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gives it to bessie whodoesnt acknowledge it in any
get there and er shedoesnt actually have a car
m941: my cock f940: [censored: forename]doesnt actually have a cock
scots is one language itdoesnt actually list the other
well so far term properdoesnt actually start till monday
very scottish person but hedoesnt actually use many words
f641: mmhm f643: so shedoesnt always give you it
adrenalin disperses itself sometimes itdoesnt and i m angrier
anything to say so hedoesnt answer he drops his
in a fine warm placedoesnt anyone complain about your
and bugger the garden prisondoesnt appeal she remarked ruefully
to review the position theredoesnt appear to have been
huh uh huh m017: itdoesnt appear to them to
doesn t care though hedoesnt ask anybody he just
with me too father birddoesnt ask us to come
and that ball point itdoesnt bear thinking about right
ve got to watch itdoesnt become a lorca thing
i d- i think hedoesnt believe in it but
s my dialect an itdoesnt bother me you don
lightning grabs his notebook hedoesnt bother to read it
thumb in his mouth butdoesnt bother to suck i
if that makes sense itdoesnt but i- it s
he doesn t care hedoesnt care a bit his
in a minute but geordiedoesnt care every time andy
shoes without laces but hedoesnt care he doesn t
line and for once hedoesnt care he hides his
telling mummy frog that hedoesnt care if i ve
or saying anything but andydoesnt care the note book
caught one day but hedoesnt care the story ends
f1049: yeah erm m1048: [censored: forename]doesnt care though he doesn
linkletter s gate if mummydoesnt catch him soon he
to live at home shedoesnt cause she knows how
you know dan s familydoesnt celebrate christmas so it
m608: there s something realitydoesnt change if you doctor
i hope the night wraithdoesnt clype about this hundred
the nose for grub thatdoesnt come near what you
in the middle so itdoesnt come out very well
and we i mean hedoesnt come to the pub
milk is drawn yuck csddoesnt come up with anything
companies do in these countriesdoesnt concern us we don
practice that conforms to anddoesnt conform to these reulis
them and ii if itdoesnt cost too much al
find their way home itdoesnt cost you anything [inhale]
e f1112: [laugh] f1111: itdoesnt cost you anything to
you start singing it- f1112: doesnt cost you anything to
m going to sing itdoesnt cost you anything to
swearing in front of familydoesnt count and no one
m afraid your zone carddoesnt cover this zone you
murky water i pray shedoesnt develop the urge to
and she absolutely er shedoesnt dislike scottish things but
clinic in wellington square hedoesnt do reiki cause i
is when he when hedoesnt do that when he
water all the time shedoesnt drink juice f1112: [child noises]
worse than yours carolanne minedoesnt drink sadie disnae even
i ll do that butdoesnt end up getting round
love and poor old jesusdoesnt even get a look
change and many a homedoesnt even have a fireplace
she caught andy fighting shedoesnt even let him shove
put on weight eh shedoesnt even notice he shrugs
gets her christmas cards shedoesnt even sit her christmas
things you feel about whydoesnt everyone else there s
says without hesitation if itdoesnt excite you don t
mmhm f965: er now thatdoesnt exist and that has
m954: ehm a street thatdoesnt exist because they felt
i m a madman holdendoesnt exist he didn t
there s this m1078: probablydoesnt exist now f1077: it
same boat as holden whodoesnt exist yes he does
see that makes sure itdoesnt f- go away that
sexy phase when it justdoesnt f940: when we went
he and also the readerdoesnt f963: mm m762: quite
what happens when the dreamdoesnt f963: mmhm mmhm m762:
d better come clean shedoesnt feel she d fit
oh he s sad hedoesnt feel well does he
beeswax p 126 she certainlydoesnt fit in the quietly
