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whan she haird a suidendirdahint hir she gliskit owre
soothe ding beat dingil ringdirdstrike dirdum uproar dirl clatter
showy dinnle of wheels rumblingdirdbatter dist particles of meal
wipe dinna v do notdirdv beat dirl v vibrate
orm gae on fell medirdme ti daith teir the
canny knack an wi edirdere d be jist a
prince breinged in wi aedirdshe dang aff his heid
out claith on setterday wedirdan skelp clour an as
i the burnie s dreeldirddirlin roon frae tap till
again in a tid tidirdon the weidae s houss
strike dinna v do notdirdv strike disna v does
wul be lown aneuch tidirdon a pot even on
the dawin the watch dinnadirdthair drums the nicht awbodie
dure clasht tae wi adirdthat set the haill biggin
puddok that wearie ae guiddirdan the thing is duin
his heid wi the aedirdan whan ye hae duin
wi ma tongue a ldirdawa for ye awthing that

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