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all the visits of thedoctordoctor gonzalez to avoid any
contained the brainscan negatives whichdoctorgonzalez had instructed me to
lost consciousness an unlikely eventdoctorgonzalez had said reassuringly you
hair s breadth from deathdoctorgonzalez said at last your
the visits of the doctordoctorgonzalez to avoid any misunderstanding
the tale juanita arrived withdoctorgonzalez who asked for a
high i the airms odoctorhorniegoloch zm zm zm zm
fetch some big braw insectdoctorzm zm zm zm it
big peel sen fur thedoctorcause i m nae weel
s churnin sen fur thedoctormy chikk s burnin i
wait doctor sen fur thedoctormy kyte s churnin sen
plane an pilot winna waitdoctorsen fur the doctor my
son to macduff an englishdoctora scottish doctor an officer
an english doctor a scottishdoctoran officer a porter an
doctor eh went to thedoctorand from there on in
made an appointment for thedoctoreh went to the doctor
the sides i got todoctorit see doctor when f1105:
the doc- [?]witch[/?] doctor thedoctorthat shooted action man f1105:
that s the doc- [?]witch[/?]doctorthe doctor that shooted action
got to doctor it seedoctorwhen f1105: well done well
be quick quick quick thedoctorcame with his bag and
sick she called for thedoctorto be quick quick quick
frae the quarry quine thedoctoran his wife socht her
toun in the simmer thedoctorand his wife let ye
a gairden owned by adoctorand his wife there were
refuge worker early thirties bethdoctors wife about twenty three
i was thinkin aboot thedoctors wife and if i
her in the end thedoctors wife i didna as
workin aw the time thedoctors wife would look at
bad man that s adoctorf1116: i know f1115: ah
oh that s a baddoctorit s a bad mannie
wis cawed in by thedoctorno bad really considerin it
no that s nae thedoctorthat s the bad man
bit i went to thedoctorearlier this evening to cut
ll gang an see adoctorfin he went tae the
went oot tae explore thedoctorhailed loud tae auld ruary
jonsar eck went tae thedoctorhe wis pit doon tae
went in tae see thedoctornoo fin he went intae
he went in and thedoctorsaid you know now mrs
they all went away mydoctorthanked me for lettin them
so ah went tae thedoctorwell you ken ye dinnae
up the crew an thedoctorwent oot tae explore the
eh i phoned up mydoctorand he came along and
my bed and eh thedoctorcame in at night and
hid laser on as thedoctorcame intae the surgery he
tae play wi so thedoctorcame on board an the
again on another occasion thedoctorcame to see me and
o her bed left thedoctorsleepin and came alang the
had to go to thedoctorwhen we came back she
quarry it hid gien thedoctora stammygaster fin he d
see the car fin thedoctoradvised jonsar eck tae get
neist she daurna stop thedoctorfin he drave his gig
the foon o her basketdoctorhenderson s car hid bin
hauf wye tae be adoctorhid divertit inno organ brokerage
the planet yird the guiddoctorhid gien nae thocht tae
hid gien orders fur thedoctortae be pit tae daith
sight restored an telt dadoctornever seem refusin swift a
da door da panic strickendoctorraise an fled doonstairs in
agien an willy left dadoctors door his veesion true
held good tae mak dadoctors if he could an
fire or gaun fur thedoctoran if i fail tae
their muckle hairy feet thedoctorwisna a gweed advert fur
nobody could stop him adoctorhe said next of kin
fiercely that one said thedoctori think you will find
like tae dee bit thedoctoronly lauched and said awa
no that s what thedoctorsaid an i was gonna
do you know what thedoctorsaid he said its quite
student health centre and thedoctorsaid no i d probably
morning till it comes thedoctorsaid that my parents needn
aboot twa frae complications thedoctorsaid wi a second bairn
indicates big he s adoctorshe said he d padlock
people avoid going to thedoctorbecause they are not confident
just going to phone thedoctorfor my mother neil what
point of going to thedoctori d evidently gone into
pair of going to thedoctorknickers he smiled at her
i m going to thedoctors and the hospital and
wasn t going to thedoctorshe was she d mentioned
going to be the newdoctorwho cause i really like
to inverbervie to visit thedoctoralthough he did make house
i hope you see thedoctorand get help mary he
o health here comes thedoctorat last he isnae a
no there he s adoctorbeth holds her shoes out
as a minister or adoctorbring two glasses mary he
worse noo here is thedoctorcome roon bit he has
wouldnae take me to thedoctorf632: no f646: he was
maggie we can phone thedoctorfirst see if he s
jonsar eck did see thedoctorhe got a a sort
feet of a white coateddoctorhe led me into a
out for to be adoctorhe lived and died in
stomach have to send fordoctorhe says no danger 20
bottle of gaviscon erm mydoctorhe send me up to
famous poems as death anddoctorhornbook do he addressed the
