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it mither wheisht queen adiva div a wush ah
wheisht queen a div adiva wush ah wes deid
oniething ava nanse ai ahdivwush ah coud believe ye
from offstage ochone ochone ahdivwush ah coud hae ma
bryde o ye ai ahdivwush that wes true aunsert
koolyghin irena ye ken ahdivwush ye d finnd yeirsell
sumthing yae day ai ahdivhowp it happens suin gin
the sterns dwyne awa ahdivhowp neist year wul be
ah howp sae ai ahdivhowp sae ah m sair
ah howp sae ai ahdivhowp sae nanse ah m
ma haill lyfe sae ahdivhowp this wean wul growe
macbeth a howp the horsesdivrin weill a guid ryde
win dis rise again idivfear watch the furrow on
gale force win fin wedivrise blawn throo rain at
poorin o rain fin wedivrise canna say at s
inch o sna fin wedivrise canna say thats a
coverin o sna fin wedivrise canna say thats a
frosty wi sna fin wedivrise day comes oot fine
wi nae win fin wedivrise day comes oot gran
in the mornin fin wedivrise dry an quait noo
jist aboot dry fin idivrise en poors o rain
bitterly cauld mornin fin wedivrise en the win dis
jist aboot dry fin wedivrise nae mair rain noo
poorin o rain fin wedivrise och at comes as
jist aboot dry fin wedivrise poors o rain nae
in the mornin fin wedivrise poors tae late efterneen
inch o sna fin wedivrise sna for the day
s ferrly cauld fin wedivrise turns oot a fine
rule an weet fin wedivrise turns oot dry cauld
sna dings on later idivfear thursday 2nd temp 2
mair winter claes on idivheap win an sna the
cauld eneuch for sna fowkdivpit on some winter cloot
hale day dis blaw thochtsdivsay cauld eneuch for sna
snotterie lik neb spiers whaurdivee cum frae ma lord
ill thing dae ye thinkdivee ken ocht aboot this
1209 the wyld flouer mandivee ken thon auld caird
taks ma lamp an girnsdivee ken whit tyme it
um maun yid fur whydivee na pit yer teeth
threi til fowre hunner yeirdivee na think n nae
the twae yetts whit wutdivee nae think roberton schuil
letter aa credit til umdivee no think ay contergates
schuil ae blithsome hertitsome sichtdivee no think the oreeginal
thaim to ferapont crossly whitdivee want ferapont whit eh
hev tae mak fur oorselsdivee wonner n whan a
be it irena ai ahdivhate that kynd o thing
beir it needle ai yedivlyke ti mak things difficult
hale day lang oor beensdivcheel friday 4th temp 0
fae a weet mist wedivcower thursday 6th temp 5
february for a fyle idivdeclare sunday 22 temp 5
day it cood rain idivfear wednesday 20th temp 15
at eence at ease idivfeel friday 16th temp 6
o win an chilpy wedivfeel friday 23rd temp 2
day bit fer wabbit idivfeel friday 30th temp 8
be oor mair wabbit idivfeel saturday 18 temp 6
sin peeps throo happy idivfeel saturday 22nd temp 2
an miserable hale day idivfeel sunday 26th temp 4
temp rainfall 2 16 wedivfeel the warmth in o
rain noo an again idivfeel tuesday 7th temp 6
fer drookit tae skin idivfeel wednesday 15th temp 6
a breath o air idivfroon thursday 9 temp 9
o rain oorsel s wedivhap monday 10th temp 2
a wee pir win midgiesdivhide thursday 26th temp 6
wid this be simmer idivhope so wednesday 9th temp
o the air oor beensdivjeel thursday 27th temp 0
28th temp 3 17 idivlook oot in great dismay
wee bit shelter ey surleydivlook wednesday 19th temp 8
cast winter cloot warnin bellsdivring tuesday 10 temp 3
cauld an affa snell idivsay monday 15th temp 10
sin taewards nicht fine idivsay sunday 10 temp 5
mair days like this idivsay wednesday 12th temp 4
on rain my heid idivshak saturday 15 temp 5
hurl on a combine eydivtak thursday 7th temp 11
tae keep oorsels warm wedivtry saturday 7 temp 0
an tae keep warm idivtry thursday 19 temp 2
day tae bide cool idivtry tuesday 17th temp 8
bessie i dinna gladys yedivbessie i dinna gladys ye
aul wordies hersel gladys idivbessie she s ower young
bessie responding instantly weel youdivforget things gladys you have
though every day bessie fitdivi owe ye gladys fit
speakin aboot gladys aye yedivmary farquhar ye ve just
