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soddin door in the hoosedocnoh a door in the
loop bi soddin loop okdocpause her an her what
a nis bha m981: bhadocann doc mòr f982: bha
bha m981: bha doc anndocmòr f982: bha m981: o
9 mass all at communiondoccalls boy ok begin raft
on non de plume okdoclong pause naw ken ur
pause room o dread okdocnaw ken ah said right
bitin airm nippin vicious okdocpause naw ken she widnae
her what diyi caw itdocnaw ken hur an hur
hur knees bed height leveldocpause standin wi sweat bubblin
mass dad worse today calldocno food for a day
net july 16th whan thedocheard the tale o the
ah said right yi urdoclet s start at the
trouble rehearsal poor 13 thursdaydocgives dad a chemist shop
a good week 7 mondaydocgives me all clear i
dinner she is practically immobiliseddocsays bed hard gives her
at the start pause doordoccreaky groanin door light chinkin
an he s gane achdocdinnae ask hoo a feel
m here again ach nodocthere s nae need tae
documents media competition 20proposals 20013102doc19 s1w 23640 20 westminster
guesten ksh p_action gettxt gtdocip 02 280 0 aged
still in bed cath updoccalls p m very pleased
monday stay in bed calldocdiagnoses after effects of flu
tuesday 8 decide to seedocask her advice re exercise
till monday i go seedocin evening he says i
an dune whit s thatdocthat cannae be richt sic
willin tae crew whan thedoctuik me oot for a
night it was the ehdocparty [inaudible] f810: mm it
in the national press thedocbein a byllie will hope
me frae sinkin that thedocmicht a sailor mak yet
c nesbitt vests earrings anddocmartin boots predominated amongst the
got tae have ma trusteddocmartins with me [laugh] at
some attention tae me thedocswithert wi dout suid he
his squatterin consciousness he recawsdochazelrig s words think wi

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