See this word as a collocate cloud

until the meat had brokendownand all the goodness was
no better cold and brokendownand grim we ken maclaurin
s legal establishment has brokendownand is unable to take
3 000 this is brokendownas follows table 3 estimated
and ii 2002 03 brokendownbetween domestic and non domestic
each year since 2001 brokendownby 1 gender 2 race
each year since 1997 brokendownby a country b method
the new deal are brokendownby a ethnic origin and
implementing inclusiveness realising potential brokendownby a local authority and
further education since 1999 brokendownby a local authority area
further education since 1999 brokendownby a local authority area
the last five years brokendownby a parliamentary constituency and
the last three years brokendownby a parliamentary region and
tourists in august 2003 brokendownby a tourist board area
from 1997 to 2002 brokendownby a tourist board area
the population of scotland brokendownby age and sex obviously
the last three years brokendownby ambulance control room and
delay in ambulance response brokendownby ambulance control room s1w
delay in ambulance response brokendownby ambulance control room s1w
salmon was in 2002 brokendownby area and type of
to proceed with decommissioning brokendownby category and the total
the last 10 years brokendownby category of charge s1w
in total and b brokendownby company s1w 28538 richard
the last three years brokendownby court s1w 15041 richard
person in legal proceedings brokendownby criminal and civil court
the last 30 years brokendownby criminal and civil court
future projects are planned brokendownby date and cost s1w
month since june 2002 brokendownby department and salary band
each year since 1999 brokendownby department and salary band
office annually since 1997 brokendownby department s1w 7665 mr
detail any such costs brokendownby department s1w 7692 tricia
deal with traffic issues brokendownby division s1w 27502 alex
of the sqa is brokendownby each of these categories
repairs to school buildings brokendownby education authority s1w 12169
c spurplus grant schemes brokendownby enterprise company in each
we wanted to be brokendownby fellow parliamentarians i am
and the exchange then brokendownby freeze frame and the
accepted by the crown brokendownby gender s1w 7670 bill
of these figures represents brokendownby health board area in
to 31 december 2000 brokendownby health board area in
each year since 1980 brokendownby health board area s1w
decrease in each year brokendownby health board area s1w
dentists there currently are brokendownby health board area s1w
private care home places brokendownby health board area s1w
per head of population brokendownby health board area s1w
nurses in each quarter brokendownby health board area s1w
to lack of funding brokendownby health board area s1w
the last three years brokendownby health board area s1w
the last five years brokendownby health board area s1w
years in total and brokendownby health board area s1w
physiotherapists in each quarter brokendownby health board area s1w
dietetics and xvi physiotherapy brokendownby health board s1w 12223
each year since 1995 brokendownby health board s1w 12261
any such additional costs brokendownby health board s1w 7693
c any associated companies brokendownby i date and ii
each year since 1999 brokendownby i gender ii race
through the new deal brokendownby i race ii gender
and f 2001 02 brokendownby i reported offences ii
to finance such packages brokendownby i the former chief
of deficient road maintenance brokendownby individual trunk road s1w
or other related initiatives brokendownby initiative and what relationship
detail any such costs brokendownby local authority and whether
the last three years brokendownby local authority area and
2000 and iii 2001 brokendownby local authority area s1w
the order being made brokendownby local authority area s1w
the last five years brokendownby local authority area s1w
the last five years brokendownby local authority area s1w
the empty homes initiative brokendownby local authority area s1w
at 31 march 2002 brokendownby local authority area s1w
2000 and iii 2001 brokendownby local authority area s1w
this has been spent brokendownby local authority area s1w
the last five years brokendownby local authority area s1w
receipt of direct payments brokendownby local authority area s1w
and which do not brokendownby local authority area s1w
each year since 1999 brokendownby local authority area s1w
maintain professional teaching standards brokendownby local authority s1w 1144
those aged over 65 brokendownby local authority s1w 12136
recent arthur macgregor case brokendownby local authority s1w 12201
and c 2003 04 brokendownby local authority s1w 14602
the last five years brokendownby local authority s1w 4807
it has been asked brokendownby msp and topic s1o
b local authority area brokendownby national lottery fund and
have mixed sex wards brokendownby nhs board area s1w
the last three years brokendownby nhs board area s1w
assessment for beta interferon brokendownby nhs board area s1w
treatment for anorexia nervosa brokendownby nhs board area s1w
waiting for specialist treatment brokendownby nhs board area s1w
anaphylaxis and allergy services brokendownby nhs board area s1w
the last five years brokendownby nhs board area s1w
of such non attendance brokendownby nhs board area s1w
assessment for beta interferon brokendownby nhs board area s1w
in total and b brokendownby nhs board area s1w
of such non attendance brokendownby nhs board area s1w
portering cleaning and catering brokendownby nhs i trust and
affected by rheumatoid arthritis brokendownby nhs trust area s1w
how many in patients brokendownby nhsis trust are addicted
have an unknown destination brokendownby parliamentary constituency in each
as being in employment brokendownby parliamentary constituency s1w 17616
the last three years brokendownby parliamentary region s1w 15047
april to december 2002 brokendownby police force area s1w
the last three years brokendownby police force s1w 15040
the last five years brokendownby police force s1w 15044
since 1 january 1999 brokendownby prison s1w 26911 pauline
to the present date brokendownby prison s1w 27489 lord
the last three years brokendownby prison s1w 28501 lord
form this treatment takes brokendownby prison s1w 29294 mr
which information is available brokendownby procurator fiscal area and
facilities at stations scheme brokendownby project and date of
and above since 1997 brokendownby qualification and by prison
expressed per capita and brokendownby region s1w 33279δ sarah
received by this date brokendownby sector and what progress
each year since 1999 brokendownby sheriff court area s1w
the last three years brokendownby sheriff court district s1w
