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bonny an fine wast windisblaw a a the time
monday 17th temp sooth windisblaw a damp warm air
the north roch raw windisblaw affa bare win fin
oot o the sooth windisblaw again an slowly slowly
10 yon strong north windisblaw again fine day taewards
cool north win hale daydisblaw an ere s a
rainfall 2 16 east windisblaw an it s affa
cauld an bleak sooth windisblaw an slowly slowly shifts
north wast win hale daydisblaw blawin intae us a
temp 0 5 sooth windisblaw blustery an cauld wrap
the wast a strong windisblaw blustery bit warm nae
5 rainfall 2 16 winddisblaw cauld an bare for
temp 3 5 sooth windisblaw cauld an bare wither
strong north win hale daydisblaw cauld eneuch i wid
19 still strong north windisblaw comes oot sae fine
warm sooth win hale daydisblaw dampnes in the air
gran day bit blustery windisblaw dee awa wi winter
sooth win the hale daydisblaw dry a a day
strong sooth win hale daydisblaw dry is the day
wast win the hale daydisblaw ere s a fer
maistly dry cauld north windisblaw ere s a sleety
for the day north windisblaw ere s shoors o
a cauld north win itdisblaw ere s shoors o
the day cauld sooth windisblaw every noo an again
temp 3 8 cauld windisblaw fae the sooth wast
north win the hale daydisblaw fine an dry gey
win gale force hale daydisblaw fine dry day my
cauld north win hale daydisblaw forecast i doot wid
fae the north cauld windisblaw forecast i feel cood
sna dry foreneen strong windisblaw friday 25 temp 2
north win gale force itdisblaw hale day lang it
win gey near gale forcedisblaw in the mornin throo
day lang gale force windisblaw intae us sleet an
been affa wild north windisblaw it s neen ower
blustery win the hale daydisblaw jist aboot dry och
the north pir o windisblaw keep on winter claes
gale force sooth win stilldisblaw later on quait it
the sooth a cauld windisblaw licht shoor o rain
mile the oor sooth windisblaw maist miserable day at
pir o win hale daydisblaw maistly dry wi a
gale force win hale daydisblaw my forecast i doot
strong win the hale daydisblaw nae a bad day
mair hale day the windisblaw on us gey sair
thats a affa surprise windisblaw oot o the north
force win fae the soothdisblaw rain in the mornin
fae the wast strong windisblaw richt damned cauld spleetry
sooth win the hale daydisblaw richt fine day crisp
strong frosty win intae usdisblaw richt sharp day forecast
fae the north the windisblaw rise tae a fyte
sooth win the hale daydisblaw sae fine an dry
roch sooth win intae usdisblaw saft bit roch maks
hale day lang wast windisblaw saturday 29th temp 3
cauld win the hale daydisblaw shoors o sleet an
cauld sooth win hale daydisblaw slowly slowly sna dis
keeps cool pir o windisblaw taewards nicht a licht
north win the hale daydisblaw taewards nicht it s
still the north win itdisblaw technicolor ere wis a
some o hail north windisblaw the force is gale
tarin north win hale daydisblaw thochts div say cauld
2 16 gale force windisblaw throo the nicht puckles
hale day lang sooth windisblaw thursday 26 temp 0
win fae the wast itdisblaw warm air a richt
comes oot fine north windisblaw wednesday 23rd temp 3
sooth win the hale daydisblaw win maks the day
sooth win like a liondisblaw win strengthens as the
blaw hale day lang itdisding on sna winter a
dis blaw slowly slowly snadisgaun awa thursday 22 temp
the mornin en the daydischange rain taewards nicht in
6 16 hale foreneen itdispoor o rain en taewards
the grain taewards nicht itdispoor o rain monday 13
fine day taewards nicht itdisrain friday 20 temp 6
again an taewards nicht itdisrain thursday 13 temp 12
fine day taewards nicht itdisrain thursday 29 temp 2
taewards nicht tae rain itdistry friday 14th temp 5
taewards nicht tae rain itdistry saturday 22 temp 6
rainfall 6 16 sooth windisrise this day eence mair
again durin the day witherdisbide dry frost sets in
tae see wither of coorsedisbide dry unhealthy wither as
