadie whatdidye dae pause what did
got ice cream aye f1101: didye did granny buy you
did ye see hir eendidye ever see sic een
me and fitt did farrdidye leave it [cough] f1127:
dippers did you see itdidye mmhm that s right
see it in hir eendidye see hir een did
said no mei mind diddidye understand that f1054: i
says mmhm f947: yes shedidyeah f1159: did she i
basically your own religion wedidyeah we did m608: did
ye kent him aye saedidyer guidfaither sae did aw
did or f978: yes ididyes yes i when i
ed did yi dae itdidyi dae it cammy naw
hur steve dimps stew eddidyi dae it did yi
scum cammy steve stew eddidyi run away did yi
ed did yi run awaydidyi run away dimps naw
erm m608: did you e-didyou always have a l-
do like or did youdidyou always know what you
did you kind of whodidyou approach or how do
did you is it sairdidyou bump your heid farr
now as well f1054: whatdidyou call the undertaker did
fit i did wi tdidyou chrissie she pays no
did m1174: yeah yeah m608: didyou decide to extend it
how you would did youdidyou deliberately mix languages english
clitoris room f940: [laugh] m942: didyou did they not have
[laugh] f1077: no [laugh] youdidyou did we were talking
what you do like ordidyou did you always know
policy or how you woulddidyou did you deliberately mix
about immediately there was closedidyou did you did you
i felt anyway m608: sodidyou did you go from
[exhale] exclusively local terms f963: didyou did you h- we
falling down [inaudible] [panting] f1117: didyou did you have a
from your childhood then whatdidyou did you play wh-wh-
huh [laugh] f951: [laugh] m865: didyou did you study at
there was close did youdidyou did you use close
i did that in f1150: didyou do that in strathclyde
m816: did you m815: whatdidyou do the m816: the
really f812: what did whatdidyou do to deserve that
did they yeah f828: whydidyou drag us tae france
he still in the boxdidyou drop did you drop
the box did you dropdidyou drop some when you
aspect of that erm m608: didyou e- did you always
to thump m1055: did anyonedidyou ever hear the word
prince you did that bitdidyou f1103: mmhm f1104: and
did you feel resentment atdidyou feel any resentment about
m642: sub four hrs m608: didyou feel resentment at did
form m608: so how howdidyou find sponsorship did you
m608: and how did howdidyou find that how did
did you find that howdidyou find that place er
when did you start whendidyou finish f813: ten f812:
where did you go wheredidyou finish school at twenty
my eye f1101: did itdidyou get f1102: it was
m608: yeah how did howdidyou get involved in that
aye so did i f637: didyou go f640: mmhm we
anyway m608: so did youdidyou go from school straight
f812: how did you wheredidyou go where did you
[?]i'm done in[/?] m608: but did diddidyou grow up in ayr
local terms f963: did youdidyou h- we had chinese
at that time or diddidyou have a couple of
[inaudible] [panting] f1117: did youdidyou have a lot of
did you see this ordidyou hear this f940: [inaudible]
think she did aye rightdidyou help her bake the
i didna bump my headdidyou is it sair did
how did you find sponsorshipdidyou kind of who did
post them m608: mmhm sodidyou m194: so m608: did
number eight i did m816: didyou m815: what did you
f1101: did it- aye f1102: didyou nae ken that f1101:
f1112: i did f1111: whydidyou not want a sweetie
childhood then what did youdidyou play wh-wh- tell me
then what did you whatdidyou play wi at the
did you m194: so m608: didyou post letters for them
what where where did wheredidyou put the oh ehm
did you call the undertakerdidyou say the undery f1144:
was dipping her chicken dippersdidyou see it did ye
f1107: ye did sut m1108: didyou see it f1107: i
did you see that lookdidyou see that [censored: forename] [censored: forename]
his eyes f1141: [inaudible] ohdidyou see that did you
you it up f1141: ohdidyou see that did you
oh did you see thatdidyou see that littl- [baby cries]
oh did you see thatdidyou see that look did
underneath it somehow m942: legdidyou see this or did
how wh- hang on whendidyou start when did you
be nice where did wheredidyou stay f010: well donald
f951: [laugh] m865: did youdidyou study at glasgow university
did yeah we did m608: didyou take advice locally for
oh did it f1103: mmhmdidyou think i just made
close did you did youdidyou use close at all
how did how much timedidyou waste tryin to m741:
did it last year f813: didyou well see it was
f1091: tell me then whatdidyou what did you play
up in edinburgh f812: howdidyou where did you go
i did see [censored: forename] f1091: didyou where m1092: me don
had tae dae sometime m608: didyou work did you work
sometime m608: did you workdidyou work for the forestry
huh m608: where did wheredidyou work in [inaudible] f637:
up m1096: aye did f1095: didyou you must have muddled
enter jilly jilly lee whydiddad die the wae he
you have to ask whydidf963: mm mm m762: those
why that was all shedidgave me life with no
those inaccuracies be corrected whydidhe allow so many people