shot under each licence brokendownby species s1w 32851 nora
executive how many staff brokendownby staff category are currently
and open prison establishment brokendownby staff category giving the
of elections scotland bill brokendownby staff publicity printing and
a in total b brokendownby the country which such
under the excellence fund brokendownby the key areas which
are from and c brokendownby the mode of travel
proposed in total and brokendownby the proposed increase in
the past 10 years brokendownby those committed by persons
each year since 1995 brokendownby trust s1w 12260 margaret
2002 03 to date brokendownby type of case s1w
a non court disposal brokendownby warnings conditional offers fiscal
the base figure and brokendownby water authority s1w 12196
holyrood project has been brokendownby works package what the
document cost to produce brokendownby year of publication s1w
goddess fire engines have brokendownduring testing and preparations for
to the ocean had brokendownearlier in the month leading
scotland was due to brokendownequipment supported by fergus ewing
of hm prison kilmarnock brokendownfor each heading and by
the actual funds disbursed brokendownin each case by each
that language can be brokendowninto chunks and that these
education colleges in scotland brokendowninto full time and part
local authority can be brokendowninto net current expenditure per
the scottish prison service brokendowninto uniformed staff and ancillary
and how that is brokendowninto various categories mr davidson
what may also have brokendownis the consensual approach that
low lair to become boggeddownlame piece of broken crockery
where the process has brokendownlike bruce crawford i thought
them gone f1113: they felldownremember got broken f1114: oh
trust appears to have brokendownthe members and the convener
f1112: up here and slidingdowntheir broken chute f1111: no
broken m1048: i ll comedownthen for a shot okay
that sometimes aren t brokendowntoo much in literature you
malcolm and shona eilidh sitsdownagain at her spinning wheel
of the stage and sitsdownah m fair guttit awthegither
no masha ay irena sitsdownah m that gled ti
ahaud bi yon wund sitsdownah tell ye whit it
go hen beth sits bottledownand exits agnes listen son
for his desk he sitsdownand opens his reading book
malcolm and shona moula sitsdownand sobs she continues to
ai ma puir heid sitsdownandrey lost twa hunder roubles
aw yin ti me sitsdownandrey passes across the back
almost english voice she sitsdownarranges her kilt neatly over
for a meinit morag sitsdownat the edge of the
stick that soliony is sitsdownat the piano and plays
over to him and sitsdownat the table ah canna
combs his beard then sitsdownat the table and takes
to the company and sitsdownat the table vershinin whit
jilly sits down bj sitsdownbeside her enter gary with
the negative energy jilly sitsdownbj sits down beside her
til ye aw everybody sitsdownbut macbeth lords oor thenks
a twittering gladys peggy sitsdownby loretta who has spent
in his hand and sitsdownby the candle toozenbach ah
see ye the day sitsdownby the piano olga ah
a chair purposefully and sitsdownby the queen mither mither
her hair she then sitsdownby the well to wait
about to exit she breaksdowncries sits heavily crying and
tak yeir meinits pompitie sitsdownexhausted by the curly bush
hoarse bellow as geordie sitsdownhe gives andy a dig
the drawing room and sitsdownin a corner natasha covers
peggy breaks away and sitsdownin tears herself loretta gently
pat twirls around bj sitsdownjilly shadow boxes pat yur
the precious tin he sitsdownlays the tin on the
is oniething happenin masha sitsdownna naething a pause wul
of the stage and sitsdownon a swing enter andrey
hand to his mouth sitsdownon his nappy clad bottom
sobs shake me fiona sitsdownon the bed close to
irena they r gaen sitsdownon the bottom step of
meekly embroidering it fiona sitsdownon the floor and offers
wal at lest she sitsdownon the large stone and
throws his arms up sitsdownpat awright beej awright jilly
cat whispers fiona andy sitsdownthat s guid says geordie
nearer to tess he sitsdownthen motions for tess to
t want any she sitsdownto sew mrs beaumont and
carrying a pillow she sitsdownvershinin continues an whan ma
maun hae a saet sitsdownvershinin sae nou ma wyfe
and obviously the editor sitsdownwith erm the chief reporter
she sits again neil settlesdownwith the paper bessie triumphantly
up an down up andownall the way to tinsel
the light of torches shiningdownalways down just in front
slubber and swish six feetdownand dropping six feet down
me it goes down downdownand one of the lines
they ve got tae godownand sit down the pier
down he won t falldown[child noise] [banging noise] [child noise] oof i
down and dropping six feetdowndissolving shards of sea shells
further down when you redowndo not let me hear
tellt me it goes downdowndown and one of the
wife tellt me it goesdowndown down and one of
f1114: aye no [inaudible] downdowndown down down down down
right another one f1114: [inhale]downdown down down down down
down down down down downdowndown down down down down
[inhale] down down down downdowndown down down down down
down down down down downdowndown down down down down
down down down down downdowndown down down down down
one f1114: [inhale] down downdowndown down down down down
another one f1114: [inhale] downdowndown down down down down
here f1114: aye no [inaudible]downdown down down down down
him across the bridge f1114: downdown down down down down
the bridge f1114: down downdowndown down down down down
across the bridge f1114: downdowndown down down down down
f1114: [inhale] down down downdowndown down down down down
down down down down downdowndown down down down f1113:
bridge f1114: down down downdowndown down down down f1113:
aye no [inaudible] down downdowndown down down down f1113:
to go m1092: him goingdowndown down down down there
down down down down downdowndown down down f1113: a
no [inaudible] down down downdowndown down down f1113: and
f1114: down down down downdowndown down down f1113: right
go m1092: him going downdowndown down down there f1091:
to the water m1092: goindowndown down f1091: is it
down down down down downdowndown down f1113: a big
[inaudible] down down down downdowndown down f1113: and this
down down down down downdowndown down f1113: right another
in one dream i fumbleddowndown down into the earth
tenement foreshortening away from himdowndown down right to the
m1092: him going down downdowndown down there f1091: is
back of ruchill park anddowndown ehm f1150: mmhm f1151:
the water m1092: goin downdowndown f1091: is it spilling
down down down down downdowndown f1113: a big bridge
down down down down downdowndown f1113: and this is
down down down down downdowndown f1113: right another one
