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fit state to dissent devilishdreamsplagued me during the night
ease a series of powerfuldreamsplagued me that night but
had all these hopes anddreamsand he was a qualified
faint sweet hopes and perishingdreamsand the still breath of
mmhm m762: with hopes anddreamsf963: yeah mmhm mmhm m762:
perhaps to obsessional hopes anddreamslisa told me of an
laest we can tryst indreamshou dae ye ken we
seams lassie lassie like yerdreamsthe tryst inspired by afterglow
for weeks she stalked mydreamshands placed on lap her
sung for a thousand yearsdreamslie in its lap it
typewriter wishful dreams behind thedreamsare the nightmares still exerting
wakened by your typewriter wishfuldreamsbehind the dreams are the
was the man of herdreamsdreams much more imaginative than
the man of her dreamsdreamsmuch more imaginative than his
to overlook his sea ofdreamshe wrote that this temple
s loves an egypt sdreamsqueen isis on yer temple
freud includit leiterature alangsides widreamsjokes an e en sklytes
with freud like anticipation hermiadreamsthat a serpent ate my
about six of my childhooddreamscame true there rod and
rain it rode my childhooddreamsthat ruined house dappled sunbeams
three dogs lie chasing theirdreamsthursday july 27 2006 blithefou
fresh as unchewed clovfer itdreamsit levitates above the mast
the suck of lips itdreamsits stalk is fresh as
that steppit throw men sdreamsdeil the sleep could she
sights may madden you whatdreamsinfest your sleep if you
is deep a pit ofdreamswhere pearls and dragons sleep
14 the observer field ofdreams9 4 2000 15 food
17 the observer field ofdreams9 4 2000 18 for
an faur beyond der wheerestdreamsmankind wis lost withoot machines
independence and opportunities beyond thedreamsof their mothers and grandmothers
be there broken lives brokendreamsi glanced over at alice
several weeks our plans anddreamswere smashed to smithereens i
s lyke deid an evildreamsbegunks men in thair rest
the nicht fleggit wi gruesumdreamsferr better ti be deid
an steids mair ootlin nordreamssae it wes that callum
fears is less nor outlindreamsthis murder is nae mair
away away with all yourdreamsduring the conversation andrey enters
we wul be rich madreamswul cum ti lyfe again
mended has anyone seen mydreamshope there s a hope
the local cooncil me thatdreamsilka nicht a m a
wyfe howt man never heeddreamsye r a growne man
staurs she ll smoor yerdreamswi scotch mist nit kaim
auld spikk noo that hisdreamswar forgotten an his buiks
wes that cannie that hirdreamswar never brukken for as
protect even in his wildestdreamshe could never have imagined
awa a time tae follaedreamsa time tae lose a
re awa till e mornindreamsstart tae come it s
years people die fortunes changedreamsare shattered foundations laid sometimes
with witches that haunted herdreamswhen she was eight years
our language before dreaming ourdreamsand his hand unclasps four
his school days haunted hisdreamsdaring him to show how
bring to fruition his cherisheddreamshe was an idealist and
quater chiel his currency wisdreamsthe first wis derk as
kind would cling to hisdreamsthrough thick and thin his
my page that drowner ofdreamsin a bucket de railer
important character makes reference todreamsor dreaming my oberon what
my door was forced mydreamswere fragrant carriages i had
an aye retumin in madreamsa smell the bumin hear
o delicht an in madreamsdoun gressie gairden gaits ma
back o the dyke fardreamsaroon her tummle cheenged fae
roun her shouders happt shedreamso times whan her craw
to test flight thoughts anddreamsrose opens her velvet ear
ah uised ti hae fynedreamsan gret thochts an the
aye manage ti spoil mahdreamsdella robby aunty berna jagged
again wi nocht but dreichdreamsti keep ye cumpanie ye
their chains as aa theirdreamso jewels an mink gang
people in james time sawdreamsas divine visions the sequence
s wae inti mah verydreamspause every time yi shoot
the mantra o the hairtdreamsan desolations stert een an
the scout hut o oordreamsfor this we thenkit parents
aiberdeen a rinnin ream odreamsin waves o licht poored
the radiator s cosy guffdreamso a tv cat in
joukin an birlin in yeirdreamsfrom the chinese of wang
ye soudna fash yeirsell abootdreamsthe tea is weill maskit
to be beautiful but alldreamsare now disintegrated in the
to a standstill stuffed bydreamsof buns a hen like
will hold you close whosedreamswill run like rivers round
were different from the devildreamsin the clinic in one
of inverquhomerie s silver quaichdreamsof multiple salivations when a
speaks of the grave ofdreamsa white bird floats there
public prominence the interpretation ofdreamsdid not appear until 1900
can so ensnare bringing sickdreamsto stupefy pitiless stars flower
up fuelling someone s hopelessdreamsit s difficult to know
repression that turn up idreamscondensation whaurby twa dream elements

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