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a near modal an adistantmodal near modals express proximity
time factuality and social familiaritydistantmodals express distant time usually
social familiarity distant modals expressdistanttime usually in the past
carrying our flag to fardistantshores a large and happy
tease us with views ofdistantmountain ranges ahead and the
a pause from outside adistantambulance siren rises and fades
perceive the eu to bedistantthat has led to the
meanin meaning near modal sdistantmodal s ability can could
shattered rainbow bon accord faedistantports the warld s bree
only din the clatter odistanttea cups grandad only his
minutes i jumped with everydistantscream and dog bark thinking
of dracula we float pastdistantwalls of sacred shrines where
wee shrew moose an thedistantskreich o a houlet huntin
that aa the relations andistantanes met m1042: we we
all equal say but thosedistantfields of fury preserve anger
the packed church listening todistantsinging and incantations peering through
darkness i can see adistanttrail of lighter smoke and
ruins was being cleared thedistantterraces had the appearance of
grain certainly other products todistantlands possibly its traffic may
great mountain cleft with itsdistantview of palma and the
black shells they watched thedistantorange arteries stream across the
quickly fell asleep despite thedistantsound of agitated singing and
ahead and the ever moredistantvalleys below the rain was
it s a vague anddistantmemory for me m1174: well
near the seafront in thosedistanttimes john reflected hangings were
i will digress into thedistantpast in the mid 1980s
first words they contrast adistantpast with a very specific
in their heads outside adistantice cream van chimes when
no common feature in thosedistantdays and it certainly was
hine awa is far awaydistantricht is right just fan
wee buggers he shows medistantbennachie with mither tap glassing
made not in the fardistantfuture but in the session
retire in the not toodistantfuture it is a year
hope in the not toodistantfuture will have the same
up to sleep music filtereddistantand evocative through diffuse fronded
afford a view of moredistantsnow capped peaks the first
somewhere else very soft verydistantthe words are spoken uttered
confusion of words from adistanttime has lefr you with
indecisive path juggernauts growl ondistantcarriageways those incandescent moons in
and cloistered place in thosedistantdays but in this year
boundary chain with others moredistanteach fortress is within the
seem even more complex anddistantfrom the people who already
the shorter section at thedistantorphanage treatment of time there
is perceived rightly to bedistantfrom its citizens elitist undemocratic
believe the union to bedistantfrom the citizen a lot
to trade gold from thedistantkingdom of mali which the
of salmon by fishing indistantwaters has been greatly reduced
of dishes and the nowdistantkitchen floor detachedly turning he
two weeks cloud and claritydistantthunder and lightning flashes and
field of vision while adistantniagara sounds in my ears
knows perhaps he is adistantrelation of mine as my
up urban area lay thedistantbackdrop of the sierra de
s a few like reallydistantit s like mum s
bens an mist haps thedistantcraigs ma lang retreat is
his childhood abandonment by thedistantmargaret stevenson for as long
have to trek out todistantsupermarkets mr mcaveety we need

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