mmhm m762: oh it echoesdowndown history doesn t it
if struggling to pull medowndown into a dark abyss
one dream i fumbled downdowndown into the earth following
like pompeii in ash thendowndown like atlantis the meteor
foreshortening away from him downdowndown right to the street
him going down down downdowndown there f1091: is he
of ruchill park and downdownehm f1150: mmhm f1151: bilsland
tippin it down tippin itdownf1027: tippin it down that
i fall down mum [laugh]downf1089: fall down m1090: ready
down m1090: bob the builderdownf1089: no nae just noo
water m1092: goin down downdownf1091: is it spilling m1092:
my car slow down slowdownf1097: there you go there
down down down down downdownf1113: a big bridge right
down down down down downdownf1113: and this is this
the car f1114: squeeze itdownf1113: pat it down f1114:
down down down down downdownf1113: right another one f1114:
f1113: right f1114: squeeze itdownf1113: squeeze it down right
[laugh] i sit down sitdownf1113: stand up here a
it down f1113: pat itdownf1114: [inaudible] a frog f1113:
f1118: atishoo atishoo all felldownf1117: all fell down f1118:
f1118: oh it s felldownf1117: has it fallen down
oh i fall down fallindownf1117: what s this that
fell down f1117: all felldownf1118: i m pai- it
down how will i getdownf1121: [inaudible] f1122: oh cool
s good f1122: pat itdownf1121: pat it down f1122:
how are we gonna getdownf1121: we ll get down
f1122: look but we redownf1121: we re down now
it down f1121: pat itdownf1122: mm f1121: okay i
mess f1118: oh i falldownfallin down f1117: what s
nearly london bridge is fallingdownfalling down falling down london
bridge is falling down fallingdownfalling down london bridge is
london bridge is f1118: fallingdownfalling down london bridge is
f1122: mum can we godowngo down to the beach
he he won t falldownhe won t fall down
put the blocks f1114: [exhale]downhere down here [inaudible] kind
this is not eas- ohdownhere down there i want
blocks f1114: [exhale] down heredownhere [inaudible] kind o ride
walks up and down throwsdownhis stick beaumont why in
m762: oh it echoes downdownhistory doesn t it oh
but how will i getdownhow will i get down
re never gonnae keep medowni get knocked down pat
down lilian you want themdowni thought they were to
the ships so they weredownin the cold mornings down
down london bridge is fallingdown[inaudible] [panting] f1117: did you
bits you lick up anddown[inaudible] stick it down okay
struggling to pull me downdowninto a dark abyss only
dream i fumbled down downdowninto the earth following a
that change from glasgow greendowninto the harbour down to
of torches shining down alwaysdownjust in front of their
pompeii in ash then downdownlike atlantis the meteor from
i canny bring thae curtainsdownlilian you want them down
down f1117: has it fallendownlondon bridge is f1118: falling
falling down falling down fallingdownlondon bridge is falling down
is f1118: falling down fallingdownlondon bridge is falling down
honk honk they all falldownlook fall down on the
f1089: can you have whatdownm1090: bob the builder down
f1089: atishoo we all falldownm1090: i fall down mum
mum [laugh] down f1089: falldownm1090: ready you sta- you
down there has it felldownm1094: no f1093: no no
main holiday we would godownm608: yeah m1163: down south
the duck down quilt duckdownmind noh hen s feathers
fall down m1090: i falldownmum [laugh] down f1089: fall
down london bridge is fallingdownmy fair f1118: lady f1117:
you goin sit down sitdownno [censored: forename] s had her
re down f1121: we redownnow that s pretty flowers
and down [inaudible] stick itdownokay and fa s it
down in the cold morningsdownon standin on the docks
go down there an godownon the friday and it
all fall down look falldownon the grass oh that
down f1121: we ll getdownover here f1122: down over
get down over here f1122: downover here the beach f1121:
me down i get knockeddownpat an bj jilly what
up down up down updownpress ups press ups press
ur doon oan the duckdownquilt duck down mind noh
it down f1113: squeeze itdownright down to the bottom
away from him down downdownright to the street or
[inaudible] f1114: [laugh] i sitdownsit down f1113: stand up
whaur are you goin sitdownsit down no [censored: forename] s
ain give my car slowdownslow down f1097: there you
go down m608: yeah m1163: downsouth as i call it
hamburg to say down theredownsouth you would probably have
[inhale] [exhale] have to godownstair have to go down
it down f1027: tippin itdownthat s right mmhm you
where s it going awaydownthe drain m1094: down this
tae go down and sitdownthe pier m608: mmhm m194:
s a girl you knockeddownthe scissors alright f1114: down
down the scissors alright f1114: downthe scissors [?]scissors[/?] f1113: now
s quite nice to godownthere an go down on
campus so he did historydownthere and victoria went down
from from hamburg to saydownthere down south you would
down stair have to godownthere f1089: have to go
going down down down downdownthere f1091: is he gaun
in here is it stilldownthere has it fell down
not eas- oh down heredownthere i want to go
away down the drain m1094: downthis yeah cause it is
o it walks up anddownthrows down his stick beaumont
window f1024: or tippin itdowntippin it down f1027: tippin
did you go down todownto ayr down to largs
f718: so did you godownto down to ayr down
down to down to ayrdownto largs and so on
down there and victoria wentdownto oxford not to oxford
yuc- we have to godownto the beach f1121: down
can we go down godownto the beach f1121: uh
f1113: squeeze it down rightdownto the bottom that s
green down into the harbourdownto the coast different words
down to the beach f1121: downto the water and then
sections of the community f1023: downto you re aye down
down to you re ayedownto you re last f1025:
on them cammy up andownup an down all the
luik salamander up down updownup down press ups press
takk a luik salamander updownup down up down press
him for pushing you furtherdownwhen you re down do
my feet and i sitdownagain on the floor with
i am willing to sitdownand allow her to intervene
so they made me sitdownand do all these maths
to shut up and sitdownand do what they re
to my desk and sitdownand eh i went into
it then you can sitdownand figure it out without
f1113: oh right you sitdownand i ll make your
h- he got to sitdownand read a book f965:
it s hard to sitdownand read it if you
i would never probably sitdownand read that normally f745:
m gonnae need to sitdownand read the books this
and then she would sitdownand she would just say
enter the ballroom they sitdownand sing quietly one of
caught they got to sitdownand the second person became
you d go up anddownand up right sit doon
m815: really had to sitdownand work at it and
i ve got just sitdownand you can read it
