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spellings er in direct speechdramaticallyto represent a provincial scotsman
phonetic spellings in direct speechdramaticallyto represent a provincial scotsman
of their patients that contrastsdramaticallywith the situation in our
he blends the two stylesdramaticallyso in other words he
you she lowered her voicedramaticallyand waited a moment for
subsequent events were to provedramaticallyby 1871 the edinburgh publishing
entire loch systems to reducedramaticallythe overall impact of sea
snow is lying has droppeddramaticallyit may lie as long
ops pilot schemes to improvedramaticallydiet amongst those at highest
vocabulary the language should bedramaticallyappropriate to the characters drawn
but their status soon changeddramaticallyfrom protected guests to persecuted
clock the whole situation changeddramaticallyin view of the ferry
comforting tradition it arrived perhapsdramaticallymost likely brought home from
east of scotland has increaseddramaticallyin recent years with an
from sea lice will bedramaticallyreduced for the industry and
the nearside door swung opendramaticallywas i in a tv
of blue flag beaches increasesdramaticallysupported by trish godman dr
life would have to bedramaticallydifferent from the first that

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