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of economic activities is extremelydifficultand complex multipliers can be
i found this an extremelydifficultbecause i put doon a
few weeks have been extremelydifficultbefore a decision was reached
miss goldie that is adifficultcall our trip was extremely
which she refers is extremelydifficultfor those who work in
i see as being extremelydifficultit would assist me if
matter which makes it extremelydifficultpublic consultation must be a
the community odour is extremelydifficultto control and it is
interpretation it would be extremelydifficultto define when a risk
sources it can be extremelydifficultto determine a word s
however it would be extremelydifficultto revisit the whole members
appreciates their professionalism in oftendifficultand challenging circumstances as demonstrated
sometimes made such efforts indifficultcircumstances and in the face
bring up kids under verydifficultcircumstances m1022: i often say
in what will be verydifficultcircumstances mr swinney in that
who are in the mostdifficultcircumstances people who go into
job that it does indifficultcircumstances we should acknowledge and
from abusing society circumstances albeitdifficultto define could arise where
in some circumstances it isdifficultto say that any distinctive
did you find that adifficulter th- thing er not
do you find it quitedifficultespecially in the summertime if
new pence it would bedifficultnow to find anyone who
they find themselves in adifficultsituation with their own building
smaller organisations might find itdifficultto be good employers that
in law i find itdifficultto conceive of an explanation
such agencies find it increasinglydifficultto deliver their services because
report they would find itdifficultto do so if it
from the main line isdifficultto find despite being only
in trade this is moredifficultto find elizabeth gemmill has
the studies themselves were quitedifficultto find f746: oh that
done it is much moredifficultto find legitimate and appropriate
popular measure would it bedifficultto find out whether the
homes committee but it seemsdifficultto find someone willing to
plural forms it is moredifficultto find sources that can
ii today it is verydifficultto find traces of the
who would otherwise find itdifficultto get out to access
however such centres find itdifficultto get staff all the
of us would find itdifficultto imagine having that difficulty
bit better i find itdifficultto keep a burp count
near her but find itdifficultto look directly at the
other agencies find it increasinglydifficultto meet the increased demand
to practice trusts find itdifficultto offer flexibility yet many
however that i find itdifficultto put myself in the
that you might find itdifficultto recruit registrars in areas
the process i find itdifficultto see how that could
intellect indeed i find itdifficultto see why understand should
trust and find it moredifficultto talk to the police
too surprised i find itdifficultto work up enthusiasm for
do you find that adifficulttransition i mean no yeah
yeah which i find reallydifficultyeah m605: and reco- recognition
council and sometimes makes itdifficultfor the council to transact
for individuals that makes itdifficultfor the customer to transact
stretch tidal erosion makes progressdifficulthowever it presents a worthwhile
design and makes it moredifficultto comply with harmonised european
is set up makes itdifficultto distil from it the
another cause it makes itdifficultto edit for me and
thing that makes it reallydifficultto get sort of natural
the issues that makes itdifficultto recruit dentists a number
financial support which makes itdifficultto take up training opportunities
reporting financial information makes itdifficultto work out what is
it makes it much moredifficultyou know f902: no mmhm
understand why that is sodifficultespecially as executive ministers have
a- think we were verydifficulttae understand f1040: mm f1043:
a while eh it sdifficultto sort of understand it
particular word or finds itdifficultto understand a point of
yeah f951: which is incrediblydifficultto understand an i spent
in red coats is notdifficultto understand but there might
something that the snp findsdifficultto understand but we are
quite erm strict erm sometimesdifficultto understand kind of urdu
of the bill are quitedifficultto understand on their own
are self explanatory it isdifficultto understand the attitude of
roderick buchanan it s notdifficultto understand they re glaswegians
provision is necessary it isdifficultto understand why a power
s more literary and moredifficultto understand why don t
i found that a bitdifficult[laugh] and you know f746:
m1014: i found it adifficultquestion [inaudible] m1015: yeah i
that they had found itdifficultto access that part of
is found but again isdifficultto access this was a
you found the budget documentdifficultto deal with because it
think have sometimes found itdifficultto explain why bishop wishart
