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kynd o seik lyke ahdoutah m past eatin awthegither
thaim an awbodie said ahdouthe is owre graund awthegither
dinna misdout ye awthegither naedoutoor kintrie is dounhauden nou
same wey yae day ahdoutwe l be forgotten awthegither
howp ti gain macduff naedoutthair luifs war creisht wi
ye nae offence macduff naedoutye ken best what ye
wi it ross macduff adoutye l mebbe never forgie
in about yir son adoutit ll be naither weill
aa yir troubles but adoutye ll no be willin
sud be yir fairin naedoutye ve lugs on ye
d want for shuir adouta wad steir up monie
wes shuir o t naedoutaboot it yeir grace ah
for shuir angus ay naedoutnou he feels his secret
ee eilidh the r naedoutaboot that he fair dotes
stound in ma wyme ahdouteilidh ah l no be
on ye eilidh but ahdoutshe sees ye as juist
brither alasdair ma brither ahdoutah maun quut this steid
the clouds an gae adouthe maun be awa bi
no blytheness for ye adoutour strenth maun be owre
naewhaur ti be seen ahdoutthe tree maun hae swallaed
itslane says flesher zheng adoutthey maun be rowin puddins
the lord clerk says adoutthis place maun be ill
is a poet orm ahdoutthorfinn maun hae swallaed ower
for us ti byde adoutwe maun awa an lat
ma sisters nou vershinin ahdoutyeir sisters maun be gittin
hir at the tyme ahdoutah m owre easie persuadit
his stewart here but adouthe rydes owre weill an
owre mukkil for ye ahdoutit taen aw ma smeddum
owre auld for that ahdoutlays down his club ah
t that wey but ahdoutye r owre guid for
his head ay ay ahdoutah dout ye cawed me
ti byde puddok weill ahdoutah haena a houss for
cam here weill recommended ahdoutah l juist hae ti
the houss door an ahdoutah l never win til
tell ye aboot that ahdoutah m no lang for
wumman at aw an ahdoutah m no lang for
mirrors the mukkil bens ahdoutah nae langir hae the
til the lobby press ahdoutah ve tint mynes ye
can be fund thirlman ahdoutaw the boats is oot
wi his kirkyaird hoast ahdouthe canna be lang for
that bairn gunlöd syne ahdouthe l no git on
faither hame again an ahdouthe s fund oot aboot
his pleisir an nou ahdouthe thinks nae mair o
whan he dis ai ahdouthe winna ken me from
bobik feels that cauld ahdouthis room is ower cauld
irena au revoir fedotik ahdoutit isna au revoir it
spell on me pepper ahdoutit pompitie pompitie ah can
a storm blawin up ahdoutit s fair teimin doun
he thocht til himsell ahdoutit s mair nor tyme
ma heid yestrein an ahdoutit s tyme nou ah
it smashed ti smithereens ahdoutit wul never be the
a quarter past echt ahdoutma bobik is no at
the gairden yett but ahdoutma mither is aye aboot
wae s me bairn ahdoutnae braw wooer wul ever
ah ken aboot glaumerie ahdoutpompitie it s a new
t no rintoul ay ahdoutsae it s a lang
s been spittin bluid ahdoutshe canna speak at aw
no duin peyin yit ahdoutshe s skellocht hir wey
finnd yeir selkie skin ahdoutsum man cam by an
ah m thinkin that naedoutthay wul be the first
carnival pairtie andrey embarrassed ahdoutthe carnival pairtie s no
vext aboot this dirdum ahdoutthe deifenin in this auld
hir ye say shona ahdoutthe l no be monie
is no soukin richt ahdoutthe r a pea stuck
tomb aw day koolyghin ahdoutthe r no mukkil can
the suiner the better ahdoutthe r no mukkil tyme
neibor s dugs yowl ahdoutthon faimlie is in truibil
gae intil his chaumer ahdoutvershinin s guidwyfe wul hae
ti uphauid an mynes ahdoutwad faw richt doun gin
can tell ye but ahdoutwe haena cum til the
the fek o us ahdoutwe r juist stuck in
ither altho oor bliss ahdoutwul nou suin be ower
strecht ti hell whaur adoutye belang puddok if ah
ay ay ah dout ahdoutye cawed me in juist
needle please please needle ahdoutye deserr anither guid jag
