See this word as a collocate cloud

authorities started from somewhere slightlydifferentand consulted some of their
an a an a slightlydifferentaspect it may mean that
think that it s slightlydifferentbecause of like the primary
so it s s- slightlydifferentbut you know that s
primary education course is slightlydifferentf1150: yeah f1151: from the
would say something maybe slightlydifferentfae what shetland people would
to your question is slightlydifferentfor each of them it
to me which was slightlydifferentfrom a proud stuck up
care its remit was slightlydifferentfrom ours as it touched
interpretation of success is slightlydifferentfrom yours mr swinney the
drizzle f1006: drizzle f1054: slightlydifferent[laugh] m1004: [laugh] f1005: drizzle
other they re just slightlydifferentm1004: [laugh] f1005: [laugh] f1054:
have a slightly different slightlydifferentmeaning ehm what do they
we are doing something slightlydifferentms macdonald i thought that
scots this suggests a slightlydifferentpattern o linguistic development in
want to raise a slightlydifferentpoint in an ideal world
macbride i have a slightlydifferentpoint one of the things
s maybe just a slightlydifferentpronunciation maybe f1053: an would
convener that was a slightlydifferentquestion mr monteith many of
then climbed down a slightlydifferentroute half way down we
to cusco by a slightlydifferentroute winding up hairpin bends
bert s one but slightlydifferentskelly m1010: aye eh kerihandit
slightly different translations put adifferentslant but this word in
motion again at a slightlydifferentslant helplessness and irresponsibility usually
gaelic that have a slightlydifferentslightly different meaning ehm what
f606: ah yeah f1067: slightlydifferentstress and then there is
move on to a slightlydifferentsubject the bill would encourage
question is on a slightlydifferenttack because i know that
set you free so slightlydifferenttranslations put a different slant
shall make you free indifferenttranslations we find this slightly
an translated slightly differently indifferenttranslations when you look at
i think it s slightlydifferentusing a knife like that
margaret doig takes a slightlydifferentview and concerns post mortems
want to highlight a slightlydifferentview of events from tricia
question asked in a slightlydifferentway each time and we
assembly s powers are slightlydifferentwe have specific powers which
gaelic which have a slightlydifferentword from the english usage
[cough] f1006: drizzle f1054: slightlydifferentyo- you kind of say
to focus on something slightlydifferentyou agreed that there was
sailing but sort of slightlydifferentyou know you do have
different days and accordingly fordifferentareas and different types of
w m2k there are currentlydifferentinsulation requirements for different types
okay f1148: erm they havedifferentlike types of schools so
different types of software anddifferentpeople working in different areas
that there are differences betweendifferenttypes and sizes of landlord
probably f806: so you studydifferenttypes erm multicultural texts f807:
say m1014: aye aw thedifferenttypes o m1016: a younger
babies the names of eightdifferenttypes of animals are written
time farl now refers todifferenttypes of baking including scones
of language and into thedifferenttypes of communicative competence the
the needs of victims ofdifferenttypes of crime such as
to public private partnerships enabledifferenttypes of funding to compete
accordingly for different areas anddifferenttypes of landlord they also
areas maybe givin in todifferenttypes of lifestyle that we
the world there are manydifferenttypes of national parks scotland
coast this term includes severaldifferenttypes of net including bag
and working relationships between thedifferenttypes of officers however it
currently different insulation requirements fordifferenttypes of roof it is
heritage designation criteria for thedifferenttypes of site are available
arundel and others there weredifferenttypes of software and different
depends on the constraints ofdifferenttypes of texts pupils can
to facilitate rapid transfers betweendifferenttypes of transport evaluate examples
developing strategies for the manydifferenttypes of work that the
flexibility into the differentiation ofdifferenttypes or sizes of property
increase decrease of landings ofdifferenttypes pelagic demersal shellfish the
a baby a baby sdifferenta baby s different but
different yes yeah m865: adifferentaccent would be just a
the town it s thedifferentaccents an different f1054: is
and and with different peopledifferentages m741: right m605: whereas
i ve got f1109: aadifferentains aa different ains m1110:
f1109: aa different ains aadifferentains m1110: i ve got
noons a different fecht adifferentairt fae waterloo s dragoons
different and the dialect sdifferentan it m842: mmhm f831:
[click] [inhale] his ideology isdifferentand his style is different
it was juist kind odifferentand so on different fock
in aiberdeen the words aredifferentand the dialect s different
different and his style isdifferentand the style that pitscottie
in the borders people tookdifferentapproaches and had different ideas
provision for different purposes anddifferentareas 5 a statutory instrument
that it was introduced indifferentareas and for different individual
were adapted to suit thedifferentareas and the different scales
classes of case including fordifferentareas c make different provision
s different i suppose justdifferentareas have a different m865:
is this written in differentdifferentareas it s or is
and different people working indifferentareas it was a diffuse
might be different requirements indifferentareas keith jones as derek
case including different provision fordifferentareas or for different local
different ways of thinking thisdifferentaspects of this cultural heritage
people with different needs ordifferentattitudes to authority to walk
may appoint different days fordifferentauthorities or classes of authority
may make different provision fordifferentauthorities or different classes of
collaborate yeah m816: they dodifferentbits of it different pieces
that we are clear thatdifferentbodies are accountable in different
different public buildings are problematicdifferentbuildings serve vastly different functions
s different a baby sdifferentbut i cannae think o
cammy items dimps wur awdifferentcammy stew steve me different
may make different provision fordifferentcases and for different persons
m055: [tut] weel different writersdifferentcases ehm [tut] i think
may make different provision fordifferentcases for different services and
c make different provision fordifferentcases or different classes of
to make different modifications fordifferentcases or different classes of
may make different provision fordifferentcases or different classes of
f1113: which which one sdifferent[censored: forename] which one s different
for different goods and indifferentcircumstances but most go unrecorded
provision for different authorities ordifferentclasses of authority section 18
provision for different cases ordifferentclasses of case after section
provision for different cases ordifferentclasses of case including different
modifications for different cases ordifferentclasses of case including for
ain s different f1113: adifferentcolour f1114: let s see
the sub committee possibly withdifferentcolours for different decades of
and but it was adifferentcompletely different f746: i know
evidence last week there weredifferentconcerns at different stages the
older and maybe had adifferentconnotation at a different time
