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blue puddle dead in aditcha pipistrelle spreads its wings
the forest dead in aditcha pipistrelle spreads its wings
to return to classical normsditchrhyme and try to use
it wi me ye cannaditchit bury it ditch it
canna ditch it bury itditchit bury it whitiver ye
re bashed f1097: in theditchm1098: ditch you re in
f1097: in the ditch m1098: ditchyou re in the trees
birks an orra scrub editchwis ere bit though it
drain or some kinna aditchin anaith it s nae
ey d howkit an openditchtae kep an drain e
burn f1024: stream or aditchaye f1025: mmhm f1026: a
yes burn f1024: burn streamditchf1026: burn f1024: stream or
fairm track wi a deepditchat ae side an a
e fairm track an editchwi its fool water an
aye f1025: mmhm f1026: aditchis no really a runnin
shak shake shaw show sheuchditchshilpit feeble shougil waggle shuir
e slow darkness o editchfite foam spread oot roon
position enhanced by a broadditchexcavated round the mound by
bank of earth an aditchon e ootside plantit on
hid their shoes in theditchon the way to school
won as far as editchan we stoppit at e
tae yer healthy attitude yerditchthe baggage go tae europe
erm found her down aditchin the corsa mmhm f1154:
could you go down aditchand not know but it
the car was down aditchfor two days with her
the headless cat in theditchpays little heed it converses

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