krista helps her to sitdownberna awa wi yi git
move by the bridge sitdowndella casts the runes krista
would say stop that sitdownetcetera but really we were
sort of f1038: yeah sitdownf1037: take this from here
bridge with them right sitdownf1114: [child noises] me f1113: that
the animals right you sitdownf1114: we ve found the
now i have to sitdownf1117: right now [inaudible] f1118:
mother and daughter they sitdownfor a rest after the
help f1113: right push itdownhard sit up while you
david you just sit yourselfdownhere and read the paper
f1121: okay let s sitdownhere and we ll have
i be- right you sitdownhere hello hello f1114: i
[splashing noises] [child noises] f1097: right sitdowni ll get you washed
a wall i would sitdowni would stop m642: well
think you d better sitdownif i return halifax prestwick
conference me and beastie sitdownin front of the telly
wireless listener he would sitdownin his comfy armchair after
ll i [inaudible] f1105: sitdownin the bath properly sit
and being asked to sitdownin the wooden armchair one
of course stutterin oh sitdown[inaudible] cairry on so you
move oh dear you falldown[inaudible] f1114: [laugh] i sit
puir thing makes her sitdownjuist rest yeirsell a bittie
appeal to members to sitdownkeep quiet and listen to
coughing she has to sitdownkrista and tess comfort her
vitamin pudd tablets and sitdownlike christians and less like
and had a proper sitdownmeal or bannerman s arranged
aye sit doon f1104: sitdownmum [inaudible] the little baby
with a disapproving eye sitdownnow dear said the giraffe
hissel and though i sitdownnow the time will come
round there right you sitdownokay f1114: th- f1113: right
an soond the puddok sitdownon the cushion reluctantly and
without conscious thought i sitdownon the futon and jog
m1106: i want f1105: sitdownon your bottom properly nae
right come on in sitdownsat in front of the
sit and watch travellers godownthe metro escalators why shouldn
i was about to sitdownthe young romeo brushed past
f1113: [inaudible] okay you sitdownthen f1114: bounce it i
helps the king to sitdownthen serves him wine the
register and said just sitdownthere and my my worry
are you going to sitdownthere are you tired f1114:
no it s okay sitdownthere that s okay you
mum you go and sitdownthere this seat f1113: right
on there right just sitdownthere we ll play with
you had to take itdownto a burn and sit
admirers throughout the world sitdownto pay tribute to his
they would employer yes sitdownuh huh mhmm yes oh
been asked ever to sitdownwith a a german text
against the wall and sitdownwith a bump but nobody
driven over 2 000 feetdowna snaking road to visit
which were apt to blowdownacross the road in a
service between like just straightdowngreat western road basically and
to be a busy roaddownhere so we have to
put her oot the roaddownhere then okay we ll
need to knock easter roaddownif you bought it cause
upstairs however all the waydownmaryhill road while mr pimp
a dangerous road to godownmr monteith the area of
road that we have comedownmr tosh as the minister
just work in a pubdownon byres road f1150: oh
f1135: they re putting tardownon the road f1136: mm
they must be putting tardownon the road f1136: [note: thirty seconds of silence]
we have gone as fardownthat road as is reasonably
scheme the executive has gonedownthat road but what if
faith isn t quite goindownthat road f641: mmhm f639:
the scheme and having gonedownthat road will be reluctant
road so it must godownthe bottom cause the roads
top of the church roaddownthe brae to the bottom
as putty reid he liveddownthe church road he was
magnetic pull of the mountainsdownthe hilly road to town
high spirits arm in armdownthe moonlit road to the
opened that big philosophy factorydownthe road and i sat
maybe it would be goingdownthe road and it was
get another couple o monthsdownthe road and they ll
aberdeen accord card how fardownthe road are you in
but he is still languishingdownthe road at edinburgh city
her face and she shouteddownthe road at him come
here they are in oppositiondownthe road but they are
a million people will bedownthe road enjoying themselves and
after that one the cardownthe road f1125: teddy s
edinburgh the area is justdownthe road from edinburgh but
for a second the pubdownthe road from me ehm
m815: the lighthouse is justdownthe road from that m816:
just a mile or twodownthe road from westhill and
bike or if i mdownthe road i ll just
of a magnificent facility justdownthe road in manchester ian
mmhm f1025: seven eight miledownthe road is it [inhale]
eighty seven when i starteddownthe road part time [inhale]
and i was going backdownthe road saying i m
deal or we can godownthe road taken by the
discussion today if we godownthe road that adam ingram
m1163: i bought a businessdownthe road the [censored: business name] it
currie perhaps at some pointdownthe road the executive should
perfect and about six monthsdownthe road they got the
them and then transport themdownthe road to a peaceful
would be a further stepdownthe road to a unitary
taken of the scheme furtherdownthe road to see exactly
sun disappeared as i walkeddownthe road to the cove
the pint takes us furtherdownthe road to understanding its
large wicker basket and walkeddownthe road towards the sea
station filled up hundred yardsdownthe road turned off the
star a celebrity or somebodydownthe road would you have
do not want to godownthe welsh road and end
[inaudible] m942: don t godownthis road again i didn
that having decided to godownthis road and because we
he was going to godownthis road it was henry
that road where it continuesdownthrough a plantation and then
to edinburgh road well twodownto edinburgh road in different
m845: to easterhouse eh onedownto edinburgh road well two
on the road it sdownto one lane god damn
afterwards when we all walkeddownto the finchley road together
in the road sheer dropsdownto the sea the colours
stuff like that she wentdowna couple of weeks ago
kilwinning john f638: i wentdowna hill and she d
at his mercy they wentdowna passage barely wide enough
guardian s hut we wentdownand climbed the central pyramid
she went through to liedownand eh i came into
was mainly that i wentdownand i d originally applied
you were put the handdownand looked away and went
lorries and then they wentdownand they used to and
south of the border wentdownanother line so that somebody
out high and gradually packeddownas the year went on
though they went a goaldownbefore half time they battled
at jimmy s head wentdownbut that didn t matter
pain and i went joggingdownby the st john several
wasn t [inaudible] we wentdownf1149: mmhm f1148: to the
bit maybe she just wentdownf1154: from the verge where
these poor men all wentdownf746: oh f978: and then
famous blue raincoat that wentdownfairly well they ve been
