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which i would like todrawattention is the impression that
which i would like todrawattention the first is the
omen for the enterprise idrawattention to it only as
red rose the german translationsdrawattention to the artistic impersonality
the scottish pensioners association todrawattention to the equalisation of
by save the children todrawattention to the suffering of
refer to reserved matters todrawhis attention to members comments
anniesland lab perhaps we shoulddrawit to the attention of
the gap so should wedrawit to the attention of
presiding officer asking conveners todrawit to the attention of
never came to fruition idrawmembers attention to an interesting
for members information i alsodrawmembers attention to document sp
is why i want todrawmembers attention to it donald
in the first place idrawmembers attention to other issues
face of the bill idrawmembers attention to sections 3
organisations i would like todrawmembers attention to the cause
new petitions the convener idrawmembers attention to the fact
is with us today idrawmembers attention to the fire
european union i want todrawmembers attention to the first
wish to speak i alsodrawmembers attention to the two
s plans for implementation idrawmembers attention to the two
possible i wish first todrawobservers attention to my entry
forward the spgc wanted todrawour attention to its immediate
waiting ones all of thesedrawour attention to the false
our job would be todrawpublic attention to the fact
britain cycle ride organised todrawpublic attention to the issue
categories of land indeed idrawrobin harper s attention to
about affordability dr simpson idrawshona robison s attention to
in the nicest possible waydrawthat to his attention as
concern the convener we willdrawthat to the attention of
equipment the convener shall wedrawthat to the attention of
convener yes so we willdrawthat to the attention of
defective so we shall simplydrawthat to the attention of
is the convener we willdrawthat to the attention of
in the chamber that woulddrawthe attention of parliament to
instrument and agreed not todrawthe attention of the parliament
about the detail however idrawthe committee s attention to
the other pending legislation idrawthe committee s attention to
the two things we willdrawthe executive s attention to
through other legislation we mustdrawthe executive s attention to
significant figure to which idrawthe hon gentleman s attention
perspective the convener will wedrawthe issue to the attention
it would be appropriate todrawthe issue to the attention
with minimum environmental harm idrawthe minister s attention to
we will not need todrawthe parliament s attention to
has accepted those arguments idrawthe parliament s attention to
we e mail msps todrawthe petition to their attention
snp irene is right todrawthis matter to our attention
in particular i intend todrawto his attention remarks that
in our report we candrawto parliament s attention some
methodology right we should thereforedrawto the attention of the
authority would be we shoulddrawto the attention of the
would have wished however idrawto the committee s attention
of order presiding officer idrawto your attention the edition
show your charms it maydrawunwelcome attention whilst ashore you
thank you presiding officer idrawyour attention to my first
that is why we shoulddrawyour comments to the attention
draw the big s- idrawa big snake red red
draw that ho- will idrawa house m1132: mmhm [laugh]
with draw f1114: draw f1113: drawa picture for mum draw
draw a picture for mumdrawa picture for mum right
f1121: wow f1122: can wedrawanother one can we draw
draw another one can wedrawanother one mum f1121: what
tradition to draw on ordrawaway from goes beyond gender
a braw hoose john m642: drawbar here and a draw
draw bar here and adrawbar there john f643: made
to play with draw f1114: drawf1113: draw a picture for
you going to play withdrawf1114: draw f1113: draw a
ll draw what ll idrawf1114: look look at [inaudible]
don t think i candrawfaces look i can draw
draw faces look i candrawfunny faces upside down look
good i know you candrawfunny faces you can draw
no i draw it idrawit f1111: you never drew
picture f1112: no no idrawit i draw it f1111:
draw funny faces you candrawlots of good f1071: [bang]
think that s what idrawon i draw on this
question of which tradition todrawon or draw away from
what i draw on idrawon this very broad can-
well i nae ken todrawthat ho- will i draw
right okay f1114: want todrawthe big s- i draw
[inaudible] i could draw youdrawthe snake f1113: you want
[inaudible] f1113: right i lldrawwhat ll i draw f1114:
want to [inaudible] i coulddrawyou draw the snake f1113:
i m i m gonnadrawa funny face now m1070:
at drawing because i candrawa little funny face m1070:
don t know how todrawa squirrel f1071: no m1070:
don t know how todrawa squirrel m1070: you don
drawing and she can tdrawanything no m1070: can she
f1071: do you want todrawit m1070: i m not