wither for the day itdisbide fair friday 3 temp
an for the wither itdisbide fair monday 23 temp
tries tae rain bit witherdisbide fair saturday 15th temp
frost dis loup bit witherdisbide fair wednesday 30 temp
sinny warm as weel witherdischange cood rain i feel
the mornin affa mild witherdischange gruws affa wild shoors
raw durin the day witherdischange it dis rain in
richt frosty mornin en witherdischange poors o rain in
frost in the mornin witherdischange starts tae rain in
tae a thickness the witherdisclear dull grey an weet
be mid eftemeen the witherdisclear richt fine nicht gies
in simmer attire wither noodisgang hay wire monday 6th
comes as nae surprise witherdisit s best tae be
the mornin eence mair frostdisloup bit wither dis bide
s warm an fine witherdisrain come nicht time tuesday
day wither dis change itdisrain in the heavy range
gweed o the wither fermerdistak as he finishes aff
gran day later on witherdisthaw thursday 6th temp 0
tae sna or rain witherdistry saturday 11th temp 1
tae rain sair the witherdistry sunday 26 temp 8
rain the hale day itdistry wither for this day
is the win bit itdisbide fair buy a pie
win dis rise bit itdisbide fair sunday 23rd temp
air win fae the northdisfeel bare monday 4 temp
pir o win cooler itdisfeel friday 6th temp 8
oor beens wi cauld windisfill saturday 18th temp 0
win wi cauld oor beensdisfill tv mannie says it
bit o win an raindispoor efterneen is dry bit
hale day lang the raindispoor strong win oot o
an clear en the windisrise again i div fear
sae bonny an dry windisrise as the day wears
div rise en the windisrise at s nae a
in o the air windisrise bit it dis bide
sae fine an mild windisrise bit neen ower wild
a fer pir o windisrise fresh air at last
dry an fair en windisrise intae us it dis
win dis us greet windisrise it blaws oot o
sultry en pir o windisrise rain come nicht och
oot dry cauld north windisrise tuesday 17 temp2 10
north east win intae usdistare sunday 20th temp 1
the win intae us stilldistare thursday 4th temp 8
a lee at the glessdistell win blaws fae the
bare north win oor patiencedistry tuesday 15th temp 2
weet rain gangs aff windisus greet win dis rise
air hale day lang itdisbide fair monday 17 temp
for the hale day itdisbide fair sunday 22 temp
air hale day lang itdisbide fair sunday 7th temp
the hale day lang itdisbide fair tuesday 16th temp
haar the hale day itdishing aboot affa dull an
hale day lang the fogdishing aboot dry bit nae
for the hale day raindispoor an for me the
hale day lang heavy raindispoor aye an for me
2 16 hale foreneen itdispoor o rain dull an
hale day lang the raindispoor of coorse for me
hale day lang the sindisshine wednesday 6th temp 12
tries sair tae rain itdisbide dry sin peeps throo
oot throo the nicht frostdisloup again damp bit dry
23rd temp 3 5 frostdisloup oot throo the nicht
9 temp 0 10 frostdisloup oot throo the nicht
oot throo the nicht raindispoor clears up afore the
15th temp 5 18 sindisshine fae mornin throo tae
tae peep throo the sindistry fae the north pir
tae peep throo the sindistry saturday 4th temp 15
tae peep throo the sindistry thursday 22nd temp 2
dae you bide ootside ordiedisa lot o folk spikk
blaws oot o the eastdisbide dry day cood easy
spit or twa bit itdisbide dry oot comes the
day tae be och itdisbide dry richt fine tae
at least this day itdisbide dry tae get the
at last a day thatdisbide dry warmth in the
16 richt fine the daydisbide dry wi sin we
maist o the day itdisbide fair july tuesday 1st
sin peeps oot an itdisbide fair sunday 15 temp
tries tae rain bit daydisbide fair sunday 15th temp
air gran day an itdisbide fair sunday 25 temp
s affa cauld bit itdisbide fair sunday 2nd temp
is the sin bit itdisbide fair the sweet pea
spit or twa bit itdisbide fair thursday 28th temp
fine tae gang aboot itdisbide fair thursday 3 temp
wrap up weel an itdisbide fair trees noo lose
dis move in bit itdisbide fair tuesday 19th temp