but as they exist indifferentcontexts and different legal systems
different languages create meaning indifferentcontexts they are learning english
different er er names fromdifferentcountries and languages i would
people in scotland throughout europedifferentcountries have different rates of
a different it s adifferentcourse structure because obviously it
an opportunity to state adifferentcrime on different sides of
millions of people with manydifferentcultural backgrounds living in different
f963: mm mm m762: acrossdifferentcultures and different times you
purposes to be commenced ondifferentdays and accordingly for different
the scottish ministers may appointdifferentdays for different authorities or
possibly with different colours fordifferentdecades of leaving girls will
that different fire officers madedifferentdemands some landlords were told
very it s like adifferentdialect and it s different
different wey o speakin f1043: differentdialect f1041: an she thought
erm and i loved thedifferentdialects erm different sounds i
different m1161: yeah f947: areasdifferentdialects mmhm it s quite
[sniff] is this written indifferentdifferent areas it s or
oo gaun ower tae galadifferentdifferent words but up is
different stew how s itdifferentdimps steve crawls nearer to
of being pulled in twodifferentdirections by these two different
local dimensions while respecting thedifferentdistribution of competencies in different
re birth doll different hospitaldifferentdoctor different medication different group
test other approaches and providedifferentdoors for people with different
different name or in adifferentedifice or with a different
g- gaelic s a adifferenteh a different thing i
had different patterns for thedifferentehm m1014: well you know
they carry different messages andifferentehm strengths of faith in
see aye mmhm f1043: twodifferententirely diff- different things for
we ve got so manydifferenter er names from different
it s different it sdifferenteven in aiberdeen compared tae
that his eye m1092: adifferenteye f1091: mmhm m1092: different
different eye f1091: mmhm m1092: differenteye [inaudible] f1091: mmhm m1092:
s the different accents andifferentf1054: is dunbar m1016: are
different f1114: that ain sdifferentf1113: a different colour f1114:
blue f1113: that one sdifferentf1114: that ain s different
different [censored: forename] which one sdifferentf1114: that ain s spots
the chance to do thatdifferentf1148: that s really different
now it s different [inaudible]differentf718: right right f1077: aye
it was a different completelydifferentf746: i know the wo-
s quite different slow pacedifferentf963: right yeah m762: [note: pause in interview owing to technical problems]
bitter nichts an noons adifferentfecht a different airt fae
somebody different somebody thit talkeddifferentfi us somebody thit looked
of species and not justdifferentfin fish species but different
changed landlords also felt thatdifferentfire officers made different demands
o different and so ondifferentfock has different ideas aboot
it is different things taedifferentfolk an i would use
pair of wooden butter clappersdifferentfolk put different geometrical shapes
problematic different buildings serve vastlydifferentfunctions and few are built
aye i m wanting thatdifferentgarage f1127: a different garage
that different garage f1127: adifferentgarage why m1128: aye i
tae be aye adaptin taedifferentgenerations an different times it
butter clappers different folk putdifferentgeometrical shapes onto the pats
different girl f810: no anotherdifferentgirl f809: i m sure
f809: no it was adifferentgirl f810: no another different
any given time appropriate fordifferentgoods and in different circumstances
sophisticated m1019: my grandchildren calldifferentgrandmothers different names like gee
hospital different doctor different medicationdifferentgroup therapy same game stew
move hauntin folk gawn tidifferenthooses different places pause letter
again this re birth dolldifferenthospital different doctor different medication
other ones but there sdifferenti suppose just different areas
so on different fock hasdifferentideas aboot what dey re
took different approaches and haddifferentideas about improvements that they
one different in temper onedifferentin cullor of hair and
one a little heavier onedifferentin temper one different in
so different so very verydifferentin their hopes their lifestyles
bradford s now it sdifferent[inaudible] different f718: right right
in different areas and fordifferentindividual landlords at different times
person centred and recognises thatdifferentindividuals have different levels of
well and they re adifferent[inhale] he says different words
into hiding killed or escapesdifferentinterest groups express different views
level of toxicity of thedifferentisomers colin moffat the different
imagine that it s adifferentit s a different course
kinda slang f831: it sdifferentit s different even in
s different that s adifferentkinda meanin really for actually
different way in different thingsdifferentkinds of work that i
its ability to contain adifferentlanguages and b different social
pouring in different words fromdifferentlanguages as as appropriate yeah
from their sense of howdifferentlanguages create meaning in different
english are con- completely twodifferentlanguages f832: are different yeah
easily explained we have adifferentlegal system and a different
exist in different contexts anddifferentlegal systems it is problematic
different stage and at eachdifferentlevel if i sound cagey
start tracking different strands anddifferentlevels of assessment at a
recognises that different individuals havedifferentlevels of needs often resulting
i think there s likedifferentlike obviously different pressures and
for different areas or fordifferentlocal authorities 3 the circumstances
mixture of stuff here fromdifferentm1161: yeah f947: areas different
different dialect and it sdifferentm608: mmhm m1174: technique and
just different areas have adifferentm865: any other uh huh
that exist but they havedifferentmeanings in different rivers i
doll different hospital different doctordifferentmedication different group therapy same
different distribution of competencies indifferentmember states to encourage dialogue
that different people they carrydifferentmessages an different ehm strengths
to others and to makedifferentmodifications for different cases or
our one god by adifferentname or in a different
f1054: an did ye havedifferentnames at different stages in
that like these all haddifferentnames in different towns like
my grandchildren call different grandmothersdifferentnames like gee gee or
same with different races anddifferentnationalities etcetera f963: yeah erm
good humoured young trekkers ofdifferentnationalities occupied different sections laughing
have a different perspective anddifferentneeds local government has a
different doors for people withdifferentneeds or different attitudes to
different toxicity levels in twodifferentoptical isomers given that those
a local dialects like kendifferentparishes have different sorta accents
also make different provisions fordifferentparts of a district or
different words are used indifferentparts of scotland but mean
ever increasing numbers nurses indifferentparts of scotland have different
there are different solutions fordifferentparts of scotland the argument
different cultural backgrounds living indifferentparts of the planet it
je- the auld guernseys haddifferentpatterns for the different ehm
perceived in different ways bydifferentpeople and we have all
mmhm m605: and and withdifferentpeople different ages m741: right
