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richt quut o his guiddochtersae ae nicht whan beatrix
she gied him a littildochterthis dochter wes cawed beatrix
his mynd ti pit hisdochterti daith sae beatrix wes
him a littil dochter thisdochterwes cawed beatrix an she
inby the weidae s auldestdochteran the knowe did juist
weidae wi juist the aedochterleft an the pair o
thaim the weidae s auldestdochtersaid til hir mither see
kailyaird the weidae s saicontdochterwes sittin thare wi hir
an she cryit hir auldestdochtertil hir an the lassie
the keing gied his auldestdochtertil the reid bul syne
weill unnerstaun that hir auldestdochterwes no the the ane
staunin owre thare the auldestdochterwhas name wes mysie wesna
she stachert aboot singin madochters spun seivin seivin an
liltin hir unco lynes madochters spun seivin seivin seivin
naomi said tae her madochterah suld be blythe gin
ye d be wyce madochterquo naomi tae gang wi
s hoo naomi s guiddochterruth the moabitess cam wi
naomi bide a wee madochtertill ye see what wull
an cryit in hir saicontdochteran the lassie cam in
shin for thay hae adochtercryit rafu bonnie lass she
she coudna finnd hir guiddochteroniewhaur tho she cryit on
that haed but the aedochterthis quyne wes cryit meg
rashiecoat wes a keing sdochteran hir faither wantit hir
court ti the keing sdochteran nane peyed mukkil heed
the keing o scotland sdochteran she wes a quyne
mairrie the sir keing sdochterbut haud on the end
s kimmer moula malcolm sdochtermalcolm brither til fingal keing
whyle the sea keing sdochtermyndit aye hir ain dule
that the sea keing sdochters een filled wi saut
bonnie as the keing sdochterthe new queen taen ill
the keing o scotland sdochterthe r nae gairds for
ruth lippen tae me madochterdinna gang and gaither at
guidman aucht ruth her guiddochtergaed wi the haudin aiblins
lat me aye gang madochterquo she sae ruth gaithert
douce lik it s madochterruth a wiss ye ti
wi napier ti finnd hirdochterruth at wes tint i
wun the haun o thedochterruth it wes a strynge
faa out wi ye madochterruth telt her aa the
that haed but the aedochtercawed jennie but wi hir
auld is cawed tortoise madochtero thrie wee simmer goun
an care for oor littildochterfor she loues hir weill
wad hae brocht up hisdochtergey ill an littil wad
an spak til hir guiddochterbonnie gowd tree doucelyke she
a veisit on hir guiddochterdear gowd tree an weill
fears gowd tree yeir guiddochteris bonnier nor ye a
fears gowd tree yeir guiddochteris bonnier nor ye ferr
back gowd tree yeir guiddochteris bonnier nor ye wi
me the hert o yeirdochterthe hert o gowd tree
noo mairrit wi a teenagedochterdoon in orpington in kent
owre til the neibor whasdochterhaed been mairrit the day
mairrit siller tree for hisdochters sake sae the island
in his auld age thisdochterwes mairrit on a chiel
gittin quut o hir guiddochterae day whan malcolm wes
doun wi wirrie ower hirdochteran feir o aw at
fuit o the henwyfe sdochteran flang hir doun onti
green puddok sae whan hirdochtercam hame tuim haundit the
verra sam idaia hiz guiddochtercruikit hir airm intil hiz
ye didna kill hir yeirdochterdidna dee tho it s
maid hirsell but ai hirdochterdidna tak eftir hir ava
about the kintra fur hirdochtereftir the male grant begoud
whuther ti lauch kis hirdochterhaed been sae eydent or
forgied tammas fur criticeizin hirdochterhe didna gie a dokken
s hert whan hir anerliedochteris in gryte daunger mirren
til him the ettin sdochterjyned in wi hir man
that weill she gart hirdochterlay the yoke whaur she
hir ti me yeir aindochtermalcolm na na jek ah
aye ligg atwein mither andochtermirren didna mynd in hir
sends hir luiv malcolm madochtermoula hou coud she be
sleepless nicht thinkin aboot hirdochters fekless weys an hae
langir staun in hir aindochters licht houanever jennie wad
mither that didna ken hirdochters saicrets gunlöd wha telt
an forby he haes adochterthat bonnie hir lyke is
an fush hir ill faureddochterti try ti git it
road hir ain ill faureddochterwad be lyker mairriein ane
rowth o yairn that hirdochterwes credited wi spinnin murdo
it an she telt hirdochterwhaur it micht be fund
waatchit as mirren smouriched hirdochterwhyle whusperin in hir lug
tho shae kent at hirdochterwuidna aggrege whan the happie
a seik bed mirren yeirdochteris weill begoud napier shae
valgerd his guidwyfe gunlöd thairdochtergunner a crusader orm a
soud lay haunds on thedochtero a yerl gunlöd awricht
ye d better ask thatdochtero yours for ah saw
ye d better ask yondochtero yours for ah saw
mither said ah ken thatdochtero yours haes taen it
bairn shona ah ken thatdochtero yours haes taen it
yeir faith gunlöd thorfinn sdochterwes never couartlie gunnar yeir
he ti hae his bonniedochterback again eftir siccan a
knicht s warslin his bonniedochtergaed ti cormac for ti
bonnie an uissfu but yeirdochteris better as oniething ah
a waddin day their bonniedochterjennie was getting merrit tae
ti chum ye jyne yeirdochteran brither bot as suin
