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erm going in the oppositedirectiona lot of schools are
being twined in the oppositedirectionand sometimes there was a
to bolt in the oppositedirectionfrom his abusive profanity the
spiral staircase was the oppositedirectionfrom normal f1054: mmhm f1143:
off in diametrically the oppositedirectionfrom the one we wanted
in the in the oppositedirectionso if they were attacked
goes off in the oppositedirectionthat was the thing that
truck going in the oppositedirectionthere s workers up ahead
airn n iron airt ndirectionairtilik a arty amang prep
airmie army airn iron airtdirectionairtin aiming aishan issue amaist
n iron airt n artdirectionaistern a east aistlin a
n arm airt n artdirectionalang prep along amang prep
is given to the principaldirection5 arrangements entered into in
may be specified in thedirectionas respects the principal function
subsection 1 above a principaldirectionmay give a direction under
principal direction may give adirectionunder this subsection a secondary
it is moving in thatdirectionhowever the fact that the
in but more importantly thedirectioni think it s moving
directed towards moving in thatdirectionmr mcgrigor i am sorry
difficulties in moving in thedirectionof that successful legislation south
is moving in the samedirectionthere s1 to 3 is
little were moving in reversedirectionto the educated upper class
a step in the rightdirectionand i hope that the
important step in the rightdirectionand will be beneficial a
a step in the richtdirectionbut it s tokenism eh
a step in the rightdirectionbut the scheme is open
a step in the rightdirectionor is it just tokenism
a major step in thisdirectionthe further package of proposals
a major step in thisdirectionthe further package of proposals
a step in the rightdirectionthere s very little in
people are consulted on thedirectionand the changes that we
of the various changes ofdirectionoff loch ryan some of
for the changes and thedirectionthat we want language lang-
forcing changes in the wrongdirectionwe should not use the
noticed a change in winddirectionin aith the predominant wind
in the field facing thedirectionof the prevailing wind until
under this subsection a secondarydirectionto such other local authority
scottish ministers when giving adirectionunder subsection 1 above a
trend towards over regulation anddirectiondespite the warm words of
sort of towards the rightdirectionso we set up camp
are steps in the rightdirectiontowards access to information and
walked miles in the wrongdirectionbut finally found a metro
trolleybus going in the wrongdirectionthe result was that we
football teams have more appropriatedirectionin future bill aitken there
more often about the futuredirectionof europe today however is
to influence the the futuredirectionof it so finally [laugh]
to consult on the futuredirectionof scottish education and i
to the future development anddirectionof the european union parliament
of the future role anddirectionof the european union similar
not use their power ofdirectionin any way that would
a wide ranging power ofdirectionon the other the first
s functions the power ofdirectionrefers to the sqa s
move forward without control ordirectionfrom of government assist the
we move in the rightdirectionmaclaurin said trying to turn
a move in the rightdirectionmight be the creation of
belated move in the rightdirectionwill the minister confirm that
each december european council thedirectionand performance of the european
can either go in thedirectionof a north european democracy
for me to discuss thedirectionof european policy as it
in its scrutiny of thedirectionof the european economy a
feelings and in the generaldirectionof the goulash wrote something
proceeds in the same generaldirectionthis structure is based on
has wide ranging powers ofdirectionwhich are of a general
said squinting in her generaldirectionwith inhuman blankness unlike joe
in a prison by adirectionmade under the rules due
a person came under thedirectionof an agency or gained
other national agencies under thedirectionof the scottish executive to
paragraph a for the wordsdirectionunder section 29 3 b
into in pursuance of adirectionunder this section must comply
we have had no cleardirectionfrom the eu member states
why the amendments refer todirectioni want to clear up
reasonably clear about what thedirectionis in scotland mary scanlon
few going in the samedirectionand you had to share
the common in the samedirectionas the ogre he soon
are walking in the samedirectionbut the terminus of our
are going in the samedirectionthe ability not to be
punishment insert the words ordirectionare repealed mr jim wallace
b for the words thatdirectionthere is substituted the disqualification
give you the sort ofdirectionin which we re going
exists to give support anddirectionto public infrastructure projects in
sort of driven in thedirectionof particular critics or particular
ask the scottish executive whatdirectionand guidance it has given
variation or termination at thedirectionof the scottish ministers given
being sent in the rightdirectionbecause of publicity sport has
led me in the rightdirectiononce back i phoned ksenia
they consider appropriate such secondarydirectionbeing for or in connection