bessie i dinna gladys yedivpeggy noo dinna start you
the street bessie weel fardivthe cars ging gladys roon
s fit wye fowks hertsdivbleed press your doonfa ey
le in my haun fitdivi dee noo i says
did the same an fitdivi see her voice is
damage to the foundations fitdivthey ca t the shock
three meenits an asks fitdivthey dee tae you jonsar
fit wye wid ye saydivthings pop oot at es
get on wi t fitdivwe dee first teenie teenie
makk the spell fit timedivwe meet hard on the
me presents lizzie wickedly fitdivye dee for him in
in em bit fit wyedivye keep e skill in
passed his apprenticeship in 1879divye ken fit it is
eens baith in a chackiedivye ken fit that is
twinkle so fit ither anedivye ken m1090: mm hem
you bide aside migvie fitdivye like tae hear best
can makk them prigg fitdivye makk them prigg fur
er then chrissie defensive fitdivye mean georgie you ve
on their own lizzie fitdivye mean rare days jim
rain job description fit wyedivye nae like cookin aa
taxi driver s buddha fitdivye see are yer een
top of the first fitdivye think o that noo
like sayin in english fardivyou bide aside migvie fit
affa bonny she says fitdivyou feed them on mr
he asked mr technicolor fitdivyou feed your flooers wi
aboot love teenie cruelly fitdivyou ken aboot it a
your mither s tracts fitdivyou mean far are they
delivered my een dod fitdivyou mean jim i met
the little wifie asks fitdivyou mean jonsar rose fae
hand fit size o beetsdivyou need the lad looked
his truck fin teenie saysdivyou see fit geordie fae
have that the morn fitdivyou think a wee celebration
tae his left an fitdivyou think he sa wid
to tell her that fitdivyou think it s nae
passing it round georgie fitdivyou think jim she does
winner she coodnae wak fitdivyou think jonsar eck wull
wis a affa mess fitdivyou think jonsar said och
ve a pair on fitdivyou think noo this wifie
run in the car fitdivyou think the answer he
got an affa shock fitdivyou think the label said
affa weak lookin things fitdivyou think wid be wrang
be on anither planet noodivyou understan fit wye it
fundin medical research fin idivdee ye ll hae as
at at time fin idivnae tae be black affrontit
baa fin the bairn greetsdivye hing her on a
oot a sigh an saysdivyou mind fin ginger wis
in the dumps noo idivfeel sometimes it s rain
an grey noo rain idivforecast keep my e e
a lee ah think ahdivfeel a sicht better areddies
twa o sin an idivfeel affa gweed within monday
poorin o sweat wabbit idivfeel be efterneen er s
doon in the dumps idivfeel noo wi me i
claes on affa het idivfeel rains in the efterneen
oot comes the sin fowkdivfeel richt gweed within tuesday
mebbe cauld bluidit but ahdivfeel the cauld mair nor
feel fair shy sae ahdivhou ir ye baron olga
i dinna maybe ither folkdivbut i dinna f1104: you
there f1104: but some horsesdivf1103: mak jigsaws f1104: some
[sniff] f1104: but but horsesdivf1103: [?]my nose[/?] there f1104: but
f1104: mammoth i like mammothsdivi f1103: dae ye f1104:
i like cinderella and belledivi f1103: mmhm f1104: ah
on f1104: no they divnadivthey f1103: no they re
of loads of stuff f1103: divthey f1104: yeah f1103: oh
f1104: ah we like princessesdivwe f1103: aye f1104: cause
dinna ken farr bits godivwe f1103: mm f1104: mm
mmhm f1104: [inhale] disna kendivwe f1103: no we dinna
f1104: you dinna iron socksdivye f1103: well i dinna
called colin f1104: yeah f1103: divye f1104: he died a
f1103: [?]put them in there[/?] f1104: mum fittdivyou dae wi this water
aa the time f1104: ohdivyou do you practise aa
you can barbie f1104: howdivyou make it together f1103:
nose f1104: here you aredivyou need a tissue f1103:
f1103: dinna poke it f1104: divyou need any covers f1103:
why f1103: [inaudible] f1104: fittdivyou say f1103: oh i
f1103: i think so f1104: divyou think so f1103: i
straight edges f1104: say unicorndivyou want to help as
mum they didna break updivthey f1103: no i think
her their their little girldivthey f1103: no well done