scots means different things todifferentpeople research by the registrar
scots means different things todifferentpeople the sampling that was
beings an we know thatdifferentpeople they carry different messages
different directions by these twodifferentpeople you know that that
for different services and fordifferentpersons 21 transitional provisions etc
for different cases and fordifferentpersons 3b an order made
as they all have adifferentperspective and different needs local
do different bits of itdifferentpieces of it m815: [cough]
to the coast different wordsdifferentplaces if you take the
folk gawn ti different hoosesdifferentplaces pause letter wid never
s like different like obviouslydifferentpressures and stuff like that
different parts of scotland havedifferentpriorities rural nurses may pay
kill awarding different scores todifferentpronunciations of the variable as
different classes of case includingdifferentprovision for different areas or
insert those regulations may makedifferentprovision for different authorities or
of this subsection may makedifferentprovision for different cases and
order or regulations may makedifferentprovision for different cases for
insert and they may makedifferentprovision for different cases or
for different areas c makedifferentprovision for different cases or
this act a may makedifferentprovision for different purposes and
conditions or exceptions b makedifferentprovision for different purposes and
may be so appointed fordifferentprovisions and for different purposes
period and could also makedifferentprovisions for different parts of
richard indicated they would allowdifferentprovisions for different purposes to
comparisons between the costs ofdifferentpublic buildings are problematic different
may make different provision fordifferentpurposes and b may contain
b make different provision fordifferentpurposes and different areas 5
for different provisions and fordifferentpurposes schedule a1 introduced by
would allow different provisions fordifferentpurposes to be commenced on
it s the same withdifferentraces and different nationalities etcetera
throughout europe different countries havedifferentrates of pay in the
united states different states paydifferentrates there is no reason
mind that there might bedifferentrequirements in different areas keith
to morningside it s adifferentrhythm and a different song
different cammy stew steve medifferentright bit the cammy aw
different edifice or with adifferentritual but the elevation of
they have different meanings indifferentrivers i mean [cough] talking
supplied two mills which performeddifferentroles at different times but
the different areas and thedifferentscales of farming in the
the vowel in kill awardingdifferentscores to different pronunciations of
trekkers of different nationalities occupieddifferentsections laughing joking or saying
provision for different cases fordifferentservices and for different persons
different legal system and adifferentset of political responsibilities the
there are different words fordifferentsettings the pupils then go
different fin fish species butdifferentshellfish and perhaps seaweed species
these days ye went taedifferentshops for different things an
state a different crime ondifferentsides of the border the
view and it s quitedifferentslow pace different f963: right
parent and people are sodifferentso very very different in
a different languages and bdifferentsocial varieties and registers we
be required but there aredifferentsolutions for different parts of
us you thit wis somebodydifferentsomebody thit talked different fi
a different rhythm and adifferentsong f1054: tell me about
like ken different parishes havedifferentsorta accents m865: yeah f948:
s different they ve gotdifferentsorta dialect m865: mm f948:
loved the different dialects ermdifferentsounds i mean if you
you ve got so manydifferentspellings for so many different
many authoritative people at eachdifferentstage and at each different
ye have different names atdifferentstages in their lives as
there were different concerns atdifferentstages the concerns that proved
pay in the united statesdifferentstates pay different rates there
an daddy dimps that sdifferentstew how s it different
modern languages to start trackingdifferentstrands and different levels of
with their different versions theirdifferentstyles of writing seeing them
it ye ken that sdifferentthat s a different kinda
m865: yeah f948: there sdifferentthey ve got different sorta
a a different eh adifferentthing i mean i think
went tae different shops fordifferentthings an aw the wee
in a different way indifferentthings different kinds of work
ye use different words fordifferentthings do you think m1014:
f902: an different words fordifferentthings f826: yeah maybe it
f1043: two different entirely diff-differentthings for the same it
different spellings for so manydifferentthings i mean do you
f1001: i think it isdifferentthings tae different folk an
that the term scots meansdifferentthings to different people research
language the term scots meansdifferentthings to different people the
a different connotation at adifferenttime or something but f965:
which performed different roles atdifferenttimes but mainly those of
adaptin tae different generations andifferenttimes it s naething tae
for different individual landlords atdifferenttimes the drafting is very
m762: across different cultures anddifferenttimes you see and across
all had different names indifferenttowns like f1026: hopscotch mmhm
different isomers colin moffat thedifferenttoxicity between isomers has not
may not distinguish between thedifferenttoxicity levels in two different
things f1187: working with theirdifferentversions their different styles of
escapes different interest groups expressdifferentviews about the nature of
the other hand in adifferentway in different things different
sanctions sips are perceived indifferentways by different people and
come to terms with thesedifferentways of thinking this different
different bodies are accountable indifferentways they will not all
they ve got a totallydifferentwey o speakin f1043: different
confidentially they re for twadifferentwomen jim admiring twa different
different women jim admiring twadifferentwomen ye re an affa
used frequently today is thatdifferentwords are used in different
gaun ower tae gala differentdifferentwords but up is because
harbour down to the coastdifferentwords different places if you
to consider why there aredifferentwords for different settings the
ye know would ye usedifferentwords for different things do
m903: mm mm f902: andifferentwords for different things f826:
[laugh] i m pouring indifferentwords from different languages as
a different [inhale] he saysdifferentwords he always calls me
ve been m055: [tut] weeldifferentwriters different cases ehm [tut]
two different languages f832: aredifferentyeah f833: my my dad
different f1148: that s reallydifferentyeah uh huh [?]a trip to[/?] yeah
mmhm i would say sodifferentyes yeah m865: a different
tides erm i feel completelydifferentabout it this time and
and yet life was completelydifferentand f963: mmhm m762: people
so it was a completelydifferentand that was we re
it s it s completelydifferentcause you do it in
re catering for a completelydifferentcommunity m608: oh okay m1174:
again it s a completelydifferenter ball game m608: yeah
it just seemed so completelydifferentf746: mm f978: it was
accents like shetland s completelydifferentfae orkney m865: right yeah
toxins the directive is completelydifferentfor example diarrhetic shellfish poisoning