he bade me fur whatdidhe bade yi dae why
bj stops her pat whydidhe dae it lee lee
time dimps so why ddidhe git ed the ned
and ever f1104: no whydidhe nae wanna grow up
be making the decision whydidhe not discuss that with
to cook why the helldidhe not have a load
it made him uneasy whydidhe not have the same
f963: [inaudible] [laugh] f965: whydidhe not want to recite
of verse in scots whydidhe write it what influenced
t know about tankie whydidi ask her has she
out of the window whydidi ever think never a
this evening oh lilian whydidi no recognise you as
would never have started whydidi start surely i knew
other today or tomorrow whydidi suggest the registrar s
t ye f1104: yeah whydidi take a stoomie f1103:
honest fiona but andy whydidi tell mournful you of
the hoose silence lori whydidit tak the auld man
lodge the amendments and whydidit take so long to
substantial amount of wording whydidit take so long to
don t know why ididit to this day but
him he s m608: whydidm642: too old m608: you
the minister given that whydidmr galbraith say the following
and why each such biddidnot comply s1w 33530 fergus
people in scotland why hedidnot cut his bloated government
question and explain why itdidnot do so in the
26 march 2002 why itdidnot give its position on
i cannot understand why shedidnot have the address in
the scottish executive why itdidnot issue a press release
scotland why holyrood project managementdidnot obtain advice from the
ask the executive why itdidnot proceed in that manner
to investigate why the committeedidnot receive any eu documentation
good reason why the executivedidnot support it i do
the minister why the executivedidnot support sportscotland s view
why it was necessary officersdidnot want to depart from
it on [clicks switch] why youdidput it on it s
there is a problem whydidshe go ahead and award
names of everything why thendidshe have to ask him
dinnae be daft gordon whydidshe look at me like
information for four months whydidshe make it public in
minute wonder why on earthdidshe stay with him after
a bit strange why theydidthat and then i went
there that evening beaumont whydidthat drouthy skellum hae to
for speculation but rabbie burnsdidthat is why he is
was a major breakthrough whydidthat organisation use that term
interesting are not urgent whydidthe chairman not use the
grammar that s why ididthe dissertation f746: it is
stewart sutherland why on earthdidthe first minister raise expectations
to gain some markets whydidthe industry have to wait
is in the act whydidthe minister for children and
i don t know whydidthe skeleton go to the
another one m805: so whydidthe stick go to the
i don t know whydidthe stick go to the
fraught with risk but whydidthe young salvador adopt the
and only john m608: whydidthey give that to you
[laugh] f940: [laugh] so whydidthey no just live off
camouflage gear another story whydidthis aristocrat one of the
don t know why ididthis i don t know
why that is but theydidtranslate ehm a book called
neutral to local authorities whydidwe go down the route
note it dennis canavan whydidwe not receive the information
dirty crack like that ididwonder why they d put
you nae need that bittiedidye no m1128: no why
took yer jimmies fit whydidye tak yer jimmies tae
stae this time jilly whydidyi dae it ma lee
yi long silence jilly whydidyi let it happen lee
ti be strong jilly whydidyi noh help him git
up grabs doll dimps whydidyis noh tell somebody cammy
with markers was continuous whydidyou accept the reassurances that
hard george why on earthdidyou agree to wear a
get your ain back whydidyou come back here lilian
me from the beginning whydidyou decide to come here
balloon it f1121: well whydidyou do that f1122: pop
t smack her f1117: whydidyou hit her on her
you can beaumont lilian whydidyou no dae this afore
beaumont james listen beaumont whydidyou no keep an eye
an hour beaumont but whydidyou no tell me afore
wis right aside yi whydidyou noh kill um stew
is he in there whydidyou not say i ll
was totally guilt trippin medidyou notice f835: why f833:
why don t [?]wow, machine[/?] whatdidyou say m1070: [censored: forename] what
be funded at universities whydidyou single out msc places
f1117: atween smackin [censored: forename] whydidyou smack her f1118: yes
to church erm f641: whendidyou start going and why
brown f1103: mmhm f1104: whydidyou [?]straight[/?] it back f1103:
back f1103: eh f1104: whydidyou [?]straight[/?] it back f1103:
m andy why the helldidyou try to kiss me
turned it doon f1104: whydidyou turn it doon f1103:
called uh huh f814: whydidyou want a gold [inaudible]
took a lighter turn whydidyour friend robert spell majorca
f1027: mmhm yeah f1054: whydidyour parents use that f1027:
in a meinit morag borndida hear ye say ye
dig in the gairden againdida hear ye sayin a
needle broun ogre a groatdidah hear ye say a
h hert o gowd treedidah hear ye say an
dochter malcolm she forgies medidah hear ye say whitna
l dae nae sic thingdidah no hear you offer