big cars for your christmasdivye f1103: no nae real
sure m1128: no f1127: youdivm1128: no f1127: you do
m1128: no f1127: fitt gamesdivye get wi that ain
t ye m1128: aye f1127: divye like spiderman m1128: aye
name m1128: aye f1127: ayedivye think so m1128: aye
yeirsell richt wutch glaumerie whitdivah ken aboot glaumerie ah
luiv gunlöd gunlöd luiv whitdivah ken aboot luiv but
a guid job ye queendivah no ken that nane
stammik an bad braith ahdivken that ah maun stap
for aw ah think ahdivken yae thing that s
mood almost to herself idivmiss it ye ken maist
t like birds ken thatdivthey eh dae the cats
i ken there we godivthis ain just see has
worried aboot ye pause idivworry aboot ye ye ken
breast ma dear lassie ahdivwurk ye ken ah tyauve
much damage at the factorydivye ken dod i ve
to her mysel never minddivye ken far she was
s the shiny show f1109: divye ken fitt kind o
hae ye he speired foodivye ken that she answered
lat me forget ye gunnardivye ken whit the siller
she returns to the wheeldivye ken whit they r
no cure hir o thatdivye no ken hou ti
stuipit tawpie that ye irdivye no ken that never
the maik o a puddokdivye no ken the r
ill magic pat me tharedivye no ken the r
there s a aeroplane f1109: divyou ken any o the
him for thirty five yeardivyou ken it his teen
he s nae georgie foodivyou ken lizzie i was
brak throo dry bit idivhae tae scrat my broo
it mukkil maitters nou whitdivah care aboot the bluidie
for a whyle but whitdivah hae ti gang thare
sld that s no fairdivah hear ye greet true
day wi hir sae ahdivah l never never dae
ah m mebbe deid areddiesdivah look deid pepper pepper
me here puts them ondivah look lyke oor german
fill yeir rustic winnok bolesdivah no envy ye drunk
teacher laughs here ah divdivah no the laddies is
german teacher laughs here ahdivdiv ah no the laddies
tae ah luiv hir ahdivluiv ma masha from the
kynd o sentimental lyke ahdivlyke a sentimental sang sae
it irena olia darlin ahdivlyke the baron ah think
ye r spylin hir ahdivlyke ti keep an orderly
she receives a cuddle ahdivmiss miss hir eilidh sobbing
the war thrie sisters ahdivmynd yeir faither tho ah
day wi hir sae ahdivpompitie ah l never never
leevin days morag ay ahdivpuddok dae ye promise no
it micht be morag ahdivpuddok wul ye nurse me
ah wes a poet thorfinndivye believe in oniething orm
o ye said finn whitdivye dae ah im a
lyke eagerly ah mynd noudivye mynd olga the war
ugsum bruit that ye irdivye think ah canna claen
ti cum oot nou pompitiedivye think sae ah daursay
his head to the sidedivye think sae ah didna
masha it s true yedivlook lyke that german o
weet craps fer flat eydivbegin tae dreep thursday 3rd
no i dinna suppose yedivye d raither makk a
turtles you dinna like themdivye m1090: yes i do
yer faimly tae like yedivnt ye noo he s
are ye [laugh] noo fittdivye think does it taste
luivlie the day irena yedivlook verra fetchin masha looks
masell but michtie pompitie yedivlook wabbitie an wurrrit an
s wurth the kennin wedivsae ye daft tawpie but
efter aa ay bit yedivsaid dandy aa humans smell
malcolm and donalbain malcolm whatdivye ettil ti dae a
chocolate f1117: you like chocolatedivye f1118: i don t
do you want this aindivye f1133: no f1134: why
faa wi a bairn foodivye faa wi a bairn
onno rainbows in the skydivye get a hurl on
tak oot thair new aixesdivye hear thirlman starting to
name is bob s frienddivye is it wendy m1110:
s aff heich yer hoosedivye keep a bat there
s his friend you knowdivye know her name m1110:
what d- what nursery rhymesdivye know m1090: ehm mm
man sitting beside him askeddivye min on e weddins
age that is dawin thorfinndivye mynd the saga anent
that gies it the tastedivye nae think we micht
teach gym at the academydivye no fedotik ye can
the haill storie an naitherdivye no yit inby the
still i the bit intonesdivye princess morag promise ti
truith that bitter thorfinn whitdivye say orm never heed
no owre aften mynd whitdivye say ti that nanse