he had tae ca thedoctorin though waefu at the
i think he s thedoctoris he m1096: aye he
fluir olga it s thedoctorivan romanych he s fou
mind that if only hisdoctorkent he wis fit eneuch
no did you like yourdoctorm1098: no f1097: no he
scared he didnae want thedoctorputtin stitches in f632: mmhm
he d be in troubledoctors aren t allowed to
need to go to thedoctors [laugh] f1154: no he
by the leuk on thedoctors puss he cuid tell
s would do that adoctorsadie i know he wid
him ti send for adoctorsae he roused his twae
bittie gladys fit did thedoctorsay bessie och naething he
am taking it to thedoctorsoon he bade me good
foo ill he is thedoctortelt wir mither he wis
afternoon he had promised thedoctorthat he would stay overnight
it was a monday thedoctorwas hame early he was
does he become violent nodoctorwe never fight i m
the message he phoned thedoctorwhen the shakes and sweating
like eccleston he s thedoctorwho f958: i never saw
tennant you know the newdoctorwho m959: aye is he
her grandmother never had adoctorand a dentist was never
the postie to contact thedoctorin auchenblae i never spoke
ahin the fireplace an adoctorchiel cam oot frae aiberdeen
a mediciner frae ettrickhaugh thedoctormade ti feel hir pulse
her braw frocks frae thedoctorshe wis a great favourite
stamps last orders ca thedoctorah m near tae deein
gladys i canna tell thedoctorfit tae dae neil of
hud really misheart whit thedoctorhud says tae him bit
wrang tae tak up thedoctors time an keep ithers
the host body itsel thedoctorsaw nae need tae fyle
heid o fiteha brae thedoctorsocht room tae examine her
a ll gang tae thedoctorthe morn the day a
s bluid neist morning thedoctorwisnae weel pleased tae be
juist kis ah m adoctorbut ah ken naething ava
i ken you mean welldoctorbut i ll manish fine
an wadna shaw thaim thedoctordidnae richt ken whit ti
to physician dae ye kendoctorthe thanes is desertin me
this mornin queen fair duindoctorah m nitherin cauld aw
soud gae til yeir beddoctorchebutykin ah m aw richt
mair nor she dis adoctormay god forgie us aw
ye ye fancied her thedoctorwas workin aw the time
studyin for a while thedoctorwas workin aw the time
i ve to see adoctornext week well i hope
s awfy pan loaf thedoctorwill see you soon would
who publishes that m1174: ermdoctor[?]tian[/?] is the editor er
i had to get thedoctorwho after many blood tests
hur stories zeb with nodoctorwho cared for lori tess
i was by the seniordoctorwho described them as monkeys
shipman to an episode ofdoctorwho from the critics point
on tv all about adoctorwho transforms his dog into
watching on sunday about thedoctorwho turns his dog into
wisna back ontil december herdoctorbizzed thon corp aboot that
herself and her long sufferingdoctorin the days of the
ellen and her fiancé adoctorin the indian colonial service
her faither wis deid naedoctoror neebor or kinsman bit
in the western infirmary thedoctorsent her up there for
body sittin in the roomdoctortate introduced her as kate
was only fifteen and thedoctorwould tell her mother and
ithers waitin sae lang ayedoctora m here again ach
i d better get thedoctorbessie na na i m
s okay i m adoctor[laugh] f1049: [laugh] you didn
m gonna be in thedoctors and then come out
the same english as thedoctoran his teachers hud used
tony burns the day thedoctorstertit in that praiper english
d evidently gone into thedoctorgot into the the consulting
what d you think thatdoctors letter s for and
in and speak to thedoctorso papa got a bit
bit they made it thedoctorwas one of the first
we ll go into thedoctors the day and get
normal business go to thedoctorthe social work department or
one can go to thedoctorthe solicitor the benefits agency
troosers and phoned fir thedoctoryou bitch i ll go
on bikes to deliver telegramsdoctoryou had to go to
have to go to thedoctoryou wanted to fetch him
pay for treatment from thedoctorand therefore you only saw
and a fool not thedoctorbecause she was only fifteen
no it s nae thedoctorthat looks at your teeth
than i was at thedoctorand his faimly but that
against his mother in thedoctorhugh jolly position between us
wifie in there wi thedoctori think there his been
ill with pneumonia and hisdoctorin the days before the
snippin the catch on hisdoctors bag thegither wi a
ilkie septile wad weir thedoctors physog an cairry his
ony better efter thon thedoctorshuik his heid aunt florence
mathieson wis sent fir thedoctorfa cam richt aff a
balbutt wis quaet ootside thedoctors balcony in the high
naethin mair wis this greatdoctors diagnosis oor emmick grat
the room ere wis thedoctorstannin ower a wifie on
doesn t change if youdoctora photograph m642: no i
at have ye seen thedoctorgladys ach no i canna
like you re no adoctor[laugh] f1049: [laugh] m1048: [laugh]
wee pain in ma nodoctorno in the neck the