chilly for june bit itdisbide fair tuesday 2 temp
rain tae bide dry itdisdecide ere s jist a
bare an ney very langdisit bide fair en the
rainfall 1 16 this daydisjist aboot bide dry bit
day tae the midges itdisappeal wednesday 17 temp 5
the day tae rain itdisbegin tuesday 4th temp 6
at s efter the haardisclear awa thursday 21st temp
fair in the efterneen athingdisdreep saturday 15th temp 1
aye come nicht the snadisfa sunday 18 temp 1
temp 5 9 het airdishit me as i step
12 temp 8 12 crocusdislook sae bonny an bricht
1 temp 1 1 frostdisloup an on comes the
aye slowly slowly the snadismelt awa wednesday 4 temp
fae the sky the raindispoor monday 26th temp 7
o the day the raindispoor sunday 7th temp 8
soor thunner an lichtnin raindispoor thursday 10 temp 13
aff o me the sweatdispoor wednesday 12th temp 3
o the sky the raindispoor wednesday 29 temp 9
feels a bit cooler haardisremain june sunday 1st temp
the rain ices fate itdisseal sunday 12th temp 3
3rd temp 12 18 sindisshine fae mornin tae nicht
an again tae rain itdistry friday 21st temp 0
pit in crap the fermerdistry thursday 10th temp 5
the efterneen tae rain itdistry thursday 20th temp 2
bit tae rain it ferrlydistry tuesday 21 temp 11
dry tae keep warm abodydistry wedesday 21 temp 2
temp 5 17 this daydisturn oot richt fine richt
later on some sin itdisus greet friday 24 temp
clears up later on sindisus greet sunday 24 temp
weet mist then the daydischange on comes the rain
en on comes the raindisclear up en back tae
weet efter the rain sindiscome oot a richt fine
weet neen ower dry raindisease as the day wears
fae the sky the raindisferrly poor it s affa
doot eence or twice itdisoffer tae rain day is
aa at eence the raindispoor aye an for me
en later on the raindispoor doon ere s nae
3 in the mornin itdispoor o rain en clears
en be mid day itdispoor o rain fitba crazy
maist o the day raindispoor richt sorry sicht fermer
keep cool later on raindispoors doon again gey middlin
dry a fyle en itdisrain again monday 2 candlemass
s best tae be drydisrain as the day wears
fer bit o change stilldisrain bit nae in the
rain in the mornin itdistry aboot midday note turns
rain in the mornin itdistry in the efterneen ere
tae rain this day itdistry sair gled tae say
frae areas o the maistdishealth in the maitter o
sister s pairtie masha whitdisit maitter ah l be
guid lookin or smert whitdisit maitter ah l wurk
day reads the paper whitdisit maitter it l aw
the packet whaurever that isdisit maitter pompitie no at
see thaim claerlie still whitdisit maitter thay leeve foraye
the emperor s pailace whitdisit maitter ti him gin
on yeirsell ma lord whatdisit maitter wha kens it
look eftir hissell but whitdisit really maitter whuther the
touch his bodie michtie whitdisthat maitter ah ve touched
grun fyte like sna frostdispersist a winter sark tae
frost in the air frostdisstick in cauld an bare
day ava slowly the snadisbegin tae melt awa sits
an weet slowly slowly countrysidedisdreep en be midday it
surprise wid you believe itdisstart tae sna aye bit
still dry an fine daydislack a wee bit o
faimily dis yer washin drydisyer mither peg it onno
at yer feet skyscraper faimilydisyer washin dry dis yer
dis rise intae us itdistear see the grun begin
poor richt sorry sicht fermerdismak monster combine maks a
oot o the sky itdispoor an for me the
in the mornin en sindiscome oot fine winters day
swear midge intae us itdisferrly tear en be efterneen
tae see en the forstdisloup fit wull it be
16 an entry mornin itdisturn oot tae be en
her brither hid slept thegitherdisda dis neil ken na
dis waader we sood gitdisfeeneesht daday the man handed
pictirs but you guessed hitdisis aa aboot dis location
hit dis is aa abootdislocation so dat widna
in o the air haardismove in bit it dis
hid slept thegither dis dadisneil ken na he disna
lykes aye ti be differentdisshona eilidh she dis that
different dis shona eilidh shedisthat they r aye argie
