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hickory dickory do- dock m1090: dockf1089: the mouse ran up
hickory dickory dock m1090: hickorydockf1089: what about this one
dickory dock m1092: hickory dickorydockf1091: that s an easy
that one hickory dickory do-dockm1090: dock f1089: the mouse
mouse ran down hickory dickorydockm1090: hickory dock f1089: what
a mouse now hickory dickorydockm1092: hickory dickory dock f1091:
mouse ran down hickory dickorydocks- tick tock tick tock
f1122: mmhm hic- hickory dickorydockthe mouse ran up the
didn t you hickory dickorydockthe mouse ran up the
mouse ran down hickory dickorydocktick tock tick tock f1121:
he s got a stinkydockaye he s stinkin f1141:
sleeps the night [inaudible] stinkydock[exhale] f1141: hey that s
my baby is a stinkydockf1141: you better change it
i didn t wipe mydockf1121: [censored: forename] quick wash quick
we can you wipe mydockf1121: it s okay f1122:
f1122: can you wipe mydockmummy we have to hurry
s vessels will enter drydockfor maintenance s1w 19423 michael
to be entered into drydockfor maintenance s1w 19424 michael
were last entered into drydockfor maintenance s1w 19425 miss
f1134: no f1133: a skelpitdocksandwich f1134: no f1133: [laugh]
i ll just skelp yourdockthen f1134: i just stab
an in till eh drydockid dented dan s pride
doon eh side o ehdockman dan at s eh
tie up in eh drydockbelonged till a man caalled
eh mooth o eh drydockefter tea time till see
seen o eh ould drydockeh place far ah used
bay noo though eh drydocks aal bin filled in
s named efter them parkdockan street world war 2
okay you wantin a sconeddockf1142: no f1141: are you
hauling her out of thedockbut that very haste shows
gaun to check your bigdockturn to the light for
wiz goin till use ehdockcrane a great beeg iron
is eh the the maindockis now u- eh it
cos eh sides o ehdockwere stepped an ye hed
oil ship slithers from thedocka virgin train is humming
s in floa- a floatindockm608: good god right m194:
of metal dropped on thedockside past the straw roofed
cessation divot lump sod dockendockplant dossie doon toss down
thae twa glowerin in thedockan ane o their mithers
we scrambled ashore on thedocki looked at the black
was led struggling into thedockby a stout policeman as
shawl she swept into thedockivy hadden you are charged
richt anither een anaith yerdockwid be mair n a
young lads were in thedockbut mcginty wis naewhere tae
straight before him was thedockwhere the accused would stand
cloors an faas her skirtdocks shiny her verra cat
a dowp or even adockbit niver an erse did
what was left in thedocksample bottle at nine he

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