guide found that ageism isdifficultto identify because people are
the present also found itdifficultto refuse an importunate male
and the pupils found itdifficultto respond to the amount
the hotel but found itdifficultto sleep so i spent
found that quite sort ofdifficultyou know and it s
puts malcolm chisholm in adifficultposition however if the committee
have been left in adifficultposition i welcome the fact
scottish parliament are in adifficultposition if the bill were
putting his father in adifficultposition [inhale] when aberdeen was
needs i am in adifficultposition this afternoon because of
equal opportunities committee in thedifficultposition today of having to
was putting him in adifficultposition when aberdeen was taken
often plac t in adifficultposition wi regards tae thi
nothing would make things verydifficultalthough staff felt very despondent
this car parking is verydifficultand as many of the
letters ough it is verydifficultand time consuming to work
aspirations intentionality is a verydifficultarea brian adam spoke about
the funeral which is verydifficultbecause you don t know
university obviously but er verydifficultbut i think until you
language learning very very erdifficultbut we do again need
so it s a verydifficulteh m1014: [inaudible] m1015: tae
all it s very verydifficulter to s- to to
[laugh] [laugh] that is verydifficultf718: [laugh] m017: because eh
youth although it is verydifficultfor us now to comprehend
mmhm f1067: it s verydifficultfor us to attract students
fun but it s verydifficulti mean f963: mm m762:
elliot this is a verydifficultissue on which to comment
that universities offer is verydifficultit requires extreme altruists who
because although things are verydifficultnow there might be some
think that s a verydifficultone i ve got eh
and therefore can be verydifficultor or or very funny
need for playing very technicallydifficultpieces er which also had
that the situation looks verydifficultstaff need to be reassured
their concerns in these verydifficulttimes supported by alex johnstone
is something that is verydifficultto achieve that is why
recognition have made this verydifficultto achieve with debate surrounding
recognises that it is verydifficultto assess which languages would
those offences which are verydifficultto detect away out in
very public and it wasdifficultto disentangle ourselves from those
know an outsider ehm verydifficultto get ahead in business
three things made it verydifficultto have success first time
languages but gaelic is verydifficultto learn i speak with
conclusions it will be verydifficultto make major changes that
salmon stocks it is verydifficultto say exactly how effective
er it- it s verydifficultto sort of sever that
the schools it is verydifficultto write well in a
where it can sometimes bedifficultfor the building control department
[laugh] well it s quitedifficultto aim sometimes you know
quantities sometimes is complex anddifficultto get one s head
with crime it is sometimesdifficultto place the matter in
years imprisonment following a particularlydifficultcase in which a dangerous
s amendment was a particularlydifficultcase which i spent much
that the issue is notdifficultfor all members particularly those
that last year was particularlydifficultfor the scottish economy especially
learning curve it is oftendifficultparticularly for small businesses to
they may attend courses isdifficultparticularly in remote and rural
year although it is notoriouslydifficultto estimate fox populations particularly
end as it is particularlydifficultto persuade people who do
but the milk was moredifficultand i ended up in
year it was getting moredifficultand that if we did
that is required in moredifficultcases do you think that
would make it much moredifficultfor councils to do that
address would make it moredifficultfor it to relocate and
scheme it is much moredifficultfor local authorities to tackle
government funding making it moredifficultfor many elderly people to
it will become even moredifficultfor people to retire even
will inevitably make it moredifficultfor some scottish farmers to
they can it is moredifficultfor the small operator who
ban would make things moredifficultfor uk wide companies they
that you referred to moredifficultfrom what you said about
between ministers made things moredifficulthad brian wilson continued in
rubbish but this is moredifficulti m trying to record
their job becomes infinitely moredifficultif they see too many
is made all the moredifficultin middlefield which is the
authorities are unaware of moredifficultlandlords complaints are one way
it is worried about moredifficultlandlords evading the system by
will be a bit moredifficultms white i would like
of modelling and planning moredifficultprofessor richards that would probably
to allow officers to defusedifficultsituations without resorting to more
the subject it was moredifficultthan it used to be
level one courses are moredifficultthan level two no [?]if he thinks[/?]