they like f1071: i candrawspongebob squarepants m1070: i know
m1070: i know you candrawspongebob squarepants what about f1071:
patrick f1071: i m gonnadrawone just now so i
okay what colour do youdrawspongebob and patrick f1071: [pages turning]
done what about if wedrawa picture for [censored: forename] and
called write it down anddrawa picture of themselves with
picture as well if idrawa shape will you tell
so what are you gonnadrawon [censored: forename] s picture f1122:
drawin a night time picturedrawsome night time and then
think erm [tut] we coulddrawsome shapes on this picture
so we ve got todrawa little lamb f1112: no
write erm what ll idrawa sun f1112: what f1111:
sky what else will idrawf1112: why are you not
time right i m gonnadrawgranny s garden f1112: how
s lovely f1112: we coulddrawinside it f1111: we could
f1111: you re going todrawit okay f1112: where is
it f1112: no let medrawit that one f1111: yes
because i m going todrawmy pattern f1112: oh [inaudible]
s f1112: one f1111: okaydrawround them how many have
f1112: i m going todrawthat my one f1111: you
the car f1111: i lldrawthe car here f1112: no
don t know right youdrawthe hoosie f1112: that s
okay fitt you going todrawthen f1112: no f1111: you
f1111: come on let sdrawup the roof f1112: mmhm
f1111: okay i m gonnadrawclouds up in the sky
no i m going todrawit [inaudible] f1111: okay you
it [inaudible] f1111: okay youdrawthe house and maybe you
no i m going todrawthis f1111: have a look
that f1122: i m gonnadraw[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] at the
earlier u1028: i m gonnadrawf951: ye have tae limit
right what are we gonnadrawfor [censored: forename] and [censored: forename] f1122:
[censored: forename] f1122: i m gonnadrawon it f1121: mmhm you
pink thing are you gonnadrawthat s you ve picked
that i m not gonnadrawthat that s a [inaudible]
the teacher these practical suggestionsdrawextensively upon the sccc booklet
scottish dialect these speakers candrawupon a range of dialectal
classroom which encourages them todrawupon and extend that verbal
be beneficial for teachers todrawupon grammatical terminology if they
teacher of modern languages candrawupon progress already made by
teacher of modern languages candrawupon progress already made by
to develop activities which constantlydrawupon pupils unconscious awareness of
to school many will alsodrawupon shared experiences of teachers
of interests and expertise anddrawupon the good practice that
achieve this they have todrawupon their knowledge of the
be in contact with anddrawupon vernacular tradition in their
committee has the opportunity todrawall the threads together into
convener i must try todraweverything together without wishing to
nice to be able todrawthe audit trails together and
the convener if i candrawthis together we have a
clerks i have tried todrawtogether a way forward on
months the report attempts todrawtogether some of the major
final phase will seek todrawtogether the different proposals and
something f1114: i need idrawa caterpillar f1113: eh f1114:
f1114: mum i need todrawa caterpillar f1113: right you
it right you going todrawa caterpillar f1114: that s
s it f1114: mummy [inaudible]drawf1113: eh f1114: you want
do you want me todrawf1114: no- you press the
f1113: you want me todrawf1114: yes please f1113: [inaudible]
a scooter f1114: yes youdrawit f1113: i thought you
there you go then f1114: drawpress on the buttons on
buttons f1113: i ll justdrawsomething bonny will i f1114:
it are you going todrawsomething f1114: i need i
baby [inaudible] f1114: yes idrawthe butterfly f1113: and i
put that off okay wedrawthe cat- f1114: mum you
a caterpillar f1113: right youdrawa caterpillar then there you
the mouth this the [inaudible]drawagain f1113: there he goes
f1113: i want you todrawoh there s a flower
burst f1113: right can idrawsomething else what will i
going to add in youdrawa bird in the sky
or are you going todrawa house m1132: i dinna
now we re going todrawa little house this is
if you re going todrawaround your handprint how many
earlier fitt we going todrawm1132: don t know f1131:
i m not going todrawout that i m not
right you asked me todrawsomething earlier fitt we going
thought you was going todrawthis right mum s going
if you re going todrawup key books that have
now f1121: okay if youdrawa shape and then i
of paper we have todrawf1121: okay right who s
then m1090: okay [scribbling noise] anddrawhim [scribbling noise] [laugh] is that
yellow sun okay can youdrawthat you could pop it
it okay what will wedrawthis time right i m
or something f1133: mmhm welldrawit on the paper nae
you are [inaudible] ye candrawit on the paper yeah
piece of paper will youdrawme a house the boy
your paper and i lldrawmy paper oh oh oh
this can be you candrawyour paper and i ll
that [censored: forename] so you coulddrawa football f1122: [inaudible] mm
and what about if wedraw[censored: forename] beside her f1122: mmhm
what aboot [censored: forename] f1122: youdraw[censored: forename] s hair f1121: right