queen askit but aince againdidalasdair no hear awthing that
sense of it as theydidand now to hear a
never have worn but ididhear about her clothes for
very hard mmhm m964: ididhear about that yes f963:
you at your work ididhear you madam wee madam
heard half of what youdidi didn t hear all
back to sleep only laterdidi hear that the tremor
again because of my healthdidi hear you right i
down and she says whatdidi hear you sayin there
cheap trendy clothes an jewellerydidi no hear somebody discussin
on bruce s dairy fairmdidiver ye hear the like
in his recent budget ididnot hear annabel goldie welcoming
maconochie said but fortunately boswelldidnot hear since the words
stane an listent an heredidshe no hear the vyce
mannie wi a query fandidshe see mr peerie hear
princess heard him awricht shedidthat ay guidman ah hear
the warst kynd an langdidthay hear hir skellochin or
the attitude of [someone in congregation says "a learner"] rightdidwe hear that over here
sadie dinnae hoo many timesdidwe hear that word before
odious policies how many timesdidwe hear the phrase weapons
tell o a speakin puddokdidye ever hear tell o
jist cried tae ma uncledidye hear fit yon quinie
at the bins sadie whatdidye hear gordon a noise
too much to do m1013: didye hear that i said
malcolm carrying the cradle eilidhdidye hear that she thraetent
the needle goes prick prickdidye hear whit a said
goes prick prick again needledidye hear whit ah said
ll often hear folk ohdidye ken sic an sic
ay me wha ither weilldidye never hear tell o
til hir ay me weilldidye never hear tell o
macbeth a hae duin itdidye no hear a dirdum
kolithe dithmithith me silence eddidyi hear the yin aboot
the rest o us stewdidyi hear what steve said
t hear a magic worddidyou f1112: please do it
they got things sorted ootdidyou hear aboot auld muggie
who learnt you that thendidyou hear about that at
f1155: oh [censored: forename] s mumdidyou hear about that f1154:
like a headless spectre wheredidyou hear about the headless
verandah mrs beaumont james jamesdidyou hear beaumont aye i
it [censored: forename] f1142: aye f1141: didyou hear [censored: forename] say thank
turriff s closed f1103: ayedidyou hear him saying that
daddy s phone f1103: [laugh]didyou hear it an aa
it finished noo f1141: welldidyou hear it bleepin like
it s a loud motorbikedidyou hear it loud motorbike
s latin m1004: [exhale] f1054: didyou hear it used where
m1048: oh i know di-didyou hear me sayin to
skooshy thing m964: [cough] f965: didyou hear that and it
[child noise] f1095: stop it m1096: didyou hear that f1095: aye
burps m1096: i just [child noise]didyou hear that f1095: mmhm
look and blue and reddidyou hear that ice cream
i think would probably talkdidyou hear that iona [censored: surname]
shoes every wednesday f1141: ohdidyou hear that oh you
[exhale] [?]i should be so dizzy, i should be so lucky in love[/?] f1103: pff farrdidyou hear that song f1104:
be a pudding f1141: ohdidyou hear that when you
some stormer o a raiddidyou hear the bombs georgie
up his hole silence dolldidyou hear the one about
full of brandy and babychamdidyou hear the one about
you hear it used wheredidyou hear the word sinister
works in there but alsodidyou hear you see erm
couldna hear his hooves f1103: didyou nae but you were
ever hear the word skelpdidyou use that one in
the date at which theydidapply that is probably not
historical and cultural background ididcaran a mhuiltein and not
not do that m1092: [censored: forename]didf1091: [censored: forename] didna i think
probably the worst thing ididf643: aye does it not
to suggest that not onlydidgoethe know and admire burns
a couch er because itdidhave padding er not a
connection with innermessan not onlydidhe live near it at
to give it up f810: didhe not he left it
damn that toothlock doddy boydidhe not know that it
east of scotland not onlydidhendry examine the levels of
is saying and asked himdidhis heart not shrink at
down the stairs before ididi would not say anything
of those or not f718: didit have a built in
i seem to remember di-didjean not used to make
and said that not onlydidlightning kill him but also
appears that the member involveddidnot accept the explanation from
a framework of legislation thatdidnot account for all circumstances
expected to achieve reasonable resultsdidnot achieve them does everyone
1996 scottish house condition surveydidnot achieve this energy rating
a fact that his motiondidnot acknowledge the cross party
this exacerbated matters though itdidnot actually cause the crisis
per cent right bill arundeldidnot add unless something else
recent weeks that its sumsdidnot add up so it
need to do so theydidnot address a tiny part
am astonished that the conservativesdidnot address that issue when
and plaice the commission 2002cdidnot adopt the scientists advice
the duchess s action thereforedidnot affect the duke s
to feel that the gardendidnot afford her enough scope
versus a uk ban ididnot agree in every respect