anyone s who- whose dialectdoesnt fit in with that
you see if that onedoesnt fit this one it
s better f1122: no itdoesnt fit you f1121: well
as well because his daddoesnt fly any more f1149:
bit of me if itdoesnt for other people that
lost m1048: yeah mu- mumdoesnt get it f1049: at
is m816: [throat] what shedoesnt get on wi you
as long as this tapedoesnt get played in america
and i mean it probablydoesnt get so dark in
i discovered that graduate schooldoesnt get the week s
me as long as itdoesnt get to ridiculous stages
you ll help see itdoesnt get too much for
some money f958: [laugh] hedoesnt get up early enough
our days if the rockdoesnt get you the cancer
he is not compassionate hedoesnt give a damn about
about the environment and hedoesnt give a tuppeny fuck
m608: mmhm f643: but [?]tertia[/?]doesnt give it out very
same idea that the liftdoesnt go all the way
with a red hat whichdoesnt go and doesn t
mum a present so shedoesnt go ape shit that
over so that the waterdoesnt go down the side
only glasgow and edinburgh itdoesnt go further than stirling
he picks it up butdoesnt go georgie come on
t ge- so my hairdoesnt go into the cooker
s all metric oh itdoesnt go nice f940: what
hand around the table butdoesnt go off to collect
[laugh] m1007: i hope thisdoesnt go out [laugh] m1008:
door goes that way itdoesnt go that way it
this bit s tricky f1104: doesnt go there erm might
f1095: sheeps legs no thatdoesnt go there m1096: [laugh]
you sure m1092: no thatdoesnt go there this one
say that i mean shedoesnt go to church every
to me a slĂ inte reallydoesnt go without a drink
tree tree as a namedoesnt grow as a tree
t hear it now itdoesnt happen anymore f1041: no
they are off school itdoesnt happen very often well
mean you re interrupting hedoesnt harm them emotionally either
a car and a bicycledoesnt have a chance to
[laugh] [inaudible] f640: [laugh] shedoesnt have a computer f639:
essay on a poem thatdoesnt have a doesn t
that of course modern gaelicdoesnt have a lot of
that doesn t have adoesnt have a start and
yeah because the gaelic alphabetdoesnt have a v m741:
t have a start anddoesnt have an end m816:
m816: a start and itdoesnt have an ending we
the p- the scottish parliamentdoesnt have any control over
over for me but hedoesnt have any gardening knowledge
reasonable it s acceptable itdoesnt have anything that s
a window an no itdoesnt have bars in it
you get er i- itdoesnt have eh the the
have a computer f639: shedoesnt have it f641: she
his legs f1071: you- hedoesnt have legs a squirrel
do you mean a squirreldoesnt have legs of course
was lloyd aereo boliviano whichdoesnt have the best of
the chair game too hedoesnt have the chance for
library is not bad itdoesnt have the dictionary of
said oh well my mumdoesnt have time to do
thing i do know soupdoesnt have to be complicated
f963: mm m762: the inputdoesnt have to be enormous
just do it every songdoesnt have to be great
that the less direct stipedoesnt have to fight to
but it means that hedoesnt have to think about
next to the garage itdoesnt have to worry about
you he loves you hedoesnt have to you haven
well one end f826: mmdoesnt have trees all the
f1104: then he jumps updoesnt he because it s
said next of kin whydoesnt he come writing a
squirrel has legs he doesdoesnt he f1071: that doesn
his acorn yeah he doesdoesnt he f1071: yeah m1070:
f1104: he always pops updoesnt he f1103: aye f1104:
doon his toys at medoesnt he f1103: aye [laugh]
f1103: aye goes right indoesnt he f1104: yep and
f1091: aw he looks saddoesnt he m1092: and then
cow f1091: cow looks worrieddoesnt he m1092: uh huh
and he looks happy theredoesnt he m1092: uh huh
f1109: cause he goes slowdoesnt he m1110: i i
that s what pingu doesdoesnt he [pingu noise] f1114: see
geordie had suggested but itdoesnt help much the other
the same house and motherdoesnt help she provokes us
