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maist concernit wi this maitterdonalbainaside to malcolm what daur
o heivin enter malcolm anddonalbaindonalbain what s amiss here
heivin enter malcolm and donalbaindonalbainwhat s amiss here macbeth
the saicont chaumer l macbethdonalbainmacbeth distraught ai what a
bell murder an treason banquodonalbainmalcolm wauken up are ye
wes for malcolm an fordonalbainti kill thair gentie faither
the leddie malcolm aside todonalbainwhatfor dae we haud oor
enter king duncan lennox malcolmdonalbainand attendants duncan haes cawdor
offstage enter king duncan malcolmdonalbainand lennox with attendants enter
torches enter king duncan malcolmdonalbainbanquo lennox macduff ross angus
s twa sons malcolm andonalbainhaes stown awa an fled
a l gang ti inglanddonalbainit wul be ireland for
everybody leaves but malcolm anddonalbainmalcolm what div ye ettil
ti shed malcolm aside todonalbainwe l ken better what
caithness dis oniebodie ken ifdonalbainis alang wi his brither

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