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vehicle would be classed asdirectedrather than intrusive surveillance the
vehicle would be classed asdirectedrather than intrusive surveillance the
onerous intrusive surveillance rather thandirectedsurveillance angus mackay i recalled
define what constitutes intrusive ordirectedsurveillance is it where the
authorisation was for intrusive surveillancedirectedsurveillance or the use of
scottish crime squad to authorisedirectedsurveillance and the conduct and
of bodies that can authorisedirectedsurveillance or the use of
chief constable of the areadirectedsurveillance and the conduct and
royal assent while authorisations fordirectedsurveillance and the use of
relevant public authority to havedirectedsurveillance authorisation as well i
apply for an order fordirectedsurveillance can the minister enlighten
so that they carry outdirectedsurveillance or actions that is
is for the authorisation ofdirectedsurveillance or covert human intelligence
to section 3 authorisation ofdirectedsurveillance the deputy presiding officer
would be required to mountdirectedsurveillance the difficulty would lie
control the difficulty is thatdirectedsurveillance would be involved if
provide exceptions for certain activitiesdirectedat pest control and conservation
provide exceptions for certain activitiesdirectedat pest control and conservation
that efforts must now bedirectedat securing long term sustainable
that efforts must now bedirectedat securing long term sustainable
accompanied by an ironic perspectivedirectedtowards jamie s scottish identity
warm hearted its insider criticismdirectedwith a female perspective and
robbed when lottery funding wasdirectedfrom good works to supporting
the share of lottery fundingdirectedto sport art heritage and
determining whether a source becomesdirectedand in effect comes into
their information becomes important anddirectedwe go to number 74
lifelong restriction which will bedirectedin particular towards serious violent
be vocational it should bedirectedtowards a useful purpose rather
of the report are primarilydirectedtowards chief constables the report
of other jails it wasdirectedtowards ensuring that sex offenders
is currently taking place isdirectedtowards moving in that direction
do pass resolutions which aredirectedtowards relevant government ministers or
clerks simply used the worddirectedbecause using a relationship in
using a relationship in adirectedmanner is key to what
voluntary sector which will bedirectedby government under contract rather
responsibility and that complaints aredirectedto us rather than to
jamie s sharpest irony isdirectedat her country scotland this
of progression the reader isdirectedto the key document in
two rescue ships involved weredirectedto the ship s last
that the guidance should bedirectedat a particular outstanding valuation
1998 99 on i adirectedbasis and ii a voluntary
methods pesticide contamination food advertisingdirectedat children the use of
at which the legislation isdirectedit would not create the
would like better and moredirectedlegislation so that they know
of our 10 targets isdirectedat young women the point
this point my attention wasdirectedto that stack of old
arises from sectarianism or isdirectedat young people from any
sexual behaviour both approaches aredirectedat the same ends but
dictionary which is also beingdirectedby the same joint dictionaries
in linguistics and english teachingdirectedby m a k halliday
english speaking workers and studentsdirectedme to the stylistics dept
and distinctive should not bedirectedby and fulfils different needs
is where policy should bedirectedhowever it is wishful thinking
question would need to bedirectedto either the minister or
though the anticlerical satire isdirectedat the catholic church ad
lot of flak has beendirectedat the executive for the
tone which i perceived wasdirectedat the godlie amang us
misleading the amendment is notdirectedat the real criminality that
off the engine and wedirectedhigh voltage silences at each
atlantic will be reds writtendirectedand starring warren beatty despite
the parole board have notdirectedthat the prisoner be released
in etc ladies will bedirectedto check ins tickets checked
swarmed ashore demanding to bedirectedto the village inn an
plane in difficulties was beingdirectedto fordoun airfield by bill
of the prize winning filmdirectedby michael radford is also
scottish executive whether it hasdirectedcommunities scotland to assess the
and that the industry isdirectedinto areas that are genuinely
pietra the book of stonedirectedby giuseppe bonaviri a kind
friends passerines like me weredirecteddown dark harem like corridors
near the maurice thorez theydirectedme to a trolleybus but
so eh he was dulydirectedtae the timmer [inaudible] m999:
record of achievement higher internaldirectedwriting on behalf of a
going hame efter i vedirectedye tae yours no i

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