his head im blyd udiswaader we sood git dis
och nae much ata sindiscome oot an shines sae
s a better story sindiscome oot in a a
change be efterneen the sindiscome oot richt fine nicht
mak up its mind sindiscome oot tae us it
in the efterneen the sindiscome oot turns oot nae
fae mornin tae nicht sindisshine affa bonny an bricht
11 rainfall 2 16 sindisshine an it poors o
fae the start the sindisshine bit step o the
affa het as the sindisshine roasts yon peely wally
us strong pat bj howdisa bairn like you wur
like a burn fae medisfa fermer affa busy wi
affa heavy an my heiddisthump ere s mair than
need dee da nicht furdisbag is sae heavy an
nicht l macbeth an whandishe leave macbeth he ettils
this fine day tae medisappeal friday 23 temp2 2
range hope against hope daydischange canna help bit feel
taing an still burn tadisday in norrowa atween fiords
the day macbeth ay hedishe s arranged ti gang
dere du vagaboond come ondisis dy day fur da
tomb aw day whit differencedisit mak naething maitters the
if she s a daydisshe ay look as if
day although i see dianedistak in a veesit tae
rainfall 2 16 this daydisturn oot nae bad ava
you kent this fine pausedisyur hert ken hate hate
tuesday mr martin dies exdistreasurer contact d c re
water intae us it ferrlydisbatter be efterneen er s
noo mither nature at lastdisrelent she pit fear intae
come iv coorse fin itdisere s nae upplin or
teen aff the grun fermerdisgrin ere s a big
shuirlie get da court fordisan a ve naebodie ti
invitation tae da lanch odisbook but incase he dusna
wi da police an phonindiseen an dat magnus s
thocht lu da better takdisgate an be dune wi
point da discussion widens ootdisidea isna restricted t d
lik tryin no ta spilldisis da time fur singin
wisna upo da nort boatdispast helly she laft lerook
o language but and atdispoint da discussion widens oot
ti the owrancer whit sdissays lu da sicna honour
better fur da language asdistextin hit pits me tae
da muckle brünnie noo bedistime da second peerie grice
aised or shifted an bedistime we kent da whole
muckle weekit wolf is makkindiswye snib da door fur
yon muckle wolf is makkindiswye so da twaa o
richt oot then cause shedisthe hinmaist photie i showed
1 16 country side noodisbegin tae dreep warm an
whit the shi- scottish parliamentdisand whit wey it warks
fou the haill tyme whitdishe care gin new laws
ir here an whit differencedisit mak masha blether blether
wunner whit ailed hir merciedisit no tell ye in
git peyed for whit shedismalcolm malcolm she gits hir
sou s troch an whitdisshe finnd but the sou
doun the brae an whitdisshe see but an wuld
he crosses himself thorfinn whitdisthat fouterin mean thirlman the
staigh an cu nanse whitdisthat mean puddok it means
we war bairns than whitdisthat siller faucon mean on
fur you so tak youdisan mak awa oot ower
wurds he s said whaurdishe hing oot thir days
juist sornin tae the pintdisoniebodie oot there mind or
that s what she ayedisshe s makkin oot she
how to respond i meandisskriipin by biggin hooses oot
muckle spyled pettit lump hedischase rubbits bit he niver
aye bit what the fuckdishe say silence stew ah
a bit prayer first thorfinndisthat bring saucht til a
street bit the wifie atdisthe shewin jonsar said aye
frieda morrison man bit itdisyer hairt gweed tae get
academic objectivity lookin back atdisclasses noo twartree years laetir
noo tell me this fadisthe sewin in your hoose
a see noo mither naturedistreat us wi contempt tae
jilly show us pat howdisa bairn like you wur
ed bein yin o usdisthat noh mean we should
thone rantin an ravin shidiswhen shi hears us makin
olga laughs ay sae hedisah think he suits the
actually wrytes poems sae hedisbut jokin asyde this wul
belangs the cloister an saedisma capital an there s
wye at side o pigdissae i dinna ken fit
o the riddils shuirlie itdisthay caw him sae for
he wis joost maachtless bedistime sae he led him
is cut af malcolm whatdishe mean at aw macduff
