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at bed time so atdoesnamaitter bessie complacently she is
this to me georgie itdoesnamaitter chrissie it s best
aul for you teenie thatdoesnamaitter chrissie was it him
me say this first itdoesnamaitter fit it is there
that s okay darlin itdoesnamaitter if it s on
aye is ripped f1127: itdoesnamaitter m1128: is it on
s is t teenie itdoesnamaitter ronnie he doesna want
it doesna maitter ronnie hedoesnawant to mairry you teenie
getting affa stiff aul agedoesnacome itsel an me nae
each other bessie och shedoesnaken half the aul wordies
go there right enough itdoesnago there no that doesna
doesna go there no thatdoesnago there try and put
to mairry you teenie hedoesnaken aboot the bairn but
month o sundays if shedoesnaget it ana loretta would
hinna seen her peggy shedoesnalike too much heat loretta
two ls like peggy itdoesnasolve onything loretta she s
fit flavour peggy wearily itdoesnasay gladys mandarin bessie nae
maybe i dinna ken hedoesnaseem tae care onywye gladys
do that gladys well itdoesnataste the same nae tae
places idder than lerick itdoesnareally seem laek f961: uh
ashes in it but itdoesnaseem richt jist to pit
these days jim there jistdoesnaseem to be muckle call
o here please f1103: itdoesnacome out just pretend it
think so f1104: no itdoesnadoes it no stickin f1103:
road again f1103: that bitdoesnago there f1104: mam this
a lot f1103: well hedoesnah- that ain s just
f1104: farr at f1103: thatdoesnamak sense never mind right
aw f1104: [laugh] f1103: thatdoesnamean to say you ve
she f1103: mmhm f1104: [censored: forename]doesnasay anything does she f1103:
sings a lot but shedoesnaspeak [inaudible] f1103: her mum
f1104: well why does thisdoesnastay back f1103: it does
and see it watch itdoesnaeat your carrot m1132: [exhale]
this one watch the platedoesnafall oh but you re
it f1112: daddy f1111: mummydoesnawatch it f1112: i got
you d- you know mummydoesnawatch that f1112: uh huh
no f1109: oh no thatdoesnacome oot darlin that s
reach f1109: no no itdoesnago up just goes open
what does f1109: oh itdoesnashow you much aboot mickey
thu- m1094: thursday f1093: mummydoesnawork on thursdays go to
goes there look no itdoesnaf1126: mm yay f1125: that
see it does- no itdoesnait goes here f1126: no
go there f1125: no itdoesnait winna go f1126: it
f1126: there f1125: no itdoesnasee it winna fit ooh
winnie the pooh f1125: hedoesnago there though he s
apple f1089: hey i wantdoesnaget in this house m1090:
[laugh] f1089: no that bitdoesnago there [yawn] oh aye
it did f1089: but itdoesnam1090: what if it did
yesterday [inhale] f1089: och thatdoesnamatter that s very clever
this house m1090: i wantdoesnaget in this house s-
gonna put it so itdoesnam1090: ah it s fresh
it s nae there itdoesnago there it goes there
up the top no itdoesnait goes up at this
dinna sleep onywye so itdoesnamak ony difference to me
s fit wye your mitherdoesnathink dod would mak you
nae right no that bitdoesnago there cause look look
tomorrow m1094: why f1093: hedoesnago to his work on
m1096: [censored: forename] f1095: no [censored: forename]doesnago to sunday school [censored: forename]
people comin here ken itdoesnamatter where you go m865:
at sea that the governmentdoesnaken aboot angelica ye get
intil the deid sea itdoesnarin oot the deid sea
s o that state itdoesnatak in either dialects o
to hope that the governmentdoesnatak ower the runnin o
man for himsel the deildoesnatak the hinmaist he taks
f1095: right m1096: cause itdoesna[inaudible] neck f1095: right m1096:
ye re nae good hedoesnatake ye nae toys does
a present georgie if shedoesnawant your stockins dinna prig
some angelica smugly no doddoesnasell me things he jist
aw f1129: well the ladydoesnawant to hear you munchin
staring into its depths itdoesnadee to think ower muckle
least ower aften the leiddoesnaget includit in schuil in
you i just hope hedoesnagi e ye the same
so they sae but itdoesnataste the same neil still
s an interestin development itdoesnamean tae say he said
wears claes like this itdoesnamean we ve got loose
that toots did we itdoesnabear thinkin aboot bein looket
don t f1111: careful itdoesnafall off darling can you
in its pouch so itdoesnaget all weet it s
flesh it s tough itdoesnagi e up its bones
a wey in but itdoesnahae a wey oot and
up that s it f1114: doesnalift up f1113: now so
children and ehm it itdoesnasound like a great life
okay okay well he certainlydoesnasuspect you or anything onyway
a the time the queendoesnaeven bother sendin oot telegrams
that f1142: [exhale] f1141: hedoesnalike you when you re
he jumps up and hedoesnasleep and he and you
a thegither even though hedoesnasmell ony mair i ve
just pops up that bitdoesnawork [child noises] f1105: oh mmhm
gaelic this disparity in tocherindoesnapoint tae an owerfundin o
origin 25 73 this reportdoesnaseek tae kinnle yon debate
hit evin if dis programdoesnaloo me yun scaadinavian vowils
professor johnstone suggests that multilingualismdoesnaimply that awbody has tae

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