threatened fish stocks the councildidnot agree on a cod
on scots trade if scotlanddidnot agree to speedy progress
he alleges mr kerr ididnot allege 80 per cent
more important on cap reformdidnot allow time for that
to resolve it board membersdidnot always have to ask
enough after the election hedidnot and it has been
such a catch all provisiondidnot appeal to members even
help and advice and informationdidnot appear to be readily
is vaguely remembered but itdidnot appear to last long
by the snp amendment whichdidnot appear to represent either
prominence the interpretation of dreamsdidnot appear until 1900 yet
und wirken des schottischen volksdichtersdidnot appear until 1919 its
i trust that the ministerdidnot arrange for the parliamentary
i recall it local authoritiesdidnot ask for a licensing
there be licences local authoritiesdidnot ask for licensing the
of that group but ididnot attend its first meeting
general purposes committee because ididnot attend its meetings regularly
the committee there because ididnot attend meetings of the
of ensuring that mr galbraithdidnot attend the question and
f1150: yeah f1151: erm ididnot bad [laugh] f1150: [laugh]
act of 1996 but thisdidnot ban hunting michael foster
about data management however wedidnot because our eyes were
right way to heaven ididnot believe he a poor
by the fact that theydidnot believe that it was
dr simpson attended and ididnot but at least i
shop of the new hoteldidnot buy much except a
embassy old classical building butdidnot call red square near
was brisk the van driversdidnot carry a piece but
first minister perhaps fortunately ididnot catch that agricultural remark
grant i am sorry ididnot catch that before we
scotland dorothy grace elder ididnot catch who the letter
had not been our linedidnot change much between the
other trade and domestic usesdidnot change or at least
government scotland act 1982 theydidnot change the council s
felt badly done by wedidnot come all the way
says you are very stupiddidnot come and meet her
us piece by piece itdidnot come as one document
example of where cigarette consumptiondidnot come down following a
be told that the secretariesdidnot come in until 11am
explanatory note to the instrumentdidnot comply with statutory instrument
b submitted a bid thatdidnot comply with the tender
on the policy issues anddidnot concentrate heavily on the
problem or a management problemdidnot concern me at the
the previous chapter but ididnot confer the accolade of
and that any petition thatdidnot conform to the proper
lately deceased poet hecht howeverdidnot consider this contribution to
scotland the convener no ididnot contact the secretary of
oath of may 12 1999didnot contain any pledge on
nasco quota but this arrangementdidnot continue in 1999 and
present at that hearing thatdidnot create a favourable impression
a favourite material as itdidnot crush but it was
landlords with bigger portfolios whodidnot deal with small two
i lookit oot no itdidnot dee bit e wife
ruled by precedent that mendidnot deem it necessary to
fallback position if the softwaredidnot deliver if the computer
deliver if the computer systemdidnot deliver or if as
the major s that margaretdidnot deny it when she
and acceptable memorandum that thatdidnot depend on what might
to offer him help anddidnot deserve to be treated
seek employment but the surveydidnot differentiate between incomers from
dicht v wipe didna vdidnot dirdum n noise dirl
the caxton type of translatordidnot disappear in his version
not encourage him but shedidnot discourage him either and
mr hamilton no the ministerdidnot do much to her
the bse report and ididnot do so lightly that
difficult and that if wedidnot do something soon a
research and some intelligence ididnot do that another member
i m sorry but youdidnot do that correctly and
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] f1091: [censored: forename] [censored: surname]didnot do that m1092: [censored: forename]
sign the cheque what ididnot do was put in
to that figure however hedidnot draw out two points
deal it was wonderful ididnot dream up those problems
s interesting that the mendidnot eat at the same
must be said that religiondidnot emerge as a priority
fall foul of him shedidnot encourage him but she
however earlier editors of dostdidnot engage in the technical
with nerves now ruffled ididnot enjoy sitting at the
154 the upper deeside studydidnot entirely replicate these results
to page 62 but ididnot even attempt it again
jumped into the scheme theydidnot even know where the
by their goodwill that ididnot even protest when they
for the shopkeeper but theydidnot even raise their voices
speech was incredibly short shedidnot even speak quickly the
support higher still the softwaredidnot exist anywhere in the
religion in later life religiondidnot exist for the saving
commented on the reserve whichdidnot exist under mr mackay
referral the health technology boarddidnot exist until april 2000
lot tae me but ididnot expect them tae fall