smith though in a completelydifferentform his first britannica article
young indicated it is completelydifferentfrom all the dynasties and
him now he looks completelydifferentfrom how he looked at
m sure it ll bedifferentfrom just being completely plastered
really really fair looks completelydifferentfrom me [laugh] f1149: so
it s you know completelydifferentfrom other books that were
stock an i m completelydifferenthalf the words i had
north and it s completelydifferentit could be alien to
it works is just completelydifferent[laugh] so it s really
savings might be something completelydifferentother costs fall under three
we re on a completelydifferentscale and we re catering
com- was on a completelydifferentscale yeah m608: was very
but they ve diff- completelydifferentwords f1001: well in the
completely yeah f963: oh totallydifferentyeah yeah mm m762: so
suggested that teachers might discussdifferentcultures and the ways in
ways respect that they aredifferentfrom your own on the
ways of making things indifferentparts of the country one
can be expressed in severaldifferentways a language function or
can be expressed in severaldifferentways a language function or
which is working out indifferentways among the authorities the
can be interpreted in manydifferentways and i welcome that
overseas in a number ofdifferentways and that is a
multilingualism has been viewed indifferentways e g as a
could do it in indifferentways eh throughout all these
can be spelled in manydifferentways go row roe throw
knight were both engaged indifferentways in a similar struggle
the scottish parliament there aredifferentways in which members of
to exculpate himself there aredifferentways in which that can
and investigate those there aredifferentways in which the scope
agenda today because there aredifferentways in which to deal
f1054: and i- is theredifferentways like nuts to be
dealing with the language indifferentways might be organised so
in finalising interruption there aredifferentways of approaching the matter
industry has considered all thedifferentways of controlling the problem
arm yeah maybe there sdifferentways of doing it but
get management information we haddifferentways of doing that people
opened up to new anddifferentways of education built round
f965: it- m964: and twodifferentways of enjoying it f963:
and there have to bedifferentways of reading it really
local authorities have introduced verydifferentways of regulating the industry
mm m1161: oh right f947: differentways of saying things f746:
there are a number ofdifferentways of tackling that we
my two votes in twodifferentways section 1 abolition of
classes socialise the children indifferentways she suggests that the
and and use it indifferentways so we have f963:
authorities go about planning indifferentways some authorities require planning
i can ehm talk aboutdifferentways that help me but
this mornin roughly seven ehmdifferentways that we can become
that it can work indifferentways the substitution that i
of the modal auxiliaries indifferentways to others corbett 1997
lives you know there sdifferentways we can think about
we celebrate burns in manydifferentways when burns the movie
members of the committee votedifferentways when the bill gets
mmhm f1054: an is theredifferentways you d use those
kind of conversation in manydifferentways you know erm polyphony
ways you d use thosedifferentwords for drunk m1004: oh
legislation were applied differently indifferentareas 15 30 tony gallagher
days may be appointed fordifferentareas 3 the remaining provisions
some are fae well aadifferentareas as you d say
conducted by parlour registrars indifferentareas at midnight on the
cards could be used throughoutdifferentareas but also to save
local level there are manydifferentareas in which the gnp
it obviously is in thedifferentareas m865,: yeah yeah uh
ehm strengths of faith indifferentareas of life so for
boys and girls and betweendifferentareas of scotland we will
to have people staying indifferentareas of the city in
poems she has written fordifferentareas of the north east
gnp reach out into manydifferentareas such as health and
to dig into all thedifferentareas that come under the
while a comprehensive ban coversdifferentareas there is no such
long each child stayed indifferentareas this was another factor
number of interpreters available indifferentareas we are aware of
because we d people fromdifferentareas we d tae learn
areas each will have adifferentdesign to cater for each
effort for each segment fordifferentfishing areas for 2003 any
which catch cod in 3differentfishing areas the days at
can adapt that learning todifferentsubject areas throughout your career
in involving a number ofdifferentusers of the coastal areas
of lists of words withdifferentcolours for each list these
thae words that haes adifferentform o the classic word
you got words for thedifferentitems o clothing m1015: aye
words have got lots odifferentmeanings it depends on the
words for pregnant for amongstdifferentpeople so say you re
quarters one begins to havedifferentperceptions consider the words that
scots words within and betweendifferentsocial classes astonishingly the word
fisherman use own words fordifferentthings an yeah the fishing
are words that mean totallydifferentthings it s all b-
beast gets aulder aa thedifferentwords aa the wey through
know various people had hearddifferentwords an oh i d-
a difference in intention wheredifferentwords are used although the
tae uise a lot odifferentwords fae what they uise
[cough] f826: do you havedifferentwords for clothes you know
tae berwick oo ve gotdifferentwords for each o the
the road would you havedifferentwords for f1001: mair likely
can have your series ofdifferentwords for parts of the
you think you d usedifferentwords for pregnant for amongst
ve got about thirty fivedifferentwords for rain haven t
can cause er we havedifferentwords i mean i would
there s di- there sdifferentwords i mean there ll
is a large number ofdifferentwords it is prone to
why would you use thosedifferentwords john m1004: wabbit is
good do you have anydifferentwords margaret f1005: ehm pissed
ye sit an think abootdifferentwords that s bein used
ll be two three fourdifferentwords tra- you know for
ve got a lot odifferentwords up in ither bits
differences between languages or betweendifferentchronological stages of the same
the sign languages are alldifferentit was passed almost unanimously
that does not make themdifferentlanguages alex johnstone i am
linguistic heritage and openness todifferentlanguages and cultures as a
to petitions being submitted indifferentlanguages and proposes an arrangement
the fun of scotland sdifferentlanguages and their relationships f606:
in scotland on attitudes todifferentlanguages but what there is
taken through sharing together thedifferentlanguages dialects and accents present
countin in various times indifferentlanguages ehm again german or
in his collection from alldifferentlanguages f606: mmhm f122: aye
hearing all this smattering ofdifferentlanguages f746: mm [laugh] f978:
benefit from the learning ofdifferentlanguages it is encouraging to
their proficiency levels in theirdifferentlanguages may properly vary according
right f963: sort of severaldifferentlanguages one after the other
communicate [inhale] so they trydifferentlanguages out some of the
i- it s in threedifferentlanguages so it s in
talk and they speak indifferentlanguages so they ve got
facilitate communication between users ofdifferentlanguages the european commission allocated
the one sort o m865,: differentlanguages yeah [inaudible] no this
