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for eattocks ti ease thedramsdoun says shi jin mid
ither eattocks ti ease thedramsdoun the barman says whitna
thriesome hed taen a wheendramsan wir haein a bit
an syne whan aa thedramshed been taen the thriesome
odd geese ti ease thedramsdoun at the soiree whan
the buird cryin get thedramsin forgie me dominie says
cryin out guidman get thedramsin gie s a drink
their brodstaff leir an drinkindramsfor hauf the nicht afore
london that after a fewdramsor pints a broader scots
tuik a guid wheen odramsan syne yon roun bricht
he presst them ti theirdramsthey tuik a guid wheen
tuik a dizzen or mairdramsan syne the twa gaed
yir guid sels at yirdramsthem at s greitin is
in the barn till thedramsweir aff fyles he offers
maybe fiona would ooooo thedramsthey had before leaving work
lu he speirs hou moniedramswill ye tak sirs get
even with a good fewdramsin him on a saturday
the euphoria of two largedramsof glenlomach coursing through his
his wak efter a puckledramshe set oot for hame
that if we had somedramsand all night we could
an ma brithers at ourdramsa ve shuirlie niver left
she gat sterit on thedramsthe war nae haudin hir
knottable suckable machiavellian doused indramsmoustaches curl and bristle like

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