about it the voluntary sectordidnot express those concerns by
fact that her car deckdidnot extend the full length
know [laugh] no no itdidnot f606: [laugh] f829: [laugh]
and he said that hedidnot feel anything much until
to do something that itdidnot feel it had the
approach of committee members whodidnot feel it necessary to
on certain prison visits ididnot feel that at peterhead
be taken out but theydidnot feel that the full
discretionary licence scheme because theydidnot feel that there was
people to whom we spokedidnot feel that they were
in preparing the bill wedidnot feel that we could
near the threshold however wedidnot fight then is there
6 responded that the studydidnot fit in with the
disapproval in england because theydidnot fit into this entrenched
11 15 hugh henry ididnot follow your question what
false respect which i doubtdidnot fool them for an
was something that the executivedidnot foresee and that therefore
afford to go often womendidnot frequent public houses until
that the bill as drafteddidnot fully reflect the circumstances
felt that if the censusdidnot gather detailed information on
ing and fro ing wedidnot get a full turnout
the third world if wedidnot get our way we
could do about it wedidnot get that information a
that meant that the accuseddidnot get the chance to
alex easton for entering wedidnot get the feedback that
as possible although some peopledidnot get to speak publicly
you say that the nabdidnot give you extra problems
the possibility of methods thatdidnot go as far as
hector currie no the researchdidnot go as far as
day and of course itdidnot go down with me
ve put your trust indidnot go empty handed old
9 and section 10 grantsdidnot go out until after
the age of 11 butdidnot graduate he travelled in
the building but by itselfdidnot guarantee us a seat
does not mean that itdidnot happen a lot was
that is the case thatdidnot happen david eaglesham in
unions and the sqa thatdidnot happen michael russell when
and i may say itdidnot happen to many other
bakers in bervie [note: photo: 'wedding photo from 1948'] couplesdidnot have a honeymoon if
to the beach pupils whodidnot have a part in
a combination of reasons wedidnot have all the estimates
beauty that strangers to christdidnot have all this mitchel
that the joint future groupdidnot have an impact i
with a minor whinge ididnot have an opportunity to
not have any software wedidnot have an organisation there
m1174: thing was that wedidnot have any experience with
and spoke to people wedidnot have any specific control
not so much that itdidnot have enough but that
much to do that wedidnot have enough time to
authorise any trial where ididnot have independent advice from
in my experience if wedidnot have plea bargaining the
abandonment by joint tenant bdidnot have reasonable grounds for
uk money the scottish officedidnot have that money in
agree with you but shedidnot have the benefit of
white marble chandeliers mosaics butdidnot have the courage to
time either these changes probablydidnot have the emotional charge
the budget fully because theydidnot have the information i
from the snfwb and youdidnot have the information in
unco no chancy and hedidnot have the manners or
for the unit as itdidnot have the markers to
i was on holiday ididnot have the opportunity to
approval process meant that authoritiesdidnot have the staff to
persuade us yesterday that hedidnot have those powers the
be like other members ididnot have time to absorb
ministers have indicated that theydidnot have time to build
in other words the commissiondidnot have to wait until
one mrs mcintosh no ididnot he signalled his intention
innermessan from around 1426 theydidnot in fact attain this
implement a commitment that shedidnot in the first place
need to check that theydidnot include tobacco advertising it
influenced by burns if hedidnot indeed imitate him macintosh
the recent budget announcement whichdidnot indicate that there were
occupying the house or iididnot intend to occupy it
in finding that the tenantdidnot intend to occupy the
be benchmarked secondly if wedidnot join in what would
went up but tobacco taxationdidnot keep pace with that
had been under surveillance anddidnot know about it they
we submitted the motion wedidnot know about the transport
interpreter he said that hedidnot know as his letter
euro because they felt theydidnot know enough about it
by the rules because theydidnot know enough about the
we lodged our motion wedidnot know formally whether the
the death of arthur wedidnot know he was ailing
the schools fault because theydidnot know how the system
their final assessment which ididnot know however i m
above referred to that hedidnot know my face no
minister other members whom ididnot know supported the scots
d forgotten maclaurin said ididnot know that boswell said
islands lab my goodness ididnot know that i had
coming mr mcgrigor but ididnot know the grounds on
if mr lee kerr madidnot know the right way