what other ones could idrawf1122: erm a oval f1121:
pillows have we f1122: [inaudible]drawthe pillows [inaudible] f1121: what
said oh mum will youdrawthat fitt was that you
195 the convener we shalldrawa typographical error to the
convener we would try todrawon the correspondence as much
countries the convener i willdrawthat part of the discussion
[laugh] f1121: you goin todrawin the arms look like
something else what will idrawa doggy oh it s
awa fae something is taedrawawa fae it isn t
provision we are planning todrawdown something like 6 9
were considerably more difficult todrawout [censored: forename] came over to
do you want me todrawa big loveheart on this
that we might want todrawon is a good starting
the convention and want todrawon some of the key
question and i want todrawthe matter to a close
go whether we want todrawup a report or make
can try and then youdrawa square under it m1132:
might be present can wedrawany useful international comparisons with
hir at least ah candrawbraith ai but whitna graund
times at least ah candrawbraith looking around him ai
he says and you candrawcomfort from knowing that addy
poued but naebodie wul candrawit oot or ah cum
wi tension but can hedrawlast stane tae win he
the snp the parliament candrawon winnie s experience and
of the thrie estaitis candrawthe crowds whether at the
have been rather alarmist candrawtheir own conclusions about what
cut out or they candrawtheir own favourites the children
hard see daddy can tdrawthem and daddy s big
advantageous to members we mustdrawa distinction we are trying
but they wanted someone todrawcartoons m608: [?]right?[/?] [inaudible] [inaudible]
mmhm f951: [laugh] u1028: [inaudible]draw[inaudible] f951: just goin tae
s his head will idrawa snakie on here look
at all look i coulddrawhim a body and then
look greener he ll neverdrawlike fiona geordie s flower
certain look so i willdrawmy remarks to a close
could consider additional areas woulddrawme too far into speculation
but i know i coulddrawone with my felt pen
local authorities who could thendrawup management plans with local
mr andrew davidson who coulddrawup the document for them
glitter so you could jistdrawwith them it wis pure
we ll you wanting todrawa beach f1124: mmhm f1123:
twa gin ye ll juistdrawback a wee a ll
ll do we re todrawhim in his hoosie now
be happier too i lldrawit after tea while morag
maybe mummy ll have todrawmary had a little lamb
you ll find and theydrawon both native and continental
time and then we lldrawsome f1124: [?]you's a[/?] help me
puir ae common bond willdrawthem there but ye ll
there that we will notdrawdown if there is compulsory
review in relation to thedrawdown on european funding that
respective regimes their ability todrawdown the cash whether through
regimes the farmers ability todrawdown the income will not
decide as states whether todrawdown there is no money
if i asked you todrawa doorknob i d expect
alasdair would you like todrawany issue to the committee
[noise of wind] f1135: what did youdrawf1136: erm fish f1135: [?]cannae[/?]
you go see come andrawi knew he d eat
was you asked me todrawm1132: don t know f1131:
leonardo why couldn t youdrawme a dream like fragonard
yes f1089: you gaun todrawme colour me some pictues
thing erm you know idrawon that kind of change
ch- societal change y- youdrawon that when you write
do you feel that youdrawon those authors or on
actually have to sit anddrawplans if you don t
if i asked you todrawthat easel i would hardly
at what point do youdrawthe line the definition is
jane yes f965: did youdrawthem on the on the
puddok na na ye cannadrawwattir no you ah gaird
the sort of house youdrawwhen you re a a
had that you used todrawwith your fingers like that
attracting business perhaps we shoulddrawa lesson from that my
higher so we d taedrawforrit tae a bing that
the mannie disnae last taedrawhis auld age pension we
eight weeks we need todrawit to a conclusion at
idea of stupidity we consistentlydrawon the more tangible domain
the world of abstractions wedrawon the world of physical
we accept that we mustdrawthe conclusion that because no
mrs beaumont should we maybedrawthe curtains rowland just what
the watter shammin deid wedrawthe girn cannily ower his
we know that it willdrawup a manifesto but that
which is why we willdrawup a route action plan
whan we heard a caurdrawup on the main road
there s nae line todrawwe are damned or we
westfield in fife which willdrawin waste from all over
near an ma smoke willdrawit nearer still ma angels
parents and pupils which willdrawon the excellent rationale for
that peter peacock i willdrawsome of those points out
as if phase one willdrawto a close some time
autumn 2002 spring 2003 willdrawup recommendations and the final
jenny s half wit brotherdrawback your claws choose anyone
finger on the middle anddrawround your sta- your buttons
i ask your lordships todrawthe conclusion that surely such
forefinger and began squeakily todrawa rotund yet recognisable cow
i am just about todrawagenda item 2 on the