mean speired the sangsters fitdisit mean it s the
thinkin aboot yeirsell ir yedisit mean naething ti ye
time safe what the fuckdisthat mean dimps only time
lood syne looder still fitivirdisthat mean speired the sangsters
ye dee wullie went ondisthat mean ye winna be
castle an e kirk spiresdisa place need tae be
critical or academic writin andisapplies tae insignificant undergraduates right
teachers hae tae promote scotsdiscurrent publishin serve the needs
d language i use indisessay iz an attempt tae
a ting t be acquireddisis especially pertinent tae onybody
again an drink psalms takdisjug tae dy faider i
authorial intrusion houanever the devicedisserve tae firmlie pit the
feelin even if naething elsedistae be savin e life
the ower big uniform onythindistae dee in someither body
hamlet leid juist is siclykedistae the lave o humanitie
tae memory in addition tdistwartree critics will hiv been
see that supposed tae bookdisyer heid in sadie switches
fuckin doll what the fuckdisa doll ken doll s
gardening project seriously dimps howdishe ken aboot the gairdnin
eence she s beddit foodisjock dow ken that isie
road they re airtin caithnessdisoniebodie ken if donalbain is
song aw aw naw nawdisshi ken the zeb manny
zone cammy how the fuckdisstew ken oanythin boot wee
ah dinna want him mankitdisthe queen ken he is
f961: well you usually kendistime o year you can
a priest mair nor shedisa doctor may god forgie
jilly jilly how much mairdisshe want she s got
on the lichts an asksdisthat please you eence mair
is mair ti the pyntdisyae favor no deserr anither
imagination an naething mair itdisye nae credit a pause
be a saint at strayeddisfar nort at cared aboot
unfamiliar and supposedly superior languagedissaam phenomenon is written aboot
the men he still commandsdisnaething athoot tellin aw lealtie
like two houses on firedisshe still love ye she
cheese cheese chee eese againdise bugger think i m
deep rooted reasons fur writindisessay in d dialect although
me an helen fur christmasdisyear bjorn s first christmas
s borderlands wid come intadiscategory writin dt crosses boarders
he ll he ll comedisnext simmer i f961: mmhm
idea dt a question likdiswill come up so will
o d language employed indisessay 2 jane tompkins me
needn d bathroom jane indisessay does manage t introduce
o me like he usuallydisi wis fean he d
subvert dat sam idea butdisintroduction u d personal voice
is imposed dt says dtdisiz d right wy t
t introduce d personal anddismaaks her essay readable and
d status u d consumerdismethod duzna encourage auneebudy t
spoakn be d wrytr odispoaim if doo dusna lik
creepin t d syd odissaam loch t test d
o d hill appear indisspontaneous mirror d soond u
spik in d dialect aforedisteacher a savage roarin at
we lairnt it d skuildiswid be an expluraishn o
we wir bein telt datdiswiz d institutionally sanctioned wy
it dt whin i writediswy d words seems aileeun
ta makk me prefer datdisexhibition gud nae farder nort
very wye o his graandfaiderdisis nae place for flytin
her that says it aadisit nae if mr mcfarlane
but ye wul see itdisnae guid praying jesus christ
for aw the guid itdisye a hae nae douts
melts nae ice valgerd naitherdisyeir tears gunlöd ye never
slitherin sleekit serpent the yindisaw the tale cairrin tess
myle that s what hedisforordnar they aw dae that
s tellin lees tellin storiesdisit aw the time krista
snak at aw ay hedisthat aunsert the loun for
me in juist in tymedisyeir teeth chitter at aw
o science an commerce botdisat raelie necessitat at oor
jane in her essay highlightsdisfact o academic discoors dt
irish sea a dinosaur fitdishe ett a herd o
the neck o him whadishe think he is ah
wys o writin i caadisidea creative criticism ur creative
dae spik as weel asdisimposition o a linguistic norm
sood be meyd clear dtdisis joost waan wy o
shö wanted ta create adislocated image o me a
o assisi couldna kyemp widispale nordern straand a glisk
poetry and his prose seesdissaam idea in terms o