bill might be far moredifficultthan on some other country
the writing had been moredifficultthan we expected in the
the borders is becoming moredifficultthat is why the borders
more categories society finds itdifficultto accept the issues or
that it is becoming moredifficultto access general dental services
physical standards it is moredifficultto be explicit about tenancy
section 2 make it moredifficultto claim civil liability when
appropriate arrangements it is moredifficultto deal with people who
true that it is moredifficultto define spoken rather than
it s a lot moredifficultto do it orally as
and they were considerably moredifficultto draw out [censored: forename] came
be seen as being moredifficultto enforce a lot of
case however it is moredifficultto establish the precise nature
on average it is moredifficultto get beta interferon now
landing and it was moredifficultto get ehm you know
it was a bit moredifficultto get there because of
to a close it isdifficultto imagine a more important
the sector making it moredifficultto make long term plans
internet where it is moredifficultto regulate advertising given the
out it is much moredifficultto remedy accessibility or fire
its citizens how much moredifficultwill it be for it
the guilt is much moredifficultyou know having been a
gordon that is quite adifficultarea there may be no
about them it s quitedifficultbut [cough] excuse me but
but erm but no quitedifficultch- i didn t have
it f1150: yeah f1151: quitedifficulterm cause i i have
group with erm some quitedifficulttext that i had handy
quite kind of slippery anddifficultto explain i think some
aberdonians do it s quitedifficultto make oot it s
stated that all were quitedifficultto obtain the evening finished
f1150: yeah it is quitedifficultto to challenge it when
yeah it must be quitedifficultwhen you re a teenager
it s it s quitedifficultyeah f1151: yeah it s
transport i have to makedifficultchoices all the time i
ourselves schools had to makedifficultdecisions about whether to present
ssis which would make itdifficultfor the process to work
can t make it toodifficultfor the translator f606: mmhm
unpredictable factors make the situationdifficulti was the regional procurator
said that it was toodifficultit would make the form
and that would make itdifficultto conduct concordancy checks also
instincts that could make themdifficultto control in spite of
been turned down it isdifficultto make a left turn
of 10 years it isdifficultto make an assessment of
robert burns but it isdifficultto make any firm judgement
a result it is ratherdifficultto make comparisons i should
of how it can bedifficultto make diversity available unless
deprived others but it sdifficultto make out the rest
deprived others but it isdifficultto make out the rest
other groups it will bedifficultto make progress mr ingram
that would make the amendmentsdifficultto operate first amendment 8
with that will make itdifficultto work with those people
so don t make itdifficultwe ll never eat all
that might be a littledifficulthowever i think that we
the usual suspects which isdifficulthowever there are a couple
same i resolved that howeverdifficultit might be to extract
in the chamber has adifficultjob to do however the
few carswell letters from thisdifficultperiod extant however lawrence s
and other information it isdifficultto know however my concern
s sleep it was adifficultyear however when faced with
a certain year might bedifficultdue to new it systems
the income question might bedifficultfor some people to answer
related so it might bedifficultfor the committee to consider
licence for that might bedifficultit is the pied piper
or overseas owners might bedifficultto contact and tenants and
has in mind it isdifficultto envisage what they might
be understood it might bedifficultto phrase such a question
dod that shouldna be toodifficultangelica fan will ye get
railway progress is not toodifficultbut slow shortly the walls
low it was not toodifficultbut when the stack rose
dat days it wisna toodifficultf960: no mmhm f961: and
by but it is toodifficulthe looks back at the
spi- no spiderman s toodifficultnae spiderman m1092: [inaudible] spiderman
tell me okay not toodifficultso let s have what
because that is the mostdifficultand expensive bit to provide
this is potentially the mostdifficultarea in the bill i
that one of the mostdifficultaspects of the adoption procedure
stacked this was the mostdifficultcrop to secure in good
another word which is ratherdifficultfor most people ehm a
to work with the mostdifficulthouseholds and to give them
task in fact the mostdifficultpart of the exercise is
and deal with the mostdifficultproblems they support people who
same it wul aye bedifficultan fou o meisterie an
whether the projects are largedifficultand replicable can it add
commitment the report does differentiatedifficultas it is between scots
wide white expanses it wasdifficultat times to decide if
qualifications m608: aye it sdifficultaye aye aye m1163: and
reasons ehm it would bedifficultbecause i mean everybody have
it it would be sodifficultbecause there s reasons for
standard doesn t it [tut]difficultbusiness m827: doesn t stop
that may lead us intodifficultdepths but it is not
mr mcallion the matter isdifficultepilepsy scotland says that it