bubbles which quickly disappear whydoesnt his pee make a
piano lessons he accepts butdoesnt hold out a lot
it living on social securitydoesnt hold the terrors for
yeah f1038: but she stilldoesnt i don t know
he does it cause hedoesnt i don t think
that angry arch but itdoesnt i pull the covers
paper neil of course itdoesnt i ve just explained
include a wonderful singing dovedoesnt include a fleece on
include an egg by fabergedoesnt include a wonderful singing
dram commodities my wish listdoesnt include an egg by
give thanks in all circumstancesdoesnt it and there is
that bit goes on theredoesnt it and there s
back down that feels betterdoesnt it asks mother not
awa as easy as piedoesnt it but it s
but f965: it sounds romanticdoesnt it but it sounds
it feels almost a violationdoesnt it dipping into someone
well it changes very quicklydoesnt it every twenty minutes
f1027: it does really [laugh]doesnt it f1023: the best
it all oot yer systemdoesnt it f1023: yeah f1054:
-macious f1040: conter means againstdoesnt it f1041: aye contermacious
it looks like a moondoesnt it f1101: mm but
comes up it goes darkdoesnt it f1102: uh huh
that ain does as welldoesnt it f1103: aye f1104:
new stereo for their christmasdoesnt it f1104: mmhm f1103:
a big crocodile s mouthdoesnt it f1112: but this
cause it goes away backdoesnt it f1112: uh huh
makes your cough all betterdoesnt it f1112: you are
orange f1114: a spo- f1113: doesnt it f1114: like orange
eat f1121: mm it doesdoesnt it f1122: put it
f1125: it maks a noisedoesnt it f1126: aye [laugh]
s it fits in noodoesnt it f1126: [tut] it
bit fits in there betterdoesnt it f1126: yes and
it [urgh] maks me greetdoesnt it f1130: aye f1129:
a a date on itdoesnt it f631: mmhm f634:
has a holiday and shedoesnt it happened when the
it pays the bloody billsdoesnt it he had been
f1125: ehm that goes theredoesnt it here you go
got it makes funny shapesdoesnt it it makes shapes
print it looks like chinesedoesnt it [laugh] yow an
f1089: mmhm that looks gooddoesnt it m1090: engie benjy
does mum s heid indoesnt it m1090: i wo-
nae the noisy ain [inaudible]doesnt it m1090: i won
[inhale] yeah f1089: in theredoesnt it m1090: is that
and it goes aa sloppydoesnt it m1108: and and
melted chocolate a wee bitdoesnt it m1108: let s
eats up all that blocksdoesnt it m1128: aye why
the clown f1127: still worksdoesnt it m1128: no the
age being a whisky drinkerdoesnt it m816: yeah yeah
comes from the same sourcedoesnt it nowadays m827: [laugh]
it echoes down down historydoesnt it oh yeah it
ll keep rolling f1112: whydoesnt it roll down there
something whether it works ordoesnt it s just an
fifty pound f943: i- itdoesnt it s not slowing
affects the way they walkdoesnt it so if they
bit of a christmas treedoesnt it that one f1103:
get a wee bit messydoesnt it that s good
go in the other onedoesnt it that s it
beach that looks really bonnydoesnt it the sea f1122:
affects our mood as welldoesnt it this kinda sorta
mum f1113: it takes agesdoesnt it to put up
same m827: aye f826: standarddoesnt it [tut] difficult business
you straight to russell squaredoesnt it we re neither
in fact that looks betterdoesnt it well we ll
switch the cooker on mumdoesnt it what a dopey
f963: mm m762: the pastdoesnt it when all the
f1113: that looks like patdoesnt it will i find
almost at the end withdoesnt it with and and
m605: new languages for itselfdoesnt it you know m741:
yeah you know f963: itdoesnt jar i don t
influence of the national qualificationsdoesnt just keep permeating further
actually collecting the post hedoesnt just take it from
the richard thing because hedoesnt know about that but
f1103: mm f1104: because hedoesnt know how to make
as well because sh- hedoesnt know how to make
it s just that shedoesnt know i smoke i
doesn t notice because shedoesnt know of her mother