f960: with de liftin odisstuff an it s aafil
o things ___ at thatdisthis foo how man a
o a nordern laand ___disthis wir our hidmost final
on 1 3 99 fitdisdad dee he s a
3 ___ strynd inherited traitdisthis stricks strikes lem earthenware
yin look it me andisa paul fuckin daniels she
it s the wey shedishir heid irena ah l
s gane an aa shedisis scauld foo pleased she
chatterboax isn t she racketdisma heid in carolanne she
froon she cannae wash butdisshe fash naw she jist
surprised ti hear that whadisshe git on wi moula
i dinna care fit shedisshe telt minnie as miss
she wants ti see medisshe weill ye can tell
gie me for ma yairndisae favor no deserr anither
gie me for ma yairndisae favor no deserr anither
makes me feel sick agnesdisit weel it minds me
you re perverse sadie whydisme yaisin the same ashtray
alang wi hit evin ifdisprogram doesna loo me yun
gaed in as it ayedisan the yungest son seein
maun boo an boo itdisas it breenges on a
sicht it wes macduff whatdishe dae malcolm he hings
is the curving shore houdisit aye keep cummin inti
live on ma ain whaurdisit hurt in ma breist
ane hirpilt up an saiddisit no belang the knicht
a tuith for a tuithdisit no say a wyfe
bairn s nick nacks thatdisit said hir man whan
noh gonnae laugh if hedisit thru a doll dimps
course it did matter itdismatter silence lee ah could
for der backs an butdisf960: mmhm [sniff] f961: norwegian
master of arts degree andisguidance wiz helpful doo lairns
hed ta luik serene andislocated multi cultural an skilled
up til the fowk heredisnaething but eat drink an
stirlin s laachter an idisquiet place a wagtail micht
traitors l macduff awbodie thatdisthat is a traitor an
never cums hame whan hedisai ah dout he winna
a deep roch vyce aydishe aunsert the loun for
a fairmer fit kinna beastsdishe hae aa kines fit
in the stable than hedisin the hoose he s
the baron the wey hedisor sumthing the baron lost
throu the hole ai littildisma bonnie wee lass on
in his haunds ma laddiedisyeir naig ever kick at
leaves through the door lennoxdisthe keing ettil ti leave
a third quaisten ti follaedisyeir hawk ever pyke at
fock ta do up anddiswas juist f960: i see
a hame dimps so wheredissteve stae cammy wi uncle
a sleepin man s moodiswi at e mochs meevet
ye war born ah daursaydisthe halie bible no say
oh right mmhm f960: butdisis in ower at innersand
t use first neems throughootdislook at idder fauks theories
at that taing flat promentarydisthis atween between minded remembered
dan hae a skoit atdiswebsite www transcript review org
geordie seemed ta tink atdiswis aa right so i
draiglin hogney spiered anither quaistendisyeir hound ever snak at
thum silence tess nature ayedishur dyin slow like pause
salt suddern southern kyemp competedisthis glisk glimpse smush drizzle
muttering to fetch some winedisthis kimmer git peyed for
never heed dee you familiardisthis yokit yoked bend harness
ye say shona yeir feelinsdisye credit no monie mithers
bairn like you wur howdisa bairn protect itsell silence
use files though naebody elsedisand size fir flavourin e
in the shetland dictionary howivurdisbook will certainly help tawards
delled in ta s- getdisfoond for de hoose f961:
critical writin and creative writindisi wid say maks writers
essay beyond literary darwinism sumsdisidea up weel those who
a wun as far asdisitime tym did du evir
face bates hearin dy namedisleirsman wang du s efter
forms mony a pool countysidedislook like a quilt fermer
leeve son lyke the birdsdismither l macduff on wurms
wir been lairnt a codedisrecent reflection maed my mind
deid deid silence cammy whydissteve never take a lift
wrong they ve done stewdisthat noh make a difference
lees son is awbodie thatdisthat traitors l macduff awbodie
braw said another voice naebiddydisthe king like oor murray
mak your ain gaet idiswirld a m med up
hit seems to kerry ondisyear dey ve relaxed de

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