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polling district or those pollingdistrictsand insert post code area
leave out polling district ordistrictsand insert post code area
forming dsfbs in all salmondistrictsdsfbs exist in 52 of
forming dsfbs in all salmondistrictsfunding of dsf control of
of dsfbs in all salmondistrictssome of the districts which
salmon districts some of thedistrictswhich have not yet formed
of scotland s 83 salmondistricts40 the asfb is keen
scotland s 83 salmon fisherydistrictsdo not have a dsfb
times vary between salmon fisherydistrictsbut are usually from about
change the boundaries of existingdistrictsvary the weekly close time
for that district or fordistrictswhere a board has not
the present system of salmondistrictsshould be replaced with a
will consult on business improvementdistrictsas recommended by local government
we will establish business improvementdistrictsinvolving public private partnerships to
a lot of the farmingdistrictsof scotland not only the
of farming in the croftingdistrictsof the north and west
the count of rosellon sdistrictswere valldemossa including esporles and
heat and pupils from outlyingdistrictshad arrived the amount of
weekend fairly pleasant around mostdistrictsof edinburgh forecast for june
which are in the hilldistrictsof central sri lanka where
and in all the countrydistrictsyou tilted the plate towards
problem is that some registrationdistrictsare not coterminous with council
i 2 north east dialectdistrictstaken from o dell and
beggars who wandered round particulardistrictsat regular intervals being given
the foon but in somedistrictsthey had shanks like upright
and moray the old administrativedistrictsof grampian region in the
me right all day indistrictsnae ower far fae e
of glasgow s more salubriousdistrictshe was very proud of

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