physician hou is yeir patientdoctorphysician she s no sae
pigeons silence zeb so nodoctorwas called tess awa wi
ti attend yin as adoctorchebutykin that s juist the
ehm frank- there s adoctorfrankenstein and there s also
on soliony it s tymedoctorhauf past twal areddies shakes
days yon s fit wyedoctorhenderson s bin cried in
tak much mair o itdoctorit s like the lad
easy chair afore a greatdoctorit s near the teepical
development of the young viennesedoctors ambitious thinking especially around
not gonna be at thedoctors as well f810: well
at ballindean but paid thedoctors bills and even the
on the tap o thedoctors caur an him an
food and neen o yerdoctors drogs for dinner they
sleep in the ballroom thedoctors gaen an gotten drunk
vengeance ony sign o thedoctors gig speired the skiffie
whit is t koolyghin thedoctors gotten fou juist lyke
it a warlock visits thedoctors hoastin an snocherin hap
m1007: you ll get adoctors line for that one
got to pay for thedoctors m608: that s true
of spanish flu and thedoctors pragmatic comment it s
heid fu o monsters adoctors syringe bangs inno bruises
fermer s bed afore thedoctors veesit the quine devauled
carted off down to thedoctors which was quite f718:
wi the idea that thedoctors womenfolk were queuin up
that ye wur either adoctorur a terrurist whit s
my case the sombre spiriteddoctorjoined us later carrying several
my day job as adoctorobviously i i f963: mm
growth right right right thedoctorsays my heart is sound
to give to my owndoctorwhen eventually i returned to
o bein a lawyer adoctora professional chiel wi a
nearby flaired wi sand thedoctoran colin were keen for
wi neil gladys has thedoctorbeen the day peggy just
spatula the same as thedoctorhaads yer tongue doon wi
scanned wi care colleague employerdoctorpriest afore we pree the
pakistani second cousin was adoctorand managed to get uncle
awa in a huff adoctorasked me ae day foo
arrived and eh m635: thedoctori think put a torch
hospital huv ti tell thedoctorlies huv ti git tane
wid hae ti caw adoctortess laughs loudly that wid
blawin its biler hou thedoctordid curse as the wather
since then smiled the gooddoctorbut tact is of the
milk to flow the gooddoctorlifted the baby up to
me gawn stew an thedoctorhospital undertaker young sandy could
to be seen by thedoctorabout it quite a lot
a stiff brandy an thedoctoran landlord arrived the patient
which were diagnosed by thedoctoras appendicitis the travel plans
a short while afore thedoctorcairrit on of course with
below that wul be thedoctorchappin to toozenbach wul ye
a clinical decision for thedoctorconcerned mary scanlon is the
a robot da- frankenstein thedoctorfrankenstein made a a green
cairrie on andrey an thedoctorgaed til the club lest
the third week mary askeddoctorgrant to drop by i
on both eyes apparently thedoctorhad put drops in them
to be very clean thedoctori registered here with gave
they don t hurt thedoctorif i complained to him
depression and most visited theirdoctorin the three months prior
you are getting on thedoctorleft an the health advisor
current research degree registrations 30doctorof philosophy conferments the summary
wait like this for adoctoror dentist you know the
the teacher er or thedoctoror the insurance man or
in some stitches as thedoctorpit three stitches in jonsar
decision to juanita and thedoctorpromising to return on saturday
soor milk for supper thedoctorsays ye soud eat naething
like comparing the acts ofdoctorshipman to an episode of
enormous green earrings emeralds thedoctorstatit the secunt was a
for the slave owning fifedoctorthat poem was jist a
yeah m762: erm and thedoctorthat was it and everybody
frien a warlock visits thedoctorthe bogles ceilidh at blethertoun
check up from the christisdoctorthey won t commit themselves
horse drawn coach and thedoctorusually used a pony and
the rite of purification thedoctorwas called to the ainsley
before the incident with thedoctoryou know because your dad
at soller examined by adoctorand sent in an ambulance
a prescription from an aberdeendoctordown to birmingham and has
rodé in a loud voicedoctorjuist hou auld ir ye
by a consultant or adoctornurses carry a huge and
we wouldn t need adoctoror a nurse a neurologist
i should have been adoctorrather than a politician keith
considered inferior to becoming adoctorschoolteacher or lawyer mr home
gone on to become adoctorshe now works closely with
suffering from depression visit adoctorthey are often given older
jamie stone s1m 1486 prisondoctorcrisis lodged on 19 december
michael russell also present weredoctorjulie allan and professor rob
but daurna speak lady guidnichtdoctorphysician guidnicht they leave curtain
of deaf patients leave theirdoctorunsure of what is wrong

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