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lug an beenie s elbaedigginintae his ribs he didnae
big rab his left elbaedigginintae the saft sand so
tae wither on a windaesilldiggins dot a m no
his spade whan he isdigginhis gairden moula sae shona
guid frein rab rab wesdigginin his gairden whaur hae
took a hand at thisdigginfor gold but for all
there s gangs o themdigginfor gold on the street
the airnin cuttin the gressdigginthe gairden an hunners o
be seen lori is thatdigginah heard tess tess yur
whiles back tess yiv beendigginan gouging clawin up a
mi what s fur thediggintess thone herb gairdin ah
fower ither laddies forbye geordiedigginoot the hole thon day
see they war hard wrochtdigginoot a muckle big hole
weeks and weeks and weeksdigginm642: an ootside toilet eh
there wi his bad backdiggintatties says he s noh
weel kens when you redigginroond hooses der pipes an
an ran on afore herdigginthe taes o her button
next to him you keepdiggini m gonna dribble the
awa fae a bit odiggintae get e car intill

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