that and then she wentdownfor her tea f807: oh
so that the heat wentdownfrom the top as well
yesterday i went one stopdownfrom the universitet metro station
yellow bikini golden hair cascadingdownher back they went to
and goin an goin anddowni went clunk and there
took me to this dentistdownin stobswell we went in
t matter when you wentdownit was still dark eh
may say i went awaydownlately and had a walk
you went if you godownnow f813: [laugh] [laugh] f814:
a sunday if ye wentdownon a sunday if ye
strokes my hair i wentdownon my hands and knees
absolutely ridiculous if we wentdownone line and people south
coffee was finished they wentdownpast the floors on an
dear [laugh] f1150: which wentdownquite well with the department
granny every time i wentdownshe was telling me stories
here i shunted them offdownso er our son went
teach herself before she wentdownso she was able m605:
we- actually went to unidownsouth because they were educated
got this when you wentdowntae england but how many
f1049: just went it sdownthat it s on aisle
slided [cough] f1113: went rightdownthe big chute f1114: i
big yellow chute i wentdownthe big yellow chute f1113:
irrespective of whether we wentdownthe civic licensing route we
there was a hand wentdownthe collar of my coat
ye went and ye walkeddownthe high street f637: that
who had instructions to turndownthe lamp before she went
harbour prostitute he leered wentdownthe quay wearing a raincoat
i suppose if you wentdownthe stairs and they were
showed them respect they wentdownthe stairs before i did
wallpaper and she s wentdownthe stairs but the fly
a racket when you wentdownthe street on them f718:
will be able to cutdownthere monday s seminar went
i mean if you wentdownthere now there d just
same as my own anddownthey went in phonetics in
going somewhere before we wentdownthis path f943: it was
in the afternoon then wentdownto belyaevo in the evening
from the hotel and wentdownto belyaevo on the way
the embassy i went straightdownto belyaevo where [censored: forename] tired
to cambridge so i wentdownto cambridge and i got
ll try to get yedownto cambridge so i went
eh marriage split divorce wentdownto [censored: placename] he m608: mm
do english so i wentdownto durham university f1037: yes
oxley when my aunt wentdownto have dinner at arbuthnott
winter jacket then i wentdownto meet [censored: forename] who was
first vodka and then wentdownto oktoberskaya to meet [censored: forename]
two sentences the children wentdownto the beach they went
horror scandal i actually wentdownto the gym and played
bags at 9pm we wentdownto the hotel dining room
i think my parents wentdownto the station [cough] [?]emotiveness[/?]
it was and i wentdownto the tinderbox and had
nineteen seventy one we wentdownto tunbridge wells and she
companies so we went ehdownto visit him we stayed
so er our son wentdownto warwick erm which is
it was great thumper wentdownvery well and last saturday
yes prime minister which wentdownvery well then i went
stone to dust the furtherdownwe went eventually we arrived
ehm [tut] the company wentdownwell they started to go
[censored: surname] and this video wentdownwell today i taught the
know and if you wentdownwi the skating skirt on
ancient times and then wentdownwith her to the farm
the monday mornin he camedownand he when he turned
the unb string quartet camedownand played in the lounge
face and my mother camedownand she says what did
a mission [laugh] she camedownand she shouts to olive
o them could have camedownand sort o played with
real price of cigarettes camedownand that had an effect
happened was a guy camedownand there s a kerb
it was her that camedownand told me and er
i looked it up anddownand we came to the
and the walls came tumblingdownas planned on sunday the
you know she always camedownas though she was on
barry jones came and satdownbeside me what did you
happened to touch the cupdowncame the bowl and the
student adel the egyptian camedownfor a cup of coffee
evening a french lektor camedownfor a glass of syrupy
is the reason he camedownfrom heaven above to die
see him when he camedownfrom his perch shaking his
man ever since one camedownfrom oxford but these people
27th birthday yesterday helen camedownfrom shediac today so we
to die they came floatingdowngently one fine autumn day
so the wee chap camedownhe obeyed his lords call
eighteen years then i camedownhere f947: mmhm m1161: so
but i mean she camedownhere married father when she
medicines by contrast norway camedownin favour of the closer
when rapunzel let her hairdownman everyone came to the
f643: [inaudible] m642: bike camedownoff it and got vertical
erected last year came crashingdownon 7th january it is
all fairness the solicitor camedownon our side and agreed
and for such god camedownon them in judgement by
the the windows actually camedownquite low so that the
who was it that camedownsee that anne woman that
and he saw me goindownso he came back and
point a normal passenger camedownthe bus a middle aged
at anniesland beardo came stompingdownthe bus again this time
the gargoyle came clip cloppingdownthe bus driver i need
young team and came marchingdownthe bus the junkie saw
roundabout where the junkie camedownthe bus to get off
speccy and mr frizz camedownthe bus to get off
junkie relented and came backdownthe bus to take his
trows came in billy lifteddownthe fiddle and began to
survival and then much furtherdownthe list of priorities came
stonehaven a german plane camedownthe locals picked up the
and the tram cars camedownthe main street because of
inspectors came marching straight backdownthe stairs just carry on
out the window and camedownthe stairs to get off
devout mediocrity came nun likedownthe tiled treads of the
real price of cigarettes camedownthere the ban there was
the first mornin he camedownthey d been putting them
when the steam boiler camedownthrough the town being conveyed
i came i moved backdownto ayr and ehm worked
in kilmarnock and she camedownto be probably a sort
guy from newton mearns camedownto look at it yesterday
zebo a top bar camedownto set a pot on
lincolnshire poacher when i camedownto sidmouth town it was
tormented peter when he camedownto the town to do
mm m1048: then somebody camedownwho was it that came
that that area is narroweddownand that the industry is
falling off i go straightdowna chimney stack not waiting
[censored: road number] where could you godowna ditch and not know
you don t necessarily godowna hundred percent the belief
when you when you godowna very dark pathway a
and go back and liedownagain still sound asleep nobody
can [?]always[/?] tae go backdownand do more jigsaws won
are we goin to godownand do that jigsaw m1090:
to be able to godownand get his wages yeah
m815: so need to godownand get it m816: ah