forsaken the tune that hedidnot know the tune pray
some practice as most pupilsdidnot know their right from
and maimed in lebanon hedidnot know what for as
the point is that hedidnot know what his rights
been disclosed on quality tenderersdidnot know what the quality
nice treaty simply because theydidnot know what the treaty
that of course because hedidnot know whether his question
i received one but ididnot know whether it came
the minister s statement anddidnot know whether the statement
not a science and ididnot know whether your bid
a blancmange to me ididnot know which bit to
of logie coldstone in generaldidnot lapse into scots even
of the european committee ididnot last the course because
run with the pack ididnot lie on my back
conscious and the unconscious butdidnot like freud s implication
when he first landed ididnot like him at all
but she could see hedidnot like it and would
the catch all provision wedidnot like it as it
i think from day onedidnot like me i think
lines of 4 syllables jamesdidnot like sections after an
promise has been broken ididnot like the first minister
his neighbourhood said maconochie boswelldidnot like to be interrupted
not listening just as hedidnot listen to most of
on monday poor percy herdidnot live long to enjoy
who are not here whodidnot live to see the
appeared at the desk shedidnot look best pleased not
in the early days theydidnot make concessions here and
told them that their sectordidnot make enough effort to
i am sad to seedidnot make it here is
concerned if a community pharmacydidnot make that investment the
time to put it mildlydidnot make things all that
woman i know my daddidnot marry her for her
applying for a temporary approvaldidnot match that period anyone
whom the sqa had contracteddidnot match the number of
i was told that thatdidnot matter mr munro are
into shape thinking that itdidnot matter that he was
among the survivors he certainlydidnot mean funny in the
was another important consideration wedidnot meet anyone who was
and inverness michael russell hedidnot mention inverness but if
queen s jubilee but itdidnot mention once that today
and probably denmark although ididnot mention that earlier it
misquoting me mr rumbles ididnot mention the word executive
it refreshes my memory youdidnot mention your brother jimmy
her new bairn that anndidnot mourn the dead one
and careworn and though hedidnot move his head his
tories abandoned them and wedidnot mr davidson transco is
responsible for commissioning the committeedidnot name that body we
annoyed because for example theydidnot necessarily always get quick
a low speed initially youdidnot need a licence to
for pillowcases or skirts youdidnot need coupons for them
gordon paisley napier and abertaydidnot need to be re
any more or if itdidnot need to be up
a great success if ashdidnot need to exist any
were quite clear that theydidnot need to go down
be successful so that theydidnot need to go through
sqa two years ago wedidnot need to have another
of value unlike today youdidnot need to lock your
for example if chinese importersdidnot need to take up
is a revocation order youdidnot notice that no points
programme as i said ididnot notice until i came
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodydidnot obtain its own legal
which preceded the launch thatdidnot occur although the council
the court that these thingsdidnot occur by chance they
arson or the like ididnot of course admire these
of another in daniel hedidnot of course say so
emphasis on burns weaknesses rlsdidnot of course take up
that sex offenders when releaseddidnot offend again i was
reprehensible by society the seconddidnot one might compare the
young man this lad whodidnot otherwise speak a word
they were compeled to saydidnot our heart burn within
be worth living if ididnot overcome the problems that
systems when the local authoritydidnot own any of the
certainly promise that what ididnot particularly want to do
the catch all if itdidnot pass any further test
aw hae them their staresdidnot pass unnoticed the man
if a tenant farmer youdidnot pay rent for your
in after bill scott ididnot personally meet the oft
football just f963: mm f965: didnot play it f963: mmhm
people to buy irresponsibly theydidnot point out to people
it was noted that thisdidnot preclude the committee from
eaglesham we could not anddidnot predict them the eis
on this important subject shedidnot press her previous amendment
does not mean that theydidnot press their buttons kay
be english but that thatdidnot prohibit the use of
further believes that the boarddidnot properly consult the citizens
was concern that the billdidnot provide a definition of
to government and government agenciesdidnot provide y2k assurance it
tried to be understanding anddidnot push the centres too
eighty years however such supportdidnot put paid to financial
with political reluctance although thatdidnot put us off the
deputy presiding officer rhona brankindidnot quite manage to fill
