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souch bene tint gin haurdskipdingsthaim doun the auld skeills
successfu ower airlie this ennuidingsdoun first o aw sir
fyled it sae nou itdingsye doun in the stour
his caimb snaa smirr ondingsmochy an oorie we thole
anerlie the micht o goddingsthem doon arena five speugs
heicher haun than mortal mandingsae wee faimly doon an
the new year bit snadingson later i div fear
tae tak in for itdingson sna monday 13 temp
0 in the mornin itdingson sna on comes the
o rain sleet en itdingson sna thursday 8th temp
ay liftit up whan truithdingslies kens ay tae keep
time tae lauch afore daithdingsye doon a time tae

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