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the men workit in thedocksthe caledon shipyaird or in
2000 local government the draftdocksand harbours rateable values scotland
tae biggins in lunnon taedocksat sebastopol tae a japanee
lectra pouer is in leithdocksat this verra meinit an
september were of shipyards anddocksit has stimulated a lot
bars wade into the leithdocksand declare it an ocean
a lorry because in leithdocksit was all when they
and got lost in leithdocks[laugh] [laugh] m1019: [laugh] m1020:
down on standin on thedocksand the one thing that
fashioned tenement down at thedocks[inhale] eh with huge stairs
a shopping complex near surreydocksbut that won t employ
the ships sirens in thedocksor a church bell rung
from govan the next voyagedocksat the renfrew ferry tonight
worked he worked on thedockshe worked he was a
of the town near thedocksehm and my mum bein
up market erm and thedockswhich is now referred to
she would go to thedocksand they knew what my
clerks were down on thedocksearly in the morning sometimes
he s down by thedocksagain he ll come to

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