does ed and and dolldoesnt know the reason why
s never been happy hedoesnt know what happiness is
t listen to her shedoesnt know what she s
instantly awake and bright neildoesnt know what to do
open it he exits agnesdoesnt know what to do
has lost her sheep anddoesnt know where to find
has lost his sheep anddoesnt know where to find
be hot here but itdoesnt last long i ll
must say editing anything isdoesnt lead to personal f718:
a hot cup so itdoesnt leave a mark on
around her again but shedoesnt let herself get too
mmhm m954: erm cause hedoesnt like authority and he
other two mind you andydoesnt like being laughed at
t like authority and hedoesnt like being part of
teenage girl immediately replied hedoesnt like black people the
erm ra- cause then itdoesnt like bulk out your
nothing to me but joedoesnt like bully beef and
love visitin glasgow but rebusdoesnt like glasgow so it
to school after dinner motherdoesnt like him going there
like being laughed at hedoesnt like it at all
on ferry burnt granton shedoesnt like it at first
f963: mm f965: the uniondoesnt like it but i
my head cause the cameradoesnt like thing thing with
my dad speaks english hedoesnt like to hear doric
know that s why mummydoesnt like your new t
a rugby forward morag stilldoesnt listen me and beastie
a shiny black horse moragdoesnt listen she never does
person in my family whodoesnt live in castle douglas
doesn t he f1071: thatdoesnt look a squirrel m1070:
occupied the bed and hedoesnt look as if he
my case to ottawa butdoesnt look as if i
she s a painter anddoesnt look for her meanings
look good m1092: no nodoesnt look good f1091: why
huh uh huh f1091: hedoesnt look happy does he
to be a flower itdoesnt look like a flower
first year i thought shedoesnt look like she s
to ronnie looking tearful hedoesnt look sympathetic chrissie and
that was almost unerring itdoesnt look too bad now
american university in cairo itdoesnt look too hopeful there
east situation in general itdoesnt look too stable just
it literally means but thatdoesnt m741: yeah m605: eh
pick up a fork hedoesnt make a nuisance of
to put him down hedoesnt make a sound i
me once more but hedoesnt make a sound looks
andy quite roughly but shedoesnt make him throw away
4 c rise in temperaturedoesnt make much visible difference
what what makes sense anddoesnt make sense an m741:
m822: aye f606: yeah itdoesnt make sense does it
something simple about it itdoesnt make sense gladys with
f958: yeah m959: to themdoesnt make that much of
old t shirt and itdoesnt matter aboot that one
did before your final examinationdoesnt matter and that s
i don t know i-doesnt matter anyway erm i
the ballads is that itdoesnt matter but here again
look too young so itdoesnt matter doesn t matter
never come back but thatdoesnt matter f631: mmhm f634:
positive messages for example itdoesnt matter how big your
the difference an anyway itdoesnt matter if they do
seen it [laugh] oh itdoesnt matter [laugh] don t
scotland but f832: but itdoesnt matter [laugh] f833: who
3 hours longer but timedoesnt matter now that i
at all no well itdoesnt matter then don t
moving nibbling her biscuit itdoesnt matter what programme is
so it doesn t matterdoesnt matter where i go
call economically and socially disadvantageddoesnt matter you got a
s only a word itdoesnt mean anything unless of
is fuckin stupid but itdoesnt mean his brain s
frumpy ladies in the photographsdoesnt mean [inaudible] m642: no
m865: okay primary seven thatdoesnt mean that children get
f833: mm f835: the ukdoesnt mean they should be
other than on the tellydoesnt mean to say that
carthuja at valldemossa certainly salvadordoesnt mention their visit in
with my crying but hedoesnt mind even though it
to the ladies wee andydoesnt mind when i eventually
hand and clype but shedoesnt miss wood will catch
the train in because philadelphiadoesnt move when the mummer