legitimate take switzerland with fourdifferentofficial languages french german italian
the two languages are verydifferentthey are equally important as
know things were very verydifferentand erm anyway i was
days that an it wasdifferentdays that you did things
m gonna cover a fewdifferenteh things this mornin roughly
she goes through a fewdifferentexamples of things but i
enter bj bj things lookdifferentfi up there lee pause
should be discussed in adifferentforum that is where things
back jilly things wid bedifferentjilly against bj it s
believe me things will bedifferentplease come hame carolanne reading
is it fairly frequent amongdifferentregions that find that things
learn her about all thedifferentshapes and things f1122: mummy
then bit ither things weredifferenttee ye didna ask for
m shuir things wul bedifferentthe morn pepper wheels pompitie
ontae it an aw theirdifferentthings an i can mind
uh huh m1163: all thedifferentthings and if they want
know people find comfort indifferentthings and in the same
you don t all thesedifferentthings and there were wee
can and should are twodifferentthings as i m sure
urdu it ll be twodifferentthings but m608: uh huh
mm m1017: eh just alldifferentthings cardigans jerseys jumpers things
moment i m writing severaldifferentthings erm f963: mm right
tae cope wi sorrow anddifferentthings f632: mmhm f646: it
in f606: mmhm f1039: taedifferentthings in there like judo
and presumably others saying verydifferentthings it became clear from
teachers for arithmetic and ehdifferentthings like that and i
coal mining and and anddifferentthings like that erm so
on the wednesday an justdifferentthings like that ye know
what i like to seedifferentthings m608: yeah yeah m1163:
a lot of experience indifferentthings [sniff] and we also
a broken relationship an thedifferentthings that are goin on
of the you know thedifferentthings that have happened to
we might be talking aboutdifferentthings that is your question
overlap of a series ofdifferentthings that led to some
did the diff- did thedifferentthings that you eat at
we are talking about twodifferentthings the convener what you
if they do they meandifferentthings this lack of synchrony
we could be talking aboutdifferentthings we have already introduced
you said and you diddifferentthings you know you threw
here f66: erm what thedifferentversions of things f1187: working
but he s a verydifferentadmirable crichton in the original
world war one a verydifferentalthough contemporaneous composition to the
but their style is verydifferentand leslie and pitscottie can
in scots sometimes look verydifferentand perhaps incomprehensible to an
i appreciate that people havedifferentand very strongly held views
still still is very verydifferentbecause f606: mmhm f828: there
human sympathy for that verydifferentcommodity artistic or literary sympathy
that local authorities have verydifferentdemocratic responsibilities and may therefore
and it has a verydifferentemotional flavor from english i
recently i had two verydifferentexperiences one was with the
imagining it would be verydifferentf978: yeah and when when
they ll grow up verydifferentfae you loretta loretta acknowledging
his position is actually verydifferentfrae that impliit by thi
goodness did you find aberdeendifferentfrom glasgow f643: very m608:
sentiment and piety is verydifferentfrom later victorian sentimentality and
of language patterning are verydifferentfrom latin for instance english
to bed this was verydifferentfrom leys o auchmaccoy the
older women can be verydifferentfrom that of older men
at peterhead which is verydifferentfrom that of other jails
a contradictory personality often verydifferentfrom the public perception of
spoken in caithness is verydifferentfrom the scots that irene
provincial mores a mood verydifferentfrom the tentative self effacing
become firm this is verydifferentfrom the thin quarters of
him with an outcome verydifferentfrom what either might have
in the 1990s is verydifferentfrom what it was in
yeah it was very verydifferentin these days but ehm
be realised very differently bydifferentindividuals style individual manipulation of
the two strongholds are verydifferentinnermessan on the plateau must
church of scotland is verydifferentit is a relationship which
mean shetland dialect s verydifferentitself isn t it f978:
recognised that was a verydifferentlanguage he and het f1054:
a single language a verydifferentlanguage is spoken in glasgow
centuries it developed along verydifferentlines on the scottish side
yeah but that s verydifferentm1078: uh huh oh in
very important a panel ofdifferentmedicinal treatments is now available
f641: no it s verydifferentof course it s not
his mother but a verydifferentperson indeed unable to comprehend
moment because there are verydifferentpolitical strands in europe one
very similar format for verydifferentpurposes description recount persuasion even
for hameliness 13 a verydifferentquality from hecht s heimatkunst
but that s a verydifferentquestion f606: [audience laugh] yeah right
robert louis stevenson for verydifferentreasons has the same claim
the work of two verydifferentscots historians john leslie bishop
shifting is very apparent indifferentsocial contexts on the basis
m734: blues er is verydifferentthat it s less technically
not in essence so verydifferentthrough the ages are communicated
would get f746: yeah verydifferenttimes really f978: yes i
commitment and experience is verydifferentto reading about it prison
the legislature now entertains verydifferentviews for experience has fully
with offences in a verydifferentway from other recent legislation
to us in a verydifferentway from us the word
even though they are verydifferentwhen spoken 1 mcpake joanna
buggy qs 17 a verydifferentwriter is angela mcseveney who
f978: shetland dialect is verydifferentyes it s supposed to
s very it was verydifferentyou growing up in shetland
in in glasgow are verydifferentyou know and erm f963:
eez country s flat andifferentaathegither fae fit we wis
in here wi dizzens odifferentbugs aathin fae wattery een
f1054: an is that sdifferentfae aberdeen is it f1040:
awfy fast the now sodifferentfae back hame ah ll
as well but it sdifferentfae bonny f1043: mmhm ah
it s just eh f831: differentfae far you re fae
lang stracht sned it wisdifferentfae fit i d been
f831: then the dialect sdifferentfae for example buckie to
aff and exotic lan geydifferentfae his hame mark is
in auchterless jist tae bedifferentfae kinedart we caaed it
that i thought was maybedifferentfae [laugh] well endowed m1042:
situation for gaelic is geydifferentfae that for the ither
if i m daein onythingdifferentfae that i don t
that state s population andifferentfae the offeicial leid s
night sometimes and it sdifferentfae the way he used
f1054: would you hurl somethingdifferentfae would you hurl some
garage f1127: that s adifferentgarage fae fitt you ve
caal e niver wore onythingdifferenthaad awa fae an aal
or near at haun faedifferenthames an femmlies tae wish
there s influences fae alldifferentplaces i mean we ve
north islands o orkney aredifferentsorta fae the mainland o
used tae he had adifferentway o speakin fae i
so that was really quitedifferentand my mother f641: mmhm
finnie i have two quitedifferentanswers the answer to your
that s they re quitedifferentcolours aren t they m805:
you find like quite adifferentculture though in uist eh
true yeah it was quitedifferentf965: and there was a
and imaginative tendencies were quitedifferentfrom any possible to englishmen
mmhm f1149: it was quitedifferentfrom copenhagen not really [?]best or worst[/?]