f1097: right we ll godownand get your milk and
there watching these bikes comindownand go round and you
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: [inaudible] cuddledownand go to sleep f1114:
are you wanting to cuddledownand go to sleep f1114:
can we let s godownand see f1121: mmhm f1122:
something i used to godownand sell milk at like
mcallion certainly does to godownand speak at the bill
pirates m1092: he could godownand then we ll and
quines then they d godownand visit the big fowk
bus this had to godownas one of the coolest
i rolled them as fardownas they would go but
better go through and liedowncause she had been lookin
s- oh [inhale] f1113: comingdown[censored: forename] f1114: i go [inaudible]
f1026: go for a liedowncrash out maybe the young
increasingly complicated as i godowneach one of these fives
there want to tap itdownf1126: yes yes it go
the holidays when i godownf833: i m gonna have
and then we ll godownfor granny then you can
top of his pyjamas godownfor the car and take
it was time to godownfor the hydrofoil was blowing
granny says you better godownfor the midwife and my
was scared he knew deepdownhe had to go something
go nearly right tap itdownhere we go f1126: that
route that we should godownif the minister wishes to
much for them to godownif this raw market proposal
a sunday night and drivedownin there and go what
a moment that should godownin tv history he asked
there i want to godown[inaudible] f1121: [inaudible] f1122: no
you go then f1136: putdown[inaudible] mum f1135: what go
f1126: okay [exhale] they godown[inaudible] put it in the
here we go again climbeddowninto the depths of the
have tae k- s- godownon my hands and knees
to [laugh] used to godownon the beach and throw
rays of the sun godownover the city it was
i go can we godownplease f1121: okay just over
scots is probably gonna godownrather than than than up
mummy can we just godownreally far f1121: what f1122:
and it seemed to godownreally well and i thought
s it goes right rightdownright okay there you go
so you can push itdownsee there we go how
and i used tae godowntae the local cottage hospital
yeah if you just godownthat aisle it s on
other authorities wish to godownthat route but that is
john scott wants to godownthat route he should be
the minister not to godownthat route it would be
intention might be to godownthat route my caveat would
visitscotland was forced to godownthat route the issue was
bairn- f1113: the bairnies godownthe chute f1114: the bairnies
chute f1114: the bairnies godownthe chute whee [laugh] whee
to go to work stopsdownthe drive watching the house
in a go kart rallydownthe hill and what was
the wire i go leapingdownthe hill higher and higher
there f1089: have to godownthe ladder m1090: [snort] [toy noise]
did not need to godownthe local licensing route as
of it and go fishingdownthe lum they would try
of kilometres to go windingdownthe mountainside with ever closer
eh they had to godownthe pier with the buses
boys would go into thedownthe pits m636: well when
the folks about oh godownthe quay to watch the
was it forced to godownthe route of a ppp
you not want to godownthe route of amending the
authorities why did we godownthe route of having a
of animals would we godownthe same line as with
the scheme as we godownthe scale although we do
the water doesn t godownthe side i think it
it s got to godownthe side somewhere that s
f1093: no we ll godownthe stairs m1094: why why
of the night to godownthe stairs tae the toilet
cold water go and putdownthe toilet lid please darling
well they started to godownthe tubes and there was
we ready f1136: we godownthe way f1135: which way
go up the way ordownthe way f1136: that way
aye the pits would godownthen that s right m642:
the drain f1093: yes m1094: downthere f1093: go and put
go can we go backdownthere f1121: we re not
huh f1122: can we godownthere f1121: well that bittie
darling f1122: can we godownthere f1121: where f1122: there
hey i want to godownthere f1121: you re not
i had to really godownthere in the dark of
need to go to checksdownthere m1048: checks f1049: uh
i know och i godownthere myself sometimes but not
david you ve to godownthere s someone to see
you go in the waterdownthere you know m816: there
would go it was watereddownthough it is up to
home maybe i ll godownto boston and come over
f1149: i had to godownto customer services f1148: uh
and other committee will godownto help b dinner 11th
s ehm if you godownto largs and then jump
place don t they godownto london don t drink
still want to go backdownto london to like f1148:
m815: oh used to godownto ma aunties oh aye
mmhm f1122: let s godownto see the golf course
15 days if people godownto that minimum it hardly
beach f1122: can we godownto the beach please mum
[inaudible] f1111: right you godownto the bottom we ve
two things either they godownto the floor or by
in the evening to godownto the gymn and play
t think it would godownvery well [?]that said[/?] i don
encourage all authorities to godownwe must bear it in
the sun does not godownwhere no draught may go
hope you don t godownwith a crash f1112: mm
course it did not godownwith me i told him
escalators go into reverse anddownyou d come again gasping
wonder how it would godownyou know f1038: [laugh] f1037:
f1114: i ll stick itdowna circle f1113: i ve
da right f1114: squish itdowna rolling pin f1113: squish
frog f1114: yes stick itdownf1113: are you right what
[inaudible] right f1114: squeeze itdownf1113: give me this bit
there f1114: to cut itdownf1113: [laugh] jake needs a
crown [inaudible] f1114: take itdownf1113: mm f1114: the scissors
okay f1114: just squeeze itdownf1113: okey dokey the dog
it in there squeeze itdownf1113: right f1114: and f1113:
f1113: [laugh] f1114: squeeze itdownf1113: right i m gonna
doh aye f1114: stick itdownf1113: want to roll out
build it f1113: all felldownf1114: i put it in
f1113: now time to cuddledownf1114: [inaudible] f1113: [inaudible] cuddle
tomorrow okay push it alldownf1114: [inaudible] f1113: that s
f1113: oh you re lyingdownf1114: whee f1113: are you
lie there are you cuddlingdownf1114: yes f1113: are you
here s another one heredownhere f1113: i ll make
f1113: have you dropped itdown[inaudible] f1114: i dropped it
f1114: i ll kick itdown[inaudible] fingers f1113: right here
f1113: oh wow push itdownis it going to come
one f1114: i just liedownmm mm f1113: you just
a chair f1114: [child noises] playdownone [?]the mum[/?] one f1113: right
i ll cut his hairdownprown f1113: right f1114: that
sitting f1113: he s sittingdownthat s his big shoes
doon f1113: he s slidingdownthat s right let me
slided f1113: you was slidingdownthe chute wasn t you
making a [?]square[/?] squeeze itdownthe f1113: i m going
tower look that s goingdownthe tower f1113: right and