made the order for adirectionending the disqualification from such
such regulations and with thatdirectionenter into a deferred payment
such regulations and with thatdirectionmake arrangements for the provision
and in accordance with thedirectionsuch payments to a local
and in accordance with thedirectionsuch payments to an nhs
action in line with thedirectionand priorities that are set
we set off in thatdirectionbut couldn t find the
will consider a draft transitionaldirection2 replacing the members interests
participate in politics in anotherdirectioni will perhaps consider writing
a turn in the oppysitdirectiona pulls ma shurt collar
bill has moved in thatdirectionalthough there is potential for
frustrated ambitions in a musicaldirectionand a depressing too long
to the pacific in onedirectionand all the way to
we are working in thatdirectionand i hope that local
times around in an anticlockwisedirectionand the oarsman didn t
ladies he exits in onedirectionandy in the other mr
sauntering almost casually in hisdirectionas though it was out
casting a gaze in mydirectionat first i didn t
was kind of in hisdirectionerm so bill and i
dominates the settlement in everydirectionexcept from the cove road
two correctly positioned receivers anddirectionfinding apparatus in fact three
rationale that sets out thedirectionfor language teaching and in
sniffs loudly in lizzie sdirectionile fool stuff an look
amount of flexibility in thedirectionin allowing people to say
moment it s more thedirectionin which i think things
us to proceed in thedirectionin which we choose to
i say is is thedirectionin which we think we
that has come in thedirectionin which we want to
we will go in thatdirectionis probably an historical inevitability
executive has taken in thatdirectionkenny gibson touched on the
are you heading in thatdirectionmr mcaveety the volume of
we must go in thatdirectionmy colleagues have made points
his shoulders in jimmy sdirectionnot even when victor jooked
held it up in edirectiono the fire be ill
the squeeze on the centraldirectionof council budgets in many
trend is entirely in thedirectionof decreasing barriers if europe
pushing scots prose in thedirectionof english and that s
is toddling away in thedirectionof fiona s house gripping
to swing north in thedirectionof innermessan the topography would
initiative pointing users in thedirectionof instructions for the main
packet looking in the approximatedirectionof my face jimmy tells
window she points in thedirectionof neil s window gladys
who are interested in thedirectionof the information sheet which
virtually no nod in thedirectionof the language o the
and was it in hisdirectionor and fortunately it was
may be specified in thatdirectionpart 3 health health boards
pointed it roughly in mydirectionsaid it winna be loaded
once glancing in margaret sdirectionshe replied unhesitatingly aye aye
so far point in thedirectionthat bill butler identified bill
more in the lifelong learningdirectionthe budget document refers to
extends her hands in everydirectionto a grand house there
the project in a newdirectionto achieve completion by the
that peggy turned in ourdirectionwe were left to our
walrus eyes limply in herdirectionwhat s for tea dear
car only pointed in onedirectionwhen david was in it
whether they agree with thedirectionthat s being proposed and
days and question the wholedirectionof the government i remind
government contrary to the currentdirectionof the scottish executive particularly
woolly use of the worddirectionwas used by the defence
a more peaceable and gracefuldirectionthis kind of speculation is
you are suggesting is thedirectionthat we want to discuss
considered a complete change ofdirectiona new career you could
glass called for a newdirectionbut were jolted and shoved
to take new powers ofdirectionover the fire service is
i seek to clarify whichdirectionthe minister will choose to
witnesses before we decide whichdirectionto take do we agree
organisation that had purpose anddirectionfurthermore it said that youth
critical mass of projects thedirectionfor leveraging investment into capital
lookit that we follaed thedirectiona ees finger doon ablow
the number of waivers fromdirectionapplied for and i refused
whether the police received anydirectionfrom the crown office on
uh oof uh from thedirectionof wee andy s room
the schedule sets out thedirectionthat the plan will take
is no policy and nodirectionthe first minister has skived
s thinking profoundly influenced thedirectionand development of the young
function is to offer strategicdirectionand effective monitoring of progress
to the next generation politicaldirectionlies with the executive where
the street ibsen s stagedirectionrowland greetings to you sir
expressed my unease about thedirectionthat the debate is taking
i am uneasy about thedirectionthat the debate is taking
lauderdale ld i welcome thedirectionthat the statement takes it
through having its own economicdirectionbased on scottish needs that
er er grumpy old persondirectionbut f963: mm mmhm f965:
s awa it winna takdirectionbit loo me noo for
coursed hare by rapidly changingdirectionat each spool dogs can

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