is spoken which is quitedifferentfrom english i m learning
he was really nice quitedifferentfrom headmasters now you know
mmhm f641: it s quitedifferentfrom now f639: yeah well
m writing now is quitedifferentfrom psychoraag and it s
personal care would be quitedifferentfrom the free personal care
are going on is quitedifferentfrom the journey south of
own guidelines that are quitedifferentfrom the legislation we pass
somewhat suspect that is quitedifferentfrom the position of gaelic
not eh is often quitedifferentfrom the the english translation
the imagination that is quitedifferentfrom the transcendental model associated
theorized but in forms quitedifferentfrom the western form of
theorized but in forms quitedifferentfrom the western form of
but it would have beendifferentif you had f1025: quite
work quite differently eh withdifferentintents of course how successful
for scots prose was quitedifferentit came from the continent
the franklin div tell quitedifferentkinds o tale ou could
lord it ll be quitedifferent[laugh] f960: so hit s
point relates to quite adifferentmatter faith based social projects
quite nice each house beingdifferentmm f122: mmhm f010: but
s probably got quite adifferentorigin [inaudible] mm f902: aye
so it s quite adifferentplace now with swimming pools
names hill names are howeverdifferentquite a few have changed
our moral standpoint is quitedifferenttake our great shipyards name
said boswell he is quitedifferentthere simple farmer s fare
as such are however quitedifferentthese are the costs which
of couse now it sdifferentthey can they re quite
complex period is quite adifferentthing from the kind of
always trying to do somethingdifferenta from what i ve
looking at it from adifferentangle now the carling academy
of the parliament coming fromdifferentangles but doing so conscientiously
we propose to take adifferentapproach from that of the
that scotland will take adifferentapproach to the matter from
meeting all the students fromdifferentbackgrounds everyone from the local
that issue was in adifferentcategory from the difficulty of
of your eyeshadows is adifferentcolour from the other one
s ye used tae getdifferentcoloured papers up from the
bringing together under executive controldifferentcontributions from a mix of
from the experience of thedifferentcontributors there was no evidence
originate from up to 40differentcountries around the world return
so we can follow adifferentcourse of action from those
always white though tugged fromdifferentcows yen dollar sterling bath
area often coming from vastlydifferentcultural backgrounds to what exists
children throughout the school fromdifferentcultural backgrounds were interviewed to
children f010: mm f122: fromdifferentcultures and just how f010:
husband and wife come fromdifferentcultures and linguistic backgrounds the
er music from as manydifferentcultures as i m into
bringing together young people fromdifferentcultures to share experiences and
said to derive from twodifferentdeep structures conversely the pair
problem stems from communication betweendifferentdepartments and the whole organisation
benefits from close work amongdifferentdepartments but in others it
of my brain taken atdifferentdepths from crown to brain
cultural history but one withdifferentdynamics from the english case
blackened my trees from twodifferentearts no golden evenings in
school trips with schools indifferenteuropean countries sending presents from
was that school pupils fromdifferenteuropean countries should go on
standard that is an entirelydifferentexercise from a teacher returning
derived from other studies givedifferentfigures for indirect employment associated
germanic but more immediately fromdifferentforms of anglo saxon english
season so they are nodifferentfrom a crop of lambs
and i still feel actuallydifferentfrom a lot of what
it linguistically but is recognisablydifferentfrom airdrie speech m608: mmhm
f947: tha- that s nodifferentfrom any f1159: mmhm f947:
seems to me to bedifferentfrom anything i ve ever
was that it was sodifferentfrom ayr at the time
douglas hamilton so it isdifferentfrom barlinnie the convener yes
and set purpose and isdifferentfrom chaudmelle chaude melle in
support and develop that isdifferentfrom commercial success which is
fact is it is asdifferentfrom english f718: uh huh
a specific vocabulary which isdifferentfrom english i still understand
the bill will be anydifferentfrom existing legislation such as
in ireland that s entirelydifferentfrom guinness here m815: it
aware of neighbourhood language ifdifferentfrom home language until he
quarry are so self evidentlydifferentfrom hunting with dogs pauline
there so it might bedifferentfrom m959: whatever it is
result of mental processes entirelydifferentfrom my own and much
assurance of marking was anydifferentfrom normal mr macintosh many
council doing that is sodifferentfrom other local authorities why
the situation in scotland isdifferentfrom other regions of the
new or that is anydifferentfrom other wild animal legislation
composing according to conventions sodifferentfrom our own comparison with
of kenya are not muchdifferentfrom our own in some
timetable changes but that isdifferentfrom public safety on transport
eadie is talking about somethingdifferentfrom referring the petition to
like it but that sdifferentfrom saying it s significant
must be echr compliant isdifferentfrom saying that it is
just because he was sodifferentfrom some of the other
m learning that mallorcan isdifferentfrom spanish mallorcan a variant
of it how it sdifferentfrom standard english this whole
the atmospheric pollution here wasdifferentfrom that down stairs it
structure of the industry isdifferentfrom that in the republic
using english that is subtlydifferentfrom that of other people
is as valid as ifdifferentfrom that of the parliament
by virtue of this sectiondifferentfrom that which the court
f963: culturally predisposed to bedifferentfrom that yeah uh huh
that this trois pound wasdifferentfrom the current merchant or
have been circulated which aredifferentfrom the dates circulated previously
that night but they weredifferentfrom the devil dreams in
would have to be dramaticallydifferentfrom the first that third
in in the dictionary ermdifferentfrom the helsinki corpus of
supposed to but one asdifferentfrom the hierarchical power ridden
code des mcnulty this isdifferentfrom the interim complaints procedure
scotland that list is ratherdifferentfrom the list of offences
population and the language isdifferentfrom the official language s
the state s population anddifferentfrom the official language s
gets for tests will bedifferentfrom the response rates that
such has always felt itselfdifferentfrom the rest of spain
a it s a bitdifferentfrom the scottish mainland because
committed an offence that isdifferentfrom the test of reasonable
are bad because they aredifferentfrom the time that they
a landscape and culture sodifferentfrom the tourist invaded mountain
the way they spoke wasdifferentfrom the way your mates
environment in which they aredifferentfrom their workmates there is
are in the main nodifferentfrom those for any other
the health statistics are sharplydifferentfrom those for the rest
realise that these instructions weredifferentfrom those in for instance
of 13 march 2001 aredifferentfrom those mentioned in the
rules which happen to bedifferentfrom those of standard english
both could and should bedifferentfrom those offered in english
will be available will bedifferentfrom those that are available
does he believe would bedifferentfrom those that are set
or the muslims are nodifferentfrom those who demonise the
think for me is entirelydifferentfrom to intellectualise one can
that they spoke a bitdifferentfrom us er f1054: gie
major rewrite that is totallydifferentfrom what i have experienced
mmhm m762: erm and somethingdifferentfrom what i think other
perception of it is totallydifferentfrom what us three here
speak in the classroom wasdifferentfrom what we spoke at
that i am from adifferentgeneration to mrs mcintosh and
texts from the same ordifferentgenres two sonnets or a
way i must have adifferenthelp the aged briefing from
still enjoying it it sdifferenti got a letter from
mmhm m078: which are hugelydifferenti think from from from
point is that members havedifferentinterpretations and need guidance from
reading although it is adifferentissue from sign language it
biddis open this is adifferentjohn leslie from the historian
peterhead seemed to have adifferentkind of career from what
particular concerns from people indifferentkind of communities religious m741:
are are it s adifferentkind of exercise from simply