rolling pin f1113: squish itdownwith a rolling pin f1114:
[child noises] f1113: right you cuddledownyou going to say night
being marked when you putdowna hot cup so it
m811: they really put youdowna lot of the time
s that put that onedowna wee minutey mam shows
she has to put himdownagain he toddles to the
i read one put themdownand listen to me what
a while then put itdownand re cross the stairhead
the examination period was narroweddownand that put even more
pair so you put themdownand that s your pair
put his or her footdownand the large crowd which
f1144: had to put thatdownand then i said your
the water then takes itdownand then put onto the
f1126: this is f1125: cooldownand then put the icing
onto the plate to cooldownand then we can put
wait for them to cooldownand then we can put
and i put my footdownand there was a bloody
helped and took the prefabsdownand they put the roof
put into the jumble saledownat the school remember we
fox hounds are usually putdownbetween the ages of 4
the child whether to putdownchristian no they answered i
before m1014: yeah i putdowneasy chairs i didnae read
do aye put the screwdownf826: mmhm m827: [laugh] f826:
the only one i putdownfor that but then i
you i put the phonedowngently thinking well he s
simply has to put himdownhe doesn t make a
we tend not to putdownhealthy dogs it would be
we ll just put itdownhere m1090: yeah it wo-
window will we put themdownhere so that they re
babied father who had putdownhis glasgow herald saw the
to the gallery and putdownhis notes even had the
suffering cease will man putdownhis weapons will he listen
like tryin to put scotlanddowni think cause with f833:
bed of rice was putdownin front of me much
put me off sciences laterdown[laugh] so that s erm
m1013: i i just putdownlivin room but as she
rehomed and must be putdownmike flynn a dangerous or
be set and poison putdownmr david mclean tommy carson
they would have to putdownnotice of opposition are you
and i put my footdownnow there s that between
put them on to cooldownon a plate f1126: okay
of tea you put thatdownon the table and then
m1013: [inaudible] i just putdownplain m1012: [inaudible] got an
which long before salvador putdownroots had become smugglers lairs
the lid press it rightdownsee put it on properly
stop dancing aboot put itdownthat s a girl watch
your towellies right put themdownthat s a good girl
or if they put onedownthat they cannot justify grammatically
are you can put itdownthat torch and you can
mum just put the chocolatedownthe bottom f1117: [laugh] was
f1118: yes just put itdownthe bottom mum just put
ought to put this bitdownthe bottom okay turn it
been coughing too i putdownthe glass and run through
f1111: [?]we'll grate[/?] tons okay putdownthe lid again f1112: oh
and a sewer rat putdownthe pineapple it s really
lid f1112: eh f1111: putdownthe toilet lid sweetheart will
blockies first mum s putdownthe tv a wee bittie
ll try and put itdownthere f1054: okay erm what
t this me put itdownthere f1091: okay right m1092:
get it [child noise] put thatdownthere that s mine it
not f1089: wait put itdownthere till i check you
case but she put itdownto just like all these
dry day he put itdownto lack of sleep and
an i really put itdownto that and eh another
mmhm f1150: she put itdownto that rightly or wrongly
shame f1150: which she putdownto the fact that she
we then took the busdownto the forest put on
[laugh] f810: put the phonedownvery bad you know and
f1114: a lady squeeze itdowna l- ta da a
no oh no all falldownf1114: [laugh] [laugh] i ll
doh f1114: mm squeeze itdowni need the scissors cut
tree and he s lowdownsee high and low f1114:
climb up the ladder anddownthe chute f1114: [child noises] an
look they ve all falldownwhat happened f1114: [inaudible] here
get a parachute to comedownwill he yes f1114: yes
having a wee ri- liedownf1121: is she okay hey
we have to knock themdownf1121: oh no can [censored: forename]
just i ll pat itdownf1121: okay i think you
much [inaudible] we re comingdownf1121: yes you have to
f1121: are you pulling medownf1122: aye come on f1121:
f1121: you knocked them alldownf1122: [laugh] f1121: what about
dear you nearly knocked themdownf1122: woo [laugh] f1121: [laugh]
we ll have a lookiedownhere f1122: [inhale] f1121: there
doin well that s upsidedown[laugh] f1122: [laugh] f1121: can
[?]thanks lady[/?] [inaudible] f1121: you staydownnow f1122: can we can
[inaudible] f1121: [inaudible] f1122: nodownplease mum f1121: just keep
f1121: you re not alloweddownthat way cause look here
to get in f1121: justdownthe bottom here f1122: mummy
going just going to getdownthe hill okay f1121: you
we have to keep goingdownthe lane have we f1121:
see i want to seedownthere f1121: but you can
i can see monty fromdownthere f1121: mmhm who f1122:
cause you ll get dirtydownthere f1122: s- aye f1121:
f1121: it s too fardownthere i can see the
f1121: that s the waterdownthere see that it s
what are we passing thesedownto f1121: because i m
i m going to creepdownto that birdie okay f1121:
s a funny expression comingdownand going up f1159: mmhm
hitting things and knocking thingsdownand i m going to
on public services is goingdownand is below the level
good fun at least goingdownby that time my legs
of going up hill anddowndale throughout scotland robert mooney
are going up hills anddowndales as far as disability
oh got the gossip goingdownf1155: [?]besides[/?] he got me
or are you just stayingdownf958: i m going home
f643: [laugh] this is goingdownfor posterity they weren t
it s going to falldownget out [child noise] [laugh] [child noise]
are held up car breaksdowngoing home but we make
also going to jumble salesdownhere but i particularly remember
all the time even goingdownhill if you wanted to
of any 5 notes goingdownin scale slowly holding on
coffin s going up anddownlike it does when he
to everyone again all settledownloretta i m going to
mooning cows going up anddownon a bus by petticoat
warm quick before they cooldownright i m going to
going back and forwards updownround about and i m
yeah maybe f806: for goingdownsouth f807: yeah maybe yeah
left cause we re goingdownsouth into north yorkshire m608:
appropriate why are you goingdownthat line of regulation rather
to show signs of goingdownthe brae eight hutches per
s a- is it goingdownthe drain f1093: yes m1094:
see when we re goingdownthe lane i think it
out over three years goingdownthe number of occupants scale
going and coming would beatdownthe snow a lot but
going out through the doordownthe stairs and away across
and maggie are heard comingdownthe stairs and going out
his or her livelihood goingdownthe tubes it will not
over look it s goingdownthere and it s going
i ask kind of goingdownthese kind of routes m741:
a special point of goingdownto edinburgh i really must