f1122: juice f1121: and fittdivye say ye say f1122:
indicated by a question likedivye see madamton up e
abysses anely derk profun fardivye staun i ve aften
ye get used tae itdivye taking in the sight
please yersel aboot the letterdivye think it worth awfu
oniething she s waur mouladivye think sae eilidh eilidh
ugsum broun ogre broun ogredivye think sae it s
awa hou micht that bedivye think the knicht o
winna thole ma inspectin whaedivye think ye are whillywhawin
t as weel s butterdivye use a press na
young fowk aboot me pompitiedivye wutch he looks astonished
and hands m1096: aye theydivf1095: fitt was it fitt
melt mum f1121: mmhm fittdivyou like cooking the best
i got a pocket fittdivyou see oot the windae
is it nearly ready fittdivyou think f1122: mmhm nearly
siller for whit littil theydivdae she s seen fowr
l dae fyne morag whitdivwe hae ti dae than
the hale day lang combinesdivmove on this day sae
aboot jonsar eck answered idivagree wi that bit i
hale day lang ootside idivbide fowk gang aboot in
this i canna believe idivgang aboot in my sark
aboot [inaudible] m1108: aye idivlike that one f1107: mmhm
you coodnae get see lambsdivrin aboot an play enjoying
think so m1096: aye theydivf1095: you re speakin rubbish
cat his deen us weeldivyou nae think so startled
and tested asks the bobbydivyou think i m a
so is he a possibilitydivyou think toots was he
ower the table an saiddivyou think we shood mak
they dinnae speak like wedivthey keep that sorta twang
snell tae keep warm wedivwrap up well at the
dae like that f1133: youdivlike that f1134: [inaudible] f1133:
tear richt damp day idivfear t v mannie says
strike disna v does notdivv do dochter n daughter
n noise dirl v vibratedivv do douce a soft
blade a shiny an sharpdivkids i day get a
foo stan an look idivscrat my broo day turns
hair in my heid idivtear richt damp day i
bleezin awa in t fardivthey lay their han s
like them f1129: aye sodivi but you re nae
alexander ere s nae rushdivyou nae mind this is
the safe side dod affronteddivyou nae trust me muriel
16 mornin turns dull idivgroan comes oot fine aye
the gas aneeth em ordivthey jist coup him oot
na neen like autumn idivsay it s mair like
you m1096: [sucks air through teeth] f1095: youdivcause your teachers tell you
do- do you aye idivkorma f1141: you ll need
i wrote straight back idivlike the names you ve
you tell me jim idivlizzie but could you show
was good well done anddivyou know any other nursery
f1089: oh right what elsedivyou know that m1090: he
i didn t know f1121: divyou like getting messy [censored: forename]
you d mak chrissie patientlydivyou min fa brocht the
in my blue yuck [inaudible]divyou mind you ve got
sips that s better pausedivyou often tak these turns
the pussy cat s legsdivyou see him onywhere f1095:
the wifie appeared an saiddivyou see my sweet peas
ve only see three f1109: divyou see three oh is
so s abody could heardivyou still kich your breeks
a huge lascivious wink lizziedivyou tell me jim i
i some doot though idivhae a picter o em
her ear to illustrate idivlike his tattoos though he
s fule bluid minnie orradivmen bluid tee no they
near as gran bit idivain it an i ll
their hats m1096: aye theydivwear boots f1095: mmhm m1096:
aff the rug oh fandivi get tae choose fitbaa
straight into the furnace ordivthey a get piled up
the bairns teachers reference onlydivthey get a translation o
each een separate maybe theydivburn them one at a
a will so fan theydivhear fae the solicitor he
mairriage syne an thir textsdivtalk about mairriage they talk
[inaudible] smile at your friendsdivthey smile at your friends
of bath an the franklindivtell quite different kinds o
tae scrat my broo treesdivturn tae a richt fresh
the table set first whatdivwe need first nothing f1130:
uproar dirl clatter disjaskit downcastdivdo dochtna cannot doubil double
meal and husks from grindingdivto do divaal cessation divot

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