[inhale] and this is adifferentkind of scots from the
both the new demand fromdifferentkinds of household formation and
fact that cinderella speaks adifferentlanguage from her sisters is
it sounds weird like adifferentlanguage like it s from
yeah f1151: it s totallydifferentliving across from it when
a bundle of projects fromdifferentlocal authorities even from scotland
the accents from the variousdifferentm608: aye f643: regions [sniff]
f958: just trying to bedifferentm959: [laugh] change from the
them with regard to ninedifferentmatters a reply from building
250 to 300 pupils fromdifferentnationalities all secondary schools are
be directed by and fulfilsdifferentneeds from services provided by
from the key lady adifferentone from the previous night
time applying for funds fromdifferentorganisations jumping through all the
mixed up advice notes fromdifferentpackets this obviously led to
made up of msps fromdifferentparties independent msps and individuals
every time that msps fromdifferentparties meet the health chiefs
mentioned just now books fromdifferentparts of the world you
that we have followed adifferentpathway from the one followed
that it results from thedifferentpatterns of socialisation that characterise
ehm in that they weredifferentpeople from the anglo saxons
right yeah mmhm m762: somethingdifferentperhaps from what f963: mm
where there are arguments fromdifferentperspectives 10 30 geoff huggins
that debate now from theirdifferentperspectives it is difficult to
my head you know fromdifferentplaces and f963: mm mmhm
scotland msps from across thedifferentpolitical parties welcomed the children
and ireland are in adifferentposition from other member states
the provisions does it wantdifferentprovisions we heard from michael
an exhibition of flowers fromdifferentregions of the ussr and
that we might get adifferentresponse from miss doig whose
and deputy chief constable fromdifferentscottish police forces who in
scotland he will occupy adifferentseat in this building from
series the american edition hasdifferentslang and references from the
their children by mothers fromdifferentsocial classes socialise the children
occurs when two speakers fromdifferentsocial groups deliberately keep their
but their s is adifferentsong from maria s who
have to be found fromdifferentsources as revenue diminishes if
are said to be twodifferentsurface structures deriving from the
know range of music fromdifferenttimes as yeah m762: i
not plain white in adifferenttype from those at merchants
scottish executive has taken adifferentview from the european committee
present arguments and information fromdifferentviewpoints and then usually to
ov- f746: oh right f978: differentvillages an from unst an
rightly paid tribute to manydifferentvolunteers from all over the
with those offences in adifferentway from other recent legislation
an opportunity to do somethingdifferentagain m608: uh huh f643:
aye cause it is somethingdifferentan people always give money
got something a wee bittydifferentand eh oh the anticipation
lectures or conferences but somethingdifferentand the radio idea came
aware that there was somethingdifferentand unusual about the situation
you know always become somethingdifferentf1187: is that one of
s- something a little bitdifferentf641: mmhm f639: he probably
that mean something a bitdifferentfine pleased aye m1000: aye
mm m762: and became somethingdifferentfor a while f963: yeah
into something that is totallydifferentif discounts are offered the
thocht it wid be somethingdifferentit wis setterday the day
and come up wi somethingdifferentjust say what you normally
no no that means somethingdifferent[laugh] [laugh] f1040: [laugh] m1042:
one this year pick somethingdifferentm1094: erm o- [?]others[/?] f1093:
not going to have adifferentone this year pick something
t something piously piously ehdifferentor actually suspect eh to
who had a a somethingdifferenttae tae speak about speakin
have supplementary questions on somethingdifferentthe impact of the bill
is that he means somethingdifferentto each and every one
i wanted to add somethingdifferentto it and er explore
in the parliament believes somethingdifferentwe have to have a
yeah m1163: you see somethingdifferentyou know i ve been
living memory it does somethingdifferentyou know it has a
as the imbalance between thedifferentamounts of land if 85
criminal might seek to exploitdifferentarrangements between scotland and england
monitor any accidental interactions betweendifferentartificial gene constructs and their
where communication between citizens ofdifferentcountries is becoming faster and
evincing the fundamental links betweendifferentcultures that are actually f963:
the public to choose betweendifferentdesigns of computer software outline
no apparent conflict between thedifferentdialect groups allen described group
balance between the needs ofdifferentgroups for example in relation
the environment promote dialogue betweendifferentinterest groups gather intelligence and
of giving mutual assistance betweendifferentjurisdictions the legislative provisions necessary
divide is the one betweendifferentlayers of society we talked
who was driving women betweendifferentlocations it would be for
however after school was adifferentmatter because between us robin
good relations between persons ofdifferentracial groups the race relations
between accents and dialects ofdifferentregions is to draw up
that act on parity betweendifferentsystems i am not aware
dominicans which is actually radicallydifferentand in a way more
way even in the somewhatdifferentcircumstances of the eighteenth and
it s myth in manydifferentdirections and that way you
under way which were investigatingdifferentmodels of support child care
a way which was significantlydifferentto the provisions contained in
a way which was significantlydifferentto the provisions in the
but today ah found adifferentway a daein it almost
is insured in an entirelydifferentway because it is run
know erm well in adifferentway but erm f963: yeah
connect with god in adifferentway but i do wanna
actually describe siccar in adifferentway cause if we say
m741: mmhm m605: in adifferentway ehm and not like
that they say in adifferentway ehm f606: uh huh
cause it was shapit adifferentway f1054: mm that s
allocating the budget in adifferentway is not sensible mr
make a difference in adifferentway it is about complementing
it is run in adifferentway lewis macdonald you said
do that a wee bitdifferentway m804: ehm m805: okay
our country and a radicallydifferentway of delivering and sustaining
do we need a radicallydifferentway of delivering it many
standard wooden houses and thedifferentway of eating that the
analyses the data in adifferentway one looks at the
with this problem in adifferentway so dauvit horsbroch this
is emotional but in adifferentway sport unifies through competition
which provides services in adifferentway the voluntary sector s
just as sore in adifferentway they feel like bare
the same question in adifferentway would it be possible
scots has developed in adifferentway you know m741: yeah
that and take it indifferentdirections you know f963: mm
erm to music of variousdifferentkinds my father had f963:
yes m762: it acquires diff-differentl- levels then f963: mm
f963: do it it sdifferentm762: hidebound by the class
f963: that s true welldifferentscale of vandalism f965: [laugh]
was fun if you haddifferentsizes of balls y- f963:
f963: there are all thesedifferentsort of genres and times
m762: mm f963: and thedifferentsort of roles that they
know f965: no that sdifferentthough isn t it f963:
of the world you knowdifferenttimes erm f963: mm right
f963: right mm mm m762: differentview of the universe you
i- in the context ofdifferentvoices f963: mmhm m762: you
but but just make itdifferentyou know f963: mm mmhm
may by order appoint anddifferentdays may be appointed for
may by order appoint 3differentdays may be so appointed
by statutory instrument appoint 3differentdays may be so appointed
he will also meet adifferentform of language teachers may
mak a tense distinction yaisindifferentforms e g may might
separately as they may raisedifferentissues the first proposal follows
macmillan it may be entirelydifferentit is for short term
it may even be adifferentlanguage if he has been
neighbourhood background group may showdifferentlanguage usage practices he refers
michael matheson that is entirelydifferentmaureen macmillan it may be
regions may be suited todifferentmethods of implementation i would
in australia suggests how thesedifferentpatterns of socialisation may work
those other steps have adifferentpurpose as their effect may