m741: mmhm m605: but thatdoesnt necessarily mean that that
was the fuel because peatdoesnt need a draught under
i ve convinced him hedoesnt need to come up
what does work and whatdoesnt no the- they re
not have the ability itdoesnt normally have the ability
he misses classes like hedoesnt not miss classes but
hate miss wood so hedoesnt not now anyway geordie
her a look which shedoesnt notice and goes off
so is muriel though angelicadoesnt notice because she doesn
wally a long pause georgiedoesnt notice ronnie licks dry
barely evident almost certainly hedoesnt notice that his plump
is so lost that hedoesnt notice that miss wood
to look forward to itdoesnt often happen that you
lays it before her shedoesnt pay any attention georgie
of her leg again butdoesnt persist when mother pushes
evil sadie s wrong duncandoesnt plan these things he
s not kind of itdoesnt play on my mind
in the middle but itdoesnt protect the coast or
m605: eliot and hopkins whodoesnt quite fit in that
which er isn t erdoesnt quite have the same
to that even though itdoesnt quite make sense fionas
over again [cough] cause hedoesnt realise that you need
like it as well ordoesnt really f1148: uh huh
a fan [laugh] m017: itdoesnt really go very far
who s of my agedoesnt really have a western
that they sometimes use thatdoesnt really help and when
month neil i know hedoesnt really know what to
fit in you know shedoesnt really know you all
intelligent but i think shedoesnt really like having her
it in both so itdoesnt really make much difference
quick quite often but itdoesnt really matter is f718:
f1148: oh yeah mmhm f1149: doesnt really matter it s
corn bowers gentlemen and itdoesnt really matter that there
an all that but itdoesnt really take it into
years ago mmhm f947: hedoesnt really turn up and
boy calls mummy mummy bethdoesnt register the children carolanne
about a hoogie if hedoesnt remember a hoogie or
word thirteen or not hedoesnt remember that either it
it f963: mm mmhm m762: doesnt resolve people s prejudices
discomforting things and and itdoesnt resolve them it f963:
oot o t pause chrissiedoesnt respond she is my
even her best friend elsedoesnt respond to hints of
course as long as itdoesnt rock the boat but
again gets the razor raspingdoesnt say another word till
it andrew after me shedoesnt say anything about the
they were actually married itdoesnt say that they re
sc- the scotland the touristdoesnt see and i said
some ways the fees systemdoesnt seem all that fair
mean is stand under whichdoesnt seem conducive to understanding
this style i m usingdoesnt seem right at all
miraculous but also barbarous itdoesnt seem right like trawling
don t understand this itdoesnt seem right or good
yeah it just seems itdoesnt seem that long ago
chats of yesteryear time theredoesnt seem to be enough
rather odd er but itdoesnt seem to be odd
still writing your own stuffdoesnt seem to be that
type of english accent erdoesnt seem to bear examination
now f963: mm mm m762: doesnt seem to happen so
the elements mrs beaumont itdoesnt seem to have been
face round a bit hedoesnt seem to mind but
begun to snore companionably hedoesnt seem to want a
m to collect dog lindadoesnt seem to want to
one fiona watches quietly shedoesnt seem too bothered by
he seems like [cough] hedoesnt seem very rock and
that mother will hear shedoesnt seems to hear but
back f812: if the persondoesnt send it you can
foundations first f943: how concretedoesnt set underwater m944: no
casts a spell on herdoesnt she and erm f1104:
to go to her workdoesnt she f1104: eh eh
f1104: eh eh eh f1103: doesnt she f1104: ha ha
when she blows her nosedoesnt she f1112: uh huh
a mess of her hutchdoesnt she f1114: the birdie
to sunday school [censored: forename] goesdoesnt she m1096: aye [censored: forename]
f1095: she goes and alldoesnt she m1096: aye she