t imagine it s thatdifficultf826: you mean like what
and what was it justdifficultfinding work in as an
the election it would bedifficultfor a reporter to complete
my scottish accent made itdifficultfor him to lip read
is that it is alreadydifficultfor indigenous scottish newspapers to
to control and it isdifficultfor local authorities to deal
nursing profession that it isdifficultfor many nurses to get
and you see it sdifficultfor me to remember to
budget robin harper it isdifficultfor me to say what
is the case it isdifficultfor me to second guess
as you say it isdifficultfor me to speculate as
i know that it isdifficultfor people who have been
a construct it would bedifficultfor that to happen even
the earliest it may bedifficultfor the committee to take
were purchasing it would bedifficultfor the consumer to differentiate
on all pretexts it isdifficultfor the police to check
and dealt with it isdifficultfor the union to say
recognition that it would bedifficultfor this committee to conclude
as i say it sdifficultfor us to attract students
to academia it would bedifficultfor us to engage with
yet available and it isdifficultfor us to hold a
the convener it would bedifficultfor us to try to
march or april it isdifficultfor us we are pressing
sector it is becoming increasinglydifficultfor voluntary agencies to sustain
feeling remains that it isdifficultfor voluntary sector organisations not
why it has been sodifficultfor women in the past
today it s it sdifficulthave you heard anything about
the matter it became increasinglydifficultin essence it is something
study was that it isdifficultin practical terms to give
of our past are howdifficultit is for our certainty
earlier f963: yeah f965: howdifficultit is if you if
and that it was adifficultmatter it is a question
the passage yet it isdifficultnot to identify the limousin
t know it s kindadifficultone i think yeah m865:
m865,: yeah is it justdifficultor is it unpleasant to
ross finnie it was adifficultquestion fergus ewing my point
icc jurisdiction it is adifficultquestion which will have to
made to unscramble an increasinglydifficultsituation it would be sensible
thi leid it still remainsdifficulttae define scots as a
an canada it wid bedifficulttae gie a highlicht o
justification and making it sodifficultthat local authorities would have
it s a kind ofdifficultthing to try to figure
i mean but it sdifficultthough to preserve these sort
provision in scotland it isdifficultto accurately assess the current
maks a mukkil it isdifficultto answer the question is
area where it will bedifficultto anticipate properly and effectively
so to speak it isdifficultto argue that any of
was asking would not bedifficultto arrange it was merely
received were that it isdifficultto assess the resource implications
to follow it it wasdifficultto assess the standard of
age and background it isdifficultto assign ownership to them
covers scottish infrastructure it isdifficultto break down the spend
for another made it objectivelydifficultto classify many of the
aggrieved that it was sodifficultto collect the evidence including
at that time it wasdifficultto come over from any
mentioned that it would bedifficultto comply with a scotland
aspects and although it isdifficultto cover everything in such
and which it could bedifficultto cover in legislation would
baillie has suggested it isdifficultto decide whether scots and
as spey valley it isdifficultto discover what authority exists
with the problem it isdifficultto disentangle the effect of
rules for each it proveddifficultto disentangle the two and
hands yes it s hardlydifficultto do f965: rolly you
to be welcomed it isdifficultto do justice to the
normal year but it isdifficultto do so in a
standpoint and it would bedifficultto enforce such legislation in
the life cycle it isdifficultto establish whether predation has
over supply again it isdifficultto estimate overall demand in
tonnes by netting it isdifficultto estimate the economic contribution
[laugh] well it s kindadifficultto explain because er the
tried to obviously it sdifficultto explain because it was
good yeah uh huh yeahdifficultto f1039: it s an
example is that it isdifficultto finish lambs in scotland
and urban deprivation it isdifficultto foresee any marked improvement
may be unpredictable it isdifficultto generalise but len higson
the report says it isdifficultto get a clear picture
on top it will bedifficultto get a nice level
spirit of encouragement it isdifficultto get a perspective on
a pension package it isdifficultto get independent advice ms
aspirations are it will bedifficultto get into the detail
i know that it isdifficultto get local authorities to
but i am finding itdifficultto get my head round
and he is finding itdifficultto get scottish enterprise to
i accept that it isdifficultto get that message across
it proved to be ratherdifficultto get theatre tickets in
it also states it isdifficultto give a clear cut
than others are it isdifficultto give a simple answer
that david orr it isdifficultto give a specific quantification
later date it would bedifficultto give an undertaking for
learning it would have beendifficultto have had any meaningful
upper deeside study it wasdifficultto identify socioeconomic grouping except