and feeling disoriented before goingdownto floor two and finding
a monster aye right goingdownto get your chips f1102:
okay m1163: and erm goingdownto motherwell station and jump
in fact we re goingdownto wales erm in about
drive and that s goingdowntowards like actual ruchill and
older age group is goingdownwhen the fact is that
had to be photocopied flatdownyou know before going to
other tourists and then climbeddowna slightly different route half
he would think about comingdownafter maths ehm and then
then forgot to take itdownagain so basically now what
i c- i had settleddownand f812: but then i
and then they settle itdownand from there it kind
a dae she then liesdownand sobs herself to sleep
then everything started to settledownand some of the chaps
and then they brought themdownand then across the across
when they knocked george squaredownand then f209: mm f606:
out for louise it runsdownand then there s a
foreman if your health brokedownand then there were the
ower an then they clipdownand they ve got the
the front f1105: you satdownat the front m1106: then
from ten feet away thendownat the ground then back
and then and then lookingdownat us f1095: eh m1096:
f1049: then it got closeddownbecause of foot and mouth
smiling darnley accomplice plot creepdowncorridor confront rizziio then drag
rawboned doper would then falldowncrawl away pull himself up
it s people are breakindownf943: but na cause then
ideas and he bashed themdownf963: mmhm m762: and then
so did you all comedownfor uni then or erm
and then runs her handsdownher chest as if smoothing
to the desk and laiddownhis mug now empty then
the morning sun then lookingdowni noticed through the metal
big quarry up above cairnryandownin and then through [inaudible]
no one then she satdownin his chair and watched
into english we then wandereddowninto the grounds of the
opportunity and then we drovedowninto the valley itself before
and then start putting rootsdownis a practical human difficulty
scotland and then let peopledownis he intent on defying
f643: and then you felldown[laugh] m642: barbecue now m608:
and then caught a busdownleninski prospekt in a vain
and then get it writtendownm605: but a lot of
and then you were lookeddownon if you could t
they were laid heather sidedownon the roof then jamie
neil then puts the cakedownon the table bessie re
sheets then jumps up anddownon them cammy up an
pattern are overlapped and stapleddownone margin and then cut
there then closed the companiesdownone year later with the
then you can knock itdownright up high so you
then 8 to left bobbingdownslightly with each step take
some had to be takendowntae dublin and then they
while then he comes backdownthat feels better doesn t
and mary of guise walkdownthe aisle centre then separate
come on then remember m1098: downthe bottom f1097: that s
approach each other then walkdownthe centre side by side
a plantation and then runsdownthe east side of aird
of hell then we walkeddownthe narrow streets to the
tell ye walks up anddownthe stage then stops whan
then berna throws the jugdownthen grasps her throat choking
as i try an slowdownthen that actually changes me
the definition would be watereddownthen when it was clear
and i have to trotdownthere and then one neighbour
at this and then settleddownto a study of present
then we took the busdownto aguas calientes the first
on saturday then i headeddownto belyaevo [censored: forename] had arranged
then we d better getdownto business this used to
even then as he drovedownto dalkeith to congratulate the
i forget what i satdownto do and then discover
and then with spades digdownto expose the combatants this
to bervie then by traindownto glasgow [note: photo: 'early taxi in the 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott sports in the early part of the century, with teas being served from a lorry in the background.'] chapter
m1163: oh well maybe traindownto london and then across
way f1135: come on thendownto see the boats yes
year and then they countdownto sort of the first
to stonehaven and then walkdownto the academy from the
and then it always comesdownyou know they say they
the scientists had to comedowna ways to check their
and they will not comedownachieving that stretching target will
f1109: well why you rundownan- will i come too
f1095: aye m1096: she comedownand i ll haud his
i and i will falldownand if if f1089: come
well get her to comedownand ma- make recordings f606:
small they used to comedownand say we can t
anybody up there to comedownand talk to her for
rain didn t half comedownand wash away the snow
o pret petit dejeuner comedownand with us dine the
effect the price has comedownas a result of imports
beaumont johnny s to comedownas weel i m wanting
grant rates have not comedowncommensurately and they will not
can you help to getdownf1089: come here till i
cigarette consumption did not comedownfollowing a ban on tobacco
you would like to comedownfor a holiday any time
think max s parents comedownfor that they do yeah
said come on cable getdownhere cable f1117: this one
tree and would not comedownif i had been given
compiled did people not comedownin favour of a greater
occasions the panel has comedownin our favour we feel
come out will we rightdownin the bubbles f1112: i
the wall come s tumblingdownit is with feelings of
she will need to comedownmarket a bit i think
the higher courts might comedownmy information from colleagues still
public and had to comedown[note: pictures here in original] before after a muscled
do you want to comedownnow and get a drink
maybe [?]sting you[/?] f1095: [inaudible] getdownoff of there come on
strange kind ay happiness comedownon me the like ahv
stage 2 i have comedownon the side of saying
not dealt with we comedownon the side of the
f643: and i had comedownon the train from glasgow
a local councillor will comedownon them like a ton
her up or knocked herdownsadie like him come oan
the man that would comedownthe drive in his hansome
their millions from just writingdownthe fears that come to
consumption in norway has comedownthe issue is that some
to that you take itdownthe stair for mam come
to make haste and comedownthere was no time for
they were like no comedownthis is you you ve
that the number had comedownto about 400 candidates are
decided i would come backdownto ayr my dad wasn
come m608: mm f643: getdownto ayr or change in
that the gavel had comedownto conclude a contract of
scots is good you comedownto glasgow scots is is
europe but when we comedownto it there are concerns
bought it they track youdownto the house they come
that it has not comedownvery quickly we argue that
you know well it sdownwell they they come from
many instances that will narrowdownwhence the leaks come mr

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