a sort of vampiric characterdoesnt she yeah yeah yeah
chrissie was it ronnie teeniedoesnt show any sign answer
weeks if the indian girldoesnt sink beaumont sink why
and turns his back fatherdoesnt smack andy says mother
take care of cow thatdoesnt smoke or drink wanted
know no f1154: yeah itdoesnt sound like something edible
that an i know thatdoesnt sound particularly scottish but
i mean m818: aye itdoesnt sound very appealing to
objective voice the voice thatdoesnt speak about feeling unsure
from an ample globe hedoesnt speak much english we
goes yeah i know hedoesnt spell things even in
sentiment in business the worlddoesnt stop in its tracks
again and this time shedoesnt stop she goes on
it [tut] difficult business m827: doesnt stop them saying don
which doesn t go anddoesnt suit me and i
the wall the wall radiodoesnt switch off at all
months so heres hoping itdoesnt take any longer because
he adds to me hedoesnt take away smiles i
paint kitchen cupboard cream paintdoesnt take but by afternoon
have any idea and shedoesnt talk to anyone so
the way mummy does itdoesnt taste nice maybe the
to ings and fro ingsdoesnt teeter like pisa no
her chaps of course shedoesnt tell me much about
the mat and your tabledoesnt that s it m1106 :
m605: right well that sdoesnt that s what it
if someone comes in pausedoesnt that worry you pause
hands and arms about whydoesnt the english language have
s mother whispered if hedoesnt the other schools are
concept of sociolinguistics cause hedoesnt think that that s
might be in tomorrow hedoesnt think to have some
of a cold winter davedoesnt think we ll get
m816: eh appa- apparently itdoesnt travel well apparently it
t travel well apparently itdoesnt travel well i mean
the side down if hedoesnt turn up on the
more koestler was wrong gletkindoesnt turn up the lights
get a biccy yourself andydoesnt understand he knows where
of their tea breaks andydoesnt understand the jokes of
husband that comes from orphirdoesnt use an that s
s in a rage hedoesnt use that language he
ken an erm but itdoesnt usually start again but
new nikes the shop assistantdoesnt usually stick a loaded
include but also eh fionadoesnt wanna hear this to
no [inhale] because m- maleficentdoesnt want because the fairies
[inaudible] f1103: aye f1104: tinkerbelldoesnt want i don t
make it into auc caroledoesnt want me to follow
cleverly with his heel hedoesnt want me to see
to know a secret naturedoesnt want them back they
to the bathroom but hedoesnt want to ask miss
f1150: and you know hedoesnt want to come home
daddy is pretending that hedoesnt want to go but
her last day that shedoesnt want to go into
being told such things hedoesnt want to hear that
f1037: yeah f1038: so shedoesnt want to live at
for the child that reallydoesnt want to play competitively
she keeps saying that shedoesnt want to stay there
slowly i know that hedoesnt want to talk to
never tells only bits shedoesnt want you to know
the urge to wallow shedoesnt wet and dripping she
spring cleaning time if shedoesnt where will they be
to this m944: no shedoesnt why would she want
work they try buffoonish thatdoesnt work and then in
the glass the door closerdoesnt work and there s
italian doesn t work spanishdoesnt work dutch nope basque
en is not good thatdoesnt work either nobody can
too so they try germandoesnt work italian doesn t
ehm er f1093: no mummydoesnt work on friday m1094:
slim possibility however if itdoesnt work out i m
no [laugh] m944: [laugh] itdoesnt work so f943: it
german doesn t work italiandoesnt work spanish doesn t
these maths things ma braindoesnt work that way so
so they try puzzlatory thatdoesnt work they try buffoonish
f1112: coke f1111: no shedoesnt you don t get
collect tokens m942: no itdoesnt you lie m941: where

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