will clearly increase it isdifficultto identify what that impact
that yet as it isdifficultto identify what the support
by the designation it isdifficultto imagine how objective tests
surveillance operations it is notdifficultto imagine that an international
from that engagement it isdifficultto imagine that only a
their different perspectives it isdifficultto imagine the process coming
on it should not bedifficultto include that in every
metalanguage point it would bedifficultto investigate this ambiguous patterning
machines is uneven it isdifficultto justify a national screening
monthly er publication it sdifficultto kind of keep track
take four people it isdifficultto know whether everything has
s hopeless dreams it sdifficultto know which decision would
secondary legislation level it isdifficultto legislate in those areas
read and it s reallydifficultto listen to so bear
no it is it sdifficultto m608: hm f643: perceive
problem is that it isdifficultto measure odour it is
health tobacco bill it isdifficultto measure the effectiveness of
advertising because it is alreadydifficultto obtain the appropriate share
mean that it would bedifficultto operate on the question
or otherwise it would bedifficultto pick up the unscrupulous
the committee it is oftendifficultto pick up where one
in this country it sdifficultto pinpoint the blame still
substantial expenditure while it isdifficultto place a value on
illustrated clearly that it isdifficultto quantify in the abstract
the fact that it isdifficultto quantify the cost of
access it the information isdifficultto reach but it would
this hist- it s bloodydifficultto read and it s
read aloud indeed it isdifficultto read this poem aloud
of james day it isdifficultto reconcile the notion of
borrow it though it sdifficultto say from whom similarly
no longer legal it isdifficultto say that i would
s ye know it sdifficultto say when ye ye
to that point it isdifficultto say whether there is
greater breeding success it isdifficultto say whether this would
teach surviving dialects it isdifficultto see how any of
100 000 ecus it isdifficultto see how such a
anither point that maks itdifficultto see thir tales as
cooncil s daein it sdifficultto see what would have
our shared predicament made itdifficultto separate his views from
work done since it wasdifficultto shake off the feeling
and general grime it wasdifficultto tell where the bus
time m1163: erm it wasdifficultto the point of view
20 so it would bedifficultto update these figures salmon
pipeline projects it will bedifficultto use the initiative to
it would have been somewhatdifficultto write into the statute
guide juan carlos it sdifficulttouring a city with nothing
look okay see that wasnadifficultwas it carry your backpack
ti hear it wesna thatdifficultwes it pompitie continues to
group as it has somedifficultwork to do under a
situation is a bit lessdifficultbecause people can change their
up prices which would bedifficultfor them because food retailing
mean that s a adifficultone because yeah mm f951:
address those concerns which aredifficultto address because they are
deal with the legislation isdifficultto enforce because you cannot
we are getting into adifficultarea and we are doing
a body this is adifficultarea and while we could
b 16 this is adifficultarea as there is clearly
area have to strike adifficultbalance when there is a
in this area those aredifficultbalances to strike i am
well i had answered adifficultquestion my mother rewarded miss
encourage such a culture thedifficultquestion that confronts the first
alan mckeown that is adifficultquestion to answer directly given
david eaglesham that question isdifficultto answer i suppose that
selectively from history is alwaysdifficultand dangerous john young mentioned
decisively thi decision is adifficultane tae mak an ane
g- germany is is isdifficulterm not germans are lovely
s function is in solvingdifficultethical or legal problems where
is going to be sodifficultf807: mmhm mmhm mm f806:
on soveraynetee in mairriage isdifficultfor a stert different ideas
of gm crop trials isdifficultfor ross finnie after all
of a tobacco ban isdifficulti apologise convener but i
that informing people is adifficultissue to resolve in legislation
of health is addressing thedifficultmatters relating to the internet
rights and is involved indifficultmatters such as immigration refugees
appears that is also adifficultmessage to convey as the
the next pill is adifficultone for beth to proceed
two things meet is adifficultpoint i should also put
up what is often adifficultproblem on the ground notoriously
christian writes is parking alsodifficultround moray house christian just
rev iain murdoch that isdifficultthe healthwise materials are all
deciding what that means isdifficultthe only time i have
citizens advice bureau which isdifficultto do if there is
score where social class isdifficultto establish in for example
score where social class isdifficultto establish in rural populations
scale of the tragedy isdifficultto realise on thursday morning
people are poor would bedifficultto quantify do you have
any case compensation would bedifficultto quantify margaret jamieson you
[laugh] i mean all thesedifficultquestions [laugh] yeah i mean