the burning of the animalsdidnot reach 1 000 deg
recovery plan the december councildidnot reach a final decision
of defence was solemnity whodidnot readily open himself to
andrew wilson andrew wilson ididnot realise that i had
until i left home ididnot realise that soap was
it is possible that hedidnot realise that the song
that at the time shedidnot realise the significance of
create a hybrid instrument ididnot realise what a hybrid
for value for money ididnot really come to the
them the right to buydidnot really protect the elderly
shook his wife poor maredidnot rebuke the loves he
questioned the minister on ididnot receive a clear answer
invited to it but wedidnot receive any word about
if scotland s own parliamentdidnot recognise it as such
country where the major institutionsdidnot recognise our language and
the formulas that were useddidnot recognise the deprivation that
he said that the motiondidnot recognise the role that
accept a simplistic scheme thatdidnot reflect the difficult and
in other ways however ididnot regard it as my
title and estates the agnewsdidnot reign long by the
inability to manage finance itdidnot relate a great deal
with iain mcmillan my commentsdidnot relate to the comparison
loans several years ago anddidnot repay them however they
takes the necessary steps wedidnot repeat the same questions
in size in fact thisdidnot represent a disruptive change
previous unesco nomination process thatdidnot require a management plan
concepts useful in everyday discussiondidnot require definition again the
of england but technically theydidnot require the monarch to
pity is their weapon lauderdidnot respond he could almost
dealing in class a drugsdidnot result in a custodial
a breach of bail conditionsdidnot result in the procurator
alive mebbe it was lauderdidnot rise to the challenge
the fact that the sqadidnot run its usual concurrence
list of emotional casualties ididnot run with the pack
but he could not anddidnot sanction a marriage to
deed and understanding your goodnessdidnot save you because it
not know as his letterdidnot say i told him
loan finance mr raffan ididnot say that it would
and proper accounting procedure ididnot say that the figures
extend to reserved issues ididnot say that the quality
ian jenkins no the memberdidnot say that the substantial
parliamentary colleagues the convener ididnot say that there is
difficulties with local figures butdidnot say whether they would
the main census users whodidnot see a religion question
reported quite correctly that usersdidnot see a religion question
by the commission that itdidnot see how we could
in the first place ididnot see that report on
his abusive profanity the milkmandidnot seem at all grateful
but he made no responsedidnot seem even to feel
of the early 1970s howeverdidnot seem sure what to
remaining scottish homes stock itdidnot seem to be a
while with increasing surprise hellerydidnot seem to be in
tell members that mike russelldidnot send me a valentine
a registration scheme and theydidnot set up a discretionary
radiators and opening windows ididnot share their fears when
for assistance at 0946 anddidnot sink until approximately 1400
of the prison that itdidnot smell like an old
that i realised that itdidnot smell like barlinnie or
for love allow the otherdidnot so romeo s friend
lobbying by the tobacco industrydidnot solve the smuggling problem
was a problem the majoritydidnot some even welcomed the
and i apologise if ididnot speak clearly enough for
catalan or spanish and hedidnot speak english i spoke
by everyone in scotland whodidnot speak gaelic scots had
obvious to everyone listening wedidnot speak it we just
eftir pentland james mitchel mitcheldidnot speak lauder strained even
majority said that they themselvesdidnot speak scots but english
the wee chap from overtowndidnot speak so we lifted
term time if the farmerdidnot speak to you you
i could see the sqadidnot speculate as to how
bed high hurdle yet shedidnot spook another night harp
into force although the reportdidnot stipulate that date as
us in greater jeopardy thatdidnot stop us drafting in
about my french which ididnot study at school george
year went on if youdidnot stuff them well enough
on the short leet adidnot submit a tender bid
conduct for substandard tankers ididnot succeed the first time
that was not because ididnot support it but because
the mother s love miscarrieddidnot survive the labour the
and city of edinburgh councildidnot suspend their groups however
any interventions because snp membersdidnot take any the snp
to the committee if ididnot take part helen eadie
assure him that although ididnot take part i felt
as if the united kingdomdidnot take part in meetings
that we are engaged indidnot take place previously as
difficulties would arise if ididnot take the option of
at the time the committeedidnot take the view that
sources they said that theydidnot tell him to pervert
at the same stage peopledidnot tell us subsequently that