and that they are todrawan apple she puts an
the mountains to read writedrawand generally recover i ran
4 the charter does notdrawany direct reference to sign
tremulously to the window todrawback the curtains to the
was getting paid for todrawfor drawing silly cartoon pictures
has drawn or expects todrawfrom the 27 evaluation questionnaire
science or be able todrawgood pictures f1038: erm there
i dinna ken how todrawhouses f1131: so if i
the water that she woulddrawinto herself to heal and
miss wood told them todrawit looks like a baby
japan to a nil nildrawjust two days after demolishing
had to go oot andrawma beddies masel and just
from dutch trekken to pulldrawmake tea not surprisingly since
harridans wanted to flirt ordrawme into a game of
nursing an attractive profession todrawnew recruits into and to
into the coal face todrawof his uncle as he
collected them or tried todrawon them for influence remain
of hands that is todrawon there were two ambitions
bread poultice was used todrawout the poison constipation syrup
of hell ignorance was blissdrawquickly with no regard to
for pay parade and todrawrations yet at the war
european languages on which todraws5 s6 higher still subject
f643: and i had todrawslips trips and falls and
about how and where todrawthat line in other areas
aeroplanes however i have todrawthe line at trying to
old by encouraging her todrawthem i found my coloured
groups feel when funding periodsdrawto a close and redundancy
of this four year sessiondrawto a close i am
teix mountain and continued todrawuntil the terrace became unpleasantly
public bodies a responsibility todrawup a languages plan which
not had a chance todrawup a proper report for
on certain public bodies todrawup and implement a gaelic
s a silly thing todrawup anyway actually but f963:
so far on this anddrawup broad guidelines to advise
promote the gaelic language todrawup plans for gaelic and
of different regions is todrawup separate geographical boundaries for
convention method was used todrawup the european charter of
to allow local authorities todrawup their own schemes bearing
the world heritage convention todrawup this management plan although
a flytin tide i ddrawawa leavin him pale as
promotion however i do notdrawfrom that the same conclusion
drew but i i didnaedrawi d drawn it doon
sleepin halloween i fin nichtsdrawin an fires burn high
cockit ay i saw itdrawinby northies fin i wis
yeah f951: ye wantin taedrawoh i had a crayon
the social justice committee idrawthe deputy minister for social
an investigation the commissioner mustdrawup terms of reference for
the information he needit taedrawup the plans for chyngin
er linguistic forms its writersdrawon two traditions the native
figure however he did notdrawout two points that should
bizzin o bluebottles that waddrawme neb furst tae a
me yeir hieness ye ldrawnae wattir here nanse hae
me naebodie kens hou tidrawthe skelf ava the mediciner
mornins thay sent me tidrawwattir an ah didna win
floor so that inmates maydrawor write what they fancy
stick of cancer with everydrawof its smoke into my
hatha yoga a yogi mightdrawwater into the colon squatting
conviviality and values that woulddrawadmirers of burns their relatives
council for scotland which woulddrawits membership from representatives of
s cummin here for tidrawma skelf the r howp
an wyde a propone tidrawout aw the faks about
wi thaim the better tidrawthe threid frae the roke
thair fingirs the better tidrawthe threid frae the roke
but the ae wey tidrawwattir frae this wal an
but the ae wey tidrawwattir frae this wal yeir
ti ye ye l mebbedrawyeir ain conclusion a say
shetland f951: there s adrawfrom there oh and four
were promised for the prizedrawone of which was the
death of her first childdrawon that scottish enlightenment belief
sae aff she rins taedrawmair beer for their drouthie
whit s needit for adrawan juist tae spice this
stane tae win he cuidnaedrawhis pension that s oor
o the year started taedrawin the fermer wid need
dochter tae rin doon andrawoot mair jugs frae the
her mistress s tail taedrawthe kitchie curtains ticht shuttin
credible as this ane adrawhe draws his dirk ye
of trying quick on thedrawbud neill invented lobey dosser
cup 1st round goal lessdrawnot exciting fell pear tree
wi ye beiss whyle ahdrawsum wattir for ma flesk
ticht her breist an yedrawthegither whaur had ye gotten
r r v hibernian adraw0 0 raith miss many
lit it took a longdrawheld the pipe in his
dae that sit doun mandrawin a chair the r
noo an niver hid adrawmm duin it aw wi
trampit doun an there weredrawmerks whaur nets had been
oranges lemons the nourishment theydrawfrom the earth all matter
day efter the kittlin diddrawbluid an meg s fingers
r v q of southdraw0 0 after fine game
syne afore the callant couddrawbraith the ugsum draiglin hogney
an john cam ower thedrawbrig an telt the gairds
mercat dwyned cum awa indrawin yeir saet an bring
evening many of these collegesdrawstudents both regionally and nationally

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