second round by relating thedifficultand dangerous efforts to get
f826: yes mm they redifficultto get aren t they
that politicians have to balancedifficultconsiderations mrs smith the previous
politicians are faced with thedifficultdecision of how to balance
of materials which are otherwisedifficultfor students to obtain stella
has tried to address thedifficultissue of how we balance
to have recourse to thedifficultjargon of psychologists and physicians
people who have the reallydifficultjobs to do are those
s a that s adifficultone to begin with how
in 1999 we took thedifficultoption of choosing to work
to become involved in adifficultperiod for the fishing industry
family to support people indifficulttenancies have we got the
thrappil throat thraw throw thrawartdifficultthreip insist ti to ticht
cairns where they can bedifficultto access by man and
literary materials which are usuallydifficultto access by other means
mouse but she s notdifficultto be a nurse to
to air infiltration can bedifficultto identify one method of
embankment fairly well preserved butdifficultto inspect less than two
we thowt hit wid bedifficultto keep de damp oot
slehead the rudder pin proveddifficultto move and the attempt
could otherwise have been administrativelydifficultto put all the various
of multiple sclerosis which aredifficultto quantify and came up
be available in gaelic proveddifficultto quantify the implementation costs
eadie yes the writing wasdifficultto read pauline mcneill perhaps
as if she had somethingdifficultto say but choked her
be desirable they could bedifficultto sell to procurators fiscal
some victory by some kingdifficultto take in everything the
concentration display lethargy and bedifficultto teach and even disruptive
of different problems which weredifficultto trace i will go
scottish linguistic form which wasdifficultto translate this recognition has
of reasons assize texts aredifficultto use and contain traps
to be advisable may provedifficultwith two possible entrances to
in what had been adifficultyear for everyone and to
with farm work [note: photo: 'the scots greys in the square, stonehaven in 1934.'] thedifficultbalance between keeping men working
the work absorbing although ratherdifficulton the physics side we
has made the next stretchdifficultbut not impossible and once
s spokesman had been madedifficultby his total lack of
time scale has made mattersdifficultfor committee members and that
important that we underline howdifficultlife has occasionally been made
scheme s first year wasdifficultbut that some improvement has
we grow out of thatdifficultyear and ensure that scotland
that tourism has had adifficultyear but recognises and supports
that tourism has had adifficultyear but recognises and supports
staff for working under thosedifficultconditions race relations amendment act
this mindset kin be sairdifficultas hodgart highlichts generation o
form of words will bedifficultbut the current legalistic form
sources may be operating indifficultsituations where the arrival of
mrs warrington politicians take manydifficultdecisions every day on many
job of the police horrendouslydifficultin the eyes of many
sort of skip the reallydifficultstuff f1151: yeah f1150: and
being at university s notdifficulterm i think getting over
the great but kind ofdifficulteccentrics of the scottish literary
not home in on thedifficultlandlords who cause major problems
that the debate has beendifficultfor everybody this has been
given that that has proveddifficultin the past facing the
you know the schools weredifficultand so on f606: mmhm
captain ferguson opted for thedifficultmanoeuvre of reversing in using
quarry from wooded areas ordifficultterrain for dispatch by a
and matter indivisible there weredifficulttimes when i longed for
we are all different anddifficultand have all the usual
the island have always beendifficultthis historical advantage had become
efficiency throughout this long anddifficultday applause i have the
had arrived that was adifficultsituation our members were reporting
that did not reflect thedifficultand complex situation in scotland
that we will tackle thedifficultissues that we care and
[laugh] that was kind ofdifficultso when we cam we
pleased [laugh] that s adifficultword that f1001: [laugh] m1002:
driving at night was ratherdifficultas car lights were taped
by the mounth travel wasdifficultoverland and physical obstacles ensured
sloping decks was becoming increasinglydifficultwith sliding and breaking furnishings
i am still finding conversationdifficultalthough i can read and
f1111: you ve got adifficultone if you re red
the nineteenth century not adifficulttask in the soller region
s nothing evasive cold ordifficultabout him today his sullen
action group etag in adifficultfinancial and international climate commends
ilk a each ill adifficultim v am inby prep
ilk a each ill adifficultim v am ingethert a
got ma clothes off adifficultkind o business considerin eh
his outstanding research acquisition ofdifficultand unusual material and his
drug addiction and the otherdifficultissues faced by our communities
definitive measurement of tourism activitydifficultthe economic significance of tourism

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