loss onie mair bluid ahdoutye hae fawn inti the
guidwyfe said the streinger ahdoutye ir feirt for the
morag morag ma lassie ahdoutye l hae ti mak
tyme i cummin ringan ahdoutye r wurkin on for
ah seivinteen year auld ahdoutye wad never ken me
wey ti the craitur ahdoutye wul hae been tactless
a clairtie bum queen ahdoutyeir guidman wul hae ti
lassie bairn the r naedoutaboot it she wul be
r a queer yin naedoutaboot it soliony i am
o no the r naedoutat thay suin grew ti
computeir whan the r naedoutbene monie ither mair modren
toun the haill clanjamfrie naedoutignorant an backward the r
here in the hielands adoutwe r in for anither
wumman ye fairlie gar medoutmasell whan ye can regaird
wumman wes a fairie naedoutsae she prays an greits
sum sense eftir this adoutthe wul be nae mair
hae sic mettil wha wuldoutthir dozent louns haes duin
on l macbeth mercie adoutthey ve waukent an the
ye l be queisitive naedoutti here ma concludins frae
m aw better but naedoutye l be sendin in
aboot thaim l macbeth adoutye want the mendin pouer
hunner yairds further doun naedoutbelanged tae puggie hou s
ll be frae this naedoutbut he s fairly gotten
the son o heiven naedoutettles ti bring the commontie
fur me a hae naedoutfur a hae a mynd
modern scots there s naedouthe kent his groats in
say an i hae naedoutit s his intent tae
again menteith a ve naedouto that siward what dae
nou thorfinn the corbies naedoutorm dae ye daur dee
an auld sang whilk naedoutsatisfied our faithers and our
yer guid scots tongue naedoutsic havers really meant tae
tae ye john and naedouttae you tae jamie boswell
hir an the war naedoutthat fowk wad juist lauch
it will be argued naedoutthat the laws o african
o that i hae naedoutthey d as shuin cast
gied m a heize naedoutti mak hir foirtellins the
night probably ye are naedoutvery wicked noo then i
re cannie an gentie naedoutwe ll get ludgin for
aye the best but adoutwe ve nae place ti
kettrens verra lyke macdougals naedoutwha ither this luiks gey
doun a nearhaun street naedoutwi ither nets in it
he plunkit hiz dewties naedoutye mey speir whitwey ye
mair frichtsum ti ye naedoutyoung siward ye lee ye
me ross gentlemen ryse adouthis hieness is no weill
the lang wey roun idoutgin ony cat is feart
yeir flaffin physician ay adoutye ve fund oot sumthing
an a wersh sup adoutit ll juist haurdlie be
s been braw but adoutit wad be ill convenient
says the lord clerk adoutthere wad be some sair
the germs awa withoot adoutthey hae their fun wi
a soft doun prep downdoutv n doubt dowf a
afore ye gie decerniture adoutthe day ma faither needs
him faither o keings adoutthey ve laid a sterile
kep ye benignitor a dinnadoutan suppose there s onie
marischalry ti mind ye adoutgin they get ti ken
before ye prove ayont awdoutthe cruel immoral and un
gar ye shine an adoutye ll think the waur
bot didna wiss ti schawdoutafoir the twenes at lest
a m lossin hert adoutan a m stertin ti
wi his siller an adoutwhan he comes seekin it
drawn heid tae heid idoutif i cuid staun the
ma hair on end adouta ve haen ma fill
ken aa about it adoutit ll be the paip
wish tae ken can wedoutthat though mr knight s
is carried out banquo adoutwe re aw sair fasht
asyde him an athout adoutshe wes trulie the fairest
at wes luikin baklins idouttammas wes tellin m at
a m unco grippie adouta d kill the lairds
me the doc swithert widoutsuid he daur tak me
cleik us in trowth adoutthere s a set tae
negroes is there reason taedoutthat multitudes o black men
king o fish withoot adoutbauld fearless haunsome that s
brings on unnaitral truibils adoutthis leddie wants a priest

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