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stabbing burning stoning crushing drowningdraggingor asphyxiating of any wild
like into a cerulean skydragginghis battered brown suitcase we
component of the coalition isdraggingits heels on the subject
elephant had won the ricedraggingit into the depths of
that its contents justify mydraggingout our ancient found on
fight the adults rush outdraggingtwo girls each back line
kitchen just now she wasdraggingon her early morning cigarette
so olive came for medragging[laugh] me along the road
so far the council keptdraggingits feet the excuse being
at the moment she isdragginga chair with the other
hold of it she isdraggingher chair towards it so
realise that the problem wasdraggingon i hope you get
therefore i had difficulty indraggingmyself out of bed at
how the wark s beendraggingahint since we got thae
were above reproach after somedraggingkicking and screaming a more

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