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does is papa good atdrawingf1071: ehhhmmm m1070: is he
and papa too m1070: playdrawingwith nana and papa f1071:
mmhm ehm yeah we playdrawingwith nana and papa too
and patrick m1070: you likedrawingspongebob and patrick f1071: i
drawing f1071: ehm i likedrawingspongebob and patrick m1070: you
ehm he is good atdrawingso he is but nana
of things do you likedrawingf1071: ehm i like drawing
s not very good atdrawingis he f1071: no m1070:
bubbles f1113: bubbles mum sdrawingbubbles f1114: what s that
and toozenbach remain in thedrawingroom irena masha s in
seated at the table thedrawingroom is empty koolyghin irena
wurk chebutykin comes into thedrawingroom with irena an the
statutory body with responsibility fordrawingup a strategy for gaidhlig
the uk 5 responsibility fordrawingup management plans carrying out
body had lead responsibility fordrawingup the management plan part
in december 2001 responsibility fordrawingup the new lanark management
ye he comes into thedrawingroom ah forgot ti tell
his glass goes into thedrawingroom and sits down in
natasha runs out into thedrawingroom andrey follows her andrey
thrie sisters act 1 adrawingroom in the prozorov s
the ballroom anfisa crosses thedrawingroom ma dears the r
prepare for concerts in thedrawingroom next door our musical
ye baron olga enters thedrawingroom oh thare ye ir
to what had been thedrawingroom that had been turned
edinburgh advocate lord cockburn whosedrawingroom was one of edinburgh
aboot it soliony enters thedrawingroom with chebutykin soliony nou
s room lilian has finisheddrawingthe curtain at the window
interest to the pupils anddrawingupon authentic materials authenticity is
interest to the pupils anddrawingupon authentic materials the contexts
six inch square coloured paperdrawingbooks andy looks at the
tins of crayons and thedrawingbooks she reminds the children
books andy looks at thedrawinghe did last week it
s not very good atdrawingand she can t draw
i am quite good atdrawingbecause i can draw a
paid for to draw fordrawingsilly cartoon pictures it was
the pupils create different versionsdrawingupon a range of devices
how often the poets aredrawingupon the literature of the
the english language is structureddrawingupon these two areas of
made a start on hisdrawingholds it up pupils gasp
looks like a baby sdrawingall scrawly fiona s flower
they re looking now atdrawinga close to phase one
saying she hung up therebydrawingto a close her first
my time here is slowlydrawingto a close i ve
feared graeme s time wasdrawingto a close when his
treating burns in the pastdrawingon my own experience of
breaking a bone the nosdrawingon the experience of members
structures and functions of englishdrawingon their experience and knowledge
hurry up now she saiddrawingback the curtains here comes
bladder could be purified bydrawingtepid water into the body
picture you re good atdrawingaren t you eh there
that s f1121: yes f1122: drawingf1121: that s good though
be a waste of gooddrawingpaper saturday 4 50 a
m no very good atdrawingsquirrels at all look i
your teachers ll like thatdrawingthat s really good well
the clerks think is worthdrawingfrom the paper gillian baxendine
was revived in the nextdrawingevery stone every rock terracotta
he nailed her every lookdrawingher under the mantle of
to see this is mydrawingf1121: well done that s
f1122: aye f1121: what aboutdrawingthe sky as well you
and in the future withoutdrawingeveryone into the huge pool
into the shadowy pine veildrawingin quick inhalations of scented
simon had been totally engrosseddrawingsucked him into a separate
capacities and circumstances and potentiallydrawingthem on into the mainstream
went up for day fordrawinggreat and so it was
vividly remembers setting up adrawingoffice in the stranraer golf
expression and returns to herdrawingshe picks up a yellow
highlands have incurred expenses indrawingup applications to the agricultural
industry with a view todrawingup proposals for the future
august were you responsible fordrawingup the agenda for that
that sort of issue indrawingup the code of guidance
your organisations when it wasdrawingup the financial memorandum alan
in this he sets aboutdrawingup the fr- the principles
subtitle the jewel sets aboutdrawingup the principles for a
and we agree that indrawingup the remit we will
to assist member states indrawingup their plans for the
blind a militia lada slowlydrawingup to the main road
parliament has been involved indrawingup which as jim wallace
my marks on the nextdrawingin black and white resemble
says look at robb sdrawingit is by far the
t know what i mdrawinglook what they re doing
for their very first lifedrawingsession he was on first
after the accident the firstdrawingshows a small figure me
a few hours each daydrawingand writing my way back
this representation which is neitherdrawingnor diagram my car approaches
on my hands are fordrawingpictures i was just a
between uncertainties i ve trieddrawingwith my charcoal and painting
like supernatural forces were likedrawingher towards the graveyard and
fire a fragrant golden raqueldrawingme to her that s
where each child had adrawingbook which was filled with
had made his statement thedrawingcould not be improved on
went there and you diddrawingyou did still life you
s town i studied thedrawingand decided i could deal
we done f1135: you weredrawingf1136: i don t know
perhaps you should have adrawingof the place we were
routes of enquiry were exploreddrawingon previous research studies in
the comics eh they weredrawingthem and sent them in
birthday dad f1114: he sdrawinga picture f1113: drawin a
so he s he sdrawingon all these different voices
bubble with kaleidoscoping rainbow patternsdrawinghim oot o da dark
street with his iron shoesdrawingsparks from the stones mrs
f1111: i wonder- what aboutdrawinground your buttons f1112: what
mmhm f1123: right what yedrawingthis time f1124: a big
them go in silence malcolmdrawinghis sword nou ye hizzie
painting and m608: mmhm f643: drawingpeople f641: mmhm f643: and
scholars who have recently beendrawingthe map of scottish literature
i mean i-i- i mdrawingon people that i ve
an object on to thedrawingin a particular spot and
should approach to commission adrawingof the spot on the
the period became song composersdrawingon existing folk song traditions
stuff actually i wasn tdrawingon i i i in
taught in many scottish schoolsdrawingon several origins the inglis
is mainly a literary languagedrawingon several origins the inglis
team within the scottish executivedrawingon the resources of the
get him to do adrawingand then try one last
its millennium race and fordrawingentries from all parts of
s an awful lot technicaldrawingoriginally but it s changed
the author s attitude bydrawingour attention to the americans
circumstances it is also worthdrawingthe member s attention to
seed it was worked bydrawinga rod over an opening
to the grove to finishdrawinga tree of peculiar strength
beside me when i wasdrawingi thought i caught a
started laudate domine the seconddrawingin the notebook includes a
prepositions by displaying a largedrawingof the classroom or a
you to make a detaileddrawingof this creature johnston you
a phrase christine grahame isdrawingout the correct issues we
and make it shrink adrawingpencil can propel a hand
of the united nations indrawingthe matter to a conclusion
presents parcels f1118: no [inaudible]drawingf1117: will i paint this
somehow lest it overcome medrawingmight help i remembered helping
olive groves as i satdrawingof the silent solitary of
rural areas therefore we aredrawingtogether existing evidence however i
drawn carriages you still seedrawingtourists around palma or by
benefit from scottish expertise indrawingdown structural funding and from
satchel in readiness to startdrawingin the oppressive september heat
tension or anticipation or ambivalencedrawingthe reader or listener in
cutting class agriculture and geometricdrawingclass quoiting club social club
the strange surreal architectural linedrawingof nick mason pink floyd

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