may be so appointed fordifferentpurposes schedule introduced by section
the convention is probably fordifferentreasons if i may mention
union that will consider howdifferentregions may be suited to
a softish floury roll ofdifferentshapes and this may well
which the risks may bedifferentspecies by species is being
may prey on salmon atdifferentstages in their life cycle
basis we may all havedifferentviews on that but the
language ability or even ofdifferentages parents can also help
discuss with the class thedifferentfeatures of language exhibited and
a secondary school where adifferentforeign language is offered in
language interpreters or information indifferentformats such as braille can
same language but are ofdifferentlanguage ability or even of
logical sequence in which thedifferentlanguage activities will be presented
canon of literature in everydifferentlanguage but you know erm
fluent english speakers use adifferentlanguage in the home i
english and not as adifferentlanguage it is commonly thought
best scots is like adifferentlanguage to me it s
the next valley spoke adifferentlanguage to the german that
or coding orientation but adifferentlanguage urdu gujerati punjabi cantonese
scotland act 1982 that containdifferentlegal language and have not
about that every language hasdifferentlocal forms but no one
the original language look indifferenttranslations see what the word
learns that there is anotherdifferentworld of language and learning
yeah m830: an it feltdifferentan yeah community in orkney
definitely [laugh] s yeah f1150: differentand you know their time
role of some of thedifferentcharacters m762: yeah they are
yeah yeah that s f950: differentdialect m865,: interesting though because
yeah m964: and maybe twodifferentdrug cultures associated with those
[?]best or worst[/?] just f1148: mmhm justdifferentf1149: yeah there s a
it s just like totallydifferentf1150: yeah f1151: it s
bebo face she looks sodifferentf1154: really f1155: yeah i
f828: and also dialect wasdifferentin lerwick f606: yeah f828:
mm mm and lots ofdifferentinfluences yeah m762: you know
exhausted [laugh] f1054: yeah interestindifferentisn t it ehm cold
she s meeting lots ofdifferentkinds of people yeah f902:
know cause it s justdifferentkinna m741: yeah i think
t know why they weredifferent[laugh] yeah f1054: sometimes even
isles there s orkney shetlandsdifferentm865,: yeah yeah s- yeah
[?]most[/?] you can never knewdifferentm865: okay yeah okay eh
for the dialect but justdifferentm865: yeah okay well what
mmhm yeah m762: all thedifferentmeanings that it possibly has
the north isles would bedifferentokay f948: yeah yeah [inaudible]
speyside he knows all thedifferentones m815: yeah m816: he
yeah well you worked indifferentplaces too so that must
no no this was adifferentseparate group altogether yeah m608:
re providing m608: yeah m1174: differentservices let s say for
yeah m017: because of thedifferentsocial background of the f718:
that s right yeah f948: differentsorta accent m865: ehm do
yeah m1002: ye get adifferentstages in that just how
or you growing up widifferentstuff in edinburgh f1024: yeah
is a it s adifferentthing yeah i i never
yeah yeah f950: an thedifferentupbringings an m865,: well i
minutes you ve got adifferentweather here m952: oh yeah
yeah yeah eh lots ofdifferentyeah f1023: we got a
f978: yes it was sodifferentyes absolutely f746: mm yeah
it ll be like twodifferentarticles it won t necessarily
that they had reached adifferentconclusion about whether two committees
can be presented in twodifferentformats such as the conventional
independently two subgroups then prepareddifferentfruit salads and two spokespersons
is unfair to use twodifferentinflation figures selecting the lower
is that is that twodifferentislands like uist or is
there seem to be twodifferentkinds of music f965: it-
west coast of scotland twodifferentkinds smooth bumps saint andrews
f1111: we ll just choosedifferentones f1112: yes two jumpers
procedures and another country withdifferentprocedures might argue that two
point that because of twodifferentregulatory frameworks we are isolating
texts is to compare twodifferenttexts which have some features
amend the ssis or considerdifferentwording if two committees decide
many landlords are involved indifferentactivities we have not come
significant treaty you covered manydifferentaspects and although it is
tobacco are involved in manydifferentaspects of the business are
in scottish politics in manydifferentcapacities for nearly 40 years
interesting there are so manydifferentcraft that comes in and
that theatre aw kinds ofdifferentgroups many of them cultural
fields and had seen manydifferentkinds of animals they had
scottish civic society at manydifferentlevels there was an opportunity
can be used in manydifferentmaterials and craft forms as
was arranged according to thedifferentmonarchy and republican periods many
is patently a myth manydifferentpeoples have come as incomers
in the first place manydifferentsectors in aberdeen and the
of integration depending on manydifferentsocial and individual factors trudgill
decisions every day on manydifferentsubjects in representing my members
who learned em english atdifferentages so f746: oh right
an english outsider will bedifferentchildren in upper deeside with
english are acceptable in thedifferentcontexts for which they are
is used to or adifferentdialect standard english or it
they are confronted with adifferentdialect standard english which they
an is recognised as beindifferentfrae english it wid seem
scots like english is naedifferentin a raicent airticle in
least one framework but withdifferentstarting and end points english
agreement thire s three mendifferentvowel segments frae english tae
an there s aa thesedifferentaccents m903: mm mm f902:
places but these pens weredifferentcos the glue wis mixed
really just with all thesedifferentcultures coming in an f978:
of being an outsider howdifferentdo i appear to these
and where the composition isdifferentfor headteachers what these differences
session and written papers atdifferentlevels these were taken each
of sentences written vertically ondifferentpages and stapled together these
consider how to group thesedifferentpatterns according to the subject
is written will reflect thesedifferentpurposes a poem too can
glasgow but these new anddifferentsights were more than worthy
grammatical features in writing atdifferentstages their exposure to these
and write these in adifferenttense c substitution deletion and
s 3 13 note thedifferentterritorial extents of these specific
right m762: so all thesedifferentvoices pour into my head
s drawing on all thesedifferentvoices that i have talked
being influenced by all thesedifferentwriters at an early stage
issues around local connection aredifferentagain most people accept that
people found my accent reallydifferentand ehm yes i did
category for travelling people ofdifferentethnic origins such as those
of the argument people havedifferentideas there is a lot
the war years brought adifferentkinda people in too and
people ehm a range odifferentleids do you know this
early wark publish t indifferentpapers including the buchanie people
cannot ignore the people ofdifferentparts of europe who are
superb etchings people living indifferentparts of the island shown
units began to diverge anddifferentpatterns of use developed people
he put in coals todifferentpeople and received as much
renderings of chinese poems bydifferentpeople and then and i
tae be a lot odifferentpeople comin intae dunbar at
be anything anything lots ofdifferentpeople eh usually they come
must reflect the fact thatdifferentpeople might have difficulties with
you know ferried out todifferentpeople to look after us
you know it has adifferentpower over people m762: i
view although some people havedifferentrights to buy those differences
community there are people withdifferentsorts of problems there are
meetings various people were usingdifferenttools to get an insight
of when people go todifferenttowns you know despite the
been well rehearsed in severaldifferentvenues people have responsibilities to
that other people have adifferentview on that but i
perhaps to get a adifferentwindow into literature for people
you think it s adifferentword people are saying f606:
they ve started at thosedifferentlevels so we re trying
versions of those songs indifferentparts of the country they
process was flawed at 26differentpoints in the main those
access to the provision ofdifferentservices in supermarkets that those
the books and there aredifferentversions of those songs in

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