luik the marra o yeirdochteran the marinells wul conlude
l can rademe baith yeirdochteran yeirsells an ye l
ye dinna ken yeir aindochtergin ye think for a
fund the aunser gin yeirdochterhaedna wun roun me wi
ye tryit ti kill yeirdochtermalcolm she forgies me did
r nae tellin whit yeirdochtermicht dae neist malcolm naebodie
ah hae grand wurd yeirdochtermoula is alive an weill
ah thocht thorfinn for yeirdochters sake ye wul hae
ye r blisst in yeirdochtershe is a richt guid
hae aye been a guiddochterti me in yeir ain
wuid cum about gin yeirdochterwesna sicna braisent hiltie skiltie
ye soud spier at yeirdochterwhit she thinks at this
affuird ti wad on hizdochteran uphaud uz baith i
o hiz umquhyle sell hizdochternou duin aw the wark
nou faither sayed hiz guiddochterwe hae guid nyows fur
t m at hiz guiddochterwes kepin better an the
hae lost ma son madochteris as guid as deid
strecht frae stookie s guiddochterjuist yin or twa o
the guid queen said madochternane it seems can richt
ah m no a guiddochterti ye queen ah m
ah m no a guiddochtertil ye sae juist haud
in eild for yer guiddochterwha loes ye wha has
ti auld jin an thedochteran he tuik the gate
sae auld jin an hisdochterdid them a service an
sae auld jin led hisdochterout an wi their pockstangs
sae auld jin an hisdochterwan smertlie awa an out
your haunds sae reid mydochterthe lassie awnswered i hae
are your chafts sae peeliedochterthe lassie awnswered redd a
your lips sae reid mydochterthe lassie awnswers i hae
micht weill think that madochterbut this maun be a
micht weill think that madochtertrue it is we hae
malcolm wadna credit that hisdochterthat haed aye haen a
day he haed mittilt hisdochteran grat whyles thinkin she
but he haed the aedochterthat he loued dearlie an
the auld ettin til hisdochteran he opent his mukkil
that no even ma aindochterthinks mukkil o me nanse
mukkil behauden ti ye madochterye hae aye been a
ah did til ma aindochtergod s curse is on
for it he trystit thedochterti be haunfastit til a
the left haes a yungdochterthat is a maiden aye
waddin o a neibor sdochterit wes a graund affair
thing he wes askin thisdochterwesna juist sae prood as
roylance mairries janet raden saicontdochtero the landed grandee wha
converse wi me queen madochterah hae ti tell ye
puir dinna fash yersel madochterah sall dae what is
sense ah ken ma aindochteran if ye hae sum
placket nicht an morn madochteran masel we lowt doun
deceivenie ye liggit wi madochterat is ma anerlie stell
ti sit at peace madochterll see ti while ye
eesit the savendie o madochterlorna alsweel ah m in
can rescours ma puir tintdochtermaistres stein hauddit a caum
taibil heid an said madochtermysie feinisht thir afore dawin
takes the letter frae madochterreads it ay ay ah
lord has sainit ye madochterthis last prief o yer
thon s the nem madochteruised the blak knicht sayed
is a faither an hisdochterat gangs singin roun the
toddies an syne faither andochtertuik a quaich ilkane an
morn s morn faither andochterwis up at the fift
contenna tae ferm harrot thedochterdorothy mairriet ae paul hunter
thair anerlie bairn wis thairdochterlizzie whae marriet ae john
1576 marriet mary scott aedochtero philip scott o dryhope
set een on oor weedochteran sae the bul wad
aeroplanes stuck up mither tartydochterand tarty grannie to lizzie
again ti spier at hisdochterbut she wad say nae
gien tae my wife nordochternor yet tae the verra
to their ain shelters mydochteran angelica were there she
its warst ti haud thairdochterrosidandrum frae hairm bot the
had run oot at hisdochters waddin whan he could
yerl an gied him hisdochterti mairrie rowth o siller
turnin for the weedow sdochternou is wed a different
tom scott o mulsintoun sdochterwhae nou descrives hirsel is
the air ye r naedochtero mynes exit jek and
guesten hous an seen hisdochtersettelt for the nicht then
him for ah im adochtero the sea an ah
wife as faur as hisdochteranne marie is concernit there
knicht o the riddils hisdochterasyde him an athout a
as a governess fir hisdochterbit sugar is nae ordinary
airms roon his wife andochtercryin oot och my puir
and forgot p 282 hisdochtereve is the wyce instinctive
wadna be lang or hisdochterleft him his lane an
duncan cried oot tae hisdochtertae rin doon an draw
ye in as son ordochtermak ye seik fur hame
fower guidwyfe o the xiangdochtero a god ay on
has been chosen muriel naedochtero mine s gan traipsing
yillmuirs annie ferguson the youngestdochtero the ferguson s o
benignitor aye an aften thedochtertells her jo o yir
the steps an fand herdochtergreetin her een oot whitever
liftit the hingers an crieddochteryir benignitor s here then
sharin chicken drinkin tea yerdochterbiddie s aye been near
guttin herrin it was herdochters idea of coorse the
service for this is thedochters officiar lord clerk zhao
words tae the tunes mydochtermuriel used to hing her
i ever spoke to mydochteron the phone weel weel
forsake disna v do notdochtern daughter donnert a stupid

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