basis and that if itdidnot the administration might be
going to comment but ididnot the convener i would
the executive s position butdidnot the judge of the
who bought their council housesdidnot think about how they
sir archie s case hedidnot think of nymphs and
idea with a bargepole theydidnot think that it had
great deal of experience ididnot think that someone who
preparation of the bill wedidnot think that such research
negotiations he conceded that hedidnot think that the petition
pay markers more however wedidnot think that the problem
that this kind of activitydidnot transfer to an increased
the fact that it clearlydidnot transfer to an increased
the petition anywhere but ididnot understand all of it
out that my fellow classmatesdidnot understand it whereas i
hearing as she was shedidnot understand the gravity of
stupid than usual but ididnot understand the second paragraph
was frequently the one theydidnot use in their normal
the system worked and theydidnot use it properly there
coming up maryhill road ididnot use russian much for
me that john farquhar munrodidnot use the language instead
blinkered view and although hedidnot use these exact words
say that the right medicinedidnot view control of entry
at a disadvantage if theydidnot wait until the first
for some obscure reason shedidnot walk to her accustomed
he is quite elderly anddidnot want debt letters he
to say that because itdidnot want the bill to
odd number of syllables hedidnot want the caesura coming
people approached him because theydidnot want to be married
had that choice those couplesdidnot want to be married
were preparing the bill wedidnot want to be too
european committee the convener ididnot want to commit callum
of feeling among conveners theydidnot want to do the
facility grant subsidy the dtididnot want to fund the
you dorothy grace elder ididnot want to get too
movements at all if onedidnot want to go on
rest of the process theydidnot want to lose control
officers it seemed that councillorsdidnot want to override fire
do about it if hedidnot want to pursue the
force will operate however wedidnot want to rush in
it is interesting that theydidnot want to stay in
father spoke it when theydidnot want us to know
not been judged although hedidnot win a prize at
i am glad david steeldidnot win in the 1980s
msp however confirmed that hedidnot wish to ban rough
site operator said that hedidnot wish to take the
the early stages the communicationdidnot work both ways the
account of what worked anddidnot work in the discretionary
the scottish tongue altogether itdidnot work it stayed with
or to feed stock youdidnot work on a sunday
a half years the microphonesdidnot work the first item
not started yet f833: ididnothin [laugh] f835: [inaudible] f832:
not have occurred as itdidoccur because the development of
to act but when hedidrun he would run not
not share however we oncedidshare a belief in the
the virgin queen not onlydidshe have divine sanction but
listener not till now thoughdidshe know the full force
f1026: not something i everdidso i didn t really
anyway hugh henry if wedidthat we would not just
series of other dates slippeddidthe alarm bells not start
of every lesson not oncedidthe old boy come after
employment and enterprise not onlydidthe partnership identify the key
white as milk not oncedidthe queen who knew no
to working to operational deadlinesdidthey not report their alarm
that things were not workingdidthey report that to you
in secondary schools not onlydidwe build on the 20
scale in 1997 not onlydidwe not have any software
you a dumpling f963: welldidwe not have something like
documents today or as ididyesterday they will not have
m not sure [censored: forename] whatdidyou do f833: [laugh] [laugh]
bear not got any armsdidyou forget f1122: [laugh] f1121:
battles f963: oh here f965: didyou [?]not[/?] no not m964:
where the bits goed f1103: didyou not and do you
taped up down in f963: didyou not do that here
any conkers around us f965: didyou not f963: [laugh] so
is quite nice [laugh] likedidyou not find that f745:
have you had a shotdidyou not get a shot
for that hadn t youdidyou not get them off
and i said no f631: didyou not have a tooth
[laugh] f1025: [laugh] [?]unfortunate, this[/?] f1026: didyou not have brothers or
yeah and you had ehmdidyou not have [censored: forename] s
and there were erm f963: didyou not have things along
and it became quite f1151: didyou not i ve i
alarm bells not start ringingdidyou not realise that that
of for heaven s sakedidyou not see deana there
speaking about me rowland butdidyou not see how goodhearted
drew in richt ahin himdidyou not see me in
i m no mrs beaumontdidyou not sleep last night
you re older like f814: didyou not think see when
five p a carton f812: didyou not used to get
s not bad mm f122: didyou realise that glenelg s
s not possible betty whatdidyou say lilian what a
f812: not even f813: yeahdidyou see that thing in

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