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three bolts that kept thedreelploos in place weel the
place weel the bolts andreelploos were aye awa tae
his ain horse tae adreelploo an telt jonsar eck
hit a steen wi thedreelploo he wid get a
wi the shaft o thedreelploo he wis oot cauld
the shooders every time thedreelploo hit a steen so
o stick so fan thedreelploo hit a steen the
wi the reins fin thedreelploo hit the steen auld
let auld eck lift thedreelploo oot o the grun
quiver or pierce or resonatedreelis a drill or row
bottom dover to doze offdreeldrill dubby muddy duds clothes
scud i the burnie sdreeldird dirlin roon frae tap
ainster gey slippery in thedreelburn a crabbit wifie maks
eese ahin em he couldnadreelstraacht the neeperin placie was
down the length of thedreeland dividing the total by
as they pass ower thedreelthe burn suppin lazily roun
either a double or singledreelat a time and as
oot o sicht in adreele got richt wirkit up
nine dirlins dab in thedreelnae kiddin if onything s
a brierin seed i thedreelhe ll nae win back
day and dowie is hisdreela meenit s rest wad
e swads oot o edreelin hard frosts though even
